Sidonia’s Pet Plaything


Regular readers of this blog already know I have a passion for extreme bondage and the dehumanisation process (striping away individuality) – so putting the two together is perfect and twice the fun! Hence my new bondage endeavours using fragmented mummification, limb restriction, body piercings and predicament situations have been totally *hot* and something I’m planning a lot more of…

Using partial mummification to hobble the sub so he can no longer stand but must walk on four limbs like an animal, is so humiliating for the sub, he’s my new little pet plaything. It’s also bondage that’s perfect for puppy scenes. I also enjoyed mummifying his head so he could no longer speak or see. It’s so pleasing to keep him in ‘sendep’ totally reliant, helpless and focused on my every command. (Though, later I used a pump-up gag, there’s something quite erotic about filling and stretching his little mouth with inflatable rubber; followed by the insertion of a rubber butt-plug at his other end.)

bondage-pet-vetwrap-03- I’ve become fascinated by predicament bondage scenarios and the devising of ingenious games to play with my helpless bound playthings. In this scenario I utilised the many piercing I have inflicted on my bondage sub (so helpful for intense restraint scenes) by attaching weights and bells to each of them, i.e. each nipple and one through his dangling cock’s double foreskin piercings. I then challenged my pet to walk hobbled around for me but without making any sound, difficult with all those bells, the punishment a harsh ass whipping. He tried earnestly but failed continually and received a red backside for his pathetic efforts.

bondage-pet-vetwrap-01-To complete my pet creation I inserted a large, tail butt-plug into my new toy’s asshole, plus a cruel humbler to further inhibit the pet’s movements. You can watch all the footage of this session, which is now showing inside The English Mansion in ‘Sidonia’s Pet Plaything’.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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3 Responses to Sidonia’s Pet Plaything

  1. bootslavewilliam says:

    I have long found your passion for extreme bondage and dehumanisation overwhelmingly compelling, Mistress Sidonia. Who could doubt the joy and arousal they bring you? And, yes indeed, I couldn’t agree more that having one’s mouth filled with an inflatable rubber gag to complete the intense “sendep” is extremely erotic, for both the Domme and the slave! I also love your use of the butt plug and humbler. Total control. What else?

    This piece does absolutely nothing to alleviate my truly genuine fantasy about finding myself on loan to you one day, Mistress Sidonia, from my beautiful, adored and worshipped Boot Goddess L. In fact, it just makes such a situation even more desirable… always lurking in this slut’s brain, a cock-led and consequently sexually inferior/weak male brain that would SO love to submit itself to your expert brainwashing to prove my deep desire to serve with pure motives!

    Please accept my compliments about your sexy appearance, even if pictures of you in gorgeous boots are my favourite!

    Respectfully and submissively,


    • I glad that we understand each other so well…

      • bootslavewilliam says:

        Your FemDom philosophy resonates powerfully with me, Mistress. I would be SO THRILLED for you to make me demonstrate, and rigorously test me on, my understanding of it.

        What more can I add?… Dreaming of my utter physical and mental subjugation beneath your booted presence…

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