Female Vampire – Dominatrix Role Model?

The Queen of the Damned (played by the stunning Aaliyah)

The Rise of the Female Vampire – A Dominatrix Role Model?

The female vampire of popular culture seems to be more fascinating than ever, she has emerged from the shadows to capture the zeitgeist and there are obvious parallels with the modern day dominatrix. The vampiress is mysterious, twisted, overtly and aggressively sexual; usually an older woman (in years, if not looks) and thus far more knowledgeable and experienced. She uses her femininity, killer-dress-sense, seductiveness and sex to control and manipulate those around her and importantly to turn them into her willing victims.

Furthermore, the female vampire like the dominatrix embodies something deeper for us culturally (perhaps even unconsciously) – she is a symbol of female power, aggression and unbound sexuality. She lies beyond the norms and conventions of femininity and most essentially she contradicts motherhood, nature, nurture and the passive female role in sex and relationships. She is not constrained by patriarchy and can embrace her natural sexuality.

Female vampires, like dominatrixes (and other sex workers) represent otherness – they are taboo, socially rejected and confront our notions of sexuality and morality. Society and men are both drawn to and repelled by us. Unlike vampires, dominatrixes do not blood-suck the life force of their victims, but the finale of the act of sexual union or play is usually crowned with ‘la petit mort’ (ejaculation), so there is perhaps some parallel.

There was a time, (back before Twilight) when Vampires were cool, they were evil and twisted and of course the Female of the Species is more deadly than the male…

So here’s some of our favourite wicked female vampires:

1. All True Blood’s Female Vamps

Lots of blood and oozing sexuality, these are the very bad girls from the True Blood TV Series. With the perfect musical musical accompaniment for this blog post!

2. Queen of the Damned – Akasha

I love her otherworldliness and total power – a little low budget but still Queen of the Damned is a good movie.

3. Miriam Blaylock

The Hunger with best opening to to a movie ever! Lots for smoking fetishists, David Bowie oozing coolness, Bauhaus live, plus a good approximation of an early underground fetish club.

4. Alternate Universe Willow

Yes, Willow was the sweet one – which is why it was fabulous that in an alternate dimension, they made her into a leather-clad bisexual, vampire sadist! From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, TV Series

5. Santanico Pandemonium

From the movie from Dusk to Dawn The Queen of this lair of vampires (Salma Hayek) entrances a new batch of victims in one of the most sexually teasing dance routines ever!

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