Dominate A Domme Day

A number of Mansion Mistresses and myself have decided we want to go sub. We are urgently looking for slaves who would be willing to dominate us?


Obviously, we’ll be deciding in detail how you run the session and will send you endless vague one line texts in advance to let you know exactly what we want. Or we’ll call you at 3am, that ways you’ll definitely be free to chat. We won’t waste valuable time reading any correspondence you send us, we’ll just call you and get you to explain it all to us. We won’t wash before meeting and will probably cancel a few times before we actually show up late because we know you don’t have much to do. Naturally, we won’t forget to shout, “Thank you Master” really loudly as we leave your place so that all your neighbours can hear.
And, lastly, if any of you refuse us, don’t worry we’ll hassle you for months afterwards letting you know what you’ve missed out on! :)

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Prick Teasers – New Doms

NewDominas2015-GoddessMissKelly-MissFoxx-RebekahDeeHere at the English Mansion we have no fixed rules about what constitutes femdom – it can be empowering, sexual, fetishistic or downright sadistic with infinite other permutations. We give dominant women, switches & our dominas a free rein and let them just indulge in what they most enjoy.

Goddess Miss Kelly Miss Kelly is a beautiful, slim, leggy domina who is an expert in role play & verbal domination. She only engages in areas of play she personally enjoys namely corporal punishment & foot worship scenarios.  More Info Here

Miss Foxx Miss Foxx is a statuesque (standing over 6″ in her heels) and stunningly beautiful Ebony Domina. Primarily a Findom (financial dominatrix), Miss Foxx focuses on webcaming, though she does have some limited availability for 1 on 1 sessions and shopping trips. More Info Here

Miss Rebekah Dee Miss Rebekah is a super sexy switch, with an incredible natural hourglass figure that would drive anyone crazy, she loves taking it from women and giving it back – to men!  More Info Here

You’ll be seeing more of them at The English Mansion very soon.

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Mistress of Whiplash Towers

Mistress-Nikki-Whiplash-English-MansionMistress Nikki Whiplash is one of the UK’s premier dominatrixes and fetishists. Nikki is a stunning, slim, ultra feminine blonde who could pass as the charming girl from next door. She is, however anything but innocent and behind the façade of her pretty face is a born sadist who delights in your pain and suffering. She is an expert at sounding, ballbusting, face sitting and an enthusiast anal invader. We rarely see her at the Mansion without one of her many giant strapon cocks mesmerising the Mansion fuck slaves that await her attention. Intelligent and imaginative she has a natural talent for role-plays and will easily immerse you into the fantasy.

Nikki is a true lifestyle domina, we share a love of kinky toys and love to collaborate on ways to use and abuse our male slave toys. She is also a kind and dependable close friend, whose support and enthusiasm for the Mansion is greatly appreciated. I think we may have to annex Whiplash Towers with The Mansion to further our evil plans of ‘World Domination’ – “Mwahahaha…”

Mistress Nikki is a prodom available for sessions from Whiplash Towers her exclusive, private, fully equipped, high spec dungeons & chambers. Her playspace is extensive and impressive with many different environments, including two dungeons, cells and a medical room. Nr Hampshire, UK See Here

She is also a talented fetish film producer and international fetish model and can been seen in action: on her personal members’ site;
as one of the leading fetish models for BallBusting World
& Facesitting Lethal Bitches;
or of course as one of the Resident English Mansion Mistresses.

Take a peak inside one of the fully equipped dungeons of Whiplash Towers.

  • Whiplash Towers
  • Whiplash Towers
  • Whiplash Towers
  • Whiplash Towers
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Top Ten Mainstream Transgender & CD Movies

mainstream-transgender-film-postersWelcome to The English Mansion’s Top Ten
Mainstream Transgender & Crossdressing Movies
To get into this Top Ten the films had to be ‘mainstream’ i.e. they must be successful (have a high rating on IMDB or Red Tomatoes) and have at least 1 Hollywood A-lister. That’s why a great movie like Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) doesn’t make it in. I’ve also excluded films where men are just disguised as women, so Some Like It Hot (1959); Tootsie (1982) & Mrs Doubfire (1993) and films of this ilk are not included.

All the films I have chosen have the transgender and/or crossdressing theme central to the plot/characters of the film. Except for Dog Day Afternoon but I still felt this should be included because: of the sensitivity with which it treats the subject – a young man is robbing a bank to pay for his partner’s sex change operation; the year it was made 1975, addressing this issue; and because it features an incredible and brave performance from Al Pacino. (THE DOG – Documentary of Real Life Dog Day Afternoon is also well worth watching.) This is an incredible collection of films with 9 Oscars, 4 Oscar & 2 Golden Globe nominations between them.

1   Kinky Boots
Chiwetel Ejiofor,   Joel Edgerton 
2005 Play Clip/Trailer
2   Kiss of Spiderwoman
William Hurt
1985 Play Clip/Trailer
3   Albert Nobbs
Glenn Close
2011 Play Clip/Trailer
4   Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce
1994 Play Clip/Trailer
5   Breakfast on Pluto Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson 
2005 Play Clip/Trailer
6   Transamerica
Felicity Huffman
2005 Play Clip/Trailer
7   Dog Day Afternoon  joint with Al Pacino
1975 Play Clip/Trailer
7   The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon
1975 Play Clip/Trailer
8   The Crying Game joint with
Forest Whitaker, Stephen Rea
 1992 Play Clip/Trailer
8   Boys Don’t Cry  Hilary Swank 1999
Play Clip/Trailer
9   The Birdcage
Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, Nathan Lane
1996 Play Clip/Trailer
1o  Ed Wood         joint with
Johnny Depp
1994 Play Clip/Trailer
10   The Triple Echo
(aka Soldier in Skirts)
Oliver Reed, Glenda Jackson
1972 Play Clip/Trailer

Contenders that didn’t quite make it into our Top Ten:
1999 with Robert De Nero & Philip Seymour Hoffman Play Clip/Trailer
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar 1995 with Wesley Snipes & Patrick Swayze  Play Clip/Trailer
Wigstock: The Movie (1995 Documentary)
And currently on mainstream TV we have: Transparent & Ru Paul’s Drag Race :)

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All Wrapped Up – Mummification


My attempt to reproduce an Egyptian mummification pattern using two separate wraps using masking tape.

Mummification is a type of BDSM extreme bondage play whereby the sub is wrapped from head to toe in a flexible material like bondage tape, pallet wrap or cling film, with just a breathing tube or the nose being left uncovered. One of the best swaddling materials is vet wrap because it is so mouldable, it comes in great colours and you can bind using elaborate wrap patterns as used in Egyptian mummification.


The head is in vet wrap and the body in black pallet wrap, the subbie was then placed inside a bondage box/coffin with a foam cut-out. With the gorgeous Mistress T in attendance.

You can also use purpose made bondage bags and sleep sacks in leather, rubber or plastic which have the advantage of being a very quick way to encase someone. They do, however, lack the intensity of a mummification wrap and its main advantage – their ephemeral nature. It is a sublimely creative process, each mummification is different, each sub becomes an objet d’art. You can cut holes where you want them, soak them in pee or drop wax all over them :) and once the play is over, just cut it carefully off and throw it all into the bin.

I always fancied one of my mummifications might have a good chance at The Turner Prize! I once mummified a slave and left him on show during a party I was having. I taped a box over his genitals labelled ‘Grope Box’ it was a huge hit with all the ladies present ;)


Wrapped in black bondage tape and then roped tightly down to a bondage bed.

To increase the intensity of the wrap, layers can be added over the top of the initial mummification: rope or belts used; they can be placed inside a sack; or taped down onto a board. Inflexible parcel tape over cling-film which creates a kind of hard case, is one of my favourites. The pinnacle of mummification in terms of restriction are body (plaster) casts!


A half body mummification with blue vet wrap – ideal access for a CBT scene with the stunning Goddess Lexi Sindel.

And, I have spent many a wicked hour planning ways to make my mummifications tighter and more restrictive, hence building a bondage coffin with foam insert. See here: Adventures in Bondageland.

This extreme bondage is very sexual and super *hot* for me, I always cut out the genitals so I have full access to them. The sub becomes no longer a person but a giant sex-toy for my use. Faceless and dehumanised, a creature I have created for my pleasure…


Wrapped in cling-film and then (inflexible) silver parcel tape, this was then taped down to a board. (Care must be taken to inflate the lungs during the mummification when using parcel tape as it is so inflexible.)

I have always been fascinated with the psychological aspects of mummification play. It is the most extreme type of bondage as the participant is completely incapacitated and in a state of extreme sensory deprivation. As the dominant it allows me total control! I can do anything I want to my charge, even their breathing is controlled my me. It also give me total responsibility for their safety, this creates a powerful bond of trust between us.


Wrapped in a Lycra tube (used in skirt making), rope was added over the top, then they were roped down to the bondage table.

For the sub there is the effect of the immobilisation  – this allows a meditative state, complete submission and a total focus on me as all-powerful. An unconscious return to the womb, in a sense I am mother and will take care of everything. While the sendep focuses the sub on my touch and whatever I choose to impart – I may tease, caress or hurt them. They exist through me and for me. This is a heady delight for any dominant.

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