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Well this was a very eclectic mix with songs from every decade from the 1950’s to today. With so much choice from kinky boots walking all over you to small penis humiliation. There’s lots of fur in this Top Ten in the title of Venus in Furs but also donned by Madonna, Eartha Kit & Marilyn Monroe. Oh, I just found it funny to include Cliff 🙂 And there were a lot of contenders so there are quite a few excellent tracks that didn’t make it into the Top Ten.

Maneaters – Femdom Top Ten
1   These Boots are Made for Walking
Nancy Sinatra (1966)Play Video
2  Erotica
Madonna (1992)Play Video
3  Maneater
Hall & Oats (1982)
or Nelly Furtado (2006)
Play Video
Play Video
4   Short Dick Man
Fingers & Gillette & 20 Fingers (1994)Play Video
5  Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
in joint place with
5   Material Girl
Marilyn Monroe/Nicole Kidman (1953/2001) ~ Madonna (1984)Play Video
Play Video
6   Sexy & I Know It
LMFAO (2011)Play Video
7   Wicked Game
Chris Isaak (1989)Play Video
8   Venus
in joint place with
The Female of the Species
Bananarama (1986)
Space (1996)
Play Video
Play Video
9  Kinky Boots
Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman (1960)Play Video
10 Santa Baby
in joint place with
Devil Woman
Eartha Kitt (1953)

Cliff Richard (1976)

Play Video
Play Video

Contenders that didn’t quite make it into our Top Ten:

Cruella De Vi by Selena Gomez (2008) Play Video
I’m Too Sexy
by Right Said Fred (1992) Play Video
Venus In Furs
by Velvet Underground (1967) Play Video
Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves
Eurythmics/Aretha Franklin (1985) Play Video
I Wanna Be Evil
by Eartha Kitt(1953) Play Video
Killer Queen by Queen (1974)  Play Video
Evil Woman by ELO (1976) Play Video
“In These Shoes?” by Kirsty MacColl (2000) Play Video
You Really Got Me – The Kinks (1964) Play Video

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