Tremblr – New Male Milker

Miss Tiffany Naylor keeps her mummified sub teased & edged on the Tremblr male milker


We have been enjoying playing with an excellent new toy here at The English Mansion. The Tremblr is a new male milking machine with some similarities in construction to the Venus 2000 but overall quite a different device. It uses an electric motor to turn a rotating arm connected to a piston, that in turn is connected to a ‘receiver’ via a long rubber tube. Air is then drawn in and out of the receiver, on insertion the penis is sucked in and can then be massaged, pulsed and stroked for hours on end!

You can control the amount of air ‘sucked’ to both set the depth of the stroke and the speed of the stroke – which combined produce a myriad of different and intense sensations. With 180 strokes per minute being its top speed. So with the right rhythm and suction you can use the Tremblr to bring the ‘little man’ to climax or with slower, longer strokes it’s perfect for an extended tease and edging session.

The ‘receiver’ on the Tremblr has a fairly thick rubber/latex liner which produces a much firmer and slippier sensation compared to the Venus 2000; and it’s far more robust over time. It’s also one of the quietest milking machines I have come across.

The Tremblr is operated by remote control allowing you to direct the device from a distance. Ideal for when your Domme wants to sit back and watch your torment from afar controlling its every motion. And, useful if you are using the machine for hands free masturbation – which is the market it’s generally aimed at.

It comes with a rugged and discrete carry case which is fairly bulky; is supplied with 3 receiver sizes (M, L, XL) or you can order an extra receiver pre-built to your spec; and a 110/240V auto switching power adaptor suitable for most power supplies worldwide.

Available from – Tremblr


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Burn In Her Flame: Governess Elizabeth

Welcoming Governess Elizabeth

We’re so pleased to welcome another stunning dominatrix to The English Mansion – Governess Elizabeth is an elegant, educated domme with luxuriant red hair that cascades down her super fit physique. She enjoys exploring role play fantasies, is a lover of all things kink; adores dressing for power & pleasure with her very own impeccable sense of style and possesses an extensive collection of rubber & fetish outfits.

You’ll find her a warm, approachable genteel Lady, as well as a sadistic Siren – it’s an intoxicating mixture, make no mistake. Devotees should make sure they don’t get burnt as they find themselves, like moths, easily drawn to her flame!

Governess Elizabeth is prodom based in central London, UK, specialising in enforced chastity & keyholding; strict corporal punishment of wayward gentlemen; medical play including needles & sounding; anal & fisting; and adult baby play under the care of Nanny Eliza.

You can watch Governess Elizabeth in action right now, inside our members area…

or visit Governess Elizabeth’s website or More Info Here

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Slave Life at the Bottom of the Pile

Life is hard being a house slave at The English Mansion always on call for all the resident and guest dommes never quite knowing how you will be used or abused…

Recently stunning and statuesque Miss Vivienne decided to reward her favourite slavegirl Suzie with a special treat letting her visit the male slave stable and pick out any slaves she might take a fancy to, I was thrilled when she picked me alongside one of the other male slaves.

(At the Mansion there are slavegirls, also present for the Mistresses pleasure, but we are taught that all women are superior to men here and that slavegirls are considerably higher up the ladder from us lowly males. That’s why the they are permitted to use or punish us and we must obey them without question.)

We were chained up in one of the outdoor milking sheds and under went the humiliating experience of being intimately examined and discussed by Miss Vivienne & Miss Suzie in their search for the fittest and keenest sex slave. Our mouths and bottoms scrutinized and importantly our cocks teased to be checked for size and willingness.

I was desperate to be chosen as I would have loved to have the honour and pleasure of being Suzie’s sex slave plus as I had been in chastity for over 2 weeks I was horny as hell!

Sadly I was not chosen but Miss Vivienne wickedly looked me in the face, smiled and told me not to worry as she had another job for me – as a useful ‘cuckold fluffer’ to make the chosen slave’s cock super hard, wet and ready to fuck Suzie. Red faced and humiliated I obediently got onto my knees but Suzie didn’t think I was trying hard enough and holding my head pushed the hard cock right down my throat – all I could hear was the women laughing as I choked and spluttered.

Miss Vivienne then set to work supervising the fucking, instructing her two slaves how to fuck for her in different positions making them put on a horny sex show for her. I was locked back in one of the holding cages so had the frustrating experience of being made to watch all the action close-up. Listening to Suzie’s crys of plesure as she orgasmed on another cock.

For the most part I was ignored however Miss Vivienne obviously enjoying my status as the cuck slave pushed her stiletto heel through the bars of the cage ordering me to get sucking telling me this was all the sexual action I would be getting today and that she’d remember to have me locked back in chastity later.

Well this is my life at the bottom of the pile…

All of these images come from Choosing Her Pleasure Cock featuring Miss Vivienne l’Amore & Miss Suzie Best now showing inside The English Mansion.

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Silence is Golden – A Complete Compendium of Gags Pt1

Cover of Issue 10 of John Willie’s seminal fetish Magazine ‘Bizarre’ 1st published circa 1946

Silence is Golden

The basic purpose of a gag is to prevent the wearer from talking or communicating in any way, however the reality is very few gags totally silence a person especially from making noises (unlike the gags you see on TV). What they can achieve is to quiet the wearer and to prevent them from speaking words. They also add a psychological effect within BDSM play increasing the sub’s sense of helplessness.

Gags are an intrinsic component of erotic bondage but can be used for humiliation or as a punishment. There is something very striking about a gag – visually they are the epitome of submission providing an aesthetic ‘centrepiece’ to your bondage. There’s nothing so lovely as watching your sub’s pleading eyes as they grunt baba-talk while drooling all over themselves 🙂 Note – gags create a lot of drool!

If you are going to use gags in your play then ironically communication before the scene is more critical especially if you are not with a regular play partner. And as a safeword can not be used while the gag is in place you need to establish prearranged physical signs to signal an emergency or distress. Remember it’s never safe to leave an individual who has been gagged alone, not even for a few minutes and why importantly the use of gags requires continued awareness and diligent monitoring on the part of the dom/top.


A Complete Compendium of Gags
1. Ball gag  (& Wiffel gag)
The (1 ¾ inch diam.) ball, usually made of rubber or silicone, is put into the mouth behind the teeth, with the straps going around the head to secure it in place. Wiffle gags are versions of ball gags but with light perforated plastic balls making them slightly safer than ball gags as this provides more airflow.
2. Bit gag
Styled like the bit used in a bridle for a horse much of its appeal stems from this parallel. It consists of a bar slightly larger than the width of the mouth held in place by straps either side. Unlike the metal bit used in horse bridles, the bar of a bit gag is usually a soft rubber tube. Often used in pony play scene with reins or as part of a head harness.
3. Bandit or Over-the-Mouth gag
A long soft scarf or cloth is put over the sub’s mouth or mouth & chin and tied at the back of the head. Frequently it is used in conjunction with stuffing (more about this later). It has a long association with vintage bondage scenarios & Japanese kinbaku and is often used alongside a scarf covering the eyes.
4. Cleave gag
The cleave is a more effective variant of the Over-the-Mouth gag here the scarf or cloth is pulled between the teeth and tightly tied. Sometimes a knot is tied in the centre of the gag so it works more like a ball gag. Helpfully this knot is able to soak up the saliva while ball gags can’t.
5. Whitehead & Jennings gags
These are both metal dental devices used to spread the patient’s mouth open. Once in place using a ratchet you slowly open the mouth up in small increments. The Jennings has a single side ratchet and angles the mouth open; while the Whitehead is slightly superior with one on each side making it sit more evenly in the mouth and open up vertically. These days it’s better to buy these from fetish outlets as they come with a strap and importantly coat the metal with rubber as otherwise the metal can easily damage the teeth. (Shown is a Jennings gag)
6. Forniphilic gag
This gags primary purpose is to objectify or humiliate the wearer. The term forniphilic comes from the word forniphilia which is the incorporation of a bound person into furniture or other objects. The gag becomes a mounting point for a tool or other device which allows a slave to perform a task or service. When employing the gag, the slave’s hands are usually bound in some way so they have no other option than to control the tool with the gag. The attachments can include: dildo or vibrator, ashtray, toilet brush, feather duster, boot or floor brush or a small serving tray. One of the best designs of forniphilic gags with the best range of attachments must be The Humiliator Gag System from Scott Paul Designs.
7. Dildo gag
This gag has a rubber/silicone dildo projecting outward from the front. The dildo can then be used for insertion by the dom to pleasure themselves (or others) and/or humiliate the submissive. Dildo gags often have a small internal pecker gag for additional support inside the sub’s mouth allowing them some control over the angle of the thrusts to the receiver.
8. Mouth-guard gag
This gag has two mouth-guards, similar to those worn by football and hockey players. One rests on the lower teeth of the wearer while the other is against the top. The mouth-guards are attached to a front faceplate with straps going around the head to secure it in place.

To be continued… in Pt2

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Play Puppets – Enclosed For Her Pleasure

Enclosure isn’t just about mummification you can be inflated, deflated, suspended or even vacuum-packed! And, although rubber and latex does have a wonderful sensual quality, like a second skin there’s also plastic, lycra, leather, cling-film & duct tape. The last two of these are cheap and mean you can cut holes wherever you want them.

Here at The English Mansion we love to wrap you up turning you into a packet for pleasure or a helpless pet puppet there to be played with…

So enjoy this gallery of subs enclosed for their Mistresses’ pleasure

Enclosed For Her Pleasure

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Femdom Funnies

Well it’s the holidays so how about a lighter look at femdom with these internet funnies 🙂



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