High-Protocol in Femdom

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High-Protocol in Femdom

High-Protocol is when there is a strict and formal enactment of roles for both the Sub and Dom alongside understood conventions, rules and etiquette. It has a ceremonial or ritualised aspect to it and acts to create a miniature universe where everyone can immerse themselves in their part, creating a deeper and more exhilarating level to these status positions; especially when you are publicly demonstrating this in front of both other doms and subs.

Most dommes use an honorific, a title before their name i.e. Mistress, Goddess or Lady, these are all examples of a form of high-protocol. They act to declare and formalise the domina’s status and indicate the veneration required for subs approaching them.

High-Protocol is not for every femdom relationship or scene and is, I believe, in its most draconian form best employed for formal events. It can also be useful for specific or weighty scenes like a serious punishments. There are, however, some dommes who demand it at all times from their slaves; while for others protocol is not necessary at all, they may just want a hardcore masochist as stress relief or a willing sex slave.

If we consider the play between pure sadists and masochists which is focused on intense sensations/pain without any of the psychological aspects of femdom, what we mean is without the protocol. This is why they prefer the terms top & bottom rather than sub & dom. So ‘high’ protocol is an extreme form of role-play embracing total female supremacy and male submission. However, most femdom play is where these two spheres of play – the psychological/protocol and the physical side overlap to differing degrees.

To further help illustrate High-Protocol here are 10 common rules:

10 High-Protocol Rules
this is not an exhaustive or definite list but just some examples of femdom high-protocol

  1. Slaves may speak only when spoken to or must ask permission to speak; and will always use dominas honorifics when addressing them

  2. Slaves may not sit on any furniture

  3. A slave’s head may not be higher than any Mistress present or slaves may not stand i.e. crawling only

  4. Slaves may not turn their back on their Mistress and will give her their complete attention and focus at all times

  5. Slaves will raise their hand discreetly if they wish to speak to their Mistress

  6. Slaves must ask permission to leave their Mistress’s presence

  7. Slaves will return to a specific place or position when not ‘in use’

  8. A slaves demeanour will be submissive, compliant and duteous

  9. Slaves will obey their Mistress absolutely and without delay, hesitation or question

  10. Slaves will be naked, hooded, collared, locked in chastity and wear a symbol of ownership on their person i.e. dog tag, tattoo, brand

Slaves should be extensively instructed and conditioned in high-protocol and punished for infractions. A sub well-trained in high-protocol is a lovely appendage for Ladies to show-off in public, like a new pair of Louboutins.

Etiquette & Ownership
There is often a misconception that if you are a collared slave and attend a high-protocol event with your Mistress, it is a free-for-all and anyone can use you. This is not the case (and you would be so lucky). Slaves who are collared, that is owned by a domme, are only for that Mistress’s use, unless she herself lends the slave out to one of her fellow dominas. It is not appropriate or polite for a domina to use another Mistress’s property; however male slaves must be respectful, polite and helpful to all the woman present no matter who they are or what their status is (i.e. switches/slave girls). Slaves may be very dedicated to their personal Mistress but this does NOT entitle them to treat other dominant women with anything other that total deference. If he is unsure of an approach he should simple defer the enquiry back to his Mistress; it is her decision not his.

There are usually spare uncollared slaves or pen slaves who are there for anyone’s use, these slaves may be taken and collared for the required periods by any dominant woman.

Linguistic High-Protocol
This is a written form of high-protocol usually found online, it is where all references to a Mistress are ‘Capitalised’ and slaves use lower-case “i”s. It started in chat-rooms in the very beginnings of the internet as it was the only way to identify one’s status. A little of this in an email can be appropriate, signed off with a lowercase name for ex., for me if it’s overly persistent, it just makes it too difficult to read.

Subs can refer to themselves in the third person (illeism) for ex., “Your boy has disobeyed you” or “This slave is useless, Miss”. This can be an expression of humility or an instruction from their dom as a deliberate way to objectify or de-personalise the slave.

Slaves should know their place and be kept under strict supervision

We’ve held a number of high-protocol event here at The English Mansion and last summer, we held a Femdom High-Protocol Gala  see here or click on image below and I’ve had a lot of people asking me more about what this means and hence why I put together the article above.

Our Summer 2018 High-Protocol Gala

Femdom Ball 2019
If you have always wanted to attend a High-Protocol Femdom Event then you might want to take a look at Madame Caramel’s excellent Femdom Ball 2019 held this year on Saturday 5th October and some of the other related events.

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