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Bettie_Page_Reveals_All_New_FilmI noticed on Forbes Magazine’s lists and rankings of the world’s wealthiest people, that featured in the Top Earning Dead Celebrities of 2016 was Bettie Page. Her estate earned over 11 million dollars last year, ranking her no. 10, her income source being labelled clothing accessories (see here). That’s pretty good going for a woman who stopped modelling in the ’50s and a clear indicator of just how powerful and iconic the ‘Bettie Page’ brand is.

Bettie Page (1923 -2008) was an American model from the 1950s who was famous for her classic pin-ups photos. She is also the first famous fetish & bondage model. Today we might consider these images quite mild but for strait-laced middle America they would have been considered salacious and totally risqué. Over half a century later she is now a cult figure in pop culture influencing artists, fashion and sexuality. She is also without doubt the ‘Queen of the Fetish Scene’ a fetish cultural icon, our standard-bearer under whose banner all perves must surely rally 🙂

What is most memorable about Bettie was her now iconic look, her super sexy curves, her jet black hair and blue eyes combined with her trademark bangs (slightly rounded, short fringe), now often called ‘Bettie bangs’. When you see her in photos and films what always strikes me is her huge natural smile, how comfortable she is with her body, she embodies Teaseramasexual freedom and joy – and shares this with the viewer. We should also bear in mind this is also an era before plastic surgery, Photoshop, clever editing and over produced perfection. It shows the innocent fun of enjoying your body and sexuality.

Today she is still adored by lovers of 1950s lingerie, burlesque aficionados and those who enjoy dressing for pleasure. While her cult bondage and fetish photos are etched into the fetish psyche and have powerfully  influenced the ‘look’ of todays kink scene.

I particularly loved her in ‘the maid dressing her Mistress scene’ in Teaserama directed by Irving Klaw (much-loved by the CD/TV/Tgirl/Sissy community). A 1955 film that documents a compilation of ‘variety style’ burlesque performances. Also starring the gorgeous femdom and burlesque icon Tempest Storm and has a scene with a drag queen/xdresser.

See here to watch Teaserama (Irving Klaw) 1955, highly recommended.

the-notorious-bettie-pageThe end of the story is somewhat sad, Klaw was put under investigation by a senate committee enquiry looking into juvenile corruption and delinquency. He destroyed most of his negatives and Bettie Page’s career came to sudden end.

In the last decade there have been two notable movies about her life The Notorious Bettie Page (2005) starring Gretchen Mol which follows her life from the mid-1930s through the late-1950s. And, Bettie Page Reveals All (2012) was an authorised biography documentary which includes a narration from Bettie Page herself, prior to her death. (See Youtube trailer above.)

Note: In most of the work she appeared in she was credited as Betty Page with a ‘Y’ but her actual name was Bettie which is why you come across both versions of her name.

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  1. slave vitor gunter says:

    I’m braziliam slave and love Mistress Sidonia and would like to be your slave. love this site. kisses
    slave vitor

  2. Thanks for posting this trailer, Mistress Sidonia; I still have to catch up with the Bettie Page documentary; I’ve seen the Gretchen Mol movie two or three times, and I think Mol was really terrific although the movie itself was a mite thin in the script and could have been better.

    There is also a fetish model named Paige Richards who was in a not-great-but-not-bad low-budget film that covered the same basic territory as the Mol film: Richards gave a pretty good performance and was very much into the Bettie Page mystique. In fact when I edited LEG WORLD magazine I commissioned a lively pictorial of Paige in a retro Bettie mode with nylons.

    Finally, back in the late 1970s I interviewed Art Amsie, one of Bettie’s photographer friends during her modeling heyday. Here is a link to the full interview, which is on my blog: You’ll note that I spell it “Betty” in the piece, as the definitive spelling of her name was established until she came back into the limelight in the 1990s. If you click on the images of the pages, you can read them more clearly.

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