The English Mansion Visits Dungeon Manor (Pt 1)

smP1013065finp111Here at The English Mansion we love parties – and femdom parties are just about the most fun you can have; so we were excited to be invited over to a little afternoon soiree at Mistress Evilyne’s ‘Dungeon Manor’ her very own femdom establishment for an afternoon of decadent deviance.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt1-16I was accompanied by resident Mansion dominas Mistress Nikki Whiplash & Lady Nina Birch and already in residence at the Manor was the stunning Mistress Ezada Sinn.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt1-25We had 6 slaves in attendance, however, with 5 extremely experienced and cruel dominas I don’t think 6 was enough!

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt1-12aDuring the champagne lunch we had a few ‘party games’ while making two of the slaves perform for us in the most degrading way we could think of – well let’s just say it was most entertaining, all of us laughing at their total mortification. Moving on we decided to turn one of the slaves bi… public humiliation can be so delicious.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt211Meet the  stunning, experienced and extremely fiendish dominas at the party along with their play meat. In attendance (left to right): Mistress Ezada Sinn, Lady Nina Birch, Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Mistress Sidonia & Mistress Evilyne at her Dungeon Manor.

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt201cAfter lunch we moved into Dungeon Manor’s conservatory, a huge room large enough to swing a whip – which was most convenient as an errant slave was in turn, strung up and flogged by each Mistress – between his legs :)

Party_At_Dungeon-_Manor_Pt209We captured all the real-life party action as it unfolded with documentary style footage so you can come and find out what happens as the film starts this week at The English Mansion ‘Party At Dungeon Manor Pt1‘. This is, however, only the first half of the party, later one ‘lucky’ slave ‘enjoyed’ a 5-girl gangbang! I’ll tell you all about that in another blog :) Coming Soon

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Boys Are Her Toys – Meet Ms Ella Kross

Introducing_Ms_Ella_Krossella-kross-promoOver the summer we we’re pleased to welcome Ms. Ella Kross to The English Mansion. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, though she travels worldwide; Ms. Kross is both a stunning fetish model and an erotic domina. She loves to tease you with her perfect body – and you will succumb, utterly entranced… for this young lady just exudes sexiness. Her beauty will weaken and humble you, her accent will enthrall you, while her eyes will gaze right into yours, taking you over, turning you into a boy-toy for her pleasure.  So get ready, you’ll be seeing her in action very soon inside The Mansion…

Ms. Ella Kross is an experienced Prodom and has her own clips store, she loves what she does and is supremely kinky – to quote her “your fetish, my passion!”.
So check out her main website here & her session website with its excellent blog with some truly stunning glamorous photos of her here . Also More Info Here.

Here’s a little teaser gallery of Ms Kross in action at The English Mansion

  • Hogtied at Her ShoesMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Sexy FootjobMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Helpless & ready for my milking machineMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Come on slave there's work to be doneMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • You are MY property now slave!Ms Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Lets take you down to the dungeon, slaveMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Breathe in the aromatic leatherMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Now you will feel the Kiss of my WhipMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Tied then cruelly teasedMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion
  • Now you WILL suck cock for Mistress T & MoiMs Ella Kros visits The English Mansion

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Anal Obsessive in a Retentive World


Looks like a Xmas tree to me ;)

Currently erected over the Place Vendome in Paris, France is a giant 80ft inflatable sculpture which is meant to represent a festive Xmas tree. It was created by US artist Paul McCarthy as part of a contemporary arts festival and is simply entitled ‘Tree’. Its resemblance, however, to a butt plug has apparently made passers-by feel uncomfortable, while others claim the sculpture is a giant sex toy that “humiliates” Paris. McCarthy has admitted he was ‘having a little joke’ and the work was at one point vandalised and deflated.


His Piggies & Poop “Complex Pile” . McCarthy an anal obsessive?… or is he trying to tell us we’re all a bit retentive

King of the Inflatable Pasquinade
Given the controversial nature of artist, Paul McCarthy’s previous work I think ‘Tree’ is quite understated.


King of the Inflatable Pasquinade

In Japan, he displayed giant inflatable poop; in Holland, Santa Claus holding a butt plug; and in the UK sculptures of former president George W Bush having sex with pigs.

McCarthy’s work is about corrupting innocent figures and symbols in larger than life colorful caricatures in everything from politics to Disney. I think his anal obsession is trying to tell us we’re all a bit retentive, we need to learn to let go…

I love his work – his lampooning of conformist sensibilities, his obvious (and hilarious) mockery of them – makes me think “Xmas Tree – My Arse!”

Best laugh I’ve had in ages, not at the work but his audacity. I don’t know how he got away with it in Paris, but thank you Paul :)

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Accepting the Challenge – Femdom Style

MistressNikki-DominantDollySo the Ice Bucket Challenge goes on… and here are two of my nominees’ nominees :)

Nikki Whiplash’s ice bucket challenge
from Nikki Whiplash on Vimeo.

Dominant Dolly’s Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Motor Neuron Disease

Both seriously impressive, creative & funny offering from these two Mansion Mistresses: Mistress Nikki Whiplash & Dominant Dolly

Mistress Nikki never fails to entertain us with her naughty exploits - here she is sight-seeing in London :) Make sure you check out

Mistress Nikki never fails to entertain us with her wicked exploits – here she is sight-seeing in London :) Make sure you check out

And lastly, there is also this offering from Brighton Domina Miss Velour  & SkinTwo CEO Tim Woodward who were nominated with moi, by DSO in her original challenge (see here).

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Throne Games – New Doms

new-dominas-Throne-Games-theenglishmansion-2014-We have three very different leading ladies making their debut very soon at The English Mansion…all enjoy toying with men and have their own unique style and interests within female domination.

Here at the English Mansion we have no fixed rules about what constitutes femdom – it can be empowering, sexual, fetishistic or downright sadistic with infinite other permutations. We give our dominas a free rein and then just let them indulge in what they most enjoy :)

So get ready to bow down before the thrones of 3 stunning killer queens…

Mistress Evilyne
A young, refined, attractive domina with an alluring plummy voice. This Mistress will take you to the depths of depravity and then laugh at your suffering… be prepared to consume her – she loves you to take her spit, smoke and so much more. More Info Here

Mistress Ezada Sinn
If there was a superhero Dominatrix I think she would look like Mistress Ezada. For this is one beautiful, sultry, stunning domme with a powerful, perfect hourglass figure. Mistress Ezada is a classic and enthusiastic lifestyle domina.  More Info Here

Ms Ella Kros
A stunning fetish model and erotic domina, Ms Kros loves to tease you with her perfect body and you will succumb, utterly mesmorised … for this young lady just exudes sexiness. More Info Here

You’ll be seeing more of them at The English Mansion very soon.

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