Life as a Male Slave in the Milking Sheds

Milking Bay 42
Life as a male slave in the Mansion Milking Sheds


Mistress Sidonia is on her morning milking round, she visits the sheds containing suspended male slaves who no longer have any other use. Each bay contains a male slave connected to an advanced milking suction machine that guarantees a regular load of valuable submissive semen every few hours, sucking it into the cum chamber for emptying when full.


A gravity bag contains a special lubricant constantly fed to the suction milking chamber to prevent their cum teats from becoming too sore. However, after many hours of milking this is an inevitable problem and many a slave who thought he would spend his hours happily in the milking sheds soon learned that he was a mere commodity; and that after hours and hours of milking he was glad to be returned to his sleeping cell, his sore tail literally hanging between his legs.


Each slave wears a bell which tends to ring as a load comes forth, it is such a pleasing sound for the Mansion Mistresses to all day hear this tinkling coming from the sheds.
Today, the slave in bay 42 is given some additional stimulation by Mistress Sidonia, his prostate fingered, as this can help advance the load. We are always experimenting with new and inventive (cruel) ways in which to increase slave cum production.


You can watch the footage inside The English Mansion, right now in Milking Bay 42

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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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7 Responses to Life as a Male Slave in the Milking Sheds

  1. slave0815 says:

    A milking a day keeps the doctor away, or better the more milking the healthier.

  2. mandy_abuse says:

    Dear Mrs Sidonia. Again i beg You abuse me in any way You desire. Already applied to the Mansion. Willing to travel to You. Humble Yours Mandy_abuse profilename @ Fetlife also for seeing more of me.

  3. mark says:

    Wow what a torturous but inventive way of control of a slave.
    Would love the fantasy of it but hate the reality of it, however, that’s the way I see things like this because it’s not for my enjoyment and would love to be in this predicament for the fun and amusement of the ladies and not for my enjoyment.

  4. jon smith says:

    I’d do anything to be in bay 42

  5. Slaveandy says:

    You probably get hundred of messages like this but I’m a 27 year old wanting to travel down south to visit. How do I apply for have a session with someone at the mansion?

    Thanks and regards


  6. jon smith says:

    How do you get to be a slave in 5he the English mansion?

  7. masostud says:

    Great photos displaying well equipped men without shyness of the nudity and beautiful Girls/mistresses. That is what I take as a good Femdom SM-Homepage.

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