October Updates 2016 
13 New Movies * 16 Real-life Dominas * Over 5hrs of New Films
Dominatrix An Li, Mistress Amrita, Miss Zara du Rose, Mistress Sarah Jessica, Mistress T,
Mistress Annalieza, Mistress Evilyne, Mistress Lola Ruin, Mistress Nikki Whiplash,
Miss Jessica Wood, Tiffany Doll,
  Domina Liza, Ms Suzie Best, Lydia Supremacy, Fetish Liza, Mistress Sidonia & Lady Nina Birch.

New Bonus Updates for 2016
  Good news, we are extending our Double Weekend New Updates Fridays through to Sunday
with classic movies staying on Mondays, that’s now 4 days a week of bonus updates!






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