6 Reasons Why Men Should be Kept in Chastity

Mistress T the Queen of Tease and Denial from Fucked In Chastity now showing

6 Reasons Why
Men Should be Kept in Chastity

or The Pleasures of Erotic Sexual Denial

1. Fidelity From Afar

Chastity devices were originally designed to keep the wearer faithful. Thus having his crown jewels locked away – so he can’t play away – is totally reassuring as it ensures his complete fidelity. In this way chastity devices also help deal with habitual cock wankers ensuring they aren’t off self-pleasuring themselves. Masturbation drains their desire of you and therefore should be controlled, monitored or stopped entirely.

2. Focus
Another effect is what I call ‘focus’ by keeping him in chastity, even when you are actually sexually engaged with him, forces him to focus on you and your pleasure. He should be giving you orgasms, and lots of them! If you don’t allow him to cum or even have that as an option, he has to concentrate on you; your pleasure becomes his pleasure. We all know the effect that cumming can have on a man – his small brain flips to food and football! So just don’t let him cum or motivate him with what we employ at The English Mansion  – the 50 equals 1 rule (that a slave must give me 50 orgasms to earn just one for himself).

3. Sexual Re-Education
This leads to another use – controlling his sexual desires. His chastity device should ensure that he can’t even get an errection (not without a lot of pain 😉 ) Thus as soon as the device comes off he’s hard and hot for you. Keeping him always desperate, ready for sex, pliable and agreeable. Now is the time to steer him towards what you want sexually. His simple male brain can now be reprogrammed and his desires corrected  e.g. only allowing him to get hard and/or cum while being fucked with a strapon or when licking your pussy 🙂

4. It’s Hot! Teasing & Total Denial
Teasing him in chastity i.e. keeping him in a heightened state of sexual arousal for a long time and then denying him an orgasm, as a woman can be so hot. Keeping him in a weakened state begging for release – pathetic, pliable & attentive. Knowing you have total control over him and you can use his sexual arousal against him to your advantage – the perfect male manipulation material. Never let him assume he will get an orgasm when engaged sexually with you, it should be at your whim or earned; and preferable after a very long period of abstinence.

5. Ownership
For BDSM players putting your slave into enforced chastity can symbolise ownership, like a collar or a body marking. It reminds him constantly of your control from afar and that you own him, his cock and rule his desires.

6. Feminisation
Chastity devices can also be useful for enforced male to female transformations, locking away his male genitalia permanently will help emasculate him. Using genital piercings to do this also has the benefit of pulling his cock back between the legs to lock it up, thus refining his figure and getting rid of this ugly unfeminine disfigurement.

We adore Chastity play here at The English Mansion and have loads of films focusing on erotic sexual denial, here are just a few: Fucked In Chastity, Chastity Release Tease, Chastity Sex Tease, Cum Control, Cruel Chastity, Lez Cucking Their Chastity Boy, Wheel Spun Cum, Lessons In Cruelty & Chastity Tease. Plus TV/Sissy chastity in Skool Sanctions, Doll In A Box, Bossy Ballet Teacher, Smothered & Scolded & Chastity Bound.

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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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4 Responses to 6 Reasons Why Men Should be Kept in Chastity

  1. William says:

    Mistress Sidonia, I originally meant to spend more time writing in response to this article, but instead got “waylaid” on the piece about your favourite chastity device.

    I touched there on my TOTAL sexual enslavement to, and SO successfully achieved by, my adored Goddess. We could NEVER go back to the old days. She has been SO empowered, and further sexually “liberated” by Her control (by that I mean demanding and getting ALWAYS and EXACTLY what She wants sexually from me, Her slave object/property), and I am SO incredibly contented and excited by relinquishing ALL control and my so-called “freedom” to misbehave to Her. The whole thing is INCREDIBLY MARVELLOUS. As a result, we have NO doubt about the fundamental and vast SEXUAL SUPERIORITY of Women over males, nor about the very REAL logic and far-reaching benefits for both sexes of male sexual surrender to wise Female authority. Other forms of submission, of service, many vanilla, flow naturally from that realisation, and certainly not forgetting the far deeper intimacy and sense of completeness, of oneness, that a very close and loving couple like us experiences daily… despite the best efforts of vanilla life to constantly “throw spanners in the works”, I might add!

    In conclusion, Mistress Sidonia, I wish to UTTERLY testify as a completely sexually enslaved and contented slut that the reasons you have listed above for choosing Erotic Sexual Denial for males are ALL desirable, ALL achievable, and ALL definitely erotic. May I just add that Goddess did not achieve Her sexual control without, apart from Her determination, VERY VALUABLE advice and assistance from other Female belivers and practicioners? Women helping each other for THEIR greater good!

    Sorry for “going on” but my Goddess and I, now approaching our seventh year into it, really both are complete and highly enthusiastic converts to Absolute Female Sexual Authority. It’s SO damned LOGICAL and SATISFYING!

  2. William says:

    I apologise for adding even more (!)… but may I add that we say that I now live under Her “Total Pussy Control”.

  3. Jim P. says:

    I agree with all of the above, but have never experienced in aw shucks/sucks.

  4. MC Life says:

    Not only that , as i have small penis i love to keep it in a cb6000s it will be very good for me also i cant wear any clothes in home if i wear this chastity device i must be naked all time when mistress in home

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