Mr Mainstream Flirting with Ms Kink

Evil-QueenNo one has missed the ubiquitous 50 Shades of Grey, Vanillas everywhere whispering, “Ooh err missus” or tutting with disapproval while reading all the salacious details, over and then over again. I’ve always suspected the mainstream media is quite au fait with the fetish world and everyone’s unspoken curiosity with it. That’s why they are always trying to unobtrusively squeeze a little pervery in wherever they can – well sex sells! So, I just wanted to share these scenes from some utterly mainstream TV & FILM productions – see what you think?

Once This clip is from a family show from the ABC network – littered with powerful women, sorceresses and evil Queens in the most fabulous outfits, a leather lovers dream. In this scene it’s nice to see Mr Grey get his comeuppance 🙂

The Paperboy So even Nicole’s at it, though ostensibly for a jelly fish sting but come on, that was supposed to be erotic – and, all over Zac Efron!

Horrible Bosses Hollywood seems obsessed with this naughty ‘new taboo’. Actually, I love how nonchalant and polite they are about it.

Outlander This TV series is just a complete CP fest with quite a lot of BDSM thrown in for good measure.

Dude, Where’s My Car? Vore is a relatively unknown and very niche femdom fetish and yet here it is with all its nuances.

From Dusk Till Dawn I think it’s relatively well known that every Tarantino movie has an unsubtle foot fetish scene, but this is surely the best – if you wanted a top director to do your fetish, then this is The Man!

Little Shop of Horrors This brilliant clip just proves my point entirely. And also this one

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  1. Stuart says:

    I loved that Once Upton a Time scene. It should have been his balls instead of his heart though! 🙂

    I am reminded of the scene in Maleficent where she enjoys the King begging her and tells him to do it again.

    The From Dusk Till Dawn Scene is of course an absolute classic. Tarantino must have been quite excited while writing that scene.

    A topical example of femdom in mainstream media is Pussy Riot’s new music video, Chaika. They are all dressed in military uniform while torturing men.

    I suppose I’m a bit of a connoisseur of these scenes in mainstream media.
    Here are some good scenes from each decade. Sorry it’s so long Mistress Sidonia, I just couldn’t stop typing 🙂

    Legend of The Seeker – 2008
    A series which features leather-catsuited dominatrix henchwomen called Mord’Sith
    Mistress Denna tortures the hero –

    Bliss – Tying Up Gerald – 2004
    A rare example of femdom being taking seriously on American TV.
    A woman catches her husband with a Dominatrix –
    She swaps with the dominatrix and surprises him –
    I was only looking for clips, but the whole thing is on youtube.

    X-Files – First Person Shooter – Feb 2000
    Krista Allen appears as a dominatrix character in a VR game.
    A man kneels before her in awe –

    Robin Hood – Season 2 Episode 1 – 2007
    Robin escapes from a pit of snakes only to be confronted by a medieval whip-cracking dominatrix.

    Psychopathia Sexualis – 2006 (Based on the late Victorian book)
    The full film has a wonderful Victorian trampling scene.

    Barb Wire – 1996 – A terrible film, but Pamela certainly looked the part.
    The best scenes from a femdom perspective are where she is kicking arse in the apartment.
    The boot in crotch scene is particularly good –

    Electra – 1996
    Another terrible film really, but full of femdom. Here are just a few scenes.
    Two PVC/Leather henchwomen abduct the hero’s girlfriend –
    One henchwoman punishes some useless henchmen –
    Same henchwoman attacks the hero –
    Electra seduces the hero –
    Electra uses her supervillainess powers on the hero –
    Electra’s final showdown with the hero –

    High Noon on Mega Mountain – 1998
    Ostensibly a kids film, but they decided to throw in a leather-clad dominatrix villainess.
    Loni Anderson as the leathered-up villainess –
    Lasoo Whip and threat to make prisoner her slave -
    Boot on chest of prisoner –

    Die Heilige Hure – 1997
    The Germans always seem to deal with femdom with much more seriousness and respect.
    This scene depicts a woman whipping a man and reducing him into a snivelling wreck.

    Die Flambierte Frau – 1983
    About a woman who becomes a dominatrix. As always, the Germans deal with the topic seriously.
    Well worth checking out.

    The Worm That Turned – 1980
    A classic serial from the Two Ronnies about a future dominated by oppressive PVC clad women
    This music video compilation shows many scenes.
    They’re all on youtube though. Here’s the first episode

    You can’t go through the 80s without mentioning Diana from the Sci-Fi series V.
    Not so many femdom scenes as such, but she definitely had a commanding presence.
    V The Final Battle – 1984

    Space 1999 – Devil’s planet – 1977
    This episode is set on a prison planet run by whip-cracking women in Gold and Spandex
    Koenig and Men are captured
    The prisoners are put in their place –
    A troublemaker is put in his place –
    Whips are cracked to intimidate –
    and here –

    Revenge of The Pink Panther – 1978
    A buxom leather clad Valerie Leon whips and chases Clouseau.

    Maîtresse (1975)
    Classic French film with Bulle Ogier as a dominatrix.
    At the time the British censors said “the actual scenes of fetishism are miles in excess of anything we have ever passed in this field”

    The Million Eyes of Sumuru – 1967
    A scissoring scene –
    A great flogging scene –

    Satan in High Heels – 1962
    Meg Myles as a dominatrix singer –

    Avengers – A Touch of Brimstone – 1966
    Who can forget Emma Peel in that outfit (an outfit Diana Rigg designed herself)

    Sadly I’ve never found anything really good in the 50s or earlier.

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