What A Predicament – More Mansels in Distress

If you regularly read this blog you already know what a bondage aficionado I am; as I adore extreme & predicament bondage and love to devise fiendish dilemmas for my poor slaves. So here are a few recent examples of amazing bondage scenarios, some predicament, that my fellow Mansion dommes and myself have been enjoying.
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For Predicament Bondage Lovers
In the last photo – Predicament Day Pt2b with Mistress Sidonia, this scenario includes a particularly evil and inventive piece of predicament bondage – the slave is connected to an enforced consumption bladder and made to drink this filling his own bladder over time. In turn his cock is encased and connected to a liquid container hanging from his own nipples – if he pees the weight in this container will increase and eventually pull off the nipple clamps… because recycling is important 🙂

And all the action from these real BDSM scenes are now showing inside The English Mansion.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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8 Responses to What A Predicament – More Mansels in Distress


    As a worshipful supplicant to the Supreme Goddess it is my abiding fantasy to be kidnapped, held hostage and tortured mercilessly.
    Particularly to be committed to a medical clinic as I admit to being a suitable case for treatment. My every orifice examined, prodded, probed and explored thoroughly and regularly.
    My prostate was declared as enlarged, but the examination was not rigorous or invasive enough, it is urgent need of a thorough going over ASAP. It needs to be carried out by properly trained medical personnel, with all of their essential tools and paraphernalia.

    • Well I think we have all the required ‘parahernalia’ here in the experimentation room 😉


        Please accept my supplication to be a patient in the English Mansion Experimentation Room, for a thorough seeing to.
        I am at your disposal.
        Yours in humble servitude.

        putain {Welsh for whore}

        • William says:

          Putain… A French word for whore. Did the Welsh borrow this from the land of the “Gilets Jaunes”?

      • Puppy says:

        I adore the creativity on offer here. I can only hope the submissive appreciated the effort that went into such a gloriously evil trap.

        When I work away from home on business this is how I dare to dream I’d spend the evening, instead of in a comfortable, warm hotel room :). We can but dream.

  2. paul stevens says:

    Predicament bondage is the ONLY way!

    Great scenarios, should You ever require another subject, only to ‘willing’ to volunteer.

    Would be great to be part of your world again.

    Keep up the awesome ‘work’

  3. William says:

    What pure joy and honour it would be, Mistress Sidonia, to find myself tightly, inescapably cocooned, trapped and isolated in that rubber sack, with one role only demanded of me: to hypnotically and oh-so-willingly inhale at length, via that rubber tube (maybe secured to a strict rubber gag?), Your Superior Female Scent in order to make me succumb to You even more deeply! Total, powerless capitulation. Why would I want to resist?

    Worded, as always, with utter submission and respect.

  4. gel says:

    you may want to use a IV Set with Latex injection port for infusion, which creates a drip for ingestion, making the user drink every drop and if the tube is thrust deep enough, impossible to stop the drip with the tongue….without creating overspill…and promoting a clean environment….it takes longer to empty the bag, but creates more drama…very inexpensive on the auction sites…

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