Mistress Sidonia’s Musings on Decadent Desires

MistressSidoniavonBork Portrait of Mistress Sidonia von Bork by Sardax. I love the symbolism of the doorway, taking centre stage here, and to where our eyes are drawn (after admiring the stunning Mistress is the foreground, obviously 🙂 ) Doorways open new possibilities, hide secrets, or can be frightening, we don’t know who or what’s behind a door.

I always wanted to own a male sex slave. I used to fantasize about going to a slave auction and buying a slave to train up as my own. I would walk up and down the chained line of goods looking carefully at each in turn. Making them open their mouths to examine their tongues, or bend them over to view their bottoms. I loved imagining how embarrassed they’d look and their humiliation as I paid particular attention to inspecting their genitals. I would eventually choose a slave and bid for him in the auction, nothing would prevent me from obtaining the slave I had chosen. After paying I would walk up to my new purchase, attach a chain to his neck and drag him off. Then my fun would really start…

For me, domination is not a lifestyle but a liaison. A secret time and space where I can let the dark part of myself roam free. I use those who wish to become initiates into my world. This is a universe where my laws, desires and wishes rule. Here eroticism is bound up with power and femininity. I dominate men because I am a woman, because that is my power, to seduce, to tease, to manipulate – all men are weak when it comes to gratification. It is a scent that is irresistible to them; it intoxicates and turns them into faithful, obedient ‘lap’ dogs. My title of Mistress comes later for I am a woman, and my slaves will learn firstly, to kneel and worship at that altar.

slaves-mantraWomen are magnificent, intelligent, intuitive creatures with intense, dark depths rippling beneath their exteriors. Men will always be merely toys to use and abuse as I wish. They are only truly happy once they are dangling like puppets on a woman’s invisible string; mesmerized by her all-inspiring beauty and perfection, something he must strive always to obtain but knows he never shall.

The male of the species must learn to control his desires through guidance or, if necessary, chastity devices. His seed shall only be spent for my pleasure, draining him of his life force and leading him unto ‘le petit mort’. I find the period before his release the moment when I am most able to captivate him. To control and train him to my exacting, strict and high standards. He must learn that he has become a mere object for my pleasure. He no longer has needs or desires of his own but must put me, my whims and desires foremost in his thoughts and actions.

msvb-english-mansionIt is thrilling to have a slave so completely bound that he cannot move; even to breathe he is at my mercy. Now I can torment freely until he begs – yet still I ignore. I can use completely and then discard once I am satisfied or bored. He lives lost in the darkness awaiting me so that he might live again. To hood and collar the slave is to take away his last sense of self – his face is gone, covered. He becomes a new creature at the end of my chain, no longer anything except that which I wish him to become. I will change his name and torment him until he is broken to my will. He no longer remembers his life outside my world, it is a blur. He jumps when I snap my fingers, a Pavlovian success. His training has been long and arduous and has remade him into my ideal. Indoctrinated into my law with painful remonstrations that have seeped into his very psyche, he no longer thinks but obeys.

Mistress Sidonia’s musing continue in The Song of the Siren coming soon.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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6 Responses to Mistress Sidonia’s Musings on Decadent Desires

  1. Robert Burns says:

    Hi Great Miss Sidonia.

    Miss Sidonia I am writing to you because I wish to be your slave. Nothing more, nothing less. I will give you all my savings for a permanent place at The Mansion. I basically want to be your lap dog.

    I have no experience of a dominatrix owning me, and I am quite young, but I feel I have the attributes and qualities to be a great addition to your stable. I would be willing to sign a contract that states full ownership over me with immediate effect. I would relish the opportunity to interview .

    Thank you very much for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you – and hopefully soon being on your leash!

    Thank you,


  2. bootslavewilliam says:

    Well, Mistress Sidonia, what a powerful, wonderful and enjoyable piece of writing. It conveys so effectively, one again, your passion about and supreme knowledge of Female Domination, and how essential it is for males to submit to, obey and serve the Superior sex. It really is, ideally, the only logical way for we males to be fulfilled: under complete and wise Female control. We don’t, ultimately, stand a chance against you! It’s so obvious.

    I have written here previously, Mistress (too lengthily sometimes, I know!), driven by my own deep PASSION for Female Domination, most especially my (and my Goddess’) belief in the sheer logic of the ABSOLUTE sexual Supremacy of Women, that which stands in such stark contrast to the unarguable sexual inferiority of the male.

    My adored Goddess and I cannot, for now, live the FemDom lifestyle anywhere near as fully as we crave to eventually. However, my sexual enslavement is TOTAL, has been for about 7 years and will NEVER change. My sexual pleasure TRULY derives ENTIRELY from my devotion to helping to provide Hers, in whatever way She chooses to use me. That could involve Her not even using me at all, my being a mere thought that arouses Her so much because of the control She wields over me, Her property that obeys Her unquestioningly and that She can discard at will.

    Honestly, Mistress, I NEVER think of my own orgasms (which clearly only occur when allowed, and ALWAYS under Her supervision). ONLY Her satisfaction matters to me. My mental, emotional ecstasy, flowing from my submission to Her and my focusing without any distractions about myself on HER pleasure, these ecstasies have permanently become the sources of my GREATEST physical satisfaction by far. My joy at finding myself in this human condition is immeasurable. To crave my Owner’s Pussy and be permitted to assist in satiating Its needs and wants, by whatever means my Owner decrees, that is nearly beyond words. It is in my thoughts each and every day… as are indeed far more mundane thoughts and aims concerned with all forms of serving, be it even just a cup of Earl Grey tea or peeling Goddess an orange.

    Now, I have done it again, Mistress Sidonia! Still, although an atheist, I am also an unashamed devotee of Goddess Worship! I have to confess that your deep FemDom beliefs, and your writings, definitely (at least sometimes) trigger in me a real desire and need to share my FemDom experience and “evangelism” with a person who REALLY believes in and understands the philosophy. After all, this is a world of so many disappointing fakes and fleeting fashions and trends including, unfortunately, the domains of FemDom, fetishism, kink, etc… Which is why I repeat that it would be a REAL HONOUR to, one day, somehow, find myself in Your presence, in the company of my Beloved Goddess, shared/loaned like the property that I am and allowed to demonstrate my dedication to serving the Dominant Female sex.

    That would be a true privilege. A mere male slave is allowed to hope, isn’t “it”?

  3. slave chrissy says:

    Mistress Sidonia von Boork
    Love to read about Your thoghts and how You look at BDSM
    When You write about Your needs and Your likes
    slave get weak in his knee, bcos it’s so true
    and slave to recognize himselves through the written word of Mistress Sidonia
    The way You do describe it, it’s the way slave are or been looking for
    Are the best way for all
    slave don’t think about what he want to experience if he meet You, bcos a slave don’t think that way……he think more about what he can do to please You
    All experience that will come to him, if he was under Your command are good.
    You know what’s best for the slave, and You have a lot to learn him
    slave’s highest goal are to make Mistress satizfied, then we both have a good D/s relation
    Love to read and learn what You have to say and what You do…..
    A part from all that, Mistress look gorgeous , and love the outfits You wear
    Thanks for letting me write this comment Mistress Sidonia
    slave chrissy

  4. slave says:

    100% agree with You, Mistress Sidonia.

  5. Teddy Tony says:

    Mistress Sidonia, WOW! You are truly insightful with regards to a slave’s psyche.

  6. mysster says:


    yes. to be kept at, or near, full denial. i could be made to do . . .

    thank You!


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