In Search of the Female Orgasm (& Lots of Them) Pt 1

The English Mansion – A Female Orgasm Zone: A slave is used as a 2-way sex toy by myself and Mistress T he must pleasure us and make us both cum. He must NOT cum himself, if he does it will result in a cruel cock caning – we find this helps focus his self-control! (Photo from 2-Way Sex Toy)

Finding The Female Orgasm?

I can’t say I’ve watched a great deal of mainstream ‘straight’ porn but I can remember from the little I have seen there were no female orgasms! Lots of women writhing around and moaning but no pleasure or climaxes for them. The women are always portrayed in the traditional passive sexual role and the entire focus seems to be on the man’s penis and his ejaculation. This is always the culmination of the film, indicating this is what sex is – a man cumming. It’s no wonder then that most women don’t watch porn, it certainly doesn’t make sex look appealing for them. (It also doesn’t allow the men watching them to appreciate what a woman needs sexually.)

This was quite confusing especially when I was younger as I have a huge sex drive and love orgasms (in fact post-orgasm is one of the few times I’m not a complete bitch to be around). Perhaps that’s why it I find the idea of a man kept locked up as my personal sex toy (preferable in a cell under my home) who after a long and cruel training period becomes my sex slave with no thoughts other than to please me and make me cum 🙂 so f***ing horny!

To be honest I’ve never been particularly interested in whether my slave cums or not, yes I like to tease him and get him hard. Once a man has an erection I know I have total control over him, he is nothing more than mindless putty in my hands – just that thought is exciting. However once he cums, it will probably cool his ardour, better to keep him wanting, keen and importantly focused on my pleasure – my orgasms! Thank goddess for chastity devices 🙂

As a dominant woman you get what You want sexually, you do what You want, wear what You like – totally indulging your desires leading you to powerful perfect climaxes. (Photo from Making A Sex Drone)

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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4 Responses to In Search of the Female Orgasm (& Lots of Them) Pt 1

  1. ron says:

    I not only found the pics outstanding, but I did read the blog, your views are so direct and your right about porn i’ts boring, but your slant on female orgasam is how a male should be treated…..

  2. Kara says:

    Tease and denial is my favourite way to control my slave boy.
    In my house it is me that gets to cum.

    I find seeing him desperate is the best foreplay for me.

  3. Boot Goddess says:

    I enjoyed this entry and very much agree with your sentiments.

    When I first got into Femdom the most important fact I learnt was…”control the cock and you control the male!” Once my slut was in chastity I was amazed that I had complete sexual power over him and it released the Domme within me that had been dormant previously without my even knowing it. It changed forever our exploration of Femdom from a very enjoyable bedroom activity to a very real situation which, when life permits, I intend taking much further, and not just sexually.

    Anyway, for the time being, fast forward nearly ten years and I now, without exception, cum whenever and as frequently as I desire. As for slut, well he just cums when I want him to… he has no say at all!!!! Making him cum on command is an immense turn-on for me and entertaining too. Undeniably, with slut already “kept wanting” considerably (although I have not reached your ratio of 50:1 for now, and it is definitely a good target to aim for, and maybe even surpass in due course!), his focus has changed dramatically from seeking his own sexual satisfaction to providing me with mine. He affirms that my pleasure gives him overwhelming pleasure and that his craving for his orgasm is satiated by that. Karma if you like! Orgasm control has also massively intensified his desire to serve me generally, as well as his desire to suffer torment and pain for me.

    Well done on aiming to “address the balance”. You have my full support, and even slut’s!

  4. bootslavewilliam says:

    What a pleasure to be reminded of your words on this topic, Mistress, as well as the response from my beloved and adored Goddess. Three years on, both pieces still ooze just as powerfully with intense joy about the rightful, indisputable Supremacy of the Female Orgasm.

    Then and now, my devotion to Goddess’ sexual ecstasy, always and solely on Her terms, is absolute, more potent than ever in its relentless ability to overwhelmingly enslave me, to render me every single time totally weak and docile, in body and mind, truly submissive and servile, focused on one objective only: to selflessly SERVE the glorious Female Sex!

    As ever, I cannot help but respectfully express the true honour and gratitude I would feel to be allowed to demonstrate one day that subservience in your presence, Mistress Sidonia.

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