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It’s official I’ve reached 4 million views of my blog! :) That’s currently approx. 3500 views everyday. (Actually, the counter was only started in August 2010, while I began this blog in August 2003.)

Predominantly, this blog focuses on the world of ‘femdom’ – specialist equipment; art, fiction, articles; some of the world’s top dominatrixes & prodoms; scene news; my personal philosophy or general musings; and where femdom crosses over into the mainstream. Plus of course what’s happening inside The English Mansion – new films, my wicked exploits and especially who’s recently come to stay over.

I always try to make sure this blog will also appeal to women and am happy to say I get a lot of positive feedback from them. The comments my posts receive, are much appreciated (more please) and I try to reply to as many as I can.

So if you love Femdom, this is the place for you – come in & kneel down …

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Entering Subspace – Altered States

mask-msvb-englishmansionGood BDSM play involves intense physical, sexual, psychological and emotional exchanges, sometimes as a consequence of this the submissive goes into an altered state. This is often referred to as ‘Subspace’.  It is a difficult experience to define as it both manifests and is experienced differently by different subs.

There is physiological subspace – the ‘high’ a submissive can feel during a scene, induced through sustained intense pain/pleasure. This triggers a sympathetic nervous system response, the body’s natural defense, producing adrenaline, endorphins & enkephalins, this also happens during exercise or extreme sports. They produce an analgesic effect and a feeling of exhilaration. Thus increasing the pain tolerance of the sub allowing the scene to reach a greater intensity.

Submissive’s often describe the experience as a floaty, spacey, drifting off feeling or trance like state. These sensations are actually why some people engage in BDSM as they can be quite addictive. The downside is that usually the next day you can feel very down, emotionally drained and exhausted. This is sometimes referred to as ‘subdrop’.

More complicated is psychological subspace – an altered state where you submit so entirely to another you lose yourself, it is overwhelming and not rational. It is closely connected to the acute feelings of lust & love when in a new relationship. And, can be
unhelpful if playing with someone you don’t know well as it can make you vulnerable.

It should be noted that not all physiological ‘highs’ are produced through pain stimulus, the profound deep relaxation that can be achieved in an intense bondage or sensory deprivation scene like mummification can result in the release of ‘natural highs’ like endorphins or neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

A conscientious domme will understand both these types of ‘subspace’ and the responsibility of the power they hold. Manipulated properly this state can be used to take a BDSM session to the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy for both players.

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Goddess Incarnate – Miss Foxx


We were delighted to recently welcome the statuesque (standing over 6″ in her heels) and stunningly beautiful Ebony Domina, Miss Foxx to The English Mansion. Primarily a Findom (financial dominatrix), Miss Foxx focuses on webcaming, though she does have some limited availability for 1 on 1 sessions and shopping trips.

As a Findom, this beguiling deity will instruct you in the art of devotion and sacrifice – you will learn the sublime true submission of treating yourself less and spoiling her more. Miss Foxx has five S’s you must learn in order to please her: Sacrifice – Scrape – Spoil – Serve – & Submit. As your Goddess, Miss Foxx will become your reason for living and breathing while you remain on the periphery of her world as a slightly pointless, expendable and replaceable appendage.

Read here about Miss Foxx’s Pampered Trip to Paris

You can see Miss Foxx in action right now inside the Mansion in Miss Foxx’s Useless Maid and coming very soon Ebony Goddess Tease.
Miss_Foxxs_Useless_MaidYou can also watch Miss Foxx in action in her clip store or on C4S see here for the details or visit her website here: www.missfoxx.co.uk

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50 Charades of Grey

50SoG-dominos-tongue Yep, it’s a tongue in bondage – promoting Domino’s new super spicy pizza, the Sriracha.
I may have to shout “Popsicle!”

The inevitable crass onslaught of brands capitalizing on the upcoming film version of Fifty Shades of Grey is here… and there are tacky spinoffs galore. (OK so this blog is cashing-in on the cashing-in.)

I thought I’d set you all a little test – let’s see if you can work out which of the
‘adverts for products’ on this page are genuine i.e. you can actually buy them
and which are made-up spoofs?
(Answers at the End)

So, lets all bite our bottom lip and get pondering…

50SoG-surf     The ‘Flirty Shades of Surf” laundry washing liquid is so naughty there is even an online campaign to have it banned!

50SoG-kaleEntice your taste buds with the Kale Cookbook – She’s getting fruity with Kale, who knew?

50SoG-wineThe Red Satin & White Silk wine collection presented by E L James, “Wine plays an important role in FSOG, reflecting the sensuality that pervades every encounter between Anastasia and Christian. I’ve always had a penchant for good wine, so helping to create these blends… felt like a natural extension of the Fifty Shades Trilogy.”  

50SoG-humbrolEssential for painting your model ‘Charlie Tango’.

50SoG-earlgreyTea had to get in there somewhere. We’re British.
Rooibos Earl Grey with something extra from Adagio Teas.

50SoG-clothesThere’s a plethora of FSOG clothing wear, I thought the sweater was particularly tasteful.

50SoG-cookbookBound to be delicious – 50 chicken recipes.
I think that chicken’s made a recent visit to the ‘red room of pain’.

50SoG-bear-“If you want to dominate Valentines day, skip the roses… send the limited edition FSOG Bear… he features smoldering grey eyes”. A classy looking bear I think we’d all agree and a snap at only $89.99.

Scroll your cursor down to highlight the
blank area below:

They are all GENUINE!
Though Dominos did decide not to use the ‘tongue in bondage’ advert. While poor old Surf’s ‘Flirty Shades’ laundry washing power does indeed have an on-line campaign to have it banned as apparently it glorifies the abuse of women?

Laters babies :)

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Diabolical Domination by Cervinex

21-MedicalAbuseHere at The English Mansion we have been given access to some exclusive comic strip art work by internationally renowned femdom artist Cervinex.

37-DiabolicalDuo_splashHe describes his work as “cruel femme fatale and disposable male fantasy art”.

06-ProjectHis femdom artwork is characterised by male victims trapped in incredible and elaborate bondage devices & contraptions.

31-FemDomTormentIt also often features diabolical duos (two dominatrixes working together); black widow & executrix fantasy scenarios;

36-FemDomDimension1 complex devious medical apparatus; and small males with unusually large and engorged genitals (probably due to some cruelly administered special serum).

06-Project-4You can find out more about the artist and his work here: https://twitter.com/cevinex.

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