The Corset Pt1 – Female Armour

The corset is an article of clothing developed purely to accentuate femininity. Designed to be worn around the torso, it consists of two halves which are fixed at the front and then tightened by lacing at the back. This process reduces the waist accentuating both the breasts and bottom thus enhancing feminine curves by shaping the body. Later marketing purported medical benefits for both men and women claiming it improved posture but this was a thinly veiled dressing up of the corset’s image trying to move it from fashion to function.

Generally we used to think of corsets as undergarments worn by Edwardian & Victorian ladies to obtain tiny waists, though they have been around since the Romans. Unfortunately the wearing of them severely restricted the movement of the wearer and even induced fainting spells – thus the corset became a garment that acted to both subjugate and subdue women.


Over the last 25 years the corset has undergone a revival from its origins as secret underwear to today’s sexy outer-wear.  The turning point came in the very early 1990s when Madonna infamously donned one with conical breasts, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and wore it as a top. Another worthy mention is the Thierry Mugler Motorcycle corset made of metal – she’s gonna ride all over you baby! Now days you can find corsets in every colour and every material, they are no longer shape-wear or lingerie for the bedroom; and are rarely used to reduce waist size but to accentuate it.


Female Armour

So it seems ironic that an item that once subjugated women has become empowering to wear and often conveys power and even sexual aggression. Today’s corsets are more akin to body armour, accentuating extreme femininity and worn as weapons – conical breasts are called bullet bras. (Lady Gaga wore a machine gun bra for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, July 2010.) So now women are empowered by their extreme feminine curves. They can use their bodies, this ultra femininity and overt sexiness as a weapon to both frighten and manipulate men.

The prevailing image of the ‘dominatrix’ is of a whip-welding woman in a mean looking tight-leather corset and it’s certainly a standard in the outfit repertoire of dominant women. It’s sexy amour worn before the ensuing battle; it covers her up yet still titillates by exaggerating her curves, slaves can look but can’t see flesh and can’t touch.

Coming Soon: Pt 2 Corsets – Body Modification, Male to Female Transformations & Bondage

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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9 Responses to The Corset Pt1 – Female Armour

  1. carlitos says:

    thanks Mistress!!!
    i love corsets, thanks!!!!

  2. Chris F. says:

    Greetings Mistress Sidonia;

    Styles in feminine lingerie and corsetry have come a long way since the Victorian Era.
    Although; many men may like to believe it is to their benefit in pleasurable senses of sight from the weaknesses of the human flesh. I can only vouchsafe in my male submissive lowliness by saying a Mistress in a corset never looked so vivacious. But is a Mistresses beauty, idolizing romance in the eyes of her trapped male submissive, and all her glamourous looks really as encapsulating as it well may be without delving into a study of her authoritative feminine dominance which can be just as captivating? For me its a total mind-fuck that no male sub caught in a the mysterious grasp of a Mistresses enchanting spell can ignore. Seeing a beautiful Mistress dressed in a sexy corset makes an authoritative bold statement about the powers of her femininity as it conveys in a revealing way something about the supremacy of her dominance. In my weakness such powers of femininity sure melts my heart appreciating such beauty.

    Respectfully and Submissively
    Your Slave
    Chris xo

  3. Dear Mistress

    i adore corsets and appreciate the transformative qualities of female power when so dressed in a tight armour like corset. It does imply aggression, and also to me over -powerment, as I know I will never get close to my Mistress beautiful body- which is to be worshipped.
    For me a beautiful woman Mistress in corsets and tight clothing boots and stockings is the ultimate unobtainable fantasy. Especially when I femenised as her subservient also corseted Maid!

  4. nasha radosti says:

    This is so interesting thank you

  5. basil says:

    Why dont you silly children grow up and start learning what corsetry is REALLY about?

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