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The Act by Julia Fullerton-Batten

This blog tries to regularly feature the best erotic art and I’ve been endeavouring to specifically promote more female artists. So it was doubly amazing to discover these gorgeous images produced by a woman and someone from the vanilla world … Continue reading

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High-Protocol in Femdom

High-Protocol in Femdom High-Protocol is when there is a strict and formal enactment of roles for both the Sub and Dom alongside understood conventions, rules and etiquette. It has a ceremonial or ritualised aspect to it and acts to create … Continue reading

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The Corset Pt2 – Body Modification, Transformation & Restriction

In Pt1 of this article I outlined how corsets have undergone a transformation and are rarely used to mould the body but have become a fashion statement, a new female armour empowering women. I realize purists will not regard these … Continue reading

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The Corset Pt1 – Female Armour

The corset is an article of clothing developed purely to accentuate femininity. Designed to be worn around the torso, it consists of two halves which are fixed at the front and then tightened by lacing at the back. This process … Continue reading

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Maîtresse 1975 – First Glimpse into the World of the Prodom

Barbet Schroeder’s Maîtresse (1975) must be one of the first films to explore the world of the professional domina. Starring a young Gérard Depardieu and Bulle Ogier as leather-clad dominatrix Ariane. It’s a subversive love story that was both shocking … Continue reading

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BDSM Advice – Dangerous Liaisons: Basic Bondage

Dangerous Liaisons….. Mistress Minerva offers some straightforward information and precautionary advice on Safe BDSM We all agree that SM scenes should be consensual, but even consensual play can be dangerous. So it is important that we all play games, which … Continue reading

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