Slave Training – The Endless Torment Treadmill

treadmill-bondage-tormentI expect all my slaves to act as beasts of burden toiling to carry or cart myself or my fellow Mistress friends around The English Mansion. Well, why should we walk or dirty our boots? It is, therefore, essential that my slaves are kept fit and ready for the task.

So in order to increase the fitness and stamina of one lagging slave I devised a new training program, ‘The Endless Torment Treadmill’. The slave was first put into complete sensory deprivation, totally unable to see or hear in an extreme leather hood and straitjacketed (though I have customised this jacket with some large holes as I require access to his sensitive nipples). Then he was suspended just above the ground on a bungee chain, while I placed a treadmill under him.

Now the slave can avoid the treadmill by lifting his legs up but as time progresses and his quads and glutes exhaust the legs will inevitably drop. The treadmill I am using is not electric but as it is placed at an angle the surface will move when any pressure is placed on it. Hence, the most wonderful, cruel punishment. Either the slave will have to lift his legs or, and this will eventually happen anyway, drop them down and have no choice but to run… and keep running!

To add a little spice and for my sadistic amusement I padlocked some high-heels onto the slave, well I didn’t want to make it too easy. And later I hung a set of heavy weights off his balls – oh how they swung as he ran. This slave was then left for 3 hrs of ‘training’ until he was totally spent and had to crawl back to his cell.


You can watch the footage inside The English Mansion right now…

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Cuckolding – An Age Old Story

Cuckolding-classical-paintings-02Actors of the Commedia dell’Arte by Francois Bunel (1550’s)

A cuckold is a man whose wife is or has been unfaithful, who is regarded as an object of derision, however, today cuckolding has been fetishised, with both the cuckold and his partner deriving sexual gratification from his position. It derives from the word cuckoo, as female cuckoo’s lay their eggs in other birds nests. In femdom, being cuckolded is the ultimate sexual humiliation. Where a husband or slave must accept, watch or even assist with his dominant partner’s desire for a younger, more endowed virile lover.

In Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ (1603): Iago tells Othello “Oh, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on. That cuckold lives in bliss…”

The Cuckold’s Horns
In much of Europe (and other countries further afield) cuckolds are often referred to as ‘wearing the horns of a cuckold’. The meaning of this is not entirely clear, however, it is thought that it refers to the fact that the man being cuckolded is the last to know of his wife’s infidelity. He is wearing horns that can be seen by everybody but him. It has also been suggested that the ‘two finger gesture’ held behind someone’s head without their knowledge, was a cruel mockery of a man’s cuckolded status. Horns are often used as a symbol of masculinity and virility, while ground animal horns have since the middle ages been used as a cure for male erection and libido problems. And, rutting stags lock horns in order to determine dominance and secure mating rights. Thus, it has also been suggested that the ignorant cuckold does not know that the beast with horns (a more manly, powerful, virile man) has crept behind him and ‘had’ his wife. In fact in modern sexual slang the man brought in to pleasure the wife (the alpha male) is known as the ‘bull’.


Celebrating the Birth by Jan Steen (1664)

Celebrating The Birth
This classic painting by Dutch master Jan Steen is an intriguing cuckolding tableau. The birth of a male heir would result in a celebration but here rather than a traditional mother and child scene we have the father holding the baby. Cuckolding-classical-paintings-cutHe is further emasculated as he is wearing both an apron and a chatelane (a belt of keys etc. usually worn by a woman). The husband carries a purse indicating he is a wealthy man who has attracted a younger wife, her back (possibly guiltily) is turned to us. In the centre of the painting at the back is a young, grinning man mimicking the cuckold hand sign above the baby’s head, suggesting the illegitimacy of the child. This cheeky man is probably a self-portrait of the artist. Interestingly, it was only when the painting was cleaned in 1983 that it was discovered that the hand sign had been painted over in the 19th Century, obviously a past owner had censured the gesture. It has now been restored.

The painting is littered with symbolic sexual imagery and visual puns. The brass bed warmer, prominent in the foreground, signified that the coals in this pan were the only warmth in this marriage bed; denoting a lack of marital sex or the husband’s impotence. The broken egg shells strewn around the floor are a reference to ‘cracking eggs’ a 17th Century euphemism for sexual intercourse. While the maid at the fireplace is grasping a phallic but rather limp sausage. With a wry smile she faces towards us – the audience to the painting, aware of the sexual farce unfolding. A mocking satire of the marital home or a moral warning?

In Chaucer’s ‘The Miller’s Tale’ (1380’s), a young suitor comes up with a scheme to entice his young lover away from her suspicious, elderly husband. “For she was wild and young, and he was old, And deemed himself as like to be a cuckold.”

And A New Twist
Here at the Mansion we excel at extreme sexual humiliation and have been exploring more wicked ways to cuckold slaves (see here also); and both Mistress T the Queen of Cuckolding and myself spent a fiendish afternoon indulging our cruel fantasies with 2 male slaves and 1 female slave. If you want to know more you’ll have to watch the film,
‘A Tale of Two Slaves’ – starts next week


and Cuck Husband POV also with Mistress T maestro of erotic humiliation and true cuckoldress.

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Winter Wonderland – Double Daily Film Updates


Winter Wonderland – Double Daily Film Updates

We’re going to be putting the ‘X’ into Xmas here at the Mansion with Festive Fetish Fuckery inside our Winter Wonderland of Daily Double Film Updates.

So from Friday 13th of November till Monday 4th of January 2016
we’ll be updating Two New & Exclusive
Femdom & Fetish films Every Day!
Totaling over 14 hrs of New content for our members this Nov & Dec.
It’s already started so don’t miss out and sign up now here

Plus be the first to see our new and totally exclusive Mansion Feature Film
‘Situation Vacant’ More info coming soon…

Here are just a few of the upcoming Femdom films we’re showing in this: Xmas 2015 Film Preview

  • 00-Strapon_Bondage_Strapon
  • 01-A_Tale_Of_Two_Slaves
  • 02-A_Well_Trained_Husband
  • 03-Ridden_Hard
  • 04-Gloryhole_Dogboy
  • 05-Up_Close_Arse_Licker
  • 06-Sunshine_Strapons
  • Boyfriend_Caught_Dressing
  • Demanding_Lady_Boss
  • Pool_Ride
  • Pretty_In_Pink
  • The_Endless_Treadmill
  • Tranny_Cock_Sucking

  • 01-Leather_Dommes_Boy_Toy
  • 02-Stretched_By_Matron
  • 03-Taken_To_The_Pit
  • 04-Cruel_Pussy_Licking
  • 05-Caged_Monster_Strapon
  • 06-Her_Chastity_Slaves
  • 07-Hogtied_Toy
  • Caged_Sex_Pet
  • Cuckolded_Husband_POV
  • Ebony_Goddess_Tease
  • Given_Away_blur
  • Ninas_Maid
  • Passed_Around

with Ms Zara du Rose, Mistress Ella Kross, Mistress T, Ms Suzie Best, Mistress Sidonia, Miss Vivienne l’Amor, Miss Jessica Woods, Lady Nina Birch, Miss Eve Harper, Mistress Lola Ruin, Princess Neive, Miss Annalieza, DSO Dom Strapon, Mistress Ezada Sinn, Fetish Liza, Miss Jasmine, Miss Foxx, Goddess Maya Liyer, Mistress Amrita, Dominant Dolly & Goddess Zena. See here for more about these dominas.

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Living Doll – Tiffany Real Doll

tiffany-sex-doll-crossdresser-xdresserThis is Tiffany Real Doll she is quite beautiful, perfect for dressing up and playing with for hours on end – just a total mindless, bimbo, fuck dolly. Well girls do love playing with their dollies :)


With Lady Nina Birch – Now Showing

What you may not realise is that Tiffany was once the husband of a female friend of mine, an aggressive, arrogant, sexist man who needed to be taken firmly in hand… that’s where Lady Nina Birch and I came in. We took him to one of our special holding cells at the Mansion where he was strapped tightly down and we proceeded to cut off all his male clothes (well he wouldn’t be needing them again), waxed his whole body (that did make him howl) and put him into tight chastity (the type with little teeth). After spending a few days locked away naked and cold, finally, he accepted the female clothes and wig we had left him for warmth. And once deeply asleep (we have our ways) we used locking bondage belts to secure them firmly onto him. We felt it was important that he put on the clothes himself and then learn to appreciate the feel of the soft silks and sexy lingerie we had chosen for him.


With Domina Alexandra Snow – Now Showing

Then we began the continuous 24hr mesmerizing videos and recordings which were broadcast into his cell encouraging him to embrace “her” new femininity, along with special hormones in the food. We continued our nightly visits, this time doing full make-up (the waterproof/24hr make up that doesn’t easily come off), and painting his nails and toes bright sparkly pink. Finally, he was broken – a great ceremony was made as “he” became “she” and one of our beautiful slave maids. We named her Tiffany. Disappointingly, however, many of the male traits were too ingrained and Tiffany was in need of endless punishments: for touching her clitty; peeping at or even groping up some of the other slave maids; and generally not being obedient- to name just a few.


With Mistress Sidonia – Coming Soon

Lady Nina and I would not be defeated so we decided to take the extraordinary step of a total mind wipe. This would mean Tiffany would no longer be a slave maid but just a mindless bimbo fuck doll for everyone’s amusement. Again it took many dedicated hours of: mezmerising mind control; long periods of sendep (sensory deprivation) bondage; and pain and pleasure conditioning – until finally she emerged and was perfect. Tiffany Real Doll is now passed around all the visiting domina’s at the Mansion. Occasionally her wife comes to see her and uses her, though she now has no memory of that unhappy old life.

You can watch her in action as she is passed between 3 dominas in these showing and coming soon films: Tiffany Real Doll, Tiffany Play Doll & Tiffany Sex Doll.

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The Wonderful World of Kink

Xmas is comming and so here are a few English Mansion suggestions of presents for the discerning kinkster 😉
weird-web-xmas-presentsThe Aliens are Cumming – Area 51 Love Doll; Bondage Barbie; Poo & Pee poppets (apparently aids for toilet training kids); Roe Deer backside bottle opener; “”I’m your Slave” Gimp apron; Squatty Potty (see below); Bondage Wheel Knife Block; & the Virgin Mary Pierced Labia wall ornament (rather beautiful).

The internet is such a diverse place with many a wondrous tale for those who love the droll side of kink, so here are a few interesting short clips from YouTube… enjoy

High School Girl?

This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop

This is dedicated to Mistress Evilyne :)

Cavalry Charge

Furries Aren’t As Weird As You Think

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DDI Domination Directory International – A Glorious Revolution


A Brief History
Domination Directory International was a contact magazine that described itself as “The Ultimate Source For Meeting A Mistress”. It was first issued in 1984 at the cost of $7 and was then published sporadically until about 1989 when this became biannually. Domination-Directory-International-prodom-advert-Mistress-Sidonia-von-BorkInitially, it was a basic magazine with only a few colour pages and snapshots of American prodoms. In a short time it became a much more glamourous affair – all colour, the page count expanded and the number of dominas wanting to advertise was growing every issue and these professional dommes now ranged from the whole of North America and Europe.

Right: One of my ads inside an early Euro DDI. You could have a 1/4 , 1/2 or full-page advert but mainly each featured domme took a page.

With its success growing and the need for more distribution in Europe, in 1995 to address the number of Mistresses from England, Holland, Germany wanting to be included; the USA publishers joined forces with the publisher of Massad magazine in Holland to create an exclusively European edition. So DDI split in two: a North American edition, which carried on with the sequential issue numbering from DDI’s start; and Euro DDI, which began fresh with a premiere issue.


DDI’s North American edition went quarterly with issue #29 in 1998. While Euro DDI was published three times per year, with issue #14, in 2000. However, with the advent of the internet and the decline of the printed magazine industry (pervy & mainstream) in 2003 the North American and Euro editions were once again merged into one combined edition. This now allowed domina’s to advertise worldwide and created a bumper world edition of over 200 pages. In the mid ’90s the DDI publishers managed a huge coup – distribution in more mainstream and prestigious retail locations such as Tower Records, Borders Books, and other non-adult venues; this was a boost to both the magazine’s sales and prestige.


And A Thank You
The prodom community owes a considerable debt to DDI as it sought out and brought together ardent, elite dominas from all over the world turning them into an exclusive group of dedicated professionals. Looking back at the advent of what we would call today a ‘prodom’ throughout the late ’70s and ’80s she existed in a secret and underground world. The only way to find her was through free adult listing papers, box cards and contact magazines. These small A5 contact magazines were cheaply produced and associated with a sordid, seedy scene and could only be purchased by mail order or at sex shops. DDI seemed to obliterate them – its large A4 format, its glossy cover, stunning models in designer fetish wear, inside colour pages, beautiful binding, all giving the contents inside: the services of prodoms, an authority and weight – and importantly a new credibility.

DDI-Magazine-most-recent-issue-79Issue #79 Published early in 2015

DDI was published earlier this year but its future seems uncertain. The ever omnipresent search engine ‘Google’ allows anyone to search the world for prodoms. And, dominas are no longer dependent on a page in a contact magazine or listing websites, they don’t need to answer endless question by phone as they can put up extensive websites showing any prospective subbie what to expect and the diverse range of services many of them now offer. I still think that the prestige of appearing in a DDI is worth its weight and hope it will continue.
Recent Issues can be bought here from KFS Media

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