Ice Bucket Challenge: My Nominees

nomineesSee my Ice Bucket Challenge here
Part of the challenge is to finish by nominating three new people to receive the bucket of ice cold water (this is done in aid of the charity ALS, you donate £5 if you do the challenge but must donate more if you don’t!).
So here we go…here are the impressive offerings from my nominees :)

Visit Mistress T here

Some sissies may have been harmed in the making of this video :)
Visit Lady Nina Birch here

Visit Mistress Evilyne here

Oh dear Mistress Nikki Whiplash had two nominations, I think that must mean double the punishment for some poor hapless boy… Can’t wait :)

And, Dickie Virgin has made a generous donation to the charity – serious kudos to him :)

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T-Girltime: Ballet Boot Walking

ballet-boots-walking-trainingMembers of The English Mansion will be aware of the current ongoing footage showing an intense real-life 7 day/24 hrs a day scene of myself and my personal slave. (More here & here & here). One of the stipulations was that I would give my slave to another Mistress for one of the days (see here) and another condition was that he would have to spend 24 hours as ‘a girl’.

Treadmill1bI decided my slave would be dressed in some kind of female attire for the entire 24 hours, be fucked on his back like ‘a girl’ and most importantly learn how to walk in heels. I spent a long time dressing him slowly turning him into my rubber sissy doll. Including a lesson in proper deportment in the garden.


She seems to have been paying attention to my deportment lessons, as you can see here she is bring her toes down in a line in front of her, i.e. slightly crossing one leg in front of the other. This is a more feminine way to walk, making the hips and body sway.

Later in the day, I decided it was time for her to spend some time in ballet boots. Ballet boots have 8 inch heels making the wearer walk ‘en pointe‘. And, I came up with the most ingenious, though perhaps cruel, way to keep my slave on her toes. I suspended her into the bondage frame over a treadmill suspending her so the boots just touched it.

  Treadmill2a  Treadmill5b

Her giant clitty was obviously locked into a chastity device but I was able to clamp the top and attach this to the front rail of the treadmill as well as inserting an anal hook in her ‘pussy’. Thus my special girl had to keep walking on the runway and not stop or slip out of position in any way, otherwise a painful punishment awaited her!


Ballet Boots are really a bondage item as the wearer cannot walk in them. Once hobbled they must crawl everywhere.

She wasn’t permitted to take the boots off, in fact I padlocked them to make sure of it and made her sleep in them, plus of course a giant plug and some red frilly panties. I wanted her to feel feminine all night long :)

You can watch her ordeal in full in Real-Time Footage 247 Slavery – Day 4 #2of3, now showing inside the English Mansion.

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Ice Bucket Challenge – Mansion Style

the-indomintable-dsoThe adorable DSO in action – so naughty we have to keep her locked up :)

I was a little concerned when English Mansion domina DSO (Dom Strapon) nominated me for the Ice Bucket Challenge! but I managed to come up with my own special way to meet the task and without even getting wet :)

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Serious Kit’s Electo Bi Polar SPT – A Few of My Favourite Things No.10

I’m going to pick out my favourite English Mansion toys and tell you all about them in a series of blogs called ‘A Few of My Favourite Things’. So in no particular order:
No. 10 – Electo Bi Polar SPT

medical-electric-milking-Sensory overload medical scene using Serious Kit’s DSPM with the Electro Bi Polar SPT No 2, nipple suction, anal electrics and re-breathe hood.

I have already told you all about Serious Kit’s DSPM an elaborate beautifully designed and engineered male milking set-up, see here; one aspect of this system’s versatility is the variety of SPTs (Suction Pulsation Tubes – the bit that fits onto the cock) available for it, all offering differing sensations and my favourite is the Electro Bi Polar SPT No 2 .

The Electro SPTs are perfect for BDSM as they allow you to slowly torment and electrify a cock for hours on end, perfect for extended bondage scenes – let’s just forget all this pleasure milking malarky! The Electro Bi Polar SPT No 2 is made up of 3 polished aluminium electrodes allowing different sensation combinations. Inside it is a pierced rubber diaphragm which adds sensation to the head of the penis. It is also adjustable i.e.‘telescopic’ in length which allows the constriction and diaphragm to be perfectly positioned.

medical-electric-milking-01A close up of the Serious Kit Electro Bi Polar SPT No 2.

Serious-Kit-Electro-SPTs-Usually the SK-DSPM is a ‘wet’ milking system that has it own continuous lubrication feed which flows from a gravity bag into the SPT tube and then is drained away into the milker bucket. However, the Electro Bi Polar SPT No 2 (and some of the other Electro SPTs) works on a dry system which makes it easier to use and set up.

If you like electrics there are a number of different SPTs available including one with a conductive (black) rubber liner which is part of their ‘wet’ system’.
(Left, Two other Serious Kit Electro SPTs)

The SK-DSPM system & SPTs are highly crafted specialist devices designed by Serious Kit, a small artisan company run by genuine British enthusiasts, take a look at the website for more details:

Take a look at it in action in this new English Mansion film, Electric Milking Machine – Now Showing

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Say “Yes Ma’am” to Savannah Sly

Ms_Savannah_Sly-This summer we’re pleased to welcome American Domina Ms. Savannah Sly to The English Mansion. Savannah is an experienced Prodom of many years and describes herself as a ‘supreme pervert'; for her BDSM is shared power exchange where both parties must benefit. Statuesque (5’11” barefoot), graceful and endowed with natural beauty, Ms. Sly excels at fantasy roll-play & domestic domination and loves to play outside the confines of a dungeon. She does not bark at her slaves but pulls then into her world, mesmerising them with her well-spoken voice, slowly building up the tension and situation. Using her obvious intelligence, creativity and empathy to lead them on a unique erotic journey. So be prepared to be wrapped around her little finger. You’ll be seeing her in action very soon inside The Mansion…

They_Own_Your_Cock-His_New_PositionAbove: Two of Ms. Savannah Sly’s movies They Own Your Cock & His New Position currently showing in our members’ area.

Ms. Savannah Sly is a Prodom who only plays with those prepared to make a long-term commitment to her. See her website for more details or here. She is also an advocate for sex-workers rights read more on her blog here.


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