Merry XXXmas To All

The-English-Mansion-Putting-theXXX-into-Xmas-1Wishing all our friends, fellow Dominas, site members and the entire BDSM community ~ a Cruel Yule & a Spanking New Year!

DSOs-Xmas-Present-2014-giving-smwith thanks to the lovely DSO for appearing as Santress with her subbie elf for The English Mansion Xmas 2014 greetings

Here’s some of My favourite moments from 2014 scenes :)

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Lady Nina’s Xmas Bargain :)

Lady Nina can’t resist a bargain and a slave was discounted as he had had 1 previous careless owner ;)

lady_nina_birch_ban2We’ve received some lovely alternative cards this year…
Dungeon-Manor-Xmas-Card From the Ladies at Dungeon Manor Mistress Evilyne & Governess Ely

Jess-Xmas-Card  bottom-Xmas-card
from Sub CD Jess – Check out her great blog here & from Super perve Peter Birch (from The Birch, Bottom & Lovit Pony Club)

carmen  A&LXmas-Card

Send us your fetish/femdom card so we can put it up. All filth accepted :)

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We’re having a Cruel Yule

Meet Our Xmas Belles

  • Mistress Amrita ~ Miss Jessica ~ Ms Evilyne
  •  Pandora ~ Lady Sophia ~ Governess Ely
  • Miss Kinky ~ Goddess Zena ~ Dominant Dolly
  • Lydia Supremacy ~ Miss Shay ~ Lady Lana
  • Mistress Ella ~ Fetish Liza ~ Sub Jessica
  • Mistress Nikki ~ Miss Annalieza ~ MSVB
  • Miss Tiffany ~ Domina Liza ~ Sub Suzie
  • Mistress Vixen ~ Mistress T ~ DSO
  • Lady Nina ~ Miss January ~ Mistress Ezada
  • Goddess Maya ~ Miss Foxx ~ Switch Zara
  • Miss Sly ~ Princess Neive ~ Miss Jasmine
Mistress Amrita ~ Miss Jessica ~ Ms Evilyne1  Pandora ~ Lady Sophia ~ Governess Ely2 Miss Kinky ~ Goddess Zena ~ Dominant Dolly3 Lydia Supremacy ~ Miss Shay ~ Lady Lana4 Mistress Ella ~ Fetish Liza ~ Sub Jessica5 Mistress Nikki ~ Miss Annalieza ~ MSVB6 Miss Tiffany ~ Domina Liza ~ Sub Suzie7 Mistress Vixen ~ Mistress T ~ DSO8 Lady Nina ~ Miss January ~ Mistress Ezada9 Goddess Maya ~ Miss Foxx ~ Switch Zara10 Miss Sly ~ Princess Neive ~ Miss Jasmine11

Find all about the above Dominas here

something-big-this-xmas-2014-Xmas is coming to The Mansion

& we have a huge pressie for our Loyal Members…

32 Dominas in 50 Days of Double Film Updates!

So don’t Miss Out! Here’s a little peek at some of the showing and forthcoming films available…

  • 01-Bound_For_A_Lady_blur
  • 02-Woodland_Spitroast_blur
  • 03-Party_At_Dungeon_Manor_Pt1_blur
  • 04-Chained_For_Milking_blur
  • 05-Dom_On_Top_blur
  • 06-Ruining_Their_Fun_blur
  • Bondage_Dolly_blur
  • Correcting_My_Sissy_Maid_blur
  • Cruel_Inversion_blur
  • Eight_Days_Later_Pt2_Slut_Training_blur
  • Electric_Milking_Machine_blur
  • hThe_Milking_Shed_blur
  • Humiliated_Cuck_Husband_blur
  • Kept_As_A_Dog_blur
  • Lessons_In_Cruelty_blur
  • Suspended_For_Her_Pleasure_blur
  • xDSOs_Mammouth_Strapon-_blur
01-Bound_For_A_Lady_blur1 02-Woodland_Spitroast_blur2 03-Party_At_Dungeon_Manor_Pt1_blur3 04-Chained_For_Milking_blur4 05-Dom_On_Top_blur5 06-Ruining_Their_Fun_blur6 Bondage_Dolly_blur7 Correcting_My_Sissy_Maid_blur8 Cruel_Inversion_blur9 Eight_Days_Later_Pt2_Slut_Training_blur10 Electric_Milking_Machine_blur11 hThe_Milking_Shed_blur12 Humiliated_Cuck_Husband_blur13 Kept_As_A_Dog_blur14 Lessons_In_Cruelty_blur15 Suspended_For_Her_Pleasure_blur16 xDSOs_Mammouth_Strapon-_blur17

  • aShut_Up_And_Suck_blur
  • Machine_Spitroasting_blur
  • Party_At_Dungeon_Manor_Pt2_blur
  • Pegging_My_Lacy_She_Hubby_blur
  • Prison_Caning_Bench_blur
  • sDivine_Retribution_blur
  • Sissy_Trouble_blur
  • Slave_Meat_And_Beat_blur
  • sMiss_Foxxs_Useless_Maid_blur
  • Strapon_Supremacy_blur
  • Taken_And_Humbled_blur
  • The_Bosss_Stockings_blur
  • Tied_And_Teased_By_Ms_Kross_blur
  • tMud_Pit_Punishment_blur
  • Torment_Chair_blur
  • tSlut_For_Nylons_blur
  • xEdged_And_Ruined_blur
aShut_Up_And_Suck_blur1 Machine_Spitroasting_blur2 Party_At_Dungeon_Manor_Pt2_blur3 Pegging_My_Lacy_She_Hubby_blur4 Prison_Caning_Bench_blur5 sDivine_Retribution_blur6 Sissy_Trouble_blur7 Slave_Meat_And_Beat_blur8 sMiss_Foxxs_Useless_Maid_blur9 Strapon_Supremacy_blur10 Taken_And_Humbled_blur11 The_Bosss_Stockings_blur12 Tied_And_Teased_By_Ms_Kross_blur13 tMud_Pit_Punishment_blur14 Torment_Chair_blur15 tSlut_For_Nylons_blur16 xEdged_And_Ruined_blur17

From Friday 14th Nov 2014 till Monday 5th of Jan 2015 – there will be 50 days of Double Film Updates featuring 32 different dominas. That’s two New Exclusive HD films every day! So if you ever needed a better reason to sign up for Membership or are back for more, then sign up now :)

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Femdom Summer & Winter Camps


After the success of Goddess Ezada Sinn’s Femdom Summer Camp 2014 another unique event has been planned this time hosted by Ms Evilyne – the Femdom Winter Camp 2015.

SPH at The Femdom Summer Camp :)

The Femdom Summer Camp was a high-protocol affair held in Portugal last September, a week-long retreat from patriarchy into a world of 247 slavery where women rule and men are slaves who serve & obey. All enjoyed in a private sun drenched villa.

Nothing pleases me more than teasing my readers, even from afar – so take a look here to see exactly what you missed out on… SEE HERE Goddess Ezada  & also HERE Mistress Evilyne


The camp was such a triumph, Ms Evilyne is now in the process of organsing the Femdom Winter Camp 2015 taking place at the end of February 2015. A week away from the dull realities of the Vanilla world in a private villa in an exotic location where all can enjoy a true femdom 247 lifestyle. This event is open to both lifestyle and pro-Dominas. See here for more details.

Mistress Lilse’s Website  Goddess Ezada Sinn’s Website  Mistress Evilynn’s Website

& on Twitter check out (hashtag) #femdomwintercamp
& (hashtag) #femdomsummercamp

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Mistress Sidonia Invading your ‘Sub’conscious

Mistress Sidonia – A Work of ArtSidonia-Art-Exhibition-1Invading your ‘Sub’conscious wherever you are!
You should know you can never escape me…

  • layer-00 copy
  • layer-01 copy
  • layer-02 copy
  • layer-03 copy
  • layer-04 copy
  • layer-05 copy
  • layer-06 copy
  • layer-07 copy
  • layer-08 copy
  • layer-09 copy
  • layer-10 copy
  • layer-11 copy
  • layer-12 copy
  • layer-13 copy

A few ideas for a possible marketing & advertising campaign – well my plans of world domination must start somewhere :)

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