Under Her Spell – Mistress Lola Ruin


Also shown above Mistress T

Here at The English Mansion we like to bring you the world’s most superior and cruel women, all of who genuinely play in their personal lives and many who are available for 1 on 1 sessions and this summer we were pleased to welcome the strikingly beautiful Mistress Lola Ruin, whose spell we’re sure you’ll all soon fall under…

Mistress Lola is the epitome of a femme fatale, glamorous and ultra feminine. She is always immaculatley dressed in the finest latex or exquisite lingerie and impossibly high heels. As a 1940s vintage aficionado Lola is always perfectly coiffured with flawlessly curled scarlet hair, winged eyeliner framing her mesmerising blue eyes, long manicured nails and her signature blood red lipstick. Easily entrancing you as she elegantly sucks the tip of her cigarette and blows the blue smoke into your face.

A natural but cruel enchantress Mistress Lola Ruin will effortlessly ensnare you, she does not bark out her instructions but instead prefers to whisper promises of reward and punishment to you in her soft, sultry feminine voice.

Mistress Lola Ruin is a prodom available in Manchester, North England, UK: specialising in Smoking; Tease’n’Denial; Shoe, Foot & Boot worship; and Slave training. Visit her website here: www.mistresslolaruin.com or here for More Info.

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Mr Mainstream Flirting with Ms Kink

Evil-QueenNo one has missed the ubiquitous 50 Shades of Grey, Vanillas everywhere whispering, “Ooh err missus” or tutting with disapproval while reading all the salacious details, over and then over again. I’ve always suspected the mainstream media is quite au fait with the fetish world and everyone’s unspoken curiosity with it. That’s why they are always trying to unobtrusively squeeze a little pervery in wherever they can – well sex sells! So, I just wanted to share these scenes from some utterly mainstream TV & FILM productions – see what you think?

Once This clip is from a family show from the ABC network – littered with powerful women, sorceresses and evil Queens in the most fabulous outfits, a leather lovers dream. In this scene it’s nice to see Mr Grey get his comeuppance :)

The Paperboy So even Nicole’s at it, though ostensibly for a jelly fish sting but come on, that was supposed to be erotic – and, all over Zac Efron!

Horrible Bosses Hollywood seems obsessed with this naughty ‘new taboo’. Actually, I love how nonchalant and polite they are about it.

Outlander This TV series is just a complete CP fest with quite a lot of BDSM thrown in for good measure.

Dude, Where’s My Car? Vore is a relatively unknown and very niche femdom fetish and yet here it is with all its nuances.

From Dusk Till Dawn I think it’s relatively well known that every Tarantino movie has an unsubtle foot fetish scene, but this is surely the best – if you wanted a top director to do your fetish, then this is The Man!

Little Shop of Horrors This brilliant clip just proves my point entirely.

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Mansels in Distress Pt1

Bondage-frame-torment-handjobMSVB’s Bonus Bondage Thursdays

I have been indulging my dark cravings over the last year, in a series of films showcasing my personal bondage fantasies, with my real-life slaves serving me. So for 2016, every Thursday, we’ll be updating a bonus film, exclusive for English Mansion members. (And, all the photos in this article are from showing or coming soon movies from this new series.)

Mansels in Distress
As I’m getting a little older, I find my BDSM desires are more defined. After years of sexual experimentation I know where my passions lie. And, foremost is bondage, years ago a handcuffed, hooded man at the end of a collar there to do my bidding was pretty hot. These days, however, I am in need of more extreme scenarios with experienced, physically and mentally pliant playthings, who can sate my more acute bondage needs: mummification, suspension, sendep; elaborate body harnesses; extreme hoods and gags.

It’s a lustful urge, a need for total control, to take and use as I will, all the slave is offering to me, to turn them into an objectified fuck or stress toy. A complete enslavement, an empty vessel for my pleasure alone – MINE.

I do love bondage but that does not mean I have forsaken other areas of play: I love to sexually use my slaves to pleasure me; to fuck them with strapons, to beat them as punishment or just for the hell of it; and to mercilessly hurt and tease their genitals – it’s just that I can do all these thing so much easier and feel so much hornier if they are all bound up first!


It is important to me that the bondage is totally inescapable. I’m lucky, as years ago I had a client whose fetish was to try to escape from the bondage I had put him into. And he was extremely good at it – he could get out of straight-jackets, cling-film wraps, rope bondage… and so I learned all the tricks of the escapee. (Puffing up the body before rope bondage, using something in the room to pull down the zip on the back of a straight-jacket, but most important releasing your dominant hand.)

After a long apprenticeship the tide turned and he found he had met his match and stayed in bondage for as long as I pleased. My most satisfying achievement was, with his arms spread eagle, to cable-tie just his two thumbs, to the top two bedposts. Left him for the hour, no happy ending. Tiny amount of bondage but inescapable – checkmate!

4 Reasons Why I Love Bound Boys, to be continued in…
Mansels in Distress Pt2

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Even More Fun with a Strapon Pt3


I’ve discussed the psychological and physical pleasure of wearing a huge strapon cock to give your partner a ‘good old rogering’. I’ve also listed a number of excellent strapon fucking positions but there’s much, much, more fun to be had with a strapon…

Strapon Fellatio & Deepthroat
There is the super sexy experience of making your slave – suck your strapon cock. This is a supremely submissive act, well he has to be on his knees and I love all the eye contact.

Teach him how to tickle and lick it with his tongue all over, up & down; and don’t forget to make him suck your balls, so humiliating. And, if I’m feeling really mean I can fuck his face or make him gag with some cruel deepthroat action. You know it’s deep when their eyes start watering :) Plus fellatio is the perfect way to get it all slopy and wet, ready for his other hole.


Cuckolding & Chastity with a Strapon

Making your sub wear a strapon to fuck you, or someone else, can be so sadistically satisfying, he gets all the work and tease but with none of the pleasure! And, if his cock is on the small side then you can up-size him, just strapon your preferred size and type and put him to work. Imagine his mortifying humiliation, you’re cuckolding him with a dildo.

strapon-cuckold-humiliation-3You can even make him wear it with a tight chastity device or cage, that way he can’t even get an erection while fucking you.

Giant Strapons: BAM & Dave
The BAM is the biggest commercial strapon in the world! Named after a famous American Porn star’s member, known by Mistress Rouge as her ‘Big And Messy’, and we thought perhaps, the ‘Big Arsed Mother F***er’. Its girth is about a coke can and its length is 12 inches. Only the very select few have tried to take BAM, and even fewer have succeeded. More Here You know you’re in trouble when your thinking “I’d prefer to be fisted”, this is for size queens only. The actual, biggest strapon in the world, however is “Dave”, bespoke made for DSO (Dom Strapon) who is Queen of the giant dongs. More Here


Vibrating,  Double Ended, Peeing  & Electric Strapons
These days there are a lot of variations on the strapon, so here are a few: For me using a strapon can be a very sexual act a total reversal of roles,  I like to be naked and to get really close to my partner while fucking them – thus the ultimate experience is for me to cum while fucking him. That’s where vibrating and double ended strapons are perfect. They even make some strapless strapons, which I have tried but don’t seem to be able to get a strong enough thrust:)

I have an electric strapon which I bought at Erotica, it ensures they feel every inch intensely. peeing-strapon

And, who say’s a woman can’t stand up to pee! This was a new toy I made up myself, a strapon cock I can pee through. I especially enjoyed ramming it down the slave’s throat :)

This article is Part 3 of 3 Even More Fun with A Strapon

Read Part 1 of 3 Strapping On A Strapon
Read Part 2 of 3 Strapon Positions
Read Part 3 of 3 Even More Fun with A Strapon

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Brave New World Domination


Screenshot from The online UK Newspaper The Mail. The beautiful and from what I’m reading super smart Ceara Lynch is one of the top humilatrixes in the biz and can always be found in the top 50 at C4S.

The nature of a Prodom (Professional Domination) ‘session’ and indeed the ‘Dominatrix’ herself has undergone a transformation in recent years. No longer the clandestine underground world of seedy contact mags; mature leather-clad dominatrixes, looking like Cher from the 1970s; or purpose-built dark dungeon chambers found down hidden back streets.

OK that’s a little fanciful but not that distant from the reality in the ’70s and ’80s.

Today a ‘1 on 1 play session’ with a prodomme is a much more encompassing and evolving encounter. Recently, an interview in a USA Magazine with prodomme Ceara Lynch (picked up by the world press) brought to the mainstream the evolution that has beset the industry, changes that those of us within it, have seen developing around us. Ms Lynch does not work from a dungeon, started as a late teen, has never gone naked ceara-lynch-and doesn’t even meet her clients in person.

She dominates through her computer: web camming; emails; selling personal items; femdom POV (point-of-view) film clips; or through custom clips tailored to the client’s personal desires.

The Rise of the Cyber Domme

The world has changed with the internet and so has the landscape for prodommes, today sees the rise of the cyber dominatrix who dominates in the virtual BDSM world. The nature of a session now crosses over into many different fetishes, not just those typically associated with BDSM; and can be a virtual experience where you may not even meet your domina in person. You can just follow her on social media and connect with her through her POV clips. Worship from afar. This new style domination has many advantages, opening the door to new consumers, it welcomes and encompasses niche perversions,  it’s very cheap (compared with a real-time session), it can be kept secret easily and is discreet, no need to traipse off somewhere for hours on end. While all the action is quite safe. (Though the notion of a virtual whipping does make me giggle :) )

Niche perversions can be indulged in your own home secretly, cheaply and discreetly.

Actually, the mainstay of these types of sessions is not action based, but an intense 1 on 1 verbal exchange (usually humiliating or teasing), either real-time or imaginary through a POV encounter. And, why this type of domme is often referred to as a humiliatrix. But… before anyone rushes out to buy a webcam I would stress cyber domination a small niche within a small niche industry that only a very few talented, intelligent, hardworking and savvy business women seem to be able to make a success of. MSVB

Man finds Bondage “Tight” and “Confining” After more than 20 years of “online play,” male sub (FootLuver1953) found that being put in bondage is a very different experience in real life than it is online. “I had experimented with talking about it. I even role played some things in chat rooms, but when Mistress Electra actually tied me up, I was shocked. I had trouble moving and my hands were practically useless,”. From the satirical fetish magazine – The Daily Flogger.

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Last Year & New Year News 2016

2SV-slave-cage-riding-lgDouble Updates Extended for 2016

So we’ve lots planned for next year. The good news, we are extending our double weekend updates to Thursday through to Sunday – that’s 4 days a week now! with classic movies staying on Mondays. The new bonus Thursday film update will be showcasing my personal extreme bondage fantasies, with my real-life slaves serving me 😉
(More about this in an upcoming blog.)

& The Best of 2015

We had a ball last year, especially the visit to our Florida residency and the expansion of our outdoor slave stables. So here’s some of My favourite moments from 2015 :)

I always stand in awe at the real-life amazing dominatrixes and domme women who visit the Mansion: their intelligence, enthusiasm & dedication. And want to offer my sincere gratitude to these just lovely, special women in control of their lives and desires. Long Live Female Domination! MSVB

with Mistress Sidonia, Goddess Alexandra Snow, Mistress Ella Kross, Miss Vivienne l’Amor, Lady Nina Birch, Ms Zara du Rose, Mistress Amrita, Governess Ely, Mistress Evilyne, Goddess Mistress Kelly, Suzie Best, Mistress Ezada Sinn, Mistress Pandora, Mistress T, Mistress Lola Ruin, Miss Foxx, Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Miss Rebekah Dee, Miss Jessica Woods, Miss Eve Harper, DSO Dom Strapon, Miss Velour, Tiffany Doll & Miss Annalieza. See here for more info.

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