The Problems of Fetish Argot

Argot noun – jargon or idiomatic vocabulary of a particular social group, especially that of an underworld body of people (pronounced with a silent ‘t’, unless of course you’re           N. American.)


There is a huge, pervasive problem to overcome when writing a regular femdom blog – a lack of words to describe our world and it’s not just an absence of BDSM terms but sex in general. Well it is the ‘English’ language and the English DO NOT talk about sex. That’s why our erotic terms are either medical or begin as unpleasant juvenile slang. Tea bagging comes to mind (well that’s certainly British), really… we couldn’t come up with a better name? At least fellatio is rather beautiful and a bit of an onomatopoeic mouthful. So like vanilla sex, we grope around in the dark with uninspired, covert descriptions like golden showers; or flat acronyms like CBT or CEI.

We as yet, cannot even agree the plural of domme? I have come across all of these:
Where’s a linguist when you need one (and that’s not an expert on oral sex.)

I’ve often pondered what the collective noun for Mistresses could be?
A whip” perhaps and for Dominatrixes (well I have to use one) “a cruelty“.
I think “a stable” of slaves is now well established (and may have been coined by moi). And, “an obedience” of subs, or for Prodoms should that be “an over-excited irritation of“.

Despite being in regular parlance neither (a) Dominant nor (a) Submissive have yet to make it into the dictionary as proper nouns. You can ‘be’ submissive but not be ‘a’ Submissive. Or ‘a’ Switch or the rather kind epithet ‘Vanilla’ as a description for a non kinky person.

The word Bottom is also rather perfect as a term for the ‘receiver’ in a scene (but NOT in the gay sense, they have Polari anyway), for example, the bottom may be a masochist without a sub bone in their body, see this is where it all gets confusing… not enough words. Anyway, Bottom leads us to Top obviously and then to the idiomatic, common phenomenon of ‘topping from the bottom’ we’ve all experienced this one 🙂

We have, however, created some first-rate new terms: hard limit; subspace; safeword; scene; edge play; and subdrop – to name just a few. And safewords offer up a whole new parlance – apparently shouting out “Popsicle!” or “Justine Bieber!” is de rigueur for newbies; us veterans always found “red” perfectly coherent.

So here are just a few new terms I’ve been creating and collating….  I want to produce an extensive list for a future blog later this year, so new additions welcome in our comments section (click on this blog’s title and see section below – Leave a Reply).

The English Mansion’s  New Femdom Argot Dictionary

Uxy: A submissive husband (as opposed to slave or sub.)
(Taken from uxorious – having or showing a great or excessive fondness for one’s wife.)


I’m thinking hard here

Vituperess, Vituperation, Vitupe: an expert practitioner in extreme verbal humiliation/ extreme verbal humiliation/ to verbally humiliate. (Taken from vituperation – using bitter and abusive language.)

Tourist: A sub who visits prodoms only once, no matter the quality of the session, so to be able to claim knowing all the dommes in an area. (Not to be confused with a sub who will visit a few dommes until he finds one compatible with himself.)

Feminatrix: A domme who focuses on training Xdressers and TVs. (This may have been coined by Lady Nina Birch to describe herself with regard to her favoured activities.)

Iggy: A slave who enjoys public disgrace. (Taken from ignominy – public shame or disgrace.)

Minnie Mouse (or Mini): A young sex worker who decides she’s a dominatrix. (Mouse did imply a lack of confidence but it came from the notion she only probably only owned a plastic whip and a leather ‘mini’ skirt. “Mee-ow!”)

Compersion, Compersive: Pleased or aroused (instead of jealous) when one’s partner has sex or is receiving sexual pleasure from another person.

Sissygasm: An ejaculation from anal stimulation, usually while Xdressed.

Vore: A fetish in which people fantasize about devouring a living being alive, or being devoured alive.

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London’s FemDom Ball 2016

femdom-ball-2016-headerMistresses, dominatrixes, lifestyle couples and naturally submissive men from all over the world are invited to join Madam Caramel this winter, in London for an evenings celebration of Female Supremacy.

Madame-Caramel-ebony-dominatrixLondon’s FemDom Ball 2016

Internationally renowned dominatrix, hostess of Club Black Whip, proprietress of Hoxton Dungeon Suit and beautiful Goddess, Madame Caramel is hosting a very special evening celebrating Female Supremacy in central London on Saturday the 8th October 2016.

With the success of last year’s FemDom Ball with over 180 dominas and slaves in attendance, held at a first-rate central London location, this year’s event is sure to be just as fabulous. Already a legion of dominas from all over the world have confirmed their attendance. There will be a strict slave protocol in place for the evening, planned activities, a human raffle, fashion shows & a play room.

Femdom-Ball-2015-photos-The English Mansion is very pleased to be promoting, supporting and sponsoring Caramel’s efforts. She plans a night of decadence, fun, fetish fashion, glamour, pleasure and pain for femdom enthusiasts.

We’re also offering 5 free English Mansion site passes as consolation prizes in the raffle. Last year the proceeds from their charity raffle were donated to the very worthy The Spanner Trust, a charity dedicated to challenging the anti BDSM laws in the UK. We hope to see you there 🙂

Ticket numbers are limited, so get yours while they are still available! Visit the website for tickets & more details:
or Visit Madame Caramel’s website here:

(Above) Photos by Bobette from last year’s FemDomBall with Madame Caramel, Mistress Ezada Sinn, Mistress Evilyne, Miss Kitty, Mistress Lilse, Mistress Brown & Ms Vivienne l’Amor

Take a little peek at this fabulous footage of the action from last years’ FemDom Ball 2015!

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Sidonia’s Pet Plaything


Regular readers of this blog already know I have a passion for extreme bondage and the dehumanisation process (striping away individuality) – so putting the two together is perfect and twice the fun! Hence my new bondage endeavours using fragmented mummification, limb restriction, body piercings and predicament situations have been totally *hot* and something I’m planning a lot more of…

Using partial mummification to hobble the sub so he can no longer stand but must walk on four limbs like an animal, is so humiliating for the sub, he’s my new little pet plaything. It’s also bondage that’s perfect for puppy scenes. I also enjoyed mummifying his head so he could no longer speak or see. It’s so pleasing to keep him in ‘sendep’ totally reliant, helpless and focused on my every command. (Though later I used a pump up gag, there’s something quite erotic about filling and stretching his little mouth with inflatable rubber.)

bondage-pet-vetwrap-03- I’ve become fascinated by predicament bondage scenarios and the devising of ingenious games to play with my helpless bound playthings. In this scenario I utilised the many piercing I have inflicted on my bondage sub (so helpful for intense restraint scenes) by attaching weights and bells to each of them, i.e. each nipple and one through his dangling cock’s double foreskin piercings. I then challenged my pet to walk hobbled around for me but without making any sound, difficult with all those bells, the punishment a harsh ass whipping. He tried earnestly but failed continually and received a red backside for his pathetic efforts.

bondage-pet-vetwrap-01-To complete my pet creation I inserted a large, tail butt-plug into my new toy’s asshole, plus a cruel humbler to further inhibit the pet’s movements. You can watch all the footage of this session, which is now showing inside The English Mansion in ‘Sidonia’s Pet Plaything’.

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Killer Heels


In the fairly recent, The Dark Knight Rises movie, Catwoman uses the razor sharp stiletto heels on her leather boots to stab or attack her many victims. Interestingly the word ‘stiletto’ comes from the Italian meaning a knife with a long slender blade and needle-like point. Our very own Mistress Vixen infamously wears a paid of leather boots where she has removed the heels leaving only the spike they used to be attached to (you can see them in action in Kept In Her Cellar, now showing) these deadly trample boots really leave an impression.


The Chanel gun heels described here as ‘Fashion to die for’ have been getting the celebs sporting them into lots of trouble at airports – so be warned.

killer-heelsCruel looking shoes seem to be fashionable at the moment – footwear covered in sharp spikes or bullets with pointed metal stilettos or steel toecaps, even secret gun heels. This is just what we always suspected about extreme high heels – they are deadly weapons… worn by deadly women 🙂

Check out the Whip Boots here ainsley-t

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Discipline Disciple – Femdom Fiction

slave-leash-femdom-Discipline Disciple by Prospero 13
Mistress Sidonia Von Bork’s best boy & her most devoted slave

I await her attention, caged in the dark, not enough room to stand or lie down, just enough space to be profoundly uncomfortable. The physical agony is nothing to the pain of being banished from Her presence. I yearn for the sight of Her beautiful face.
Finally! The ominous clicking of her heels down the long corridor.
The key in the lock. The key to my heart.
“Here, doggie! Walkies! You filthy little MONGREL!”
If I had a tail I’d be wagging it. As it is, I’m rock hard. Her harsh voice. The shiny black boots.  The immaculate jodhpurs. The  knowledge I’ll be able to sniff her heavenly arse. She will cane me hard, from cold. Sheer agony.

She rubs deep heat embrocation on a thick, doggy-tail dildo, then opens my cage, yanks my lead hard and I scramble out quickly. I maintain tongue-out, panting for breath, doggy demeanour. Yet Mistress is displeased.
“Come ON! I’m giving you away. Or I’m having you put down! You’re USELESS!”
I’m out, on my knees, paws held out for her inspection. Ow! That riding crop stings. Six on both hand, front and back, and twelve across my rump. For the cropping I must have my face to the floor, licking the ground, still panting.
“Come on! Rump UP!”
I am her mongrel. I can’t help crying out but remember to convert my weak yelps into a canine whine.
“Sniff my ARSE! You disgusting, little HOUND!”

“Dogs will lick anything,” she says, squatting over my open mouth and eager face.
“Lick me clean. Now!”
I do her bidding. Who would dare disobey? I clean and cherish her, licking her up and down, polishing the sweet little rosebud of her anus then daring to dip my tongue inside her ring of glory.
How precious is the sound of her pleasure! She sticks her bottom out, riding my tongue.  Five minutes later she desires her own company once more. She leaves me alone with only a bowel of her pale, almost tasteless nectar.

Many hours later She returns.

Mistress Sidonia canes very hard. From Cold. You may be a hard man but no one can take a whipping with a dragon cane without eventually begging for mercy. Sometimes Mistress Sidonia just sits and watches, drinking a cocktail while a fellow Mistress thrashes me relentlessly. There’s always a long pause between each stroke, while they laugh and taunt me.
“He’s dancing well today, isn’t he?”
“Almost as if we’d put a peeled ginger root covered in deep heat right up that worthless arsehole of his.”
“We should add Chili seeds to the mix. Spice him up a little.”
They are cruel. And so, so lovely.

“Why should I waste my energy whipping you, boy?” She demands. “You haven’t earned the right to a whipping from me. Get your nose between my cheeks and sniff my ARSE!” Mistress Sidonia grabs my hair and yanks my face upwards. I can smell her leather gloves, her unique musk, I am agonizingly close to her. My heart beats only for HER. I attempt to rest my head on her beautiful bosom but she spits in my face.  I love Her. She despises me. Such is life.

by Mark Ramsden  exclusively for TEM. See his Skin Two blogs here.

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Lady Nina’s Special Feminisation Regime Pt4

A Fun Day Shopping with the Girls

Part 4 Enforced Full Dressing & Humiliating Exhibitionism

Set aside some time for a shopping day and invite some of your bitchiest girlfriends along, as it’s time to have some fun taking him shopping for a new ‘girly’ house uniform. Hold up whatever you are choosing against him in the shop and make sure there are some young, pretty sales assistants on-hand to give their opinions.

nina-chastity-spanking-Most beauty salons are pretty open to male grooming these days, so start the day by relaxing looking at magazines in the waiting room as he endures a full body waxing. Listen out for the agonising moments when the beautician gets to the back, sack and crack!

The shoe department is great fun – before the day inform him that from now on his toe-nails must always be nicely painted ‘sissy pink’ or ‘whore red’. If you’re lucky enough to have a husband with small enough feet you can find some really nice shoes in the high street, perhaps some really hot ‘stripper’ ones. Make sure you and the girls are sitting comfortably so you can have a good giggle at his attempts at walking.

Keep him in a snug chastity device whilst you are out. Give your friends free reign to flash their stocking tops and press their breasts up against him. You can laugh at his obvious discomfort as his erection swells.

Wig shopping is next, revel in making him try on several. You can discuss with your girlfriends as to whether blondes do really have more fun? You could select a few in different colours, lengths, maybe curls to make him look cute. He needs to be able to entertain you in many guises including slut, maid and sissy. Depending on his work situation, if you can get him to grow his own hair, even better.

And of course there is the underwear department – need I say more. Thoroughly humiliate him by measuring him up. Discuss with your girlfriends what size breasts would best suit his frame, and hold up against him various negligees, satin or lace panties and suspender belts. Consider which colours bring out his eyes. Pick him out a few pairs of sexy sheer lace top stockings he should be more than capable by now of attaching suspender clips and rolling them up in the correct way without snagging them. Penalties like a firm spanking etc. can be used to encourage care.

sissy-xdresser-party-humiliationAbove image features: Governess Ely, Miss Vivienne l’Amor, Mistress Evilyne & Goddess Mistress Kelly

If you go on a week day you could find a quiet ladies fitting room, you and the girls can drag him into a cubicle, grope him up and make him do whatever you want. He will be uncomfortably reminded by his straining cock that he’s still in chastity, the key held securely on a chain around your neck.

You should now have him sleeping every night in a pretty pink nightdress so he wakes immediately reminded of his new gender correction. Find the frilliest girly nightwear for general use, also a short slutty numbers for ‘action’ evenings. Pick up some sexy underwear and killer heels for yourself to wear around the house to sexually torment him. Of course make sure a young pretty female serves.

I will continue this in Pt5 – Coming Soon. Lady Nina  x
© Lady Nina Birch

We’ve been honoured at The English Mansion to be given exclusive access to Lady Nina Birch’s Special Feminisation Regime, which we will post here over the next few months. This is an extensive, light-hearted guide and an essential read for all Ladies & special girls who want to engage in the world of feminisation. Lady Nina Birch is the UK’s foremost feminatrix with many years of experience and extensive knowledge on crossdressing and full-feminisation.

You can find our more about Lady Nina Birch here on her personal website

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