The Siren’s Song

Mistress-Sidonia-whipMore of Mistress Sidonia’s musing on her decadent desires and philosophy of female domination.

I have always liked to tease and seduce men. Using all of my feminine and seemingly innocent charm to overpower and ensnare them. To to weave a web that lures men to my lair where I slowly toy with them, playing with their minds and abusing their bodies. My power lies not in my darkened chamber, elaborate equipment or wicked toys but within myself for my greatest tool is my femininity.

Female sexuality is an incredibly powerful force. It is quite a different entity from male sexuality, which is probably why it is so repressed and surrounded by misunderstanding. Women have superior beauty to men, that is an innate fact. Women know how to manipulate men to do exactly what they want, a gift that naturally develops when you do not possess the greater physical strength. The Dominant woman knows how to use these gifts to completely mesmerise the men that flock to her. Using her devilish smile and seductive manner she will look deep in to your eyes until you melt. She doesn’t MAKE you submit – you WANT to submit and therein lies the crux of her power.

I am a dominant woman that is my sexual preference and the more a man submits to me the more attracted to him I am. Dominating men is a sexual encounter I find it extremely arousing to have men at my beck and call to know that they will do anything I wish and can do anything I like to them. To know that by using my femininity I can completely control them. However, my sexual dominance is more than just a game played in the boudoir. It is an important part of my philosophy on life. As a woman I am in control of my destiny and sexuality. I know what I want and how to achieve it. I am free and in control.


About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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2 Responses to The Siren’s Song

  1. bootslavewilliam says:

    More thoroughly enjoyable words to read, Mistress Sidonia… and very arousing ones too, for what can render a male more helplessly aroused than the sheer, pure power of femininity and Female sexuality?

    How could we not be fatally weakened, overwhelmed and so very easily ensnared, manipulated and controlled by Women who are aware of, and know how to use, these unique strengths, so very, very superior to male muscles? Those mean nothing. Enhance that natural Female might with boots, latex, leather, etc…, well… we males stand NO chance, do we :-)?

    You know that, my Goddess knows that, other Women know that, but far more either don’t or certainly are not interested in using it. And yes, it is largely because of repression and deliberate misrepresentation and misunderstanding, both by males (of course) but also “repressed” females . Despite advances, many women are still shackled by various means in their traditional roles, especially mentally. Even within the world of FemDom, Female Sexual Supremacy can often be overlooked and not accorded the obvious recognition it is logically entitled to.

    Bondage is truly wonderful but Goddess needs none of it to control me. She renders me powerless without effort, and what a joy that is, for both of us. Our own brand of sex life has never been better and more exciting, in particular Her pleasure, Her orgasms. They reign supreme, on a pedestal.

    Mistress, it is such a shame you no longer see new clients. May I ask whether you think you will again, one day? I know that I have (more than!) hinted at it before, but I cannot escape the hope of finding myself in submission to you one day, in the company of my beloved and adored Goddess, shared and loaned, allowed to serve and please both my Superiors. That’s an amazing thought. I do nonetheless apologise for repeating myself (again!), Mistress.

    Very finally, I thought I would add that Goddess is fully aware of my messages here. It is an outlet I am allowed, although (like other ones) for both our benefit.

  2. bootslavewilliam says:

    Please may I be permitted to make two more points, Mistress (“he’s doing it again!”)?

    Motherhood is still the key shackle that generally represses women, physically and mentally, preventing them from recognising and using effectively their inherent sexual power. I truly believe this remains a very big and fundamental, deep-rooted problem that needs to be overcome before more widespread progress can be made.

    Look at the consistent and amazing population growth in the developed world (highest birth rate in the UK for 40 years!), despite greater sex equality, in the workplace and elsewhere. Some men help more at home but women still bear by far the greatest loads and responsibilities of having a family. All the technological aids available to women nowadays in a way ease the burden of motherhood and “home-making”, but how highly demanding the workload of many women remains, whether they have some financial autonomy and a people carrier or not. Still shackles to repress and hold them back.

    The baby/children products industry has become GIGANTIC, IMMENSE! In the financial crisis, it is one of the few sectors (including toys) not to have suffered. Hardly a product, of any type, is advertised without stressing its appeal to children and the family: holidays, garden centres, technology, furniture, cars, etc…, etc…

    And what about the obsession with celebrities and their offspring or pregnancy plans, their “bumps”… Princess Kate M! Enough said! Jesse J “definitely sees children in her life very soon”! Miss Aniston was frowned upon some time ago, hounded even, because she dared to say she did not want to become a mother, but nevertheless just recently attracted speculation about her ever so slightly pronounced tummy on account of a tight-fitting dress she was wearing! SO boring, but also VERY bad for many, many women.

    Second point… ever so briefly. I passionately believe that Female Sexual Supremacy and femininity, once unleashed and used far more widely, wisely and effectively, are SUCH powerful attributes that males could be reined in and brought under Female control and authority without traumatic and repercussions for society. A quiet revolution, yes for sure, but one that would still allow males to function efficiently and harness (deliberate use of that word!) their skills in performing all the many tasks that they are most suited for and good at.

    Even in “traditional” positions of power, say business, industry education, science, the arts (where, rightfully, women have made great inroads, including pay), males needn’t be swept aside automatically. Lower down the employment scale, the majority of fire fighters will anyway always be male, so will lifeboat crews, house/road builders, farm employees, refuse collectors… etc… I’m wrong there? Well, perhaps! I am only male!

    Now, that quiet revolution (in an ideal world!) would unfortunately not solve, and definitely not soon, all of the human race’s dreadful problems, but it would make this planet a FAR, FAR better place for both sexes. I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that ALL males would benefit immeasurably from accepting and happily surrendering to, not resisting (indeed we are unable to resist) Female sexual Authority.

    My sexual servitude and devotion, that irresistible mental straight jacket that cloaks me 24/7 (and a thick rubber one when time allows!) have unquestioningly improved me as a male and made me far happier and contented. I honestly don’t see why males, and consequently society, everywhere would not benefit greatly from that same controlling, wonderful, logical constraint. Anyway, some could be made of leather or heavy canvas for non-rubber fetishists… or the rubber ones could be used for punishment purposes!… 🙂 The Women would decide, naturally!

    Thank you, Mistress Sidonia.

    (I have had to edit this slightly as we are not permitted to use celebrity names on this blog – MSVB)

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