Lady Nina’s Special Feminisation Regime Pt3

Tiffany_Real_DollWe’ve been honoured at The English Mansion to be given exclusive access to Lady Nina Birch’s Special Feminisation Regime, which we will post here over the next few months. This is an extensive, light-hearted guide and an essential read for all Ladies & special girls who want to engage in the world of feminisation. Lady Nina Birch is the UK’s foremost feminatrix with many years of experience and extensive knowledge on crossdressing and full-feminisation.

 Naming & House Uniforms

Part 3 Choosing his New Name & Outfitting him

So now it’s time to up-the-ante and decide on his first ‘house uniform’ – this is what he has to slip into as soon as he gets home, (unless you have laid out something ‘special’ for him). It can be as slutty or as frilly as you want. Ask your girlfriends for suggestions, by this time some of them should be secretly ‘breaking in’ their partners. Purchase some fantastic fake breasts they feel like the real thing and have sexy realistic nipples. You could add a corset or waist nipper to any of these outfits to correct his posture. Or perhaps a chastity device to truly enforce his femininity and lock away forever his former manhood.

Once his outfit has been chosen this is now the time to give him his new fem name, this will take away his last vestiges of masculinity. Choose something suitably humiliating like Marigold, Lulu or Fifi. Use it always! Even in public as that will get heads turning and his face flushing with embarrassment. It’s revenge time now ladies and no name is too degrading or embarrassing.


House Uniform Options

Red PVC or leather mini-skirt, black fishnet stockings, black PVC knee-boots or red shiny platform shoes, black transparent body or blouse, red lacy bra and panties. Apply heavy make-up, including cock-sucking juicy red lipstick and a long platinum wig. (If he’s cheated on you in the past then this is most definitely the outfit for him!)

Candy pink short satin dress, lilac or pink ultra frilly pants, preferably with satin bows on, but if you can’t get these you can send him to the haberdashery department; his sewing skills will now come to fruition. Finish with white lace-top stockings, pink or lilac multi-strap suspender belt or a corselet, blonde ringlet wig with some little bows tied in. For footwear pink or white ‘Mary-Jane’ shoes.

College Slut
Black or white over the knee socks, short pleated kilt or skirt (any colour you think brings out his eyes), a tight white blouse, full white transparent bra and panties, breasts (you should be able to just see the nipples showing through the material) highlighted brown long wig, tied in cute bunches and platform wedge shoes.

Classic Maid
Black satin maids dress, white frilly bibbed apron, white satin frilly panties, black or flesh  stockings, smart black court shoes, white lace cap, black or brunette bobbed wig.

Fetish Maid
Black PVC short dress, white PVC short apron, black fishnet stockings, PVC suspender belt & panties, patent high heels, blonde shoulder length wig.

More dressing notes: By now you should have enforced his full body shaving routine; eyebrow shaping; hand, skin and nail care; and exchanged his aftershave & toiletries for the more feminine ‘perfumed’ kinds.

I will continue this in Pt4 – Coming Soon. Lady Nina  x
© Lady Nina Birch

You can find our more about Lady Nina Birch here on her personal website

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The Rise of the Cougar Domme

5 Reasons Why Older Dommes are Pretty Awesome
or the Rise of the Cougar Domme sex-slave-audition-18

1. Sexual Confidence
2. Technical Ability
3. Sex Drive
4. Chic Sophistication
5. Experience

So what is a Cougar? It’s a sexually predatory older woman who knows what she wants… and how to get it. Cougars are part of a new breed of mature single women who don’t necessarily want children, cohabitation or commitment. It’s female empowerment for women over 40. And there are plenty of men their age and younger who are willing to be taken advantage of.

Today’s women in their 40s are healthy with great bodies and look younger than ever with nutritious diets, fitness regimes and advances in non-invasive cosmetic surgery. The aim is not to look younger, just to look amazing for your age. Older women are often skilled sexually, fabulous in bed, sexually liberated in ways younger women may find eye-opening and can probably teach their younger partners a thing or two.

So naturally all Cougars are Dommes at heart: and all older Dommes are Cougars 🙂 And we mustn’t forget Pumas women in their 30s & Jaguars women in their 50s who are also pretty accomplished dominatrixes. So here are…

Style, sophistication, elegance and legs that go on & on… Goddess Zena

5 Reasons Why Older Dommes Are Pretty Awesome

1. Sexual Confidence
In your youth you need to take time exploring your sexuality and discovering your preferences, finding out what you like. Well you don’t know till you’ve tried it. Older dommes have probably had a “few” sexual and play partners which is going to make them well versed in their desires. You need considerable maturity and sexual confidence to know what you want – in order to be able to command someone else to give it to you!

2. Technical Ability
Let’s face it a lot of BDSM is super technical: electrics; suspension & mummification; enemas; milking & fucking machines – are just some of the classic ‘tools’ of the trade. It takes years, with many hours of practice (and many horrible messy mistakes, with perhaps a trip to A&E) to become totally adept.

Mistress-T-DominatrixPuma on her way to Cougarhood, Viturperess and Queen of Tease Mistress T

3. Sex Drive
I don’t know if it’s hormonal but I know from experience a woman’s sex drive increases as she matures and the desire is for quality, satisfying encounters. Scientific studies argue that the rise of the cougar, an older woman’s desire for more and more sex, it’s just an unconscious primal last chance for a bambino. For me, I can attest it’s just more and better sex!

4. Chic Sophistication
Older dommes are killer dressers, after years of outfit faux pas, they now know what suits them. (They’ve done the purple hair, extensions, shaved bits and panda eyed goth look.) Plus they know what trappings turn men on and how to use their attire as part of a seduction.

5. Experience
Older dominatrixes have seen it all before, they’ve got the T-shirt, nothing is going to shock or embarrass them. When someone tells me a little about what they are interested in (or what they don’t!) I immediately know other areas they will love before they do, years of experience have shown me how certain fetishes compliment each other. I have the skill, the confidence and the experience to effortlessly take them on an awesome adventure. Trust me – I can still blow a sub’s mind in a hotel room at 3am with some toothpaste, the cord from a dressing gown, a bottle from the mini bar and a rolled up copy of a travel magazine 🙂

Fashionista, rubber elegance personified and technical BDSM expert Miss Velour

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Cruel Intentions – Bully Girl Miss Annalieza


Young Humiliatrix Bully Girl – Miss Annalieza

Here at The English Mansion we always bring you the world’s most superior and cruel women, all of whom genuinely play in their personal lives and many are available for 1 on 1 sessions. The adorable Miss Annalieza is a resident Mansion domina coming along to many Mansion soirées and regularly featuring in our content, usually she’s up to no good as this young lady always has rather cruel intentions when our subs are to hand.

Miss Annalieza is a truly striking and beautiful domina, petite with a mischievous charm, she carries an alternative look, covered with artistic tattoos and a few discreet piercings; probably why she is also a top, internationally published model appearing in alternative & tattoo magazines. Although young, she is extremely experienced and has forged her very own unique style of domination, where she focuses on humiliating men, she calls them her play pets. Pets she can tease or bully to her hearts desire.

For Miss Annalieza totally understands the nature of humiliation and enjoys the power it gives her and despite her youth, she is self-assured, confident and totally able in her abilities to make you suffer, squirm and blush – a total natural. She adores verbal humiliation, CBT and foot worship but mainly your suffering is a means to amuse her and make her laugh.


You can watch Miss Annalieza at her most cruel, right now inside The English Mansion

Miss Annalieza is a prodom available in Swindon, Bath & London UK, specialising in: Humiliation & Verbal Humiliation; CBT; Young Dom/Bully Girl; & Foot Worship. Visit her website here: or here for More Info.
Some photos courtesy of Bilacous & Em Coulter Photography

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Mistress Sidonia’s Musings on Decadent Desires

MistressSidoniavonBork Portrait of Mistress Sidonia von Bork by Sardax. I love the symbolism of the doorway, taking centre stage here, and to where our eyes are drawn (after admiring the stunning Mistress is the foreground, obviously 🙂 ) Doorways open new possibilities, hide secrets, or can be frightening, we don’t know who or what’s behind a door.

I always wanted to own a male sex slave. I used to fantasize about going to a slave auction and buying a slave to train up as my own. I would walk up and down the chained line of goods looking carefully at each in turn. Making them open their mouths to examine their tongues, or bend them over to view their bottoms. I loved imagining how embarrassed they’d look and their humiliation as I paid particular attention to inspecting their genitals. I would eventually choose a slave and bid for him in the auction, nothing would prevent me from obtaining the slave I had chosen. After paying I would walk up to my new purchase, attach a chain to his neck and drag him off. Then my fun would really start…

For me, domination is not a lifestyle but a liaison. A secret time and space where I can let the dark part of myself roam free. I use those who wish to become initiates into my world. This is a universe where my laws, desires and wishes rule. Here eroticism is bound up with power and femininity. I dominate men because I am a woman, because that is my power, to seduce, to tease, to manipulate – all men are weak when it comes to gratification. It is a scent that is irresistible to them; it intoxicates and turns them into faithful, obedient ‘lap’ dogs. My title of Mistress comes later for I am a woman, and my slaves will learn firstly, to kneel and worship at that altar.

slaves-mantraWomen are magnificent, intelligent, intuitive creatures with intense, dark depths rippling beneath their exteriors. Men will always be merely toys to use and abuse as I wish. They are only truly happy once they are dangling like puppets on a woman’s invisible string; mesmerized by her all-inspiring beauty and perfection, something he must strive always to obtain but knows he never shall.

The male of the species must learn to control his desires through guidance or, if necessary, chastity devices. His seed shall only be spent for my pleasure, draining him of his life force and leading him unto ‘le petit mort’. I find the period before his release the moment when I am most able to captivate him. To control and train him to my exacting, strict and high standards. He must learn that he has become a mere object for my pleasure. He no longer has needs or desires of his own but must put me, my whims and desires foremost in his thoughts and actions.

msvb-english-mansionIt is thrilling to have a slave so completely bound that he cannot move; even to breathe he is at my mercy. Now I can torment freely until he begs – yet still I ignore. I can use completely and then discard once I am satisfied or bored. He lives lost in the darkness awaiting me so that he might live again. To hood and collar the slave is to take away his last sense of self – his face is gone, covered. He becomes a new creature at the end of my chain, no longer anything except that which I wish him to become. I will change his name and torment him until he is broken to my will. He no longer remembers his life outside my world, it is a blur. He jumps when I snap my fingers, a Pavlovian success. His training has been long and arduous and has remade him into my ideal. Indoctrinated into my law with painful remonstrations that have seeped into his very psyche, he no longer thinks but obeys.

Mistress Sidonia’s musing continue in The Song of the Siren coming soon.

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The Corset Pt 2 – Body Modification, Transformation & Restriction


Body Modification Royalty: Mr Pearl, Ethel Granger & Fakir Musafar

Body Modification & Fetishism
The corset has become an item revered and fetishised over by those who seek extreme body modification for themselves (or others). Using them to reduce waists to tiny and even bizarre looking hour-glass figures. The infamous Mr Pearl corsetiere to the stars has an 18-inch corseted waist and wears his corset 24/7 except to bath. EthelGranger-VogueHis corsets are works of art and can take several months to construct. You have probably seen the lovely Dita von Teese in his creations and he has made corsets for designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and John Galliano. He describes the feeling of being corseted as a “Permanent embrace”. And that, “You feel quite vulnerable without it, like a beetle without its shell.”

The wonderful photo of him (Above) – cane in hand is not a reference to BDSM but symbolic of the discipline needed for body modification.

Fakir Musafar father of the modern primitive movement and shaman used corsets to explore extreme body modification – along with piercing, scarification, tattooing and suspension. He achieved an 19-inch corseted waist. I’ve always been fascinated by Musafar he crosses over into BSDM and then transcends it – body modifications become modern rites of passage and a means to personal growth. (Pic above right: Ethel Granger in later life.) Lastly, I must mention Ethel Granger who achieved a 13 inch waist and Cathie Jung who currently has the ‘Smallest Waist On A Living Person’ at just 15 inches (see her official website here.)smallest-corseted-waist

The wearing of a corset especially to please another is rooted in submission, it transforms and restricts but importantly relieves the wearer of control over their body passing this power to another.

The corset’s transformative powers make it perfect for feminising the male figure. Like donning extreme high-heels, wearing a corset gives the wearer not just the look but the sensation of extreme femininity.
I love to truss guys up in a full boned corset, getting my knee pushed into their backs, pulling them in tight and watching the transformation.

The corset can also be used for extreme bondage play, there is an erotic quality to the tightness and restriction of wearing one. Buckles on the corset can allow for rope or chain to be attached. I love these beautiful bespoke locking bondage corsets by Contour Corsets. I have also used neck, single-arm/leg or even cock corsets for extreme bondage scenes.

See also: The Corset Pt1 – Female Armour

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Postwar Femdom Pulp

Do You Remember the First Time?
The influence of postwar pulp fiction on BDSM & femdom

In the the postwar era of the 50s & 60s men’s adventure pulp magazines were the mainstay of lurid, exploitative and these days we’d say, down right offensive stories. There’s no PC or Safe, Sane & Consensual here 🙂 They mostly centred around ‘true’ (take that with a pinch of salt) stories of war, survival and crime, with a colourful sensational cover illustration. En masse animals attacks were particularly popular (?) – famously the cover ‘Weasels Ripped My Flesh’ inspired an album cover by Frank Zappa.

Some bordered on soft porn and I can see the early seeds of BDSM and Femdom that must have found its way to an audience deprived of any other expressions of it. The magazines that dealt with rather ‘creative’ bondage and torture were sometimes referred to as ‘sweat magazines’. While looking back at them all together I can see how much they have influenced the fetish scene with the costumes and themes – notably: that ever present uniform shirt, open to the waist with busting breasts; tight knee boots; exotic goddesses ruling all female societies; and all importantly the uniformed sadistic bitch, whip in hand. They were probably under appreciated at the time but some of the cover artwork is outstanding and quite expressive.

And, I think we can say, there’s something about that iconic look that’s had an influence on me 😉

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