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So, where can you go to buy fetish reading material that may not be readily available at your local bookstore or large on-line supplier? Well KFS Media.com is an online store where you can purchase books and magazines all about alternative sexuality including femdom, BDSM & fetishism; and unique publications on fetish & erotic photography.

They ship physical books and magazines worldwide but also offer lots of instant digital downloads, making the content immediately available on your PC, iPad, Tablet, Mac or even Smartphone. Digital isn’t the same as holding a lovely book or magazine in your hands, I know, but it’s a great way to collect stuff to read on your iPad or PC on the train.

What to Check Out:

  • Classic back issues of DDI Magazine (Domination Directory International).
  • All the back issues of Skin Two Magazine now available cheaply and easily accessible in digital form.
  • Another find is the new edition of Venus in Furs the classic femdom S&M novel both translated and illustrated by the internationally renowned femdom artist Sardax.
  • The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Domination by Mistress Absolute – part of her Absolute Beginner’s Guides to help educate sexual adventurers in the field of kink; with original full-colour illustrations by Satine Phoenix. This edition focuses on the art of Domination, as Mistress Absolute knows more than most about control! This guide dispels myths of what Domination is all about and with practical advice, examples and suggestions takes the reader on a personal journey to discover their own style of Domination.
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Queened by a Queen – So, What is Queening?

The stunning Ms Zara du Rose queening a male sex slave

So, What is Queening?

Certain erotic acts are synonymous with female domination – boot worship and whipping probably come to mind, but for directly sexual acts the most prevailing is queening. Queening is the act of a woman sitting on a man’s face while he licks her cunt to pleasure her.

There is of course a non-sexual version (or perhaps indirectly sexual would be more accurate); I would use the term face-sitting for this, as opposed to queening, however, as we have such a paucity of words for sexual acts they are often substituted for each other. For me, within the nuanced world of BDSM, face sitting is usually done clothed and is wrapped up with many fetishes like bottom or pantie worship; restricted breathing/smothering; human furniture; or crushing/wrestling.

Queening is sexual – it rivals or even substitutes the full-sex act for the dominant woman. This reverence stems, I believe, from its essence as a selfish act concerned only with a woman aggressively taking her pleasure and satisfaction. While having a man hard, frustrated and unsatisfied adds to its enjoyment. It is also a uniquely femdom sex act as it does not work in reverse (man on top).

And, like strapon play, it is an inherently powerful act. It reduces the man to merely an object for ‘her’ sexual pleasure. Any woman can of course lie back and have her genitals licked – queening demonstrates your superiority and in an elegant way, as you sit-up over him enthroned while he is kept subservient beneath you. This is where the act takes its name as you sit majestically on your ‘throne’. You are above him, on him, smothering him, enveloping him, he only takes a breath with your consent, he cannot even see your face.

It is the submissive’s ultimate act of worship, as it revolves around service that gives sexual pleasure while he receives none. (OK that’s not to say it cannot be equally enjoyable or desirable for the men being used). For the man it places him in a subservient position but also an intimate one where he is permitted to taste and smell the goddess who towers above him.

To properly ‘Queen’ you don’t just sit on the man’s face, you ride it, his head can be tightly gripped between your thighs or pinned beneath your buttocks, you then direct the rhythmic movements with your hips, hovering over his mouth using or avoiding his nose. You can face in either direction, kneeling over his head or even squatting. Queening is best performed on a comfortable bed as it provides the woman’s shins a padded surface and the give of the bed allows for a certain amount of bounce. It’s also a position that gives the woman complete access to her male partner’s nipples and cock – I like to have a crop in hand and find a few cracks to his frustrated cock always seem to get him focused!

The advent of today’s fetish scene has created a huge market place for bespoke toys and equipment and the mark of the popularity of queening is borne out in the many Queening Stools, Smother Boxes & Queening Chairs now available. Here at The English Mansion we even have a motorised face sitting/queening chair.

Queening Stools, Chairs & Boxes

And, if like myself you want to achieve orgasm then being relaxed is essential and thrones and boxes provide the most comfortable way for the Mistress to sit back and have her cunt licked until orgasm. Some even come with a perfectly engineered head rest that fits beneath the subs neck, so the head (still supported) tilts backwards allowing the mouth to be the highest point to be mounted thus the nose is lower making it more comfortable for the Mistress and keeping it free from obstruction. Some of the thrones ingeniously have seats on springs allowing you to comfortably bounce away on your sub’s face.

Queening – A Blank History

I have tried discover the origins of queening but there are no historical depictions in art or references in literature until the mid-19th century (despite the many titillating but fanciful accounts that can be found on the web, which have no evidential basis). I suspect this omission is not because woman didn’t take the lead in sex or use sexual positions where they were literally ‘on top’ but it certainly does not seem to have been the norm. In the Western/Christian world sex was an act to procreate children, not for pleasure, so oral sex itself was frowned upon, plus acts like queening would have challenged and opposed conventional notions of femininity.

The first image I could find of queening was from the late 19th century by German illustrator, Heinrich Lossow (1840–1897) who was a prolific pornographer. This image was part of his ‘Her Faithful Servant’ series.

*I used the word ‘cunt’ in this article, as I was at a loss to find another. I had the choice of medical terms like her sexual genitals or vulva; or trivial and sexist words like pussy or cherry but I alas could not find the right word.

The Amazonian Mistress Pandora using The English Mansion’s motorised queening chair

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Cuckold Slave Duties – Comic Strip

We love to humiliate and cuckold slaves at The English Mansion so we hope you enjoy this  special Comic Strip featuring super hot cuckoldress Mistress Pandora (Emma Butt).
And, you can watch the movie Cuckold Slave Duties (where the photos for this comic were taken from) inside the members area right now.

And Cuck Slave Clean Up with the gorgeous Mistress T.

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Zara du Rose’s Pleasuredome

One of The English Mansion’s resident kinksters, the totally gorgeous Ms Zara du Rose (winner of Fetish Model of 2016 at Sexhibition & winner of BDSM Sex Goddess 2016 at the DDF Awards, Europe) is once again hosting a very special erotic event in central London…

“Come where kinky lovers roam – Welcome to the Pleasuredome!
… Shooting stars never stop – Even when they reach the top”

Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Saturday the 15th April 2017

This will surely be the biggest Zara du Rose event to date with up to 300 kinky souls. Taking place at the hidden gem that is London’s Blundell Street Studios, this locale is tucked away from prying eyes, only a few minutes walk from Caledonian Road tube station. The venue will be transformed by professional set dressers & the ZDR Team to bring you a fantastical world of pleasure and decadence, where luxury meets fetish.

Think extravagant sensuality, flamboyance & self-indulgence – a place where your mind and body can run wild. Will you dance the night away, join a stranger on the bed or be strapped to a device on the balcony? As always, they are encouraging their guests to dress to impress or excess! Think dapper or dandy, ruffles or feathers & mythical creatures.

Performances by: Miss Bliss & Slave Otto; Volkova & The Den Of Iniquity; The Dress Up Dolls & Exxess Latex.

Luxury Dungeon equipment supplied by Sweet Torments. X-rated stage shows. Professional photographers & videographers to capture the evening (only if you wish.) Kinky canapés. Full Bar & Cocktails, Live music, DJ’s, Dancing & Plenty of Pleasure!

A friendly environment to play, talk, dance & make new connections.
So what are you waiting for? You’re welcome at the Pleasuredome with Zara this April…

For all the details & to book see here

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Divine Prima Donnas

Dominatrixes are mainly known for their skills in the art of sadism and domination.
OK yes, they are often evil megalomaniacs who treat everyone, sub or not, as minions in their twisted plans of world domination… and people you can never get on the phone! However, what is probably less well-known (and I have met quite a few) is what exceptional individuals they are – creative, artistic, visionary, challenging & highly intelligent. A rare breed of women who have surpassed the realms of the ordinary world and created their own.

I’m continually impressed by the creative talents of dominas, so much so, that I wanted to showcase here some unique artistic portraits of them, produced by them in collaboration with amazing photographers. Welcome to their quirky, sublime and surreal word…

Credits from Top to Bottom
Mistress Alice Malice
Mistress Jezabel By Jones & Ariel B
– Mistress Jezabel as a mesmeric sideshow snake-woman (and she really does have a split tongue) this was produced in collaboration with Club Rub for a set of six circus themed fliers.
Governess Elizabeth by Frankie & Gerrys
Mistress Evilyne
Mistress LunaSuch a great quirky photo, Mistress Luna on her pedestal (unfortunately, only one way to go once your up there).
Miss Annalieza by Scott Cole Photography – What can I say, her body is a work of art!
Mistress Eve by Sean Scott
Lady Nina Birch by Ariel B – Lady Nina reminiscent of a cruel Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake, off my boots!”
Ms Tytania by Ms Tytania – Ms Tytania on a mission to ‘defeat patriarchy’ with her feminist agenda femdom revolution – ‘No Goddess, No Mistress, No Corsets’. Truly a unique, artistic and political take on our industry.
Dominant Dolly by Ariel B
Fetish Liza by Fetish Liza
Morrigan Hel by Dan Santoni – I’ve always adored this reimagining of The Bride of Frankenstein
Miss Velour by valerian-de-thorianie.com
Lady Lola by Von Hugo
Mistress Darcy by Matt Christie
Mistress Asmondena by valerian-de-thorianie.com
Mistress Sidonia by Ariel B
Mistress Elita Darling
Mistress Miranda
Miss Velour (Nurse) by Gianluca Cambriani
Goddess Anastaxia
Zara du Rose by Julien Reynaud
Miss Jessica Woods by Ariel B
Meisterin J.zarA by Ariel B
Lady Nina Birch & The Marquise by Peter Felix Kurtz

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Predicament Bondage – A Slave’s Dilemma

So what is Predicament Bondage?

Well it’s a bondage scenario where the restrained submissive is faced with a quandary – if I do this… this will happen, as one action will result in another, hence the predicament. This adds a psychological dimension to the play along with the physical sensations. Predicament bondage can also be any situation where the slave must move around and/or perform a task while bound, usually with the added peril that they will be punished for not achieving this task. Confused?! Don’t worry predicament bondage is always difficult to define in the abstract and so is probably best explained though real-life examples and photographs.

If you regularly read this blog you already know what a bondage aficionado I am, ergo I adore predicament bondage and love to devise fiendish dilemmas for my poor slaves. So here are some illustrated examples of predicament bondage scenarios…

Safe, Sane & Consensual: Remember never leave anyone alone in bondage!

All of the above photos are from sessions you can watch at The English Mansion and the last is from the new release Chain Hogtie Predicament, now showing.

And coming soon Pt2 More Predicament Bondage

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