In Search of the Female Orgasm Pt 2

As a woman I need multiple orgasms to be satisfied, that’s why a stable of sex slaves is so useful 🙂 Here my lovely friend Mistress T is kindly helping me out making sure this tongue-slave is working properly!

The Cum Rules
I have had many different ‘Cum Rules’ over the years, (we even made a movie about them once) but one staple is that a slave must give me a large number of orgasms to earn just one for himself – hence the title of that film 50=1.

I also like to use ‘male ejaculation’ as a Pavlovian training tool; he will be permitted to cum but (for ex.) only when my heels are digging into his nipples or when his tongue is right up my arse. The former helps to train his mind to love pain a useful trait for one of my slaves, while the latter helps reinforce his position in My world.

For a woman to be turned on and to cum is a slow and individual process and therefore something a slave must focus all his attentions onto and will need considerable training in. For me even the training is quite a turn on, lying back comfortably on the bed with a crop in hand making sure his tongue is doing what I want – where I want, while any infractions will earn him an extremely hard stroke across his backside.

So, there is too much focus in porn on the act of the man ejaculating and here at The English Mansion I’ll be addressing the balance 🙂 personally…

Photo from Just A Little Sex Toy – a new remastered version now released

Read Pt1 here  – In Search of the Female Orgasm (& Lots of Them) Pt 1

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Maneaters – Femdom Top Ten

Welcome to The English Mansion’s Femdom Top Ten
Our musical Top Tens dedicated to all things kinky

Well this was a very eclectic mix with songs from every decade from the 1950’s to today. With so much choice from kinky boots walking all over you to small penis humiliation. There’s lots of fur in this Top Ten in the title of Venus in Furs but also donned by Madonna, Eartha Kit & Marilyn Monroe. Oh, I just found it funny to include Cliff 🙂 And there were a lot of contenders so there are quite a few excellent tracks that didn’t make it into the Top Ten.

1   These Boots are Made for Walking
Nancy Sinatra (1966) Play Video
2  Erotica
Madonna (1992) Play Video
3  Maneater
Hall & Oats (1982)
or Nelly Furtado (2006)
Play Video
Play Video
4   Short Dick Man
Fingers & Gillette & 20 Fingers (1994) Play Video
5  Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
in joint place with
5   Material Girl
Marilyn Monroe/Nicole Kidman (1953/2001) ~ Madonna (1984) Play Video
Play Video
6   Sexy & I Know It
LMFAO (2011) Play Video
7   Wicked Game
Chris Isaak (1989) Play Video
8   Venus
in joint place with
The Female of the Species
Bananarama (1986)
Space (1996)
Play Video
Play Video
9  Kinky Boots
Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman (1960) Play Video
10 Santa Baby
in joint place with
Devil Woman
Eartha Kitt (1953)

Cliff Richard (1976)

Play Video
Play Video

Contenders that didn’t quite make it into our Top Ten:

Cruella De Vi by Selena Gomez (2008) Play Video
I’m Too Sexy
by Right Said Fred (1992) Play Video
Venus In Furs
by Velvet Underground (1967) Play Video
Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves
Eurythmics/Aretha Franklin (1985) Play Video
I Wanna Be Evil
by Eartha Kitt(1953) Play Video
Killer Queen by Queen (1974)  Play Video
Evil Woman by ELO (1976) Play Video
“In These Shoes?” by Kirsty MacColl (2000) Play Video

The English Mansion’s Kinky Top Tens
Take a look at our other musical Top Tens dedicated to all things kinky ~ to be included the rules are: they must be big hit tracks or tracks from internationally well-known performers.
Femdom Crossdressing
Sub/Dom Music to Whip Guys By
Perverted More Music to Whip Guys By
Sexy Femdom Videos
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10 True Facts About Mistress Sidonia

The birth of a Living Legend 😉

These days I’m continually told I’m a ‘Living Legend’ I recognise it’s meant to be a compliment but it’s a strange tribute making me feel like some kind of historical myth. And life on a pedestal is not always a comfortable one, there’s only room for one and only one way to go once you are up there – down; but I guess it is an inevitable platitude as I have through The English Mansion opened up my life sharing my musings and exploits as a dominatrix. If there is any kind of legacy I hope my enthusiasm for femdom will seep into the modern consciousness shoring up feminism and encouraging women to explore and enjoy their sexualities whatever their inclinations.

So given many dommes seems to be blogging/vlogging 10 facts about themselves etc. I thought I jump on the bandwagon but as readers here are already familiar with my BDSM life and loves, I though I’d let you all know a few lesser facts about moi and why I probably do deserve that legendary status 😉

10 Absolutely True Facts About Mistress Sidonia

1. Once swapped an enema for a car (a 5 Series BMW).

2. Was life banned from two fetish clubs for being too outrageous, Fantastic in Brixton & Spank in Bristol; and given a serious warning at The Skin Two Ball in Hammersmith and only not ejected from the club because she knew the promoters.

Receiving my Erotic Oscar in 1997 from the lead singer of Rockbitch – hey they know how to do award ceremonies at The Sex Manics Ball. And at Torture Garden in the mid 90s.

3. Was punched unconscious by a (real) nun in the full wimple and habit (she was ironically from a convent called The Good Shepherd Sisters.)

4. Has been skiing in Iran.

5. Was asked to leave The Ritz hotel when a person in her party, a now retired prodom, who will remain nameless, mooned at Margaret Thatcher.

6. Has lived in two stately houses.

7. Was queueing outside Torture Garden, Shepherds Bush when it was closed by the police and was inside at Club Whiplash, Putney when it was raided by the police.

Yep that’s me on the flyer & I’m mentioned in the subsequent newspaper expose (1993) which was ridiculous, salacious and of course utterly untrue. My favourite line being “The music was loud but the whipping was louder!” The club won the case and the police got a rap on the knuckles for wasting tax payers money but sadly it led to the demise of Club Whiplash.

8. Received a gift and was taken to the theatre by Lady Diana.

9. Involved in the accidental destruction of two works of art: a Salvador Dali & a Peter Blake (I am mightily ashamed of this).

10. Has been awarded a number of infamous fetish awards including an Erotic Oscar 1997 & The Ivar Gold Golden Cane 2003.

Attending a Prostitution Pride march in the 90s (not sure we’re selling it) –  insert chatting with Cynthia Payne

Note: the unscrupulous click bait title is supposed to be ironic it was nearly, “10 thing about Mistress Sidonia & her cute Kitten that You Need to Know!” Though I do apologise for the ceaseless name dropping but hey getting Cynthia Payne, Margaret Thatcher & Salvador Dali all in is impressive (and that wasn’t even all of them) and finally, re. living legend my tongue is firmly in my cheek 🙂

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Animal Farm: Training & Taming Males

Goddess Serena & her pet puppy

Training & Taming Males – Animal Play

Role playing an animal can have a huge appeal – animals don’t speak or think, or even walk upright. They are owned and trained to be obedient but also loved and even pampered. You can let go of your humanity and immerse yourself in a new alien mindset. Animal play has obvious parallels to Dom/Sub play, most notably the collar & leash and the desire to be owned.

The psychology of human animal role-play generally falls into two categories: Pampered Pets & Dehumanised Animals there is however, much cross-over and many of the actualities of the play is the same.

Pampered Pets
Pets want to immerse themselves into the role of a human animal and relish being dressed up and trained, most usually as a puppy or dressage pony though you do also get latex kittens. What appeals to them and their ‘owners’ is the innate characteristics of an animals nature that come into play, these being: obedience; loyalty; devotion; total reliance on their owners, instinctively wanting to please; and the need to be trained.

Pampered Pets enjoy being playful and petted while well behaved human pups can also be quite pampered by adoring dom owners and shown off in public. Pet ponies especially can be kitted out with elaborate harnesses and bells. I was once quite jealous when I saw an amazing well-trained human Dalmatian puppy walking around Erotica one year.

Click on an image to view the Animal Farm slide show:

Dehumanised Animals

This is where men are turned into animals by their cruel Mistresses as a means to totally humiliate and literally dehumanise them. Useless, old or disobedient slaves are reduced to dogs, pigs or workhorses to totally break and humiliate them. It’s the end of the line, he is no longer even a lowly slave, from now on he is not even human any more. He will no longer be able to talk or walk upright. If necessary he can be kept gagged and put in hobble chains (chains that are not long enough for you to stand in). He will eat her scraps from a bowl on the floor (mittens can be used to stop him using his hands).

This can be an extreme punishment/humiliation for a slave, he may have already lost much of his sense of self, his name ect. but now he will not even be treated as human anymore. Ponies also make useful beasts of burden to carry dominant women from place to place, why should they walk when they can ride. So whatever the animal extensive corrective training will be needed.

You can watch dominant women training & taming males in these two recent English Mansion releases with Goddess Serena, Mistress Inka & Miss Marilyn, right now inside our members area: A Puppy’s Tale & Pounding The Pony.

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The Cane – The Classic English Discipline Tool Pt 1

school-marm-lessons“I hope you’re paying attention boys… the lesson is about to begin.”  Well if Lady Nina was your teacher you’d have a problem concentrating 🙂

The English Cane
This is probably the implement most associated with Corporal Punishment. There is something very emotive about this traditional, English disciplinary tool. Part of the cane’s mysticism is the ritual and theatre associated with its application. This is as much about psychological torment and fear as it is the actual beating. Making the condemned wait, sometimes hours or days in anticipation. The flexing of the rod as a scolding takes place. Then, finally, the rite itself: having the reprobate bent over a desk, or a chair, or perhaps touching their toes as the shorts/skirt is lifted and the panties lowered. Traditionally administered in half-dozen batches ominously referred to as ‘six of the best’.

Caning is an art that involves more than the technical ability to apply an accurate stroke – to master it you must understand its psychology. To the uninitiated, a caning may seem rather staid but I can assure you, a heavy caning is one of the most painful and intense forms of CP you can receive.  To quote one Mansion sub “Just one stroke can take you right to your limit, the pain is like a depth charge that sinks into your flesh and then explodes!”

There are many types of cane, which are actually tropical grasses, reeds or palms characterized by knuckles or joints where the new segment of growth shoots off. Bamboo cane is probably the best known but it is not really suitable for CP as it is inflexible. The best types of cane to use are those that come from the climbing palm or rattan family as these have a flexible stem. There are enormous varieties of rattans, with innumerable differing qualities. The most popular varieties for making a punishment cane are Kooboo, Dragon, Palambang and Malacca.

No two canes are ever identical, as they are natural products, grown, not manufactured. There are an endless variety of rattans. Thickness, flexibility, curvature, colouring and surface finish all vary. Often canes are named and graded by their increased length and thickness: Junior Cane 8mm diameter, Senior Cane 10mm and Reformatory Cane 12mm plus. Lengths usually range from 30in to 36in. Most standard canes are made from Kooboo. For more serious punishments try a Dragon cane as the rattan is denser and slightly stiffer than Kooboo. It also has a very smooth surface which helps it fly through the air faster.

vintage-schoolmarm-otk-spanking-caneDomina Liza with a beautiful vintage knuckled Malacca cane

Another heavier implement is the ferrule originally a Victorian walking cane made from the very thick and heavy rattan Malacca. I have come across so-called ‘fibre-glass’ canes and ‘dressage or show’ canes (canes covered with leather), which are not really canes at all, both are very severe implements that I would suggest only advanced players consider using. Probably the fiercest canes are those used for Singapore judicial punishments, made from stripped manner rattan they are approximately 15mm thick and 50 inches long.

Crook or Straight Handle
So why do canes have crook handles? I have to say I’m not exactly sure, as I have found lots of different explanations. One being that originally walking canes were used to beat people with so the crook handle is just a remnant of this. I have also read that the crook was used to stop the cane slipping out of the hands during a vigorous thrashing. The crook was also used to hang the cane up so it would be a constant reminder to errant young children. Well the crook handle is certainly associated with the school cane. I don’t think the handle makes much of a difference to the cane, many people just have a personal preference. Some straight canes have some kind of added handle, which does make them easier to use.

Short or long & thick or thin
Canes come in a huge variety of lengths and thickness. I would suggest that a beginner use a short, lightweight cane. The longer the cane the more swing, the greater the arc, equaling a more painful stroke. Remember the longer the cane the more difficult it is to control. The weight of the cane changes the sensation and intensity of the stroke. The thinner the cane the more ‘stingy’ and biting it feels. While thicker canes are heavier, more ‘thumpy’ and tend to bruise the skin. With more weight they penetrate more deeply.


Part 2 of this article on The Cane by Mistress Sidonia  – Coming Soon

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Gender Reversal – Retro Sexist Adverts

In A Parallel Universe
is a series of photographic images which recreate real advertisement posters from the 1950s ‘Mad Men’ era. However, artist and photographer Eli Rezkallah from Beirut, Lebanon has taken these sexist and condescending retro images of women and reversed the gender roles in his modern-day makeover.

From disciplinary spankings to claims a woman’s place is in the kitchen, these vintage adverts are rife with sexism, disturbing female objectification and thankfully nowadays laughable stereotypes. His droll twist on these ads cast a spotlight onto notions of gender roles and sexism and hopefully for the world at large will spark a conversation about modern-day gender discrimination. While for us progressives in femdom 🙂 they’re not that surprising!

Just to clarify the smaller images are all genuine published advertisments!

© Photography by Eli Rezkallah, produced by Plastik Studios 2018.
You can see all of the images in this set here as well as some of his other fabulous photography.

Kitchen Bimbo to Sex Object
But… before we all think it’s safe to open the magazines – sadly the sexism is still there it’s just more subtle and dressed up with a bit more gloss and glamour. ‘She’ may have moved out of the kitchen but is still an object, now a sex object subject to male power.

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