Accepting the Challenge – Femdom Style

MistressNikki-DominantDollySo the Ice Bucket Challenge goes on… and here are two of my nominees’ nominees :)

Nikki Whiplash’s ice bucket challenge
from Nikki Whiplash on Vimeo.

Dominant Dolly’s Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Motor Neuron Disease

Both seriously impressive, creative & funny offering from these two Mansion Mistresses: Mistress Nikki Whiplash & Dominant Dolly

Mistress Nikki never fails to entertain us with her naughty exploits - here she is sight-seeing in London :) Make sure you check out

Mistress Nikki never fails to entertain us with her wicked exploits – here she is sight-seeing in London :) Make sure you check out

And lastly, there is also this offering from Brighton Domina Miss Velour  & SkinTwo CEO Tim Woodward who were nominated with moi, by DSO in her original challenge (see here).

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Throne Games – New Doms

new-dominas-Throne-Games-theenglishmansion-2014-We have three very different leading ladies making their debut very soon at The English Mansion…all enjoy toying with men and have their own unique style and interests within female domination.

Here at the English Mansion we have no fixed rules about what constitutes femdom – it can be empowering, sexual, fetishistic or downright sadistic with infinite other permutations. We give our dominas a free rein and then just let them indulge in what they most enjoy :)

So get ready to bow down before the thrones of 3 stunning killer queens…

Mistress Evilyne
A young, refined, attractive domina with an alluring plummy voice. This Mistress will take you to the depths of depravity and then laugh at your suffering… be prepared to consume her – she loves you to take her spit, smoke and so much more. More Info Here

Mistress Ezada Sinn
If there was a superhero Dominatrix I think she would look like Mistress Ezada. For this is one beautiful, sultry, stunning domme with a powerful, perfect hourglass figure. Mistress Ezada is a classic and enthusiastic lifestyle domina.  More Info Here

Ms Ella Kros
A stunning fetish model and erotic domina, Ms Kros loves to tease you with her perfect body and you will succumb, uttlerly mesmorised … for this young lady just exudes sexiness. More Info Here

You’ll be seeing more of them at The English Mansion very soon.

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Why I love Bound Men


I never suck cocks but do like biting the small useless ones – hard! And, there’s nothing better than a nice cruel nail wank.

What is it about a hooded guy in elaborate bondage that makes me so wet and hot, it’s always been one of my absolute favourite kinks. I guess I like having them totally at my mercy – using, teasing, tormenting and making them suffer. Watching them squirm, making them beg, but ultimately knowing I have control over their total being. I love them not knowing when I will release them, how long the torment will go on. (When you are in bondage time passes in a different way – much slower.) It also dehumanises them, once tied and hooded they’re just a new toy, existing to serve me, nothing more.

taped-to-a-board-cbtIt’s also my preferred way to have sex. I like to tie up men and fuck them or push my wet cunt and arsehole into their little gaping mouths. I like to be on top to fuck, I like to take what I want, how I want it. That’s why I love a hooded, mummified guy, it turns him into nothing more than a mouth and cock. A kind of human sex toy, much better than a vibrator – I’d much rather have a real hard, warm cock any day. Once a guy is dehumanised in bondage that’s all he is – something to be used and abused. I don’t give a thought to his pleasure because that’s not why he exists.

lycra-bondage-toy-table-tied-CBT--I have ambivalent feelings about whether I should let a slave cum – I mean I get nothing out of it but a spent useless slave who has gone off the boil, however, it can be used effectively as a reward. Though even then, I quite often spoil it at the end with a ‘ruined orgasm’ – I enjoy their suffering and it reminds them of the power I have. I have found that some slaves need to be regularly milked (they’re just like cows really) to keep them compliant (and I guess it does have health benefits, I do believe slaves should be kept fit and well). While other subs must be kept for long periods in chastity or indoctrinated abstinence (i.e. the threat of me whipping their cock if they cum!) as they work so much harder with the promise of release as a possibility.

247_Slavery_Day5_Pt1of3I thoroughly enjoyed this long-term bondage during Day 5 of my Real-Time Footage 247 Slavery (see my other blogs). I designed it so my slave (property) could be left for a long period: no stress points; posture collar doing its medical job supporting the neck as well as immobilising it; web/slavecam so slavey was constantly monitored; and a chastity device with a built-in sound and bucket strategically placed. I’m just so kind :)

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Fetish Fuck Me Shoes!


Charlize Bella wears Lickmefuckmeboots. Photo by Joby Rawlins

We just love these fetish fuck me shoes & boots by Milan-based erotic footwear designer ainsley-t. With their brazen butt-plugs heels, some of their shoes even come with a ball gag. This beautifully made footwear just shouts “I’m sexy and I know it!”

ainsley-t-bootsAbsolute Boot
And our favourite here at The Mansion, is their gorgeous but sadistic leather knee boots. These are accessorised with a side-pocket containing a whip, a cock-ring holster and a pin-wheel for naughtier torments. Beware boys these boots will make you do as you are told! Designed by a dominatrix for every girl who wants to be one. Wear them in the bedroom, restaurant or… dungeon.

plug-boots-Plug Boot
Ainsley-t is where fetish and high fashion meet, their footwear is gorgeously strange and strangely gorgeous. They also produce ‘foot corsets’ which keep the wearer’s foot en-point,  combining corsets with footwear, two fetish icons put together – perfect.
These are works of love – check out their website here ainsley-t.

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Ice Bucket Challenge: My Nominees

nomineesSee my Ice Bucket Challenge here
Part of the challenge is to finish by nominating three new people to receive the bucket of ice cold water (this is done in aid of the charity ALS, you donate £5 if you do the challenge but must donate more if you don’t!).
So here we go…here are the impressive offerings from my nominees :)

Visit Mistress T here

Some sissies may have been harmed in the making of this video :)
Visit Lady Nina Birch here

Visit Mistress Evilyne here

Oh dear Mistress Nikki Whiplash had two nominations, I think that must mean double the punishment for some poor hapless boy… Can’t wait :)

And, Dickie Virgin has made a generous donation to the charity – serious kudos to him :)

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