The Problems of Fetish Argot

Argot noun – jargon or idiomatic vocabulary of a particular social group, especially that of an underworld body of people (pronounced with a silent ‘t’, unless of course you’re a N. American.)


There is a huge, pervasive problem to overcome when writing a regular femdom blog – a lack of words to describe our world and it’s not just an absence of BDSM terms but sex in general. Well it is the ‘English’ language and the English DO NOT talk about sex. That’s why our erotic terms are either medical or begin as unpleasant juvenile slang. Tea bagging comes to mind (well that’s certainly British), really… we couldn’t come up with a better name? At least fellatio is rather beautiful and a bit of an onomatopoeic mouthful. So like vanilla sex, we grope around in the dark with uninspired, covert descriptions like golden showers; or flat acronyms like CBT or CEI.

We as yet, cannot even agree the plural of domme? I have come across all of these:
Where’s a linguist when you need one (and that’s not an expert on oral sex.)

I’ve often pondered what the collective noun for Mistresses could be?
A whip” perhaps and for Dominatrixes (well I have to use one) “a cruelty“.
I think “a stable” of slaves is now well established (and may have been coined by moi). And, “an obedience” of subs, or for Prodoms should that be “an over-excited irritation of“.

Despite being in regular parlance neither (a) Dominant nor (a) Submissive have yet to make it into the dictionary as proper nouns. You can ‘be’ submissive but not be ‘a’ Submissive. Or indeed ‘a’ Switch, or the rather kind epithet ‘Vanilla’ as a description for a non kinky person.

The word Bottom is also rather perfect as a term for the ‘receiver’ in a scene (but NOT in the gay sense, they have Polari anyway), for example, the bottom may be a masochist without a sub bone in their body, see this is where it all gets confusing… not enough words. Anyway, Bottom leads us to Top obviously and then to the idiomatic, common phenomenon of ‘topping from the bottom’ we’ve all experienced this one 🙂

We have, however, created some first-rate new terms: hard limit; subspace; safeword; scene; edge play; and subdrop – to name just a few. And safewords offer up a whole new parlance – apparently shouting out “Popsicle!” or “Justine Bieber!” is de rigueur for newbies; we veterans always found “red” perfectly coherent.

So here are just a few new terms I’ve been creating and collating….  I want to produce an extensive list for a future blog later this year, so new additions welcome in our comments section (click on this blog’s title and see section below – Leave a Reply).

The English Mansion’s  New Femdom Argot Dictionary

Uxy: A submissive husband (as opposed to slave or sub.)
(Taken from uxorious – having or showing a great or excessive fondness for one’s wife.)


I’m thinking hard here

Vituperess, Vituperation, Vitupe: an expert practitioner in extreme verbal humiliation/ extreme verbal humiliation/ to verbally humiliate. (Taken from vituperation – using bitter and abusive language.)

Tourist: A sub who visits prodoms only once, no matter the quality of the session, so to be able to claim knowing all the dommes in an area. (Not to be confused with a sub who will visit a few dommes until he finds one compatible with himself.)

Feminatrix: A domme who focuses on training Xdressers and TVs. (This may have been coined by Lady Nina Birch to describe herself with regard to her favoured activities.)

Iggy: A slave who enjoys public disgrace or public displays of his submission. (Taken from ignominy – public shame or disgrace.)

Minnie Mouse (or Mini): A young sex worker who decides she’s a dominatrix. (Mouse did imply a lack of confidence but it came from the notion she only probably only owned a plastic whip and a leather ‘mini’ skirt. “Mee-ow!”)

Compersion, Compersive: Pleased or aroused (instead of jealous) when one’s partner has sex or is receiving sexual pleasure from another person.

Sissygasm: An ejaculation from anal stimulation, usually while Xdressed.

Vore: A fetish in which people fantasize about devouring a living being alive, or being devoured alive.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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9 Responses to The Problems of Fetish Argot

  1. Robert says:

    Dear Sidonia, my name is Robert and I have been an admirer of you and your films since about 2002 or 2003-ish(?). I am from the U.S. and currently on holiday in London. I visited Goddess Lexi last month in Las Vegas, and she told me u were now sessioning again? I could not find any such info online, and thought I would submit a session request on here. I would be extremely lucky and privileged to session with you, but I know it is probably a long shot as I leave Saturday, June 25 at 6:45pm, and I heard you do not live in London. Mistress Sidonia, if there is any possible way to session with you, please let me know. I am willing to travel several hours by train to do so (as long as I can make it back before my flight Saturday evening). Again, I know it is a total long shot and very short timing as well. Please let me know, however. It would be somewhat of a dream come true to be able to session with you. FYI: my main interest is boot fetish (I LOVE so many of your videos)

    • Oh dear – so near and yet so far… well it’s too late now, you shall never know what delights we had to show you in the boot cupboard 🙂

      • bootslavewilliam says:

        How heartlessly cruel, Mistress Sidonia!

        The “BOOT CUPBOARD”! This bootslave’s boot-consumed weak brain has been sent into a kind of frenzy by dreams of what delights he might witness or experience (or, indeed, what torments he might be made to endure) were he to find himself granted the honour of being allowed near that place.

        As ever, Mistress, I stand (sorry, KNEEL!) begging to be on loan and to submit in person, one day, to your control.

        Ever respectfully.

  2. bootslavewilliam says:

    … and I’m only an hour’s flight away!

  3. Teddy Tony says:

    I’m only a phone call away Mistress Sidonia, and would dearly love to pick up from where we last were. I hope you remember me – Teddy Bear may jog your memory?

  4. bootslavewilliam says:

    A short flight… a phone call… Surely something you relish, Mistress or, at least, that amuses you: lowly males scrambling and competing fervently to have bestowed upon one of them the wonderful chance of bowing and serving obediently before your leather booted and stiletto-heeled Supremacy!

    Exciting words to type out, yes… but FULL of genuine submission and craving.

  5. Slippy Toy says:

    Getting back on topic from these begging letters…

    “Sissygasm” is so perfect! Specific, pithy and gets all the angles in one word – how I long for that. Brava!

    I think we need a synonym for ruined orgasm, which borders on a medical term (like twisted ankle) which does not get to the heart of having given up so much anticipation to the beautiful domme’s pleasure alone, all the emotional energy withdrawn at her whim. Not quite nailing it, but “sacrificial weep”, “deadpooling”, “emotional freeze”, “candy-swipe” are some ingredients to get to the right synonym.

    • bootslavewilliam says:

      I’d just hate to miss any begging opportunity with Mistress Sidonia. In fact, for any eager submissive like me, surely it’s a compulsion… on or off topic! 🙂

    • So, back on topic – I’m liking ‘Deadpooling’ for a ruined orgasm connects with the notion of le petit mort or a ‘Moribund’.

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