The English Mansion Visits Dungeon Manor (Pt 2)

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt2151 Lady Nina, Mistress Nikki & myself were recently invited over to a little afternoon soiree at Mistress Evilyne’s ‘Dungeon Manor’ for an afternoon of decadent deviance. Already in residence at the Manor was Mistress Ezada Sinn who also joined us for the afternoon.  See Part 1 of this blog entry here  I’ve already blogged about the first half of the afternoon, so here’s what happened later…

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt3-01After the cruel but entertaining display of a 3-way cock whipping was finished, we all donned giant strapon cocks and lined up our little bottoms’ bottoms, in order to pick one ill-fated boy for an unsparing 5-domme strapon gangbang!

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt3-071Once one poor unfortunate (or fortunate) was chosen, it was time for our gangbang fun to begin and he was passed round all the dommes, each of them in turn, fucking his little backside senseless.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt3-10With so many dommes to please he was instructed to take a cock in his mouth and one in each of his hands at all times! And we had such fun tossing him around, spitroasting him and fucking him every-which-way and position we could think of :)

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt3-16Mistress Ezada decided to let him do all the work making him sit on her giant strapon and then work himself on it while we all watched and laughed, especially as he kept falling off. A little later Lady Nina & myself had a fiendish strapon competition pitting two subs’ holes against each other.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt3-221Meet the stunning, experienced and extremely fiendish dominas at the party along with their play meat. In attendance: Mistress Ezada Sinn, Lady Nina Birch, Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Mistress Sidonia & Mistress Evilyne at her Dungeon Manor.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt3-191Once our strapon extravagaza was over, it was time for a little more entertainment from the stunning, leather-clad Mistress Ezada who provided a wonderful whipping display using her collection of single-tails.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt3-20Her slave-beat-meat dancing around was certainly funny for us – oh and how he danced! And, I suspect it will be something he will probably remember for some time to come.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt3-29The afternoon was coming to an end but there was still time for a little bit more extreme humiliation. Lady Nina had been teasing two little subs, making them wank their little ‘men’ until hard. One was then permitted to come all over my lovely toes, however, a cruel twist was intended, as a foot-lover sub was then made to suck my spunky toes, lapping up the other sub’s cum. He was then made to spunk his own load and lick up every drop.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt3-282We captured all the real-life party action as it unfolded with documentary style footage & you can watch it all inside The English Mansion in:
‘Party At Dungeon Manor Pt1, 2 & 3′ now showing.

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Wicked Plans – Scheduling a 24/7

My 247 Schedule of Cruelty
Day 1: Dehumanization
Day 2: Breaking
Day 3: Given to another Mistress
Day 4: Transformed into a special Girl or pet Dog
Day 5: Kept in Bondage
Day 6: Outing to a Fetish Party
Day 7: Sexual Use/Debrief

Once suitable fodder (a slave) had been found and had agreed to my terms – that is to give himself to me totally for every minute of every hour for 24 hours each day for 7 continuous days, for a one-off, unique 24/7 scene; I decided to make up a loose itinerary of my wicked plans as there needed to be a method to my cruel indulgent madness :)

The week would need to begin with a harsh breaking period, possibly 2 or 3 days, interspersed with the odd pat on the head. To begin, the slave’s hair would be cut and shaved; he would be named, tagged, collared & locked in chastity. The breaking would then start with little food, disrupted sleep, harsh labour and periods of extreme bondage and suffering.


Day 1 & 2

My slave would also be given to another Mistress for one of the days. This is an interesting way to test your slave, to give them away to another domme; or add another layer of humiliation by giving them to a slavegirl,to be used as their plaything. For them to be totally obedient to another (something you have ordered) will provide a good test of their true submission to you. Most slaves are devoted to their Mistress, usually within the bounds of an intense 1-on-1 relationship, so making them serve another is confusing and difficult for them emotionally. Remind them how embarrassing it will be for ‘You’ if they don’t behave or how much you will punish then if they fail. As the dominant passing them around or sharing them helps remind the slave that they are just your ‘property’.

He would also have to spend a day as something other than a slave – I toyed with either making him a ‘dog’ or ‘girl’ and opted in this instant for a special girl. If I had chosen dog – he would have been kept: chain hobbled; not allowed to speak; made to eat from a bowl on the floor using only his mouth; put through extensive training; and literally kept chained up in our outdoor dog house. On Day 4 as my ‘special girl’ the slave was transformed into a rubber slut dolly with inflatable breasts, tight corset and ballet boots. Later she was given deportment lessons – on a treadmill!


Day 3 & 4

To spoil myself, I planned to spend a day indulging my love of extreme bondage & sendep with no annoying time constraints. Lastly, I would take my ward out to a fetish club as here I could show him off and display his submission to me in public. Plus, it’s always useful to have a slave in tow – to carry the coats, fetch the drinks and of course to let off a little steam by giving them a long, hard thrashing in front of a huge audience :)


Day 5 & 7 (Day 6 was a trip out to another venue & Fetish Club – no photos)

For extended, extreme & intense scenes such as this, it is important to have a long debrief with your sub once they are over, and so I spent the end part of the last day bringing my slave back to reality.

Note: On the bondage day I had planned to make my slave sleep out all night in chains in the slave pit but he was lucky as it was extremely cold and wet even for early September so my plans were spoiled. I was not going to accept this, so I just put him out there another night a few weeks later, once the weather was slightly better. I’m afraid the really good stuff just doesn’t end up in front of a camera.

Other Blogs about this unique 247 Scene:

Life in the Slave Pit – 24/7 slavery

Behind Closed Dungeon Doors – Real Life 24/7 slavery

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The Gimp Man of Essex

gimpman-bluebellesThe Gimp Man of Essex (a county in England) has become something of a sensation walking around his local town dressed in a rubber catsuit – described by our press as, (imagine a *gruff* voice here), “a rubber bondage gimp suit” :) And, he does provide a rather surreal sight wandering along his busy high street.

gimpman-high-streetGimp Man has managed to immune himself to any suspicions of his motives placing his proclivities firmly under the safe umbrella of “charity” – as he donates £1 to Mind (a mental health charity) every time someone uploads a photo of him to his Facebook page (see here). And, has so far raised over £800.


There has been a huge amount of media attention surrounding the Gimp – The Daily Mirror website had a poll following their article: Is The Gimp Man of Essex Scary ? YES ~ NO. And ridiculously, the Metro had – Gimp Man of Essex: Mysterious man in PVC gimp suit terrorising people on Britain’s streets. While Bizarre magazine just went for: Perverts in Public!

gimpman-topman-1Gimp Man says he hopes his efforts will start a debate on stereotypes and so far, most of the reaction he has received by people has been positive, (the English love an eccentric).
He does keep his identity secret and apparently his wife and children are unaware of his alter ego.


The Gimp – Action Figure

I looked up the word ‘Gimp’ in the English Dictionary – a silk fishing line or upholstery cord from English/Dutch -? so no luck there. However, in 20th century American slang it means a lame, feeble or contemptible person; so this must be today’s source.
I think we have reclaimed this to a degree and a Gimp in BDSM now refers to a fetishist bondage submissive. Made infamous in the Pulp Fiction scene – ‘Bring out the Gimp’, which placed it firmly in the mainstream consciousness.

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8 Days’ Later – An Enforced Feminisation

How to Turn an Arrogant Man….
into a Sissy Cocksucking Whore in 8 days

Untitled-2This was a plan hatched by Lady Nina Birch & myself  – part fun and part experiment we decided to see if we could totally break down an arrogant, aggressive man and turn him into a sissy maid & cocksucking whore.

First, you must take an annoying, arrogant or condescending man and manufacture or find a way to entirely compromise him. Once he can be manipulated, take away his clothes then chain/cage him up outside somewhere naked. Bring back his male clothes and burn them in front of him – explain to him how he won’t be needing them again :) It gets cold outside, so give him some womens’ clothes; preferably a nice maid outfit & sexy lingerie, once he’s cold enough he’ll have no choice but to put them on.

Untitled-1Our victim was particularly difficult (I love a challenge, so this just made it more fun for me :) ); so Lady Nina & I just took turns beating him, poking him with garden nettles and then hosing him down. Left broken and shivering with cold he soon put the sissy clothes on.

Untitled-3The trick with the difficult ones, once they’re dressed, is to quickly chain & padlock the female clothes onto them, it’s good for them to get used to the feel. Now dressed, you’ll start to see him transforming into a docile sissy.

Untitled-5At The Mansion we use a special magic potion – Slut Serum, (there are also special blue pills) these will turn any man in to a total ‘slut whore’, totally aroused and full of need. Ours being magic also has the advantage of making the slut totally forget their actions afterwards.

Untitled-6Taking advantage of the serums effect we take our newly created ‘cum dump whore’ to a local gloryhole; given it was such a momentous moment I also took my handycam to capture his first cock encounter, getting some filthy close-up footage of the slut’s cocksucking jizzy covered face.

The next day, hilariously, our new whore has no memory of the night before and still insists he’d never suck cock. So we play the video back, making him watch up-close his own mouth sucking cock . To add to his total humiliation, while watching himself Lady Nina & I fuck him up the arse, finishing off by spitroasting him.

Untitled-4Having no control, as he also has been kept in chastity throughout, we make him cum onto Lady Nina’s huge strapon cock and then slowly suck it off. This is part of his indoctrination as from now on he will be regularly milked and then fed his own cum – it’s best if he gets a taste for it, for when he’s put to work and pimped out to earn money for us.

At the end of his 8 day ordeal his weak male mind is easily under our control and he begs to be kept in service by us…. now we will advance his lessons in becoming fully feminized for us.

You can watch all the action in our full-length movie 8 Days’ Later: or just go out and get your own man and turn him ;)

Hahaha – I think I was channeling the super soaraway Sun, when I wrote this.

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The Rise of the Magna Matres


with thanks to

The Fault in Our Stars?
Was it innate or learned my femdom predilection? I feel those desires were always there – but putting feelings to one side and with some consideration; I am most likely a product of a unique juncture of historical events.

Perhaps I should explain: You see, I was born as a subject of a Queen and have been my entire life. In fact, you would need to be over 70 years old to have any real memory of a King*. And, she’s still there and long may she reign over us. I was born in the 70’s so my first notion of politics came from a female Prime Minister (1979-1990) and I think we’d all agree, quite a formidable one. I was brought up by a, not so fashionable then, single parent mother, another indomitable woman – there was no football or action movies in our house. I used to say I should have a T-shirt printed: If you think I’m Dom you should meet my mother!

I lived briefly in Northern Spain as a child, looked after by Basque women. The Basque culture has a long history of strong woman, equality and matrilineality. Blake’s 7 (a hugely popular 70’s UK sci-fi show) made quite an impression on me with its cruel all-powerful villainess ‘Servalan’, who claimed “power was her lover” quite a role model for any budding dominatrix. I was taught by nuns who were highly educated, lived in a female-only community and were utterly sadistic. My life opportunities have been undoubtedly shaped by Emmeline Pankhurst and I, like much of the globe, live in the long, long shadow of Queen Victoria.

Ergo for me, women were brilliant, formidable, educated, sexually aggressive, didn’t rely on men and ruled the world! How could I not turn out Dom?
Throughout the entire history of civilisation I don’t think any woman could claim this – I’m at a unique pinnacle point… and hopefully an unstoppable sea change.

So, perhaps my desires were innate but without being born at this time, in this place, they would never have had the opportunity to be manifested and then developed.
(And, I’ve certainly had a lot of fun with the developing part :) )

Thank you Great Mothers may I spawn forth your seed into the word.

* I worked out that during the last 46o years (since 1553) Queens have ruled England for over 200 of them.

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