Man’s Ruin Pt 2: Sgt. Rock’s Last Stand and To Hell & Back

ballbusting-bitchPrepare for… Teutonic Trampling, Testicular Torment & Torpedo Bra Teasing in

To Hell & Back – More Amazing Tales of Heroic Masochism

“I won’t talk’ grunted Sgt. Rock through clenched teeth. A strange and sinister smile twisted the corner of his captor’s luscious lips.
“Maybe a little goose-stepping on your balls vill loosen your tongue” The smile broke into an evil laugh as Stella Von Stern slapped the enslaved Sgt. Rock hard across the jaw. This was the second day he had spent bound to an uncomfortably bamboo chair in the jungle hut. A mischievous native girl and her poison dart had thwarted his top-secret mission into the heart of enemy territory. Sgt. Rock had been attempting to suck the poison from the tip of his penis when he was fell upon by a troop of She Fuhrers and captured. Once the fever from the poison dart had subsided, he awoke to find himself a prisoner of one of the most feared but yet strangely beautiful comandanks of the Herman Army.

“Vot is your name, wank and serial number?” purred the Teutonic temptress in the G.I.’s ear of steel.
“I think the word you are looking for is rank.” Grunted Sgt. Rock.
“No,” she sighed, “I meant wank, your tummy solider still seems to be standing to attention. Maybe we should dismiss him.”


Stella raised her leather boot to rest it dangerously close to Sgt. Rock’s rock hard manhood, enabling him to get a glimpse of her stocking tops. Her riding crop jabbed greedily at his throbbing camouflage pants.
“Is this still the effect of the poison dart or maybe you are impressed by my tutonically tight skirt.” She said pushing her knee hard against the immense girth of his chest.
“In fact, our spies have reported that some really tough G.I.’s have their name, rank and serial number tattooed on the inside of their foreskin to prove how hard they are!”
Sgt. Rock winced and gritted his teeth, nearly sheering the shaft of his cigar. “And maybe, if your mission is so top secret, then maybe I’ll find some information that vill be of use to the Herman High Command.”

Sgt. Rock thought rapidly and hard, the story about the tattooed toughies was just barrack room bravado spread around to make everyone think his commando unit was the most hardened, gun-ho fighting force in the world. Whilst his sadistic interrogator remained distracted by a little cock and ball torture he could keep from revealing the truth about his mission. There was nothing else he could do but pretend to be a lily-livered coward, a pansy, a patsy and a goddamn yellow-bellied softy.

“No!” he screeched, “You’ll find nothing there. I’ll tell you my name…it’s Wenzell, Wenzell Rock. My rank is Sergeant and my serial number is 0000001. Just let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.”
“Ah ha, as I thought.” She was smiling again, that evil and perverted smile. Stella Von Stern’s foot ground hard over the red, white and blue tip of Sgt. Rock’s steely manhood. The forceps were cold and cruel as they twisted the true blue cock, sadistically pulling back the foreskin.

“Vell!” she exclaimed “Completely blank. Either you’re lying or you veren’t tough enough to get a tattoo. Let’s see how tough you really are Sgt. Rock.”
The all American hunk fell to the floor as Stella Von Stern took hold of his helmet and threw him from the chair. “This is vhere the fun really starts!”
“No,” cried the Sergeant “Not my cigar!” Too late, her Jacqueline Boot kicked it from his lips and ground it into the floor of the jungle hut. Stripping her blouse like a wild tigress, Stella Von Stern fell upon his back and sat astride the huge hulk of his shoulders she viciously pulled his hair, twisted his ear and gave him a nasty Chinese burn.
“You can chafe me all you want I won’t talk.”

“ O you vill talk alright. After I have given you a good hearty wrestle, I shall call for my guard. She is very artistic with her tattoo machine once she has vitten a message on your so-called manhood declaring your allegiance and slavery to the She Fuhrers, you will be branded a traitor and a coward. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”
“I won’t talk.” He hissed, “Never ever, ever.”

The insect like buzz of the tattoo machine filled the jungle night. Sgt. Rock twisted his neck in the strangle hold of Stella Von Stern so he could see the doorway. A shadowy figure loomed at the entrance, the moonlight glinting on the needle tip of the tattoo gun. Elsa Von Strap-On clicked her heels and marched smartly into the room.
“Pin him down Von Strap-On I shall begin my dictation…”

To Be Continued… Written by Mark E. Dezard
Read Part 1 here  ~ Part 2 Coming Soon

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today – Outdoor Femdom


With the Summer in full bloom it has been the perfect weather for outdoor fun and games; and what better place for cruel Mistress & slave play than the Mansion woodlands – a dark desolate place where bad things happen and no one can hear the screams :)

And, what a lot of ‘fun’ we’ve been having and you’ll be seeing it all very soon inside The English Mansion…

If you go down to the woods today- You’re sure of a big surprise!
outdoor-femdom-woodland-collection-2Showing and coming soon films with (clockwise) Mistress Sidonia, Miss Jasmine,
Lady Natalie Black, Mistress Vixen, Miss Shay Hendrix, Miss Savannah Sly,
Mistress T, Mistress Sophia Black & Domina Dante Posh.

Staked_Out_In_The_WoodsWatch Staked Out in the Woods a new & exclusive film just started

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BDSM Mainstreaming – Top Ten Commercial BDSM Films

Welcome to The English Mansion’s Top Ten Commercial BDSM Films

The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon will yet again shine a massive spotlight onto the world of BDSM when the film is released in February 2015. Actually, fetishism, BDSM and general perviness abounds in a huge number of ‘Hollywood’ type films but very few focus entirely around them. I’ve endevoured to compile a list of the top ten best ones.

So, to get into this list the movie had to: centre around BDSM or very pervy themes (not just have one incredible scene); to be (fairly) well-known; and to prove it was mainstream to have at least one A-lister starring in it. So here is my list of the Top Ten Mainstream BDSM (ish) Movies.

1. Personal Services 1987 The British really do it best! An account of Cynthia Pain’s life as a madam in a suburban pervy brothel. Plus Julie Waters in a PVC catsuit.

2. Secretary 2003 with James Spader & Maggie Gyllenhaal. “Assume the position…” This film explored the relationship between a sexually dominant boss and his submissive secretary. Interestingly, Spader’s character was called ‘Mr Grey’.

3. 9 & 1/2 Weeks 1985 with Micky Rourke & Kim Basinger. Before 50 Shades of Grey there was 9 1/2 weeks.

4. Bitter Moon 1992 Directed by Roman Polanski with Hugh Grant & Kristin Scott Thomas. Eroticism, madness and sexual obsession.  Where does the sexual relationship that has tried everything go…

5. Kinky Boots 2005 with Chiwetel Ejiofor & Joel Edgerton. Loved the Tranny dance scenes. Loosely based on a true story, a struggling British shoe factory develops a plan to produce custom footwear for TVs, CDs & drag queens.

6. Eyes Wide Shut 1999 Dir. Stanley Kubrick with Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman. Cruise’s character stumbles into a secret society’s masked orgy.

7. Misery 1990 with Kathy Bates. An obsessive fan keeps a writer prisoner – no one will ever forget the hobbling, he can’t run away now – she was scary, really scary! (OK this is not strictly BDSM and yet its underlying femdom theme is unquestionable.)

8. The Rocky Horror Show 1975 with Tim Curry & Susan Sarandon. “I’m just a Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania.” Sexual deviance in all its glory.

9. Basic Instinct 1992 with Sharon Stone & Michael Douglas. More of a sexual thriller – bondage+sex=ice pick murder but the character of Catherine Trammel is etched into our psyches.

10. Quills 2000 Set in 1794, a fictional tale of the Marquis de Sade and his desire to have his stories published whilst imprisoned in a mental asylum. A fascinating exploration of hypocrisy & sexuality with Jeffrey Rush, Kate Winslet & Michael Caine

And if there was going to be runner-up it would be:
The Handmaid’s Tale 1990
with Natasha Richardson & Faye Dunaway. Sexual slavery and foot canings just to begin with!

I didn’t forget Exit to Eden 1994 it’s such a terrible movie it didn’t deserve to be on the list; or Preaching to the Perverted 1997 but it didn’t have an A-Lister, so didn’t make it. And Boxing Helena 1993 was excluded for both the above reasons.

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SM Aphrodisiacs, Hate Fucks & Tongue Lashes

In Search of the (better) Female Orgasm Pt 2pussy-licking-mistress-pandora-2
Mistress Pandora using the electric face sitting/pussy licking chair – the perfect way sit back in comfort and get his tongue exactly where you want it

Heightening your Orgasm: The Aphrodisiac of (someone else’s) Pain
the-cuck-box-I guess I have a bit of a sick and twisted side :) but pain has an aphrodisiac effect on me – my slave’s pain that is! I would highly recommend more women try it.There is something about his sweat, little grimaced red face and quiet moans that gets me all hot and horny. It most definitely heightens my orgasm.

Mistress T took the idea a little further by both hurting a slave while not even fucking him, as on top of this he was cuckolded as she fucked another slave beside him, he was even hooded so he could not even watch! So used together the cries of one slave were the aphrodisiac while the other provided the relief.

In the film Whipped For Her Orgasm Lady Nina & myself give a slave a hard whipping while Fetish Liza enjoys masturbating herself watching him suffering.whipped-for-her-orgasm Hate Fucking
As regular readers of this blog will know – I am fascinated with how to completely physically and psychologically break my male slaves – the most important factor is to destroy their self-worth and sense of individuality. I have been experimenting with ‘hate fucking’ when I fuck a slave either sexually or with a huge strapon when I’m genuinely angry and annoyed with them. Fucking someone with total contempt is so hot for me, yet so degrading for them. Recently a slave of mine found himself cruelly fucked all over the Mansion grounds in every position possible with my biggest strapon at night in the wet and cold. I was fully dressed and furious – the fuck was exhilarating and cathartic for me while he was left sore, used and broken!


Vituperation  – Extreme Verbal Humiliation
I also love to verbally abuse slaves when fucking them – and my cutting tongue can be as cruel as any whip. To like to remind them how worthless they are and I never let them cum. They are nothing more than human vibrators there for my use. Somehow this treatment and degradation of them focuses the whole of the sexual act on me and my sexual pleasure  – again a sure way to let me achieve a huge orgasm.

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A Lady & A Vamp – Nina Birch

Lady-Nina-Birch-English-Mansion-collection-2014Two recent Mansion films (Maid Trained Maid Milked & Nina’s Sissy Slut Girls) and two up-coming ones featuring Lady Nina Birch and some of her ‘special girls’ Felicity, Natalie & Tiffany.

 All New Website
Lady Nina Birch resident English Mansion Domina, cock controlling dom wife and sissification specialist has completely revamped her personal website with a huge number of new and recent photos of Ms Birch in action.

Lady-Nina-Birch-dot-comVisit the all new

Lady Nina’s main focus is domestic-style domination. She loves to play at being your strict wife – she’ll train, control, tease and humiliate you and your ‘little man’. Her other passion is for TV, Slut & Sissy training and you’ll soon find yourself dressed up and worshipping her strapon. Her huge wardrobe also extends to everything from slut wear to full sissification attire, to make up and wigs. She also specialises in clothing & leg/foot fetishists.

Jessica Dee’s Thoughts of a Submissive CD
Also check out this great blog about Jessica’s visit to the Mansion English Mansion – Third time’s a charm where she gets taken in hand by both Lady Nina Birch & Miss Jessica Woods here

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She – Who Must Be Obeyed by H Rider Haggard


Influential to Femdom: Yes – Of Value Today: No

She is an adventure novel written by Henry Rider Haggard in 1887. It is considered a classic having sold over 83 million copies worldwide and was once one of the best-selling books of all time! (It is even cited in the psychoanalytical theories of Sigmund Freud.)

Most critiques skim over the sexual titillation of the novel which revolves around femdom themes. (Something I might argue may have been a huge part of its appeal in the constrained 19th century.) The tribe, the adventurers meet, is female led these partially naked young female natives choose or change men as sexual partners at will. The tribe is ruled by the all-powerful and ruthless ‘She who must be obeyed’. ‘She’ is a seductive femme fatale whose beauty puts men totally under her spell. One of the main male characters is throughout the book indifferent to the charms of women but instantly falls in love with her. While another should hate her because she murders a native girl devoted to him but he too cannot help but kneel before her in awe.


A 1968 Hammer Films titillating spin-off, featuring the character of She.

Today, its appeal has waned, in fact you are probably more likely to remember another of Haggard’s books King Solomon’s Mines featuring the adventurer Allan Quatermain. Think Raiders of the Lost Ark and you’ll get the basic premise for Haggard’s stories, he was obviously a huge influence on the Indiana Jones franchise.

I don’t recommend reading this book. This is a deeply racist (managing to offend many races and religions) and despite its central character, misogynistic book. It does expound an insightful, if distasteful, look into the Victorian Gentleman’s mindset of superiority and imperialism over foreign barbarism. Dark-skinned ‘primitive’ races that need the Empire to impose British rule in order to civilize them. Even ‘She’ is a white queen ruling over natives (reminiscent of Queen Victoria and her Empire.)

So successful was She Haggard wrote three sequels including Ayesha, the Return of She. And, the character of She has inspired more than ten film adaptations. Including a 1935 version (made by the creators of King Kong [1933]) set in the Arctic, rather than Africa, and depicts the ancient civilisation of the story in an Art Deco style (?). And, Hammer Films made a 1965 adaptation staring Ursula Andress & Christopher Lee.

So successful was ‘She’ Haggard wrote three sequels including ‘Ayesha, the Return of She’. The character of She has inspired more than ten film adaptations. Including a 1935 version (made by the creators of King Kong [1933]) set in the Arctic, rather than Africa, and depicts the ancient civilisation of the story in an Art Deco style (?). Hammer Films made a 1965 adaptation staring Ursula Andress & Christopher Lee.

I wanted to read this novel as I’ve been looking at cultural influences that have shaped our concept of the ‘dominant or alpha woman’. And, there is no doubt this book was hugely influential and has its place on the path that has brought us to today’s notions of femdom. However, its innate sexism and racism (thought we can recognise they must be seen in the context of when the book was written) leave it of little value for modern readers or today’s femdom world.

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