Wet & Messy Punishments

Wet & Messy Punishment with Mistress Amrita now showing

We love wet and messy punishments at The English Mansion and they provide an extra layer of cruelty:

~ First you are physically exhausted and then hosed down with ice-cold water

~ Eggs put in your pants before a paddling leaving a big gooey mess there

~ Your face pushed into the mud as you are fucked hard by your Mistress’s big strapon

Your clothes, panties or tights filled with baked beans or custard before you are tied up and left squirming

~ Made to lick clean the dirt and mud from your domme’s stiletto boots

So many ways to leave you humiliated, sopping wet and sticky…

And you can watch Mistress Amrita in Wet & Messy Punishment right now where she devises a fiendish water bondage punishment for her sub. Rope bound and then placed into a clear container which was slowly filled with cold water leaving subby to breathe through a tube – see photos below.

So enjoy this gallery of English Mansion Wet & Messy Punishments

Mistress Amrita, Miss Jasmine, Goddess Snow, Mistress Sidonia, Lady Nina Birch, Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Miss Jessica Woods, Mistress Evilyne, Mistress Vixen & Princess Anuska.
See here for all the Mistress’s above info

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Silence is Golden – A Complete Compendium of Gags Pt2

Gagging picture story from John Willie’s seminal fetish Magazine ‘Bizarre’ published from 1946-1959

Gag Combos
This compendium focuses on ‘classic gags’ but there are many variations that just combine elements from these gags in different combinations. A ball gag may have a chin strap attached making it into a kind of open muzzle; mouth-guard gags can have an open valve at the front so that a tube and funnel can be attached turning them into a liquid gag; a cleave may go under a bandit which in turn might be covered with tape.

Safe Gagging
The biggest safety issue when using gags for erotic BDSM play is the danger of cutting off or blocking the wearer’s airway causing asphyxia (death from lack of oxygen!) This could be caused by something blocking the nose but also from the sub choking or even possibly vomiting while wearing a gag.

For this reason it’s essential to stay in constant visual contact with a gagged sub. Remember it’s never safe to leave an individual who has been gagged alone, not even for a few minutes and why importantly the use of gags requires continued awareness and diligent monitoring on the part of the dom/top.  And you must always retain easy access to remove the gag quickly in an emergency.

Because many gags prevent a submissive from breathing through their mouth, it becomes absolutely essential that they be able to breathe well though their nose. If a sub has a blocked nose from allergies/hay fever, sinus problems or a cold etc. then it is not safe to use a gag.

As I have outlined a safeword can not be used while a gag is in place so you need to establish prearranged physical signs: e.g. three unique grunts; a distinct hand signal; or a hand alarm. A hand alarm is a battery operated door bell, the bound and gagged sub keeps the alarm button in their hand while the dom keeps the chime near them. They are especially useful if the sub is in a sack, arm-sleeve or cling-film.

So let’s continue with Pt 2…
or See Pt 1 here


A Complete Compendium of Gags cont. pt2
More Complex Gags
9. Funnel & Liquid gags
Funnel gags comprise of a large funnel with a spout fixed through a shield which is strapped into the mouth with more straps supporting the funnel and strapping around the head. They look rather extreme and are quite humiliating for the wearer. Liquid consumption gags are another variation – a simple tube gag (sometimes inside an inflatable) is placed in the mouth and strapped around the head. Then either a funnel or gravity bladder (drip bag) with a long rubber/plastic tube can be attached and detached as needed – and filled from a distance. These gags are used to allow or make the bound person drink fluids while tied. Always take extreme care to pour fluids very slowly to avoid choking! The sub can learn to use their tongue to block the spout periodically to allow then to swallow the liquid at their own pace.
10. Spider & Ring gags
Ring gags are another variant of ball gags but the ball is replaced by a hollow ring (metal or leather) which allows access to the inside of the mouth. And a variation on the ring gag is the spider gag which has four ‘legs’ on the sides so as to keep the wearer from flipping the ring horizontally in their mouth; as this is a problem with ring gags. Generally these gags have interchangeable rings to accommodate both the wearer’s mouth and the size of any object that might be inserted through the ring.
11. Inflatable gags – Balls & Butterflies
These gags have either a small rubber ball balloon or butterfly inflated by a hand pump filing up the mouth. A rubber butterfly gag is a wing-shaped gag, the central part fits behind the teeth to fill up the mouth, while the wings go between the teeth and the cheeks (an intense gagging experience!) Inflatable gags will not hold in the gagged person’s mouth well because as you inflate them they pop out so need to be paired with tape or an Over-The-Mouth gag to keep then in place. Often they come with a strap on mouth shield that sits over the mouth to prevent this problem. These gags are excellent for actually quieting the wearer and look super lewd ‘n’ sexy with the long ‘tail’ popping out of the sub’s mouth 🙂 Some of these inflatable gags come with an additional opening for a breathing or liquid consumption tube.
12. Pecker & Kissing gags
Pecker gags have a mouth shield with a short rubber/silicone phallus or penis on the inside that is placed into the mouth with straps to hold it in place. This gag can be used for humiliation as the wearer is made to have a ‘cock’ in their mouth ideal as for the run up to turned bi scenes or as a useful training tool for cock sucking. There is also a double pecker gag more commonly known as a kissing gag this is where two peckers are fixed back to back and used on two sub’s facing each other tied, giving the effect that they are kissing 🙂
 13. Tape gagging
Using sticky tape over the mouth is really another variant of the Over-The-Mouth gag. The most commonly used tape is Duct Tape, Electrical Tape and Scotch Tape. Duct tape is a good width (two inches) has a cloth backing making it super strong which is ideal; however more flexible electrical tape with its thinner width is more useful for more elaborate taping and it comes off the skin easier. The tape can be wrapped under and around the chin restricting jaw movement, making the gag more effective. Removing the tape can be problematic you have to take extreme care not to damage the lips and skin, alcohol can be used to remove any residue. Though in my experience saliva and sweat usually make them come away after any period of time. A solution is to use a thin layer of cling-film under the tape or just to use non-sticky bondage tape. Care must be taken not to tape over hair or beards they should be covered first.
14. Stuffing
Stuffing is the process by where a person’s mouth is stuffed with cloth items like handkerchiefs, scarves, stockings, panties or any item rolled into a ball, acting as a stopper, similar to a ball gag. To add to the humiliation it may be dirty panties etc. or for a fetishist a specific item like worn stockings.  To be effective the stuffing must be used in conjunction with other forms of gagging otherwise the wearer will instinctively just push out the items. To reduce the chances of choking, the stuff gag is never pushed all the way into the person’s mouth. It’s important to be aware that items in the mouth can cause reflex retching and that as the material used will soak up the saliva it can make the mouth very dry and uncomfortable over time.
15. Muzzle
Muzzles have a large lower face shield/cover or 3D cone which straps over the mouth, chin and sometimes the cheeks. Some secured up over each side of the nose and the sides of the head, other just around the lower part of the face. Muzzle gags have a strong psychological effect on some people, because of their resemblance to being muzzled like an animal. Perfect for puppy scenes.
16.  Head Harness
Harnesses encircle the head, with various straps secured by numerous buckles fastened at the back and sides. Harnesses can come with a variety of fitted or even interchangeable gags. For pony play they come with a bit gag this is because the wearer needs lots of air plus attachments for reins and why other gags are not suitable. These devices are also perfect in elaborate bondage scenes providing useful attachment points. Head harnesses may also function as a gag by themselves, by restricting the ability to open the mouth with tight jaw straps.
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Ice Lock Time Lock Bondage

I’ve been indulging my love of bondage with some inventive new toys… so, my slave was locked in chastity and then bound with my used stockings and pantyhose. Next heavy-duty locking leather manacles hogtied my slave to an ice lock – a cunning device that is filled with water and then frozen to allow an eventual self release from the bondage. While the chastity key was also locked away in a time release safe. I then left my slave at the mercy of the slowly melting ice lock which I monitored with my ‘slavecam’ also capturing the almost 2hrs of ‘bondage squirming’ with its time-lapse camera. (You can watch all this in the footage, in Ice Lock Time Lock now showing.)

The Ice Lock

A home-made ice lock for all us cheapskates

The Ice lock was developed for self bondage or time release scenes. It’s basically a lock with 2 fixed attachment rings, that releases itself after a set period of time. You fill the stainless steel cylinder with water, put the removable center stick in place and leave in the freezer for 24 hours. The stick and its attachment points will now be locked firmly in place until the ice melts. This allows you a locked anchor point for whatever bondage set up you’re planning.

The larger the cylinder the longer the time it will take to melt plus other factors like ambient room temperature and how much you struggle 🙂 For the large lock this could be between 2-3 hours and for the small one 1-2 hours. It’s always a good idea to test and time it before its first use.

A large & small ice lock & a time release food safe

Time Release Food Safe

The lovely Jessica Dee turned me on to this fabulous timed release bondage idea  – dieters can now buy little time locking food canisters. Once the timer is set and the button is pressed, the safe will remain locked until the timer reaches zero. There’s no override! Perfect for chastity scenes – lock your slave’s manhood away then place the key in the safe for the desired period, then give it to them to take away. It’s the perfect tease leaving them both subjugated and frustrated watching the countdown on its digital clock.

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Fierce Angels – New Dommes

New Dominas Coming to The English Mansion

Here at the English Mansion we have no fixed rules about what constitutes femdom – it can be empowering, psychological, worshipful, sexual, fetishistic or downright sadistic with infinite other permutations. We give dominant women, switches and our dominatrixes a free rein and let them just indulge in what they most enjoy.

Mistress Courtney is a beautiful petit, cultured, prodom based in Manchester but making frequent visits to London. She is always immaculately attired, elegant, stylish and smartly coiffed. A classic Mistress to worship and serve.
More Info Here

Mistress Scarlett Black is a gorgeous, sensual, approachable prodom with many years of experience based in the East Midlands, UK with her own well-equipped chambers. Specialising in strapon/anal play and role play scenarios. More Info Here

Miss Tiffany Naylor is a lovely leggy young prodom who is exploring her dominant side, while also being a foot fetishist and lover of strapon play. Based in Milton Keynes in the UK.  More Info Here

You’ll be seeing more of them at The English Mansion very soon.

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The Siren’s Song

Mistress-Sidonia-whipMore of Mistress Sidonia’s musing on her decadent desires and philosophy of female domination.

I have always liked to tease and seduce men. Using all of my feminine and seemingly innocent charm to overpower and ensnare them. To to weave a web that lures men to my lair where I slowly toy with them, playing with their minds and abusing their bodies. My power lies not in my darkened chamber, elaborate equipment or wicked toys but within myself for my greatest tool is my femininity.

Female sexuality is an incredibly powerful force. It is quite a different entity from male sexuality, which is probably why it is so repressed and surrounded by misunderstanding. Women have superior beauty to men, that is an innate fact. Women know how to manipulate men to do exactly what they want, a gift that naturally develops when you do not possess the greater physical strength. The Dominant woman knows how to use these gifts to completely mesmerise the men that flock to her. Using her devilish smile and seductive manner she will look deep in to your eyes until you melt. She doesn’t MAKE you submit – you WANT to submit and therein lies the crux of her power.

I am a dominant woman that is my sexual preference and the more a man submits to me the more attracted to him I am. Dominating men is a sexual encounter I find it extremely arousing to have men at my beck and call to know that they will do anything I wish and can do anything I like to them. To know that by using my femininity I can completely control them. However, my sexual dominance is more than just a game played in the boudoir. It is an important part of my philosophy on life. As a woman I am in control of my destiny and sexuality. I know what I want and how to achieve it. I am free and in control.


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Kinky Monkey – Harnesses Every Which Way!

Kinky-Monky-Promo1Here at The English Mansion we want to highly recommend Kinky-Monkey.com  purveyors of beautifully made soft leather harnesses. They specialise in just about every kind of strap-on harnesses you can think of: classic strapon dildo harness; double penetration harness; thigh-ride harness; chin dildo harness; & other harness extras. So you can get pegging just about every-which-way! 🙂

orgasm-harnessI also love their locked-in orgasm harness (see image right) the ultimate in cruel teasing; and their butt-plug harness, useful as plugs do seem to want to eject themselves – usually at an inopportune moment!

Members of The English Mansion will be familiar with DSO’s giant strapons requiring specialist harnesses (see here for more: Queen of Dongs)  – well these amazing pieces of bespoke and highly engineered kit harnessing-giant-strapondesigned were created for her by Kinky-Monkey.com. They explained the difficulties of harnessing DSO’s largest dildo so far,

“It took 10 square feet of leather 96 rivets, 16 buckles, 1 x 140 mm stainless steel marine ring and 1 long day in the workshop!”10456190_818681778154758_5636678913852194298_n
(see image left)

Another plus for Kinky-Monkey’s harnesses is that they come in a huge variety of colours, so perfect for co-ordinating your strapon cock with your outfit.

(see right image, Claire from Kinky-Monkey & DSO)

So take a look at their website or facebook page, Kinky-Monkey is a great fetish artisan business with super kit. They are also often at the BBB (the Birmingham Fetish Market).

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