Queen of Dongs – DSO

dso-domstrapon-her-giant-strapons-We were very pleased to welcome the indomitable Dom Strapon (DSO) to The English Mansion this summer. Dom Strapon is a down-to-earth super-bubbly, fun and enthusiast domina with a love of all things filthy, especially strapon play. Often just known as DSO she owns some of the world’s biggest strapons, all of which have been lovingly custom-made for her. And yes you will get to see them in action!

Her Weapons of (M)ass DestructionDSO-strapon-collectionDSO’s personal strapon collection. I just adore the fact she keeps the smaller ones in an art deco style cabinet -see above left. Above right, you can see her unique custom-made collection of some of the worlds biggest strapons! See here on my blog for more info.

DSO is a genuine lifestyle domina & prodom who loves to go out and about on the scene strutting her stuff and generally scaring people wearing a giant strapon cock! Oh and apparently she does have lots of ‘normal’ sized ones as well :) You can visit her website here www.mistressdomstrapon.co.uk or more info here.

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We’ve got something SPECIAL for you this Xmas…

Xmas-Special-2014Oh yes… and a super *hot* Five Girl Gang-Bang!

 Xmas is coming to The Mansion
& we have a huge pressie for our Loyal Members
Double Daily Film Uploads!

30-Doms-50-Days-Xmas-2014-lgClick on image above for larger version

From Friday 14th Nov 2014 till Monday 5th of Jan 2015 – there will be 50 days of Double Film Updates. That’s two New Exclusive HD films every day!

So if you ever needed a better reason to sign up for Membership or are back for more, then sign up up now :)


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Mistress T – The Leather & Satin Tour

Mistress-T-Lead-Mistress T probably no longer needs an introduction here – she is one of the world’s foremost dommes, with her own unique style of ensnaring men and then mercilessly teasing, controlling and abusing them. She is a voracious seductress, a ‘femme fatale’ with an allure that draws men to her, intelligent and perceptive, her world is a cruel place for the male of the species. Her speciality lies not in the corporal but in the destruction of male sensibility, their notions of manhood – for it is their delicate male psyche she destroys. And, as such, she loves and excels in humiliation, femdom sex, cuckolding and turned-bi scenarios.

She is also a close friend to whom I owe a great deal. She’s been an inspiration, a supportive and kind friend; and a co-conspirator in the decadent world of fetish deviance. We both just feel at home together. She’s also a dedicated, accomplished business woman and talented film producer. Her films really are the best in the business for those who share her perversions :) Probably why she’s always at the top of the top C4S studios.
See here http://www.clips4sale.com/23869 or you can visit Mistress T’s website here, highly recommended
Below some highlights from the Leather & Satin TourMistress-T-Leather-and-Lace-Tour-1Indulging Our Sexual Fantasies
As a resident Mansion Domina, Mistress T was here over the Summer on what we have since termed her ‘Leather & Satin Tour’. We always have a total ball! lots of socialising, sightseeing, pampering at the Spa but most importantly, indulging our shared passion of using and abusing the stable of Mansion slaves & subs…

Two scenes particularly stick in my mind, as they were just so *hot* both of us were steaming during & after them :) One was based on a personal fantasy of mine: Mistress T goes into one of the slaves’ cells during the night. He is sleeping in chains and chastity. Unlocking him she makes him fuck her deeply till she orgasms, making him super hard and excited, and then just chains him back up (handcuffs behind his back) leaving him frustrated and utterly used. The other scenario was based on one of Mistress T’s sexual fantasies: she’s a rich spoiled Lady of the Manor who keeps male & female slaves to serve her and for her amusement. She likes to make them fuck for her, totally controlling their enjoyment and sexuality. (See the top two centre images.) Well that’s just a little peek at what’s coming soon…

Check out Mistress T’s Blog highly recommended
Mistress-t-blog-vlogor her Twitter: https://twitter.com/MistressTdotnet
More about Mistress T on my Blog here
  ~  More Mansion Info here

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The English Mansion Visits Dungeon Manor (Pt 1)

smP1013065finp111Here at The English Mansion we love parties – and femdom parties are just about the most fun you can have; so we were excited to be invited over to a little afternoon soiree at Mistress Evilyne’s ‘Dungeon Manor’ her very own femdom establishment for an afternoon of decadent deviance.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt1-16I was accompanied by resident Mansion dominas Mistress Nikki Whiplash & Lady Nina Birch and already in residence at the Manor was the stunning Mistress Ezada Sinn.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt1-25During the champagne lunch we had a few ‘party games’, making two of the slaves perform for us in the most degrading way we could think of – well let’s just say it was most entertaining, all of us laughing at their total mortification. Moving on we decided to turn one of the slaves bi… public humiliation can be so delicious.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt1-12aWe had 6 slaves in attendance, however, with 5 extremely experienced and cruel dominas I don’t think 6 was enough!

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt211Meet the  stunning, experienced and extremely fiendish dominas at the party along with their play meat. In attendance (left to right): Mistress Ezada Sinn, Lady Nina Birch, Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Mistress Sidonia & Mistress Evilyne at her Dungeon Manor.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt201cAfter lunch we moved into Dungeon Manor’s conservatory, a huge room large enough to swing a whip – which was most convenient as an errant slave was in turn, strung up and flogged by each Mistress – between his legs :)

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt209We captured all the real-life party action as it unfolded with documentary style footage so you can come and find out what happens as the film starts this week at The English Mansion ‘Party At Dungeon Manor Pt1‘. This is, however, only the first half of the party, later one ‘lucky’ slave ‘enjoyed’ a 5-girl gangbang! I’ll tell you all about that in another blog :) Coming Soon

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Boys Are Her Toys – Meet Ms Ella Kross

Introducing_Ms_Ella_Krossella-kross-promoOver the summer we we’re pleased to welcome Ms. Ella Kross to The English Mansion. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, though she travels worldwide; Ms. Kross is both a stunning fetish model and an erotic domina. She loves to tease you with her perfect body – and you will succumb, utterly entranced… for this young lady just exudes sexiness. Her beauty will weaken and humble you, her accent will enthrall you, while her eyes will gaze right into yours, taking you over, turning you into a boy-toy for her pleasure.  So get ready, you’ll be seeing her in action very soon inside The Mansion…

Ms. Ella Kross is an experienced Prodom and has her own clips store, she loves what she does and is supremely kinky – to quote her “your fetish, my passion!”.
So check out her main website here www.EllaKross.com & her session website with its excellent blog with some truly stunning glamorous photos of her here www.EllaKros.com . Also More Info Here.

Here’s a little teaser gallery of Ms Kross in action at The English Mansion

  • Hogtied at Her ShoesMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Sexy FootjobMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Helpless & ready for my milking machineMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Come on slave there's work to be doneMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • You are MY property now slave!Ms Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Lets take you down to the dungeon, slaveMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Breathe in the aromatic leatherMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Now you will feel the Kiss of my WhipMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Tied then cruelly teasedMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Now you WILL suck cock for Mistress T & MoiMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion

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