Slave Training Pt 2


Slave Training Pt 2: Actualities
Some of the basics by Mistress Sidonia


Slaves as Property

Owning a slave is a serious responsibility. A slave is valuable property and should be treated as such. I would never permanently damage any of my slaves. It would be pointless to damage something you own and value. A damaged slave cannot work effectively for you. As my property he is an asset. If I did become continually displeased or bored with a particular slave I would dismiss them or possibly pass them on to another dominant woman.

There are no safe-words in my domain. I decide what my slaves take. I decide everything. In accepting my collar, they have accepted that they are my valued property and that now the only control they have over our relationship is the power to leave. Once under my control, kneeling at my feet with a look of complete submission on their faces I often feel a sense of overwhelming affection for my slaves, especially those who are willing to completely immerse themselves into my world and who think only of pleasing me and my every whim.


The slave collar is symbolic of a slave’s submission. By accepting my collar he is demonstrating his total willingness to serve me. It’s also a visible indication of his status in public situations, showing that the slave is presently ‘owned’ – literally collared, and that I, his Mistress, must be approached before any contact is made with him. I particularly like slave collars that lock and insist that slaves wear them at all times when serving me. Whilst being collared the slave should present himself in a manner that displays his submissiveness and obedience. A kneeling position with head bowed and eyes cast down. I love to keep a man as my tethered pet. There is something extremely erotic about being able to pull a head into the ideal position to pleasure you.

Symbols of Slavery

Contracted slaves are expected to wear some adornment or mark on their bodies identifying them as my property. Something they cannot remove. This symbol represents a deep and serious commitment and I never undertake them lightly. I have marked slaves with my initials or secret signs using brands, tattoos or cuttings. I have pierced genitals and nipples with rings. These circular rings are a particular favourite of mine as they both symbolise the ‘O’ of obedience and are also useful for attaching silver initials or small dog tags.

For slaves where permanent adornments or markings are not possible there are ornaments that can be worn, such as a simple steel finger ring, or a waist chain padlocked under clothes with a ‘Property of’ tag attached. I once had a bracelet made for one of my female slaves that once I had locked it onto her wrist could not be removed. The bracelet was engraved with my initials. These tokens and marks can act as solace for a slave when not in my presence as well as being a constant and private reminder for them of their true position in life.

To be continued…

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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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7 Responses to Slave Training Pt 2

  1. slave PLM says:

    Mistress, you understand the psyche of the slave completely, to be owned, collared and marked by You, must be the desire of every true slave.

  2. walid says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmm comme tu es belle ^^

  3. Craig says:

    Mistress, how does a mere man stand in your shadow. How would I become 1 of your full-time slaves. How can I prove my worth 2 you

  4. anthony says:

    If my pain is your pleasure, then I would only beg that u make it as excrutiating as possible…to have myself displayed as your property only would make me none less then proud! Proud that it is your control I am under! Proud that you are the only, the Goddess, the one to suffer for and serve! Proud that you may find some use out of my worthless being!!! One can only wish to serve a true Lady of power. I hope that someday you may find some use for me. My devotion is yours!

  5. steve allford says:

    Dearest Mistress Sidonia,

    I have now read this blog as well as parts 1 and 3 over and over and over, they have me mesmerized and intrigued 🙂
    The more I read your blogs the more I feel I know you and understand you more, I’ll bet I’ll never understand you fully you are an enigma I’m sure.
    To know me is to understand me. Ever session I have ever under gone when asked what I am into, likes and dislikes my answer has always been simple. I wish only to serve Mistress, my likes and dislikes are unimportant. In professional sessions I have always stated, treat me as your property with no limitations or mercy expected or given. This has always brought to light the true lifestyle Dominatrix opposed to those who it is merely a profession. To that end sessions with a true lifestyle Dominatrix are fabulous. Even if we have only met for the first time you can see the appreciation of having a true submissive. Kneeling before them. A lowly male servant truely devoted to serving and fulfilling his Mistress wants, desires and inner most fetishes wherever that leads. This to me is my ideal, I get my fulfilment from seeing the pure joy on your face as you subject me to whatever cruelty, humiliation or degradation that brings you the most pleasure. My devotion, obedience and 110% submission to your will is what I truely crave. The first time I was ordered to lick up my own cum from a mistress shoes it truely sickened me to carry out such a task. To her her joyful giggles and sensing her excitement gave me a warm feeling inside. The knowledge that she had such an intense control over me and that my actions pleased her so changed my outlook on my position for life. No longer am I a slave with an agenda looking to have his own fantasies answered. I am a submissive, pure and simply a submissive slave dedicated in servitude of a true Dominatrix.
    I see the truth in you Mistress Sidonia, whether for. Your movies, your site, your lifestyle or your profession you are a true Dominatrix using subservient male submissives to your own end. I long hope and beg to be part of it.
    Submissively yours,

    slave steve

  6. carlitos gonzalez says:

    I am to honor the responsibility of Mistress being me a slave to her as a valuable property. I am to trust in Mistress that would never permanently damage me. I am to be as the best to Mistress to don´t resell me or pass me to a friend.
    I am to trust in Mistress as a valued property of her and Mistress has the control. I am to be at Mistres´s feet…
    I am to wear slave collar to Mistress if Mistress accept me! Demonstrating my total willingness to serve Mistress, in public or always when I am to serve Mistress, as a good pet that I am ready to Mistress to pull my head into the ideal position to pleasure Mistress…
    Slavery is freedom, pain is pleasure, submission is liberation, deprivation is decadence.
    As slave to Mistress I am to wear some adornment or mark on my body idetifiying me as Mistress´s property and always to remember my true position in life.

  7. Slave says:

    My Goddess, kneeling before your Devine feet in this photograph, placing my head touching the Devine toes of my Goddess pray and beg for granting me the Boon of being a **** Slave of my Goddess all my life. I want to be your property and serve you at your command as your slave. Goddess I shall be faithful, obedient, devoted, dedicated and most submissive slave, wearing permanent tattoo as my Goddess puts on me. As a slave I shall be kneeling with my head lowered looking the sacred & holy feet of my goddess.(Edited by MSVB as we cannot accept certain words) I will bear all the humiliation and excessive **** for the fun and enjoyment if my Goddess. As slave it is prime duty and responsibility to make My Goddess is pleased always. My Goddess please accept me as your **** slave and keep under your Devine feet. Awaiting your acceptance, I respectfully and devotedly worship your Devine feet.

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