The is something rather kinky about James Bond – perhaps it stems from the fact Ian Fleming, the author was a practitioner of S&M (according to his letters), with a love of spanking in particular. This SM influence is also evident throughout Fleming’s books and the subsequent movies. There is the famous scene in the book Casino Royal, where James Bond’s testicles are tortured by being beaten with a paddle. In the recent movie version Daniel Craig has his balls beaten (rather homoerotically) with a knotted rope whip.

To continue the kinky theme, two of our favourite leathered-up kick-ass women from The Avengers both left the series to appear in Bond movies, Honour Blackman in Goldfinger & then Diana Rigg in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Honour Blackman played the infamously named Pussy Galore, a lesbian who runs an all female crime gang who masquerade as a circus act.

So I thought I’d consider which of the bond girls make my Top Three of the women who Kicked Bond’s Ass (and Busted his Balls).

My Top Three Women Who Kicked Bond’s Ass

1st) Xenia Onatopp in Golden Eye
2nd) Bambi & Thumper from Diamonds Are Forever
3rd) May Day in A View to a Kill

Bambi & Thumper

I’ve always been rather fond of this scene with Bambi & Thumper in Diamonds Are Forever (see the clip below) where Bond get his balls-busted, is scissored & then beaten up. Ignore the ridiculous end, he had no chance against these two!

Xenia Onatopp
The bond girl, however, who wins hands down is Famke Janssen as the sadist henchwoman Xenia Onatopp in Golden Eye. (Yes, she’s called ‘On-a Top’, they do love those innuendo names.) She’s a beautiful, seductive, psychopath who derives sexual satisfaction from killing especially while using her strong thighs to do this. In one scene, she lures a Canadian admiral onto a yacht engaging in violent sexual intercourse with him. While crushing him to death; she moans in pleasure as he moans in pain, and reaches orgasm as he dies. This girl really ‘takes your breath away’.

And lastly, also very worthy is Grace Jones as Mayday (a distress call) in A View to a Kill she possesses a superhuman strength which she uses on the hapless males around her. Apparently while filming the bedroom scene with Bond (Roger Moore) where she insists on going on top, she secretly wore a huge strapon:) I’d say he met his match.


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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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  1. Dutchseat says:

    love these bondgirls, and the scenes you are talking about, seen them more than once.
    always wished that I face those 2 kick-ass girls Bambi and Thumper.

    did you know Famke Janssen is Dutch?

    these scenes can be played in the English Mansion (I hope)

  2. Comfortface says:

    When I heard about the scissoring scenes in Goldeneye, I remember I went straight to the shop and bought the DVD. They are always too short, but very enjoyable.

    Other popular movies with good scissoring scenes:
    – Blade Runner: Daryl Hannah scissoring Harrison Ford. Great close-up with Hannah’s sweaty legs squeezing Ford’s neck.
    – The War of the Roses: Kathleen Turner scissoring Michael Douglas’ chest (and later biting his dick).

  3. William says:

    Well, what FemDom devotee does not love a villainess who can overwhelm and put her male opponent in his place, by whatever means? Women have SO many natural assets and strengths at their disposal to ensnare their sexually inferior counterparts!

    Your interesting article, Mistress Sidonia, instantly refreshed my memory of how Bambi and Thumper definitely struck a chord (and still do) in my submissive soul when I first saw them tackle Sean Connery. I was simply thrilled to see two fit, strong and athletic women take on a top and respected agent like him in such an effortless, relaxed and even kind of light-hearted manner. Initially friendly and unthreatening but, in fact, highly dangerous women. Really, I wanted them to win and was disappointed when he gained the upper hand! To hell with national security and defeating megalomaniacs on behalf of Her Majesty’s Secret Service! Bond then finds in a sort of cell the bloke (a fellow agent?) he mentioned to Bambi and her friend. Again, I really liked the concept of these two females having overpowered and kept a male captive!

    Your other Top Women are obviously great too, but Pussy Galore and her female pilots still catch my attention. The soldiers at Fort Knox only fake being knocked out, as we know, but I love the thought of their plan working out, the gas actually working and all those macho males succumbing to effortless and devious, superior female power!

    Finally, Mistress, you mention The Avengers. This is very vague but I remember a scene in an episode of The New Avengers (with Patrick McNee) where two women carry down the corridor and back to his cell a man who has just been questioned (presumably to extract information), by their “baddie” boss… or perhaps by them (much better!). They have one of his arms on each of their shoulders and he’s weak, dragging his feet on the ground, clearly drained, helpless and at their mercy. His captors are fit and healthy, well in control. They throw him into his cell and lock him up. Cannot remember anything else of the story! Just another brief memory, though, of a scene that immediately grabbed my attention because of its irresistible Female Power element!

    May I take this opportunity to ask whether you have any plans to organise next year another Summer Ball event like or similar to the one held in 2011? You may or may not recall my Goddess and Owner Lisa (Boot Goddess) contacted you prior to that occasion about our interest in attending. You responded and said we were welcome to do so. Unfortunately, family commitments meant that we were ultimately unable to make it. Nonetheless, it’s still something we would love to do if we got the opportunity… with enough planning! I realise it’s early days, but I hope you don’t mind me enquiring.

    GREAT blog, Mistress Sidonia. Glorious and kinky FemDom!



    • Thank you for that very interesting response. I do write a little more about The Avengers in my blog A Homage to Atomage, but I think I should dedicate a whole blog to the subject soon.
      We have no plans for another ball at the moment though you never know – however we do have some other big news that will be coming out imminently 🙂

      • William says:

        Whilst I am “on a run” writing on your site today, Mistress, I just thought I would say that the very episode of the “New Avengers” which I mentioned above was shown a few days ago on TV. It is entitled “Angels of death” and featured the rather sexy and somewhat dominant-looking Caroline Munro as an “evil” nurse at an outwardly perfectly respectable health farm that is in fact responsible for brainwashing/conditioning and ultimately killing many government employees and agents.

        Although, sadly, otherwise answerable to their male boss, Munro and her acolytes are nonetheless all suitably alluring, confident, well able to handle mere males and fully in control of their victims. They are “unfortunately” eventually uncovered and defeated by Steed and co., but not before he himself experiences their Female power and treatment. Before being rescued by Gambit later on, even Purdey finds herself at their mercy as she is captured by one nurse and finds herself restrained and immobilised helplessly (and rather sexily), sturdy strap under her chin, on a table equipped with a fierce and relentless traction machine (a rather Bond-like, unnecessarily elaborate method of restraining an opponent!… sheer kink for the sake of kink by the writer?).

        Anyway, it really is amazing that I had not seen this episode for many, many years, in fact I am sure since it was shown originally. Yet it clearly made such an impression on my budding submissive and slutty mind at the time, as a much more innocent young man, that it all readily came back to me whilst watching it again the other day as if hardly any time had elapsed! The raw, fascinating, irresistible POWER of FEMDOM imagery on the male mind and, I believe, not just on a naturally submissive male mind like mine! Wonderful, and proof (were it needed) of the inherent, natural weakness and submissiveness in males that, even if dormant, are automatically triggered by strong, Dominant Women. Those feelings can then never be ignored again.

        I watched the re-run with Goddess alongside me. I had described elements of that episode to Her in previous chats about my past FemDom “revelations” and awakenings (and also the fact that I had mentioned it to you here, Mistress) and, obviously knowing fully what Her slut is like, She was not in the least surprised by my memory!

        • William says:

          Final (for now, hopefully!) comment on this topic.

          I first got to know the original “Avengers” (as opposed to the later series) during my childhood in France, where it was broadcast in dubbed format. It (just like “The New Avengers”) was known as “Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir”, which literally translated as (rather clumsily, not to say a little strangely and now definitely amusingly!): “Bowler Hat and Leather Boots”! My Goddess find that very funny and knows exactly why it had a very early effect on Her kinky, now strictly controlled slut/slave!

          Well! I had ZERO inkling in those days of my future incredibly powerful submissive cravings and desire to serve the Female sex, nor of the massive boot fetish that I would eventually develop in my early twenties, nor my later love of kink. Yet, that French title somehow appealed to me, struck a proverbial chord, had some kind of then still unidentifiable effect on my psyche (although not at all obviously sexually), imprinting itself indelibly and forever on my mind. I didn’t realise why or what was going on, but I liked that title!

          Later on, I came to realise its significance and everything quickly made sense, that it was part of the tiny seeds of kink, fetishism and, most importantly, glorious FemDom, that had implanted themselves in my mind and sexuality. Perhaps they were there all along and just needed to be watered, nurtured and harnessed (deliberate pun!).

          I believe inherent male submissiveness is entirely plausible for many, many males, so explaining why there are so very many of us openly and actively craving Female Domination and Control. I also believe strongly that many others, perhaps all other males, merely suppress/resist (for various reasons) the sheer logic and benefits for both sexes of Female (particularly sexual) Authority. However, as the saying goes, that’s another story!

  4. pete says:

    What about Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera) in “Never say never again”?

    see scene

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