Ridden Hard: Slave Drawn Carriages


Chariot Racing needs to make a come back!

Pony play is super erotic for me, it is not about a person being an animal, they are still human but I have reduced their status to nothing more than a beast that must toil for me. It is a position lower than a slave. They are no longer a man or even a slave but my creature, to do my bidding.


Domina Alexandra Snow whip in hand

Most are workhorses however, a lucky one may become a pet or showpony. It can be used as punishment for slaves who are neglecting their duties –  give them a spell of hard labour in the stables, this will soon knock any lingering recalcitrance out of them.


Mistress Lola Ruin & Mistress T giving their rubber pony a run

In order to become an effective workhorse my ponyboys are put through an extensive training period. All the various types of riding and dressage will have to be taught to them, while their physical fitness and endurance will have to be improved. I like my ponyboys to be fully and extensively harnessed – this aids the riding process but also keeps them in a type of tight constant bondage. A constant reminder of their new station and life as my pony.


Mistress Lola cart dressage training

There are many types of ponyboy riding, see my previous article here –
Riding Mistresses & their Ponyboys
, however the most elegant and comfortable is the use of a carriage, cart, chariot or fly. Why should my guests or I have to walk around the extensive Mansion grounds when we can view it from such an agreeable and pleasant setting as the back seat of a cart.


Mistress Ezada Sinn’s pony is flagging after a long day of service

It’s also the perfect way for a Domina to get up close and personal to a pony slave during his training period. Once he is harnessed up to the cart and you are seated behind him, quirt in hand, you can exercise him for hours on end. The whip so close to his backside is the perfect way to spur him on and make sure there is no let up in his efforts.

POV-ponyboy-whipDuring femdom parties smaller flys can be brought out and Domina’s can enjoy a day of racing, this is not so much about who wins, as who loses – as this poor pony will end up feeling the crop of every domina present!


About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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11 Responses to Ridden Hard: Slave Drawn Carriages

  1. trippron says:

    Well hung horses but beautiful Mistress Naked is best.

    • Decided to remove that photo as it was a bit too rude for the blog – sorry but thank you for the compliment. I just liked the cruelty of having my slave hooded and blindfolded while I was riding naked – knowing he could see nothing 🙂

  2. slave chrissy says:

    God morning Mistress Sidonia
    So many lovely pic’s. wish I been one of them on the pic
    Just where I belong, under a powerful and lovely Mistress / slave chrissy

  3. slave0815 says:

    Wow, super hot first pic, the pony is blindfold and total helpless, it must be wonderful to be under your command in such a way!

  4. Sub Mark says:

    Mistress – I love pony play and have pulled several types of carriages. The way your sub is rigged in the first photo is wonderful (few realize how powerful restraining the elbows to the side of the body is) but do you actually have your pony-boys pull, especially on uneven ground, blindfolded?

    • He can’t see at all and can hardly hear – I call it Blind Obedience Training and the ground in parts of the ground is uneven has small holes and many stinging nettles:) I have filmed two scenes showing the training process one with a carriage one without – they are still to be edited but are coming soon…

  5. paul stevens says:

    hooded, reined, cuffed and harnessed, how could life be any better?

    Great pics Mistress

  6. Great pictures, Mistress Sidonia. And I can just imagine the spirit of the immortal artist John Willie off to the side, making sketches for one of his beautiful watercolors of pony play!

  7. masostud says:

    One of my favorite fetishes is the sulky-pony theme, specially when the sulky with the Mistress in it has to be pulled ahead by the stallion’s balls ALONE. And the Horse is to be nude ’cause i have never seen a horse in clothes …

  8. bootlicker says:

    This humble cock envies the lucky slaves allowed to serve You, Mistress Sidonia, and begs to offer a most respectful cyber-kiss to Your beautiful booted feet in groveling gratitude for Your kindness in sharing these wonderful photographs.
    You most insignificant worshiper, dreaming to be Your……..

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