Venus Was Her Name: Goddess Serena

Venus Was Her Name: Goddess Serena

We’re pleased to welcome another stunning dominatrix to The English Mansion – Goddess Serena is young and beautiful ex-model UK prodom. Striking looking like an Amazonian goddess she towers powerfully over the men at her feet, in fact she stands well over 6ft tall in her heels. Well-spoken and soignné she exudes sophistication and a natural superiority. Submissive and slaves alike will easily submit to her overwhelming perfection and beauty. A proponent of gynarchy and female supremacy this domina’s raison d’être is to be worshipped and adored – she is not interested in your wants or needs, you serve, obey and suffer. So get ready for the New World Order of Gynarchy.

“A goddess on a mountain top
Was burning like a silver flame
The summit of beauty and love
And Venus was her name”

Goddess Serena is a prodom based in East Anglia (East England, UK). Specialising in Unobtainable Goddess worship/Slave training, Sadism & Pet boys. Find out more about her here:  More Info Here

You can watch Goddess Serena in action right now, inside our members area… and you’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

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Cherchez la femme – Erotic Digital Art by Tom Starling

Art by Tom Starling

Here at The English Mansion we adore the work of erotic digital artist Tom Starling. His technique creates a college effect using floral wallpapers, geometric shapes or other textures to turn what would be very graphic, even pornographic images into something beautiful with hidden depths and secrets to them. You just have to look closely and learn to appreciate the blank spaces. I especially like the way the men are mainly reduced to ‘shadows’.

Predominantly his work focuses on women and hardcore sex but his depiction of his subjects instantly renders them into stunning art. I’ve picked out mostly his femdom images to show here but he produces a wide variety of risqué and sexually suggestive compositions. I think I make an appearance (whip in hand) as does the divine Mistress T.

Tom accepts commissions which are extremely reasonably priced (£35) and would make the perfect gift for the special woman in a sub’s life 🙂 especially with Xmas coming.

See more of his work here & Twitter here or you can email him regarding comissions here

Tom Starling © Gallery

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Woo-hoo! 6 Million Blog Visitors (

So if you love Femdom this is the place for you – come in & kneel down …

Mistress Sidonia’s Blog reaches 6 Million Visitors
approx. One Billion Fifty Million post views!

It’s conclusive I’ve had over 6 million unique visitors to my blog! :)  That is currently (approx.) 1,000 unique users & 4,000 to 10,000 post views everyday. Actually, the counter was only started in August 2010, while I began this blog in August 2003.

So I’ve achieved 6 Million UNIQUE (new) visitors, if I tried to work out how many VIEWS my blog has received since it started it would be something like 1050,000,000 that’s one billion fifty million!

A Compendium of Femdom

Predominantly, this blog focuses on the World of Femdom – specialist equipment; art, fiction, articles; some of the world’s top dominatrixes & prodoms; scene news; my personal philosophy or general musings; and where femdom crosses over into the mainstream. Plus of course what’s happening inside The English Mansion – new films, my wicked exploits and especially who’s recently come to stay over.

Over the years I have been trying to write articles specifically relating to the history of femdom to try to collate an outline of its development alongside mine and other domme’s personal knowledge of it which in itself preserves this important oral history.

I always try to make sure this blog will also appeal to women and am happy to say I get a lot of positive feedback from them. The comments my posts receive, are much appreciated (more please) and I try to reply to as many as I can.

If you want even more up-to-date news and to be alerted to recent blog updates you can also follow me on Twitter along with my 56K other followers 🙂 MSVB x

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The Sensational Miss Whiplash aka Lindi St.Clair

Lindi St.Clair, aka Miss Whiplash is probably one of the most famous British dominatrixes and madams of modern times. She ran for parliament, was involved in endless scandals & newspaper exposés, mysteriously disappeared and had an infamous and epic run in with the British taxman!

In a strange convergence or as N. American’s might say ‘happenstance’ in the late ’80s, I lived opposite Lindi St.Clair in Eardley Crescent in London. So I was fortunate to have met her once, she was a ‘big character’ even the porch area of the basement entrance to the house attested to this with eccentric printed messages covering the walls and door. Unlike most sex workers who generally try to be discreet, it wasn’t a secret to anyone nearby that this was where she lived as she had taken the advertising space on a gigantic billboard on the corner of the road. (This road being a major arterial road into central London.) The board, with a huge photo of her cane in hand, was to promote her campaign to become a Member of Parliament on behalf of The Corrective Party, stating “Vote Corrective! Vote Miss Whiplash!”

Lindi started work on the streets but was always ‘clean’ and sober amassing enough money to buy a property to work from. She soon became an extremely successful sex worker, prodom and madam, at one point owning a yellow Rolls Royce and yacht, with allegedly, clientele including politicians, actors and aristocrats.

She was one of the first extremely open sex workers, who unashamedly flaunted her profession to the public at large. She championed the decriminalisations of activities related to prostitution and wanted to address sexual taboos. Attempting to become elected to the House of Commons in eleven by-elections as Miss Whiplash for The Corrective Party. Officially a fringe party of the ’90s that campaigned for civil liberties, animal rights and sexual freedom but actually a humourous vehicle to mock the duplicitous self-righteous political process, with an air of Carry on Westminster to it.

Lindi in person was quite a character affable, warm, always fun and upbeat but her outspoken manner and political antics turned her into a cause célèbre continually interviewed, denounced and exposed in the tabloid press. In 1991 it emerged she was renting the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont’s basement flat in Notting Hill and in a later controversy that he used taxpayers money when trying to ‘handle’ the fall out from the original expose.

It was all a little too much for the establishment and in what would always be a cinch they went after her for back taxes, claiming prostitution was a trade. Prostitution in the UK is not illegal but it is for anyone to live off the earnings of a sex worker (immoral earnings). Miss St.Clair rather creatively argued that she couldn’t pay the taxes because this would make the state and Inland Revenue “Her Majesty’s pimps” and would be illegal.

And, if she was going to pay tax she wanted to set up proper businesses but was then prevented by the Attorney General of registering her companies: Prostitutes Ltd, Hookers Ltd & Lindi St. Clair (Personal Services) Ltd.  Yes it made me chuckle but there was a method to her madness – she was trying to address the serious hypocrisy behind the issue, (she alleged over 250 MPs had been her clients) men paid for her services, she was expected to pay tax but could not set up a proper business. How could it be a trade if you cannot advertise, go into partnership, form a limited company, employ people, rent premises, sue for debts, get insurance, invest long-term etc., like other trades. Points all made by her in the ensuing epic court action bought by the Inland Revenue.

It’s Only a Game: The Autobiography of Miss Whiplash by Lindi St. Clair & Pamela Winfield

I admired her taking on the establishment poking a big hole in their sanctimonious stance, they used her services, wanted her to pay tax but wouldn’t legitimise her! OK she was doing it with one finger in the air but always with good grace and a smile.

She of course lost and then spectacularly at the height of her celebrity went missing from Beachy Head (a sheer drop cliff by the sea) in 1993, the tabloids speculating that she had committed suicide or even been murdered. She turned up sunning herself on a cruise liner but her fame had turned to notoriety and the show was finally over.

She came back to face the music and was bankrupted, she retired and slipped away from the public eye, these days she lives a quiet life in the English countryside.

Postscript: To Be or Not to Be a Tax paying Sex worker
The reference to Hamlet was quite intentional as initially I had considered writing this whole article making an analogy between the Prince of Denmark and Miss Whiplash, as it’s strangely fitting. She ran around the corridors of the establishment acting totally bonkers while drawing attention to the hypocrisy and corruption within and inadvertently initiating the fall of one of the ‘Kingdom’s chief counsellors’. There is indeed something rotten in the state. Finally, after contemplating suicide and being sent away on a sea voyage she returns for her inevitable demise.

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Bondage Bound – A Homage to John Willie

I adore the art and world of John Willie one of the pioneers of the modern fetish scene and so have used his infamous comic strip “The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline” as inspiration for a series of bondage predicaments which we photographed and filmed in ‘Bondage Bound’.

Bondage Bound

The super cute Miss Jade Jones agreed to be my personal bondage toy left struggling and gagged throughout. Her straining cock tightly locked away in chastity and her legs held wide apart with spreaders. She was made to hobble around aided by my crop, turned into a human drinks stand and impaled on a giant butt-plug which she then had to sit on while I locked her into extreme 9 inch ballet boots. I love ballet boots a Willie staple 🙂 they are the perfect bondage tool as once in them you can’t walk so must crawl everywhere. Finally, I rope tied Jade to a post in the ballet boots, then unlocked and edged her now much engorged man clit… now was I kind or cruel?

The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline

John Willie & Bizarre Magazine

Brit John Coutts (1902-1962) better known by the pseudonym John Willie, was the artist, photographer, editor and publisher of the seminal fetish magazine Bizarre (1946-1959). Well known for its fetish ‘fashions’ and bondage comic strips. Willie was able to avoid controversy, given the post-war era’s strict censorship, through careful attention to the guidelines and the use of humor.

It may have been the adherence to these regulations but Bizarre Magazine has a real charm, it doesn’t come across as titillation but has a fun, genuine enthusiasm for its subject matter, probably why it has always had such an appeal to women. In fact, the magazine appeals to and has an acceptance of all genders and sexualities making it way ahead of its time. It also played a pivotal role in the development of later fetish-themed publications; and experienced a resurgence in the 1980s hugely influencing the then underground fledgling fetish scene.

In John Willie’s words, “Bizarre. The magazine for pleasant optimists who frown on convention. The magazine of fashions and fantasies fantastic! Innumerable journals deal with ideas for the majority. Must all sheeplike follow in their wake? Bizarre is for those who have the courage of their own convictions.”

I think Miss Jade Jones makes the perfect Sweet Gwen 🙂

So here you can enjoy a few of the photos from
Bondage Bound – A Homage to John Willie
now showing inside The English Mansion

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Little Miss Dynamite: Mistress Inka

Little Miss Dynamite: Mistress Inka – Prepare to be blown away!

We are so pleased to welcome another stunning dominatrix to The English Mansion – Mistress Inka is a beautiful and capable Scottish domina, who carries just a slight touch of its sexy accent. She has an incredible body and delicate elfin features that will bewitch any prospective sub and a natural dominant streak that will effortlessly put them in their place. She is adept in all forms of BDSM but excels in corporal punishment role-plays, sissy-boys and especially medical play. Inka is an explosive package that will blow your mind and easily have you submitting and serving her every command.

Mistress Inka is an experienced and knowledgeable prodom with her own chambers based in central Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. She likes to develop and intensify her sessions and so enjoys regular arrangements giving her the space to explore the darkest corners of her clients’ desires and drag them into the light. She also happily caters for novices priding herself in taking them by the hand and leading them where they truly want to go.

You can watch Mistress Inka in action right now, inside our members area… and you’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Or visit Mistress Inka’s website or More Info Here

 * also featured riding alongside Mistress Inka is the divine Miss Marilyn
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