Chastity Malady ~ Femdom Comic Story

chastity-malady-english-mansion-comic-newFor never was a story of more woe, than of slavegirl and her denied Romeo…

We hope you enjoy this fun femdom Comic Strip Chastity Malady featuring Mistress Sidonia & Ms Zara du Rose with images taken from the movie Cruel Chastity, now showing inside the members area.

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Hell’s Xmas Belles 2016

  • Mistress Amrita ~ Miss Jessica ~ Dominatrix An Li
  • Mistress Pandora ~ Domina Snow ~ Lady Lucea
  • Mistress Katerina ~ Miss Tiffany ~ Mistress Sarah Jessica
  • Miss Jasmine ~ Mistress Evilyne ~ Miss Indie Fox
  • Miss Zara du Rose ~ Miss Foxx ~ Ms Vivienne l'Amour
  • Miss Suzie Best ~ Miss Annalieza ~ Mistress Sidonia
  • Governess Elizabeth ~ Mistress Lola Ruin ~ Mistress Ezada
  • Mistress Nikki ~ DSO Domstrapon ~ Mistress T
  • Lady Nina Birch ~ Ms Savannah ~ Fetish Liza
  • Dominant Dolly ~ Goddess Lexi ~ Mistress Roxy

We have hours of Festive Fetish Fuckery inside our Winter Wonderland of
Daily Double Film Updates
from Fri 25th Nov to Mon 16th Jan 2017,
that’s more than 50 days with over 12hrs of totally
New & Exclusive HD content for Mansion members!

So it’s going to be a Cruel Yule for all our slaves & subs and with so much content we’re featuring over 30 real-life stunning dominatrixes & dominant Women.
So come and meet our Hell’s Xmas Belles, if you dare…


Find out about these real-life dominatrixes, prodoms & dominant women here

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Julian Murphy: Quirky Fetish Artist


Clothes Pegs, Love Triangle, Russian Dolls, Anticipation, Pair of Shoe & Swiss Army Knives by Julian Murphy

Julian Murphy: Fetish Graphic Artist Extraordinaire

I’ve always loved the British artist, Julian Murphy’s work, (actually he’s a neighbour in Bristol, though these days he resides in the USA), he’s like a quirky fetish Escher. His acclaimed fetish art, which he describes as “sciperepics”; transforms everyday household appliances into extraordinary objects of desire, usually with a kinky humorous twist 🙂

“Julian Murphy’s art work is intelligent, humorous and ingenious, his images have been featured in magazines and books in over 600 publications worldwide. His pieces hang in museums and galleries too…there’s even a piece hanging in the famous Moulin Rouge, Paris!”

Julian has recently open a fantastic merchandise site where you choose the art and then have it reproduced on just about anything!  Including mugs, teddy bears, bags, mouse-mats and even boxer shorts & thongs – take a peek here Julian Murphy Store
To view or purchase his artwork here: Julian Murphy Gallery


Julian Murphy’s erotic Russian Dolls were brought to life by sculptor Bryan Rawlings and now reside in the Erotic Art Museum in Hollywood, California.

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Winter Wonderland 2016 – Double Film Updates

Winter Wonderland – Double Daily Film Updates

winter-wonder-snow-2016We’re going to be putting the ‘X’ into Xmas here at the Mansion inside our Winter Wonderland of Daily Double Film Updates.

So from Friday 25th of November till Sunday 16th of January 2017
we’ll be updating Two New & Exclusive
Femdom & Fetish films Every Day!
Over 50 days, totaling over 12 hrs of New footage for our members.

Here are just some of the upcoming Femdom films we’re showing in this Xmas

  • 01 Chained_Bed_Pussy_Service_blur
  • 02-Cock_Dilation_Treatment_blur
  • 03-Cruel_Chastity_blur
  • 04-Enslaved_For_Their_Pleasure_blur
  • 05-An_Afternoons_Entertainment_blur
  • 06-Inverted_Double_Service_blur
  • 07-Strapon_Clinic_blur
  • 08-Cuckolded_For_The_First_Time_blur
  • 09-Fresh_Meat_To_Milk_blur
  • 10-The_Garden_Party_Pt4_blur
  • 11-Cross_Electrics_blur
  • 12-Cock_Hazing_The_New_Girl_blur
  • 1312-Serving_Sarah_Jessica_blur

  • 01-Three_Way_Bang_blur
  • 02-Ezadas_Edging_Handjob_blur
  • 03-Becoming_Her_Slave_blur
  • 04-Date_Night_Foot_Surprise_blur
  • 05-Humiliating_A_Puny_Cunt_blur
  • 06-Predicament_Dinner_blur
  • 07-The_Garden_Party_Pt3_blur
  • 08-Her_Fuck_Slave_blur
  • 09-Spurting_Sissy_Sucker_blur
  • 10-Tricked_Transformed_Traded_blur
  • 11-Summer_Strapon_blur
  • 12-The_Leftovers_blur
  • 13-Night_Pit_Punishment

Featuring: Governess Elizabeth, Miss Vivienne l’Amor, Mistress T, Dominatrix An Li, Mistress Sarah Jessica, Miss Zara du Rose, Mistress Evilyne, Mistress Lola Ruin, Miss Annalieza, Miss Indie Fox, Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Mistress Katerina, Lady Lucea, DSO Dom Strapon, Mistress Ezada Sinn, Fetish Liza, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Amrita, Mistress Roxy Jezel, Ms Sly, Mistress Pandora, Domina Snow, Lady Nina Birch & Mistress Sidonia. See here for more about these dominas.

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Beguiling Beauty: Mistress Sarah Jessica

mistress-sarahjessica-englishmansionWelcoming Mistress Sarah Jessica
We were so pleased to welcome another classic dominatrix to The English Mansion this summer. Mistress Sarah Jessica is a gorgeous, super sexy Prodom and fetish model, originally from Scotland but now based in Manchester, UK.

A born domme and true sensuous sadist, this lady’s beguiling beauty and allure easily has slaves under her control and willing to do her bidding. She has a natural empathy with the sub mindset and uses this prowess in crafting the perfect scene. Sarah Jessica particularly enjoys the sensual side play including tease & denial; foot & shoe worship; and enforced feminisation. Though has no qualms letting rip her sadistic side especially for CBT play.

Check out her website here or More Info Here

You can see her right now inside our members’area and more footage is coming this Xmas.

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Whip Crack Away! – Essentia Whips


Essential Whips: Everything you’ll ever need for Cracking, Thwacking, Smacking & Whacking!

Essentia Whips is one man’s love story with whips. Whips are Tony’s passion and what he produces are truly beautiful bespoke items. He’s been splicing for over 30 years and building whips for 20, making him one of the forerunners & pioneers of BDSM whip making in the UK. He’s even produced a DVD tutorial on how to put together a nylon signal whip, (available from his website.) As an artisan and whip making expert, he is of course remarkably knowledgeable about using, designing, caring for and breaking in whips. Through his website, Essentia Whips, he offers a huge variety of highly crafted impact toys, including: floggers; multi & single-tail whips; and leather & wooden paddles.


Whips are Unique, Personal Items
BDSM & erotic play whips are not mass-produced (we’re excluding the cheap plastic imports), so you are going to have to buy bespoke from a craftsman. Therefore, being able to discuss your needs with an expert is a must. This is probably most applicable when purchasing single-tail whips like bullwhips, sjamboks, quirts or snake whips.

Yes, you can choose the colour and splicing pattern, but to the uninitiated  – basically those of us who just like hitting people with them, you’ll probably need advice to help understand the different types of whips, weights, lengths & skins/hides. Whips may look simple but using them is an art; and finding the right one for your stature and needs is essential. Tony from Essentia is an authority on whips and whip construction plus we highly recommend his wares here at The Mansion.

Mansion Mistresses put some single-tails to work. Mistress Lola (right) here using a Essentia Bullwhip

Raw-hide Indeed!  🙂

Ok, so, buying a bespoke whip takes time and planning and they can be pricey, which doesn’t suit all. So, Essential Whips does offer some excellent ‘Off The Shelf’ impact toys that you can buy right now! The perfect gift for any dominant woman and something you can regret afterwards if (when) you manage to displease her 🙂


Some implements from the ‘Off The Shelf Range’

So take a look at the website for more details:
&  and also here:

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