The Unintended Spiritual Path Pt2

PVC-DominaBondage as Meditation
Prolonged extreme bondage and enclosure scenes, by their nature, enforce long periods of sensory deprivation – you cannot move, see, hear or speak. After the initial chatter of the mind has exhausted itself and the sexual thrill has subsided you are left in an intensely peaceful and meditative state. A way to go inward because all of the external is removed. This can produce an out-of-body experience, the body is recognised as only a vessel and consciousness is separated creating an overwhelming interconnectedness between self and god/universe. Where you are beyond time and space. To step out from the ruts of our habitual, materialistic comfortable lives, our emotions & thoughts; and return to a transcendental state.

This altered state can also produce an emotional regressive return to the womb – of being swaddled, nourished and cared for by another. You are returned to a childlike state, removed from modern life and its stresses and responsibility.

Outer Transformation as a means to Inner Transformation
Central to BDSM play is ritual dressing, the domme must look powerful, sexually aggressive, warrior-like, while the sub is naked and hooded symbolising their insignificance, inferiority and vulnerability. We also choose or are given new names for ourselves – dommes with an elaborate title and honorific, slaves a simple nickname. Thus we use costumes and names to take on a new role.

One of the most dramatic changes is gender cross dressing, this transformation encompasses an obvious physical change but more significantly a powerful emotional shift – an embodiment of the true you, where you feel finally whole & complete.

These transformative acts allow the player to leave their ‘old’ self behind, to forget it exists to transform into something new, to play out other versions of themselves. To put on a new mantle to open a door to new possibilities. To leave the ‘body’s baggage’ of habits, ideas, thoughts, opinions & emotions behind. This is another route to come out of ourselves. Essentially it is not what you put on but what you take off.

Human beings easily adapt to change (though they are scared of it and fight against it). Actually, our sense of self, our identity – of who and what we think we are, is more fragile than we imagine. Put into a new environment it will change and adapt almost instantaneously easily forgetting what it was. By ‘playing’ at being another self (and BDSM is a form of adult play) we are trying this new self out and the more we step into the role, the more we easily become it. Thus play becomes a route to an inner transformation, an unstoppable sea-change and the beginning of a personal metamorphosis.

Part 3 Coming Soon MSVB

Read Pt1 Here

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Killer Queens – New Doms


Here at the English Mansion we have no fixed rules about what constitutes femdom – it can be empowering, sexual, fetishistic or downright sadistic with infinite other permutations. We give dominant women, switches & our dominatrixes a free rein and let them just indulge in what they most enjoy.

Miss Velour Miss Velour is a glamorous and striking domina who was originally from Italy so still carries a sensual and seductive Italian accent. She is an experienced prodom who specialises in rubber, bondage and transformation scenes with her very own extensively equipped studio in Brighton, South England, UK. More Info Here

Miss Vivenne L’Amore Miss L’Amore is a young, statuesque, beautiful red-headed switch who is still discovering the ‘heady’ delights of femdom and is currently most interested in the ‘heavier’ end of play.  More Info Here

Mistress Dometria Mistress Dometria is an attractive and impressive prodom who was brought up in London, but was originally from Cyprus, she is one super fit Lady who as a female bodybuilder is all sexy flexing muscles. Only serious players need apply to this tough domina who will make you suffer and love every moment of it.  More Info Here

You’ll be seeing more of them at The English Mansion very soon.

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Dynamic Duos: Why 2 is better than 1


Mistress Dometria & Miss Velour about to exert some double rubber control!

OK so yes, nothing can compare with the intensity and total power exchange of a 1 on 1 session between a Mistress and a devoted slave. There is, however, a unique dynamic to a 2-Domme session, it’s a bit like a tag team, relentless, when one stops the other starts or    they gang up for a simultaneous attack – a total mind fuck. I tell my slaves it’s going to be, “double the trouble and twice the work!”


Miss Shay & Ms Savannah Sly enjoy shoe worship to tease their chastity slave

Strapon play is perfect with 2 dommes as the slave can easily be spit-roasted – literally, becoming the meat in the middle. I like to fuck my slaves so hard that my anal thrust pushes them onto my fellow Mistress’s cock :)  Psychological games can also be fun, Lady Nina and I sometimes deliberately give the slave conflicting orders to see which of us he will obey – either way he’s in big trouble!


Double trouble for these slaves with: Mistress Nikki Whiplash & Rebekah Dee; and Mistress T & Ms Ella Kross

For corporal punishments 2 dommes equal an unabated, incessant beating; and there’s no escape as perfect symmetry can be achieved if the slave is (un)lucky enough to get a right & left hander.

Mistress T and I love to use male sex slaves together, he is nothing more than a cock and mouth to be used solely for our pleasure. By us both just ignoring him, chatting only to each other, while using him he is reminded/conditioned that he is now just a sexual object – a sort of more comfortable human vibrator (saves on batteries) :)


No escape for this slave with Lady Bellatrix & left hander Lady Nina Birch

There is also the game of ‘Good Dom, Bad Dom’, an excellent way to mind fuck a slave – one is intimate, appeasing, tender while the other cruel, harsh and sadistic. I have cruelly tortured a slave’s manhood until it hardness subsides and then another domme has used it to fuck her, an involuntary hard-on once again appears which is when she stops and I start the cruel punishment over again… and then again…


Spit-roasting is so *hot* – Mistress T & I enjoy ourselves :)

Alternatively, I have always found it a turn-on to play a game where I get up close to a slave’s face and have an intimate conversation with him, all the while another domme is caning or fucking him at his other end *hot*.


Night time abuse from myself & Goddess Lexi Sindel

We love double domination scenes at The Mansion and you can watch lots of impressive dynamic duos at work inside…

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse – A Slave’s True Account Pt2

A true account of a visit to The English Mansion from one of Mistress Sidonia’s personal slaves. Continued…

Do I hear the faint noise of high heels clicking on a hard floor or am I dreaming? The night had been a long one, and I had lost count of the number of times that I had fallen in and out of sleep; my mind still racing well aware of the cold chains and floor that kept me company. No, this was the unmistakable sound of Mistress Sidonia’s heels, her distinctive, purposeful step that never failed to send my heart racing. Just as these thoughts were forming, a sharp tug on the chain and the feeling of a leather boot pushed into my face meant an instant awakening from my slumber.


My Packing Case  – An Extreme Sendep Bondage Experiance

“Up, Up, get up slave, NOW ! “ – Her clear-cut voice resonated in my ears, piercing thru the sendep hood I had been wearing since arriving at the compound last night.
Getting up as quickly as possible, I followed her out of the cell and into the main chambers. A quick and sharp, “ Position 3, now ” left no doubts that Mistress wanted me to assume the Interview position – where the slave is kneeling in front of the Mistress, sitting on his heels, hands on the small of his back. Removing the hood, she looked straight at me, her piercing blue eyes looking more beautiful and intimidating as ever.

“Had a good night slave?” Even before I could utter a word, she continued,  “As my property you know I can do anything I want to you, don’t you ? You are here to indulge me in one of my favourite activities… and what you had last night, was just something to help you get used to what’s to come – I’m too kind really .. “ Her evil laughter filled the room, giving me a chill down my spine and an instant erection at the same time.

extreme-mummification-sendep-03With that she then revealed a wooden box, with a foam insert that I was later to find out was cut exactly to my measurements. She wasted no time in laying me in the box and wrapping me in a thick black pallet wrap, taking care to leave my cock out, safely locked away in a chastity device. The last view I had of Mistress’s beautiful face as my head was bound and the lid of the box firmly shut.

The feeling of the wrap tightly wound against my body and head, the sound of the lid being closed in the box and the total inability to move a single muscle, took last night’s bondage experience to a whole new level.

“You will stay here in this locked box until I’m ready for you slave –  I can’t wait to get started, and believe me, there is a lot to go through today…”

What was to follow was a series of experiences almost too extraordinary to even try to describe. The extreme sendep meant that all my senses were on overdrive and the several hours that ensued felt like days…

Mistress Sidonia spent a long time toying with my cock and my nipples, enjoying every single whimper or cry, or merely the shuddering of my body with her every touch. The feeling of Mistress Sidonia’s soft hands, the sound of her voice, the warmth of her body and even her heartbeat as she laid on top of me, body pressed against mine, sent me on waves of pleasure that are almost impossible to put into words.

I was her toy, her plaything – totally at her mercy, but also under her care. This feeling of helplessness, of devotion but also of trust, created a lasting bond and a connection, that still is present to this day. It was night again when I was released. Thanking her profusely in the customary way of slaves in her stable, on my knees kissing her leather boots, I made my way back home , wondering when the phone would ring again…

Read Pt1 here

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Ice Queen – Domina Alexandra Snow

We are to welcome a very special guest to the Mansion this Summer one of the USA’s foremost elite dominatrixes
Alexandra Snow

Alexandra-Snow-01We have a very special guest coming to stay at The English Mansion this summer, the stunning domina Alexandra Snow. Miss Snow is one of the USA’s foremost elite dominatrixes; a world-class dungeon owner (Wicked Eden in Ohio); and a fetish model and film producer. Born dominant, she is a lifestyle domme who does not offer “services” but likes to interact with real submissives, offering them the chance to serve a truly authoritative female. A professional dominant for over decade, Miss Snow has established herself as a highly-skilled, knowledagble and extremely accomplished Dominatrix.

Alexandra-Snow-03Alexandra Snow and Mistress Sidonia have long been planning a momentous week of real 247 slavery with only the most dedicated and loyal slaves in attendance. Culminating in a  private femdom party for a small group of lifestyle dommes and their real life slaves. We will also be attending Madam Caramel’s exclusive FemDom Ball in London, this June. Alongside other resident Mansion dominas including: Mistress T, Lady Nina Birch & Mistress Nikki Whiplash.  See Here


We both might have a few places for ‘true’ slaves who wish to serve us over this period, while Alexandra Snow may also need submissives to serve her in a variety of roles while in London, courteous and genuine subs may contact her directly via her website to make enquiries and check her available dates

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