Our Monarch Sidonia’s Xmas Message 2018

Your Devotion is Required – Virtual Ownership

A candid Sidonia

This is a special personal message to all my devotees who serve me from afar. I know for many their sub life is just fantasy, indulged by visiting the Mansion through their computer or mobile but this is still an act of service and submission to me and all superior women.

A secret liaison where you learn what it means to be a slave, what is expected, to learn your place in a world ruled by powerful women. So remember when you are here we own that ‘true’ part of you, we know what you are – slave, toy, pet. Submission and obedience will seep into your psyche as you become the on-line property of myself and all our Dominas.

Whether a submissive slave, pain slut, sex toy, bondage lover, cuck or sissy maid we will find a use for you here at The English Mansion.

Serve Me In The Virtual Femdom World
This year we launched our immersive femdom VR 3D experiences – so you can now step into a virtual female-led world. You no longer need to watch the action as a passive observer but can be in my presence, interact with me and find out what I expect from my slaves; as our VR encounters will place you literally in the room with me towering over you as your Mistress. This is the most up-close, personal and intimate way you can serve, worship and submit to me. I have already filmed some encounters focusing on what I expect from my slaves but I plan to expand on these requirements in a series of VR slave training sessions. So if you have access to the relevant technology then I expect you to come and offer yourself to me, as my virtual slave and property.

Mistress Sidonia xxx (those are kicks not kisses)

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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8 Responses to Our Monarch Sidonia’s Xmas Message 2018

  1. Bertrand Roger Houde III says:

    Dear Misstress

    I love you and I have followed and fantasized about being your slave for a long time unfortunately my funds are limited as I’m on social security now but I beg you too please include me

    Thank you
    Gladly your slave

  2. acer ( Peter) says:

    Greetings Mistress Sidonia

    A Very Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to Yourself & the wonderful Mistress at The Mansion
    I was a member but could not renew my membership but do intend to in the New Year

    the clips are amazing I am a real submissive/slave
    my ultimate dream is to visit the Mansion & be kept as a naked chaste slave for Yourself & the Mistress`s use

    ThankYou so much for The clips

  3. worm says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia

    Your clip “Tongue Cleanup Slave-VR” is absolutely awesome!!!! Thank you very much for that clip Mistress Sidonia! It would be great to see more toilet slavery clips!!

    Best regards,

  4. slave says:

    Goddess SİDONİA

    The world in which you dominate you adore and worship.

    GODDESS SİDONİA is the happiness to worship.

  5. slave says:


    You worship and worship you in a world where you dominate.

    GODDESS SİDONİA is the happiness to worship.

    I’m your slave in the world you’re dominating.

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