Killer Heels


In the fairly recent, The Dark Knight Rises movie, Catwoman uses the razor sharp stiletto heels on her leather boots to stab or attack her many victims. Interestingly the word ‘stiletto’ comes from the Italian meaning a knife with a long slender blade and needle-like point. Our very own Mistress Vixen infamously wears a paid of leather boots where she has removed the heels leaving only the spike they used to be attached to (you can see them in action in Kept In Her Cellar, now showing) these deadly trample boots really leave an impression.


The Chanel gun heels described here as ‘Fashion to die for’ have been getting the celebs sporting them into lots of trouble at airports – so be warned.

killer-heelsCruel looking shoes seem to be fashionable at the moment – footwear covered in sharp spikes or bullets with pointed metal stilettos or steel toecaps, even secret gun heels. This is just what we always suspected about extreme high heels – they are deadly weapons… worn by deadly women 🙂

Check out the Whip Boots here ainsley-t

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