Super Domme, Alpha Femme, Beta Boy… Know Your Place

from Her Chastity Sex Slaves with the stunning Miss Vivienne l’Amour

Super Domme, Alpha Femme, Beta Boy

Here at The Mansion many of our illustrious dommes also love to play and punish beautiful slavegirls. So we sometimes have both male and female slaves available for their pleasure. However, all our male slaves are firmly taught that All women are superior to them and that even slavegirls are considerably higher up the ladder than lowly males. And, that these slave-girls are also permitted to use or punish boys if they wish and that boys will submit and obey them without question. So male subs and slaves here at The Mansion must know their place…. bottom of the pile!

from Her Chastity Sex Slaves with the super sexy Miss Vivienne l’Amour

Hierarchy of Femdom

3 Ways Male Subs Are Bottom of the Pile:

1. Double The Pleasure
Many dommes are bisexual and so why should they not indulge being pleasured by a male and female slave at the same time – double the pleasure but twice the frustration for the poor sub boy.

from Sex Starved Slavegirl with gorgeous Mistress T & Suzie Best

2. Male & Female Sex Drones
Domme may turn male and female subs into mindless sexbots or drones through enchantment or mind control. Then they can verbally command and control them to either abuse or pleasure each other. The Domme, either alone, or with a group of dominant women friends will watch all the action and ensuing sex show. Here beta boys may find themselves not just being the sextoy of a submissive girl but also being painfully and humiliatingly tormented by her, as she is instructed by his mistress. More about Sexbots here

from My Sexbots with the beautiful Miss Zara du Rose

3. Lezcucking
Lesbian cuckolding is where two Mistresses or a Mistress and her slave-girl are sexually pleasuring each other – adding to the frisson is having a pitiful male there watching but not allowed any pleasure for himself. It’s a wonderful cruel prick teasing game and adds extra excitement to exhibitionist dominas. The male should be locked in chastity but the degree of what he can see can range from being blindfolded in a cage; under the bed just listening; to the women using him as a human mattress and fucking right over his face. The lezcucked slave’s humiliation, submission and frustration is sexually exciting for everyone else.

from Ruining Their Fun with stunning Mistress T, here the slaveboy literally is at the bottom of the pile!

My Sexbots Pt 1&2 is now showing inside The English Mansion & Her Chastity Sex Slaves starts this December 2018

* Super =from latin, above all, of a higher kind

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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3 Responses to Super Domme, Alpha Femme, Beta Boy… Know Your Place

  1. bootslavewilliam says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia…

    What a great overview of the powerful tactics that can and should be employed by the Superior Female Sex to further expose and reinforce the lowly position and undeniable sexual inferiority of males!

    ALL males BENEATH ALL Females at ALL times, TOTAL male obedience ALWAYS, including to slave girls with the power to punish those very males. What better way to put and keep a male in its place?

    Domme bisexuality, the mind-controlled male reduced to being a sexbot/drone that may be used, perhaps cruelly, by the Superior sub girl under the direction of her Mistress. Perfect objectification and humiliation!

    Finally, LEZCUCKING! The male locked in chastity (of course!), perhaps of some use as an object, perhaps lucky enough to be allowed mere crumbs, if any, of participation. Whatever his/its fate, this IS the male’s ULTIMATE EMASCULATION, and logical fate!

    I know the sheer power of lezcucking and of submitting to a sub/slave girl, the incredible way these penetrate irresistibly and deeply the/my male psyche and strengthen evermore those overwhelming feelings of sexual inferiority and overall submissiveness, that drive/craving to be subjugated even further with that one, pure, objective: the never-ending glory of serving the Female selflessly, to the very maximum. I have experience of this in the company, and to benefit the wonderful ecstasy, of my Goddess Owner (BootGoddess). I simply ADORE serving Her that way!

    Oh, Mistress Sidonia, I have not written her for some months but my true desire to be loaned by my Owner to You to submit to Your Dominance, to experience in person the reality of serving such an expert believer in Female Domination, that desire NEVER wavers.

    My very best wishes for 2019… in genuine submission.

    • It’s good to hear from you BSW 🙂 And I’m glad that you understand so well the nature of these scenes which yes include direct sexual pleasure but also & importantly have the heigtened sexual frisson of objectifying and emascuating the males present – something I find hugely erotic. MSVB

      • bootslavewilliam says:

        As this last day of the year speeds past all of us, what can I do other than place myself completely at Your disposal should You and BootGoddess join forces someday to, at last ;-), concoct a plan to put my enthusiastic desire to prove my obedience to the test for Your joint entertainment (without any further input for me, of course!).

        I am truly ready to submit, Mistress. Happy New Year.

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