Trans Trap – The Sissy Bondage Vice


Recently, super CD sub Jessica Dee came over to the Mansion to serve the stunning Miss Foxx, however, her training was not up to this Mistress’s high expectations and she found herself on our new device…


The Sissy Bondage Vice

The Sissy Bondage Vice is a new and ingenious Mansion invention, for lazy maids we call it the ‘idle vice’ 🙂 It can work as either a punishment or sexual torment device. And, can be fully adapted to meet all the needs of the domina utilising it, for example:

1.  A cock dildo can be fitted into the mouth, this gags and shuts them up but also helps stretch the jaw, perfect for improving their cock sucking training;

2.  Nipple clamps and stretchers can be attached and used as a predicament punishment, so if the sissy moves at all suffering will ensue. It is also good to help enlarge and stretch the nipples making them more feminine;

3.  Anal devices and plugs can be kept in place for stretching and sensitising their new special pussy;

4.  While below the waist either a milking machine or a vibrator if the sissy is locked in permanent chastity, can be fitted leaving the poor little thing just on the edge and frustrated;

5.  A web cam can be fitted giving you and hopefully some friends a whole view of the little sissy’s suffering from another room, plus it’s always a good way to keep a watchful eye on them while they are bound.


Kept In Line

So, if you want to see the Sissy Bondage Vice and indeed Miss Foxx & Jessica Dee in action, you can see them right now in Kept In Line now showing inside The English Mansion.

Miss Foxx’s house girl, Jessica is due some training to keep her in line. Mistress tests a new remote control vibrating plug which is inserted deep into Jessica’s ass, varying the intensity and noting the responses, her poor chastity clad cock leaking pre-cum from the deep pleasure. This is then followed by an OTK spanking, to balance the relief, her cheeks becoming nicely engorged, preparing her for the cane strokes to follow. Finally, she is left on the sissy bondage punishment chair, nipples pulled tightly, gagged with a big dildo and vibrator on her caged cock.


Elizabeth’s House Maid

And this special sissy punishment chair will be featuring again later this year, this time in the hands of beautiful Governesses Elizabeth in Elizabeth’s House Maid when she takes charge of the recalcitrant handful that is Maid Tiffany Doll.


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The Femdom Diaries by Mistress Darcy

the_femdom_diaries_mistress_darcy-500World-Renowned American Dominatrix Mistress Darcy
Launches her first book of Fiction

The Femdom Diaries

Inspired by her infamous career as a world-renowned dominatrix, Mistress Darcy has collated her short, fictional femdom stories under one cover The Femdom Diaries. This astonishing collection of a dominatrix’s adventures will bury you deep inside the mysterious, exotic and thrilling world of power exchange. Whether you’re an eager submissive hungry for connection, a discerning dominant seeking intelligent erotica, or a curious “vanilla” excited to explore your dark side, the delicious literotica of The Femdom Diaries will set your imagination afire with possibility.

Years in the making, Mistress Darcy has finally taken the time to distill some of her exhilarating and, at times, shocking experiences as a Mistress and express them with unprecedented grace, sophistication and clarity. The Femdom Diaries will entice your mental, emotional and physical arousal and help you to understand your own hidden kink like never before.

mistress_darcy-the_femdom_diaries-smAlthough most of her client experiences span traditional kinks like corporal punishment, humiliation, and bondage, some of her most exciting memories involve personal slaves and the unique bonds that are created from that dynamic.

“The nervous system needs to enter a state ofrest from time-to-time, and giving up control under the guidance of a gorgeous, powerful woman can be the perfect antidote to the demands of [a stressful life]”  Mistress Darcy from The History and the Arts of the Dominatrix by Anne O. Nomis.

A personal slave must cultivate this lack of control, along with a profound trust in his or her dominant, in order to go through with risque activities like full wet games, slavery, cuckold marriage, brainwashing, and enforced-bi gangbangs, all of which are explored in Mistress Darcy’s new book. While shocking to individuals not familiar with the world of BDSM, it is her wickedness, ingenuity, and flair for the extreme that make The Femdom Diaries essential erotica for 2017.


Meet Mistress Darcy

Mistress Darcy is one of the most well-respected D/s (Dominance and submission) practitioners in the professional domination industry today. Infamous for her intense and deeply psychological approach to BDSM, Mistress Darcy has built a reputation worldwide as an intelligent, compassionate, but uncompromising dominant.

“Professional domination is, for me, about helping people. Helping them find themselves, express themselves, release shame, and embrace joy,” said Mistress Darcy in an interview with London’s Telegraph. The article goes on to praise her as someone “who has built an empire around domination, and refuses to be shamed for it.”

A formally trained, internationally acclaimed dominatrix and alpha female, Mistress Darcy is both a professional and lifestyle kink practitioner. She first began as a dominant at The Dungeons of Mistress Elizabeth’s in New York nine years ago, and has since built a career as an independent that has taken her around the globe. Currently based in New York, Mistress Darcy at one time lived in London, but now travels back and forth between the U.S. and Europe.

As an educator, Mistress Darcy has taught adult and BDSM-themed salons for the luxury lingerie brand Coco de Mer, was recently interviewed for Vogue Magazine, and featured in an abduction fantasy documentary on Vice. In addition to offering workshops and performances at DomCon and London Fetish Weekend.

As an author, she writes both fiction and nonfiction, and keeps a BDSM-themed blog at her website
(Above text from the book launch press release.)

Available from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing:
The Femdom Diaries – Kindle Edition UK & Europe
The Femdom Diaries – Kindle Edition North America 

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Smotherly Love – The Femdom Art of Namio Harukawa

Namio-HarukawaThe Femdom Art of Namio Harukawa

There are very few femdom artists in the world and even fewer whose work is instantly recognisable. The illustrious Sardax would certainly be one, the other would be Namio Harukawa whose name is less well-known, however, femdom enthusiasts will instantly recognise his work.

Namio Harukawa was an artist born in Osaka, Japan in 1947. His drawings exclusively depict generously proportioned dominant women sitting on, possibly sexually using or smothering the faces of weak, small, submissive men. The men are often bound or trapped in some kind of contraption while the women’s Rubenesque figures totally overwhelm and envelope them. He was most certainly a master at depicting erotic female bottoms and is much admired by the world’s bottom loving and face-sitting fraternities.

His most common motif is where the men are somehow, and always rather humorously, turned into human furniture for the comfort and service of these curvaceous goddesses. In his pictures the men are literally ‘objectified’, we don’t even see their faces (unless it’s their grimaces) as they are usually disappearing beneath a powerful women’s bottom. Thus the men exist as nothing more than useful household additions – inoffensive, faceless and ignored little men.

Harukawa’s voluptuous woman have huge breasts but even larger bottoms and super strapping gigantic thighs. This shape is then more ‘pear’ than ‘hourglass’ and the effect creates a powerful looking, strong, hyper-sexy women. (Certainly at odds with today’s sexualised image of a top-heavy, stick thin woman  – how does she stand up?)

And, in his world, women’s superiority to men is a given, his dominant women are self-assured and contented, usually sporting a looks of haughty disdain or a slightly sadistic smile while astride the faces of these hapless males.

So pull up a face and take a look 🙂   Here’s a little example of his work…


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Femdom Summer Garden Party Pt2 – Sunshine, Service & Suffering

Sunshine, Service & Suffering
The Mansion Summer Garden Party Pt2

blog-femdom-garden-party-01Yes there’s more…we love a party at The English Mansion and with all the hot weather last year we thought we’d throw a Summer Garden Party. So here is the second installment of our wicked exploits from the later part of the afternoon…


After the endless rounds of human-pony racing our slaves were nicely sweaty, exhausted and lying helplessly broken on the ground – such a lovely sight 🙂 The real suffering, however, was just about to begin for one unlucky slave…the loser… as he was to be tied to a post and bull-whipped simultaneously by all four of us!

blog-femdom-whipping-garden-party-0107In attendance were the beautiful Mistress Lola, Mistress Evilyne & Miss Annalieza each flaunting impressive single-tail whips, that could be heard loudly cracking away over the moans of their victim, “OUCH!”


The ‘2nd place loser’ was also dished out a few lashes and as he was a pathetic wimp, he begged and grovelled at our boots to be spared.

blog-femdom-whipping-garden-party-0103After a cigarette break with a useful ashtray slave, we decided to split up. Mistress Annalieza & Mistress Lola decided to have some cruel entertainment taking two slaves down to the milking shed. One was strapped up in tight bondage while the other was enticed into a little ‘messy’ enforced bi 🙂blog-femdom-whipping-garden-party-0105

Mistress Evilyne and myself took another slave into the side paddock and made him stretch his arse-hole up with some huge toys while we gave him some needed ‘encouragement’.

Femdom parties are always SUCH fun with lashings of… well… lashings!  The dynamic is totally different from the intensity of a 1 on 1 session; parties have their own potency with an exciting layer of exhibitionism and humiliation. And, I have always found a gathering of dommes far more sadistic when together, I don’t know if its latent competition or just a kind of group blood lust 😉


See also Pt1 of this blog here

And you can watch all the action as it unfolded, right now inside The Mansion in non-stop footage of the whole afternoon as it unfolded in The Mansion’s Summer Garden Party.

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DDI Domination Directory International – A Glorious Revolution


DDI Magazine – A Brief History

Domination Directory International was an American contact magazine that described itself as “The Ultimate Source For Meeting A Mistress”. It was first issued in 1984 at the cost of $7 and then published sporadically until about 1989 when this became biannually. Domination-Directory-International-prodom-advert-Mistress-Sidonia-von-BorkInitially, it was a basic magazine with only a few colour pages and snapshots of prodoms. In a short time it became a much more glamourous affair – all colour, the page count expanded and the number of dominas wanting to advertise was growing every issue and these professional dommes now ranged from the whole of North America and Europe.

Right: One of my ads inside an early Euro DDI. You could have a 1/4 , 1/2 or full-page advert but mainly each featured domme took a page.

With its success growing and the need for more distribution in Europe, in 1995 to address the number of Mistresses from England, Holland, Germany wanting to be included; the USA publishers joined forces with the publisher of Massad magazine in Holland to create an exclusively European edition. So DDI split in two: a North American edition, which carried on with the sequential issue numbering from; and Euro DDI, which began fresh with a premiere issue.


DDI’s North American edition went quarterly with issue #29 in 1998. While Euro DDI was published three times per year, with issue #14, in 2000. However, with the advent of the internet and the decline of the printed magazine industry (pervy & mainstream) in 2003 the North American and Euro editions were once again merged into one combined edition. This now allowed domina’s to advertise worldwide and created a bumper world edition of over 200 pages. In the mid ’90s the DDI publishers managed a huge coup – distribution in more mainstream and prestigious retail locations such as Tower Records, Borders Books, and other non-adult venues; this was a boost to both the magazine’s sales and prestige.


And A Thank You

The prodom community owes a considerable debt to DDI as it sought out and brought together ardent, elite dominas from all over the world turning them into an exclusive group of dedicated professionals. Looking back at the advent of what we would call today a ‘prodom’ throughout the late ’70s and ’80s she existed in a secret and underground world. The only way to find her was through free adult listing papers, box cards and contact magazines. These small A5 contact magazines were cheaply produced and associated with a sordid, seedy scene and could only be purchased by mail order or at sex shops. DDI seemed to obliterate them – its large A4 format, its glossy cover, stunning models in designer fetish wear, inside colour pages, beautiful binding, all giving the contents inside: the services of prodoms, an authority and glamourous status – and importantly a new credibility.

DDI-Magazine-most-recent-issue-79The final DDI – Issue #79 Published early in 2015

An Ending
DDI was last published in early 2015 and its future seems uncertain. The ever omnipresent search engine ‘Google’ allows anyone to search the world for prodoms. And, dominas are no longer dependent on a page in a contact magazine or listing websites, they don’t need to answer endless question by phone as they can put up extensive websites showing any prospective subbie what to expect and the diverse range of services many of them now offer. I still think that the prestige of appearing in DDI was worth its weight in gold and hope that it might make a come back, even in a new web-based form or format.

Back Issues can be bought here from KFS Media

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Bohemian Audacity: Miss Indie Fox

indie_fox_the-english-mansionWelcoming Miss Indie Fox

We’re pleased to welcome another life-style domme woman to The English Mansion. Miss Indie Fox is a beautiful and striking plus-size dominant lady with altering hues of vibrant hair colours, at the moment flaming red, funky tattoos and a few discreet piercings. Based in the East of England, UK, she also works as an alternative model.

Ms Fox is one super sassy young woman, naturally vivacious she radiates confidence and intelligence with a huge dose of bohemian audacity thrown in! You need to meet her in person to fully succumb to her youthful energy and natural magnetism. Currently in the process of exploring her dominance she’s been drawn to sensual sadism and cruel teasing of submissive boys – all of whom easily fall under her spell. More Info Here

You can see her right now inside our members’ area and more footage is coming soon…

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