Penis Envy? The Biggest Strapon in the World!

Giant_Fucking_StraponMeet Dave: Who says size doesn’t matter?

We were in shock and awe when DSO, DomStrapon came to visit the English Mansion and brought along her collection of humongous strapon cocks! Her newest and biggest beast she calls Dave :) Its length is approx 18 inches with a girth/circumference of 24 inches and the cock alone weighs 18 pounds. I’ve never seen anything like it. So move over BAM there’s some new boys in town. (See BAM article here.)

Note: No Photoshop has been used in any of these photos, these are genuine images of DSO’s strapon cocks

Huge_Strapon-Collection-kinky-monkeyLike her other giant strapons, Dave is a beautiful piece of bespoke and highly engineered kit harnessing-giant-strapondesigned and created for her by They explained the difficulties of harnessing DomStrapon’s largest dildo so far,
“It took 10 square feet of leather 96 rivets, 16 buckles, 1 x 140 mm stainless steel marine ring and 1 long day in the workshop!” do also hand-make beautiful ‘normal’ sized soft leather strapon harnesses which are available in numerous colours. So take a look at their website or facebook page. They are also often at the BBB (the Birmingham Fetish Market).

DSO is a genuine lifestyle dom who loves strapon and anal play and adores going out and about on the scene strutting her stuff and generally scaring people with her giant cock! You can visit her website here or more info here.

“Hello Dave” I could see Pappa Lazarou wearing it but DSO is much prettier

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room or should that be the monstrous f**king strapon – does she use it? Oh yes she does and all the others. And, you can see not Dave but the size down from this very soon inside The English Mansion.  Or take a little sneaky peak below in this gallery of DSO and her super-sub Kinky Steph to see it in action :)

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The Cane – The Classic English Discipline Tool Pt 3

lady-boss-caningHR would probably not approve of Miss Teaser’s Employee Disciplinary Procedure
(with Mistress T)

A proper stroke of the cane is really best suited for the fleshy buttocks. It can be used on other parts of the body, the top of the thighs and hands are popular. For strokes on the body use a lightweight cane with a building tapping motion. The hands have many delicate bones so only very light strokes with the tip of the cane administered to the palm area are really suitable.

Where should you aim for?
When caning a bottom I would suggest that beginners aim to keep the tip of the cane in the middle of the furthest cheek. Once you are more confident keep the tip about an inche in from the outer edge of the bottom. (See Fig. 1) Beware of over-shooting the target. Often when caning you can measure the stroke but will then over shoot this mark when putting your power behind the stroke. The highest cut should be just below the cleft of the buttocks and the lowest just along the crease where the bottom meets the legs. (See Fig. 2)

One of the main mistakes that people make when using a cane is to deliver the strokes all on the same spot. There should be a succession of cane stripes up and down the entire buttocks. I love to see a caned bottom with six evenly placed lines across it each about an 1/2 an inch apart. (See Fig. 3) So try to cane the entire bottom and don’t just hope to hit anywhere. Practice high and low shots. Even experienced players can miss-hit sometimes but remember – if you are not that experienced start with medium or light strokes so that they will not cause too much damage if you do miss.

I think that where you stand in relation to the recipient while administrating the caning is one of the most important factors. Where you stand determines the angle the cane will hit the bottom. If you are too forward or behind the target the angle will be too great and result in one buttock receiving a heavy punishment and the other side none at all. (See Fig. 4) Use the lines you are leaving on the bottom as a guide to how well you are balancing the strokes. The perfect stroke lands flat, that is parallel to the buttocks just before it lands. Thereby transferring the stroke’s power equally onto each cheek.

Perfect positioning of body, arm, cane and placement on the buttocks by Domina Liza

Before the prevalence of the cane the most popular implement was of course the birch. However the cane fitted in well with the Victorian ideals of modesty as it could be easily used over the clothes with very little loss of intensity. So the cane is one of the few CP implements that can be particularly effective over clothes. Canings over tight skirts, jeans, shorts and thick panties are all popular. If you want to indulge in a heavy caning session but don’t want to be marked some practitioners recommend wearing layers of thick knickers or laying a folded wet towel over the buttocks. It will prevent marks, yet still allows much of the intensity of the punishment to come through. These are also useful for a dominant that wants to really thrash away at their partner.

Another way to dish out a punishment of a half-dozen strokes is that of the ‘Five-Barred Gate’, a ‘six-of-the-best’ with one very important, singular variation – the sixth cane stroke is delivered at a roughly 45° angle slicing diagonally across the previous five strokes. Its purpose is to ‘link’ the weal’s into what appears to be, as you may have guessed, a ‘gate.’ That last cane stroke is, as is traditional, the hardest, and cruelly “opens up” the previously inflicted welts.

Miss Eve Harper was known secretly by her employees as the Evil Harpy and if targets were not met she had a very special motivational program

Cane Care
Canes are made from natural reed with their own moisture content and so will stiffen and become brittle as they dry out over time. This will make them more prone to snap. The best place to keep your canes is in a nice humid bathroom to prevent them drying out. The worst place is near radiators and central heating, as this will considerably shorten their lifespan. If soiled, canes may be washed with soapy water (also alcohol or household bleach if blood is present). You can then wipe them with a wax based furniture polish that will help to preserve both the surface seal and their appearance.

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Male Milking Machines

Male-Milking-machines-4-different-typesMistresses (clockwise) Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Switch Zara du Rose, Lady Nina Birch & Miss Kinky Dirty Bitch

This month we’re featuring Male Milking Machines at The English Mansion. We now have no less than four different types of machines all with unique features providing differing sensations: the Venus 2000; the SK-DSPM, Serious Kit Double Suction Pulsation Milker; the Robojac; and our F-machine (fucking machine) used in conjunction with a flesh light. And, you can see them all in action in movies showing this month inside The English Mansion :)

Even 5 years ago none of these specially designed machines were available, the internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities enabling artisans to produce these unique highly crafted specialist devices. Designed by enthusiasts, well they say ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’, each are very different and have other uses not just male milking. Both the Venus & the SK-DSPM have attachments that can be used for nipple suction and stimulation. While the SK-DSPM also has a number of electric SPTs (Suction Pulsation Tubes).

My F-machine (fucking machine) comes with a Rocky attachment, this allows a man to be both anally fucked and milked simultaneously (but it’s quite complicated to get it all working.) I have already blogged about why we love these machines and the Venus 2000 here.The SK-DPSM is a relatively new and a super elaborate piece of kit and so I’m dedicating a whole blog about it later this month.

Just some of the English Mansion Milking Movies Now Showing or starting this week






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Walking on the Wildside – Cross Dressing Top Ten

album-rocky-horror-picture-showWelcome to The English Mansion’s Cross Dressing Top Ten
In all our other charts the decade most absent has been the 1970′s not so for this chartsomething was definitely emerging in the 70′s gender boundaries were being explored and challenged hence its influence in music and fashion.

1   Walk on the Wildside
Lou Reed (1972) Play Video
2   Girls and Boys
Blur (1994) Play Video
The Kinks (1970) Play Video
4   Dude Looks Like a Lady
Aerosmith (1987) Play Video
5   I’m a Boy
The Who (1966) Play Video
6   Rebel Rebel
David Bowie (1974) Play Video
7   Supermodel
  RuPaul (1992) Play Video
8   Cherry Lips
Garbage (2001) Play Video
9   I Want to Break Free
Queen (1984) Play Video
10     Sweet Transvestite
from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1973) Play Video

Contenders that didn’t quite make it into our Top Ten:
Get Back - The Beatles (1969) Play Video ; Queen Bitch - David Bowie (1972) Play Video; The Saga Of Jesse Jane – Alice Cooper (2005) Play Video; &  Laid - James (1993) Play Video.

Also take a look at our:

Perverted-Top-10  Erotic-Top-20  Femdom-Top-10
SubDom-Top-10  Crossdressing-Top-10

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Breaking A Slave


Breaking Free
I have always been fascinated with the process of breaking a slave – turning him into something new, a creature of my creation; making him leave his old self behind, forgetting it even exists. Most slaves/subs are given a ‘slave name’ within a short time they identify with that name, it represents a whole other unique side of them – this side was actually always there but until it was named  they couldn’t set it free. However, this is just the beginning real submission, truly letting go, giving up control and giving up your idea about what giving up control is – is a sublime experience, a heady delight not easily found. To start this process the slave must first be broken.

Breaking In
During my recent 24 hours a day/7 day scene (see here) for the first few days I focused on breaking the slave, starting with a comprehensive dehumanisation procedure. Most slaves think they know what is required of them but they do not. Plus most males have an innate arrogance that they are not even conscious of – this is why before you can make them your slave you must first break them. Strip them down, destroy what they were, take away every remnant of who they were in order to the begin the process of rebuilding them.

My slave was renamed, his clothes, keys, belongings were locked away. His hair was cut short, later shaved. I enjoyed cutting off his lovely long eyelashes (I did not shave his eyebrows because I find this makes slaves look weird). A metal collar was padlocked around his neck carrying a dog tag bearing my initials. He was branded in a special way that would not be permanent but would last a few months (this was censored in the film footage as we are unfortunately are not permitted to show this). He was anally plugged, put in chastity and kept in chains.

Over the week he was put on a calorie controlled diet, the first two days he was only given about 1200 calories each day. I wanted to weakening him. I’ve been fascinated by food denial how dependant it makes your charge when you feed them, it creates such a bond between you. Again during the first few days I also didn’t allow the slave to have quite enough sleep and I disturbed his sleep at one point waking him up in the middle of the night and dragging him around the garden in the rain. I also set the slave many physical tasks to further exhaust his body. My slave is most fastidious clean usually so I limited this and at one point deliberately kept him very dirty and then made a huge deal about it. I knew  psychologically this would be a nightmare for him. Interestingly, the only thing he had – was a small blanket which I could see was a huge comfort to him. At one point I tell him he is becoming too attached to it and take it away, again this was just another way to strip him down, making him totally dependant on me for affection or attention.

It should be noted I have never found pain a good way to break a slave, it gives them something to fight against and so does not weaken then. Pain is only a tool. It can be useful as a punishment or to test a slave’s submission or help them achieve a submissive state.

(I should add my slave was never at any point put at any risk as I have already explained he was continually monitored by a webcam which I was watching. I have many years of experience of these types of scenes as they should not be entered into without great thought and preparation from all parties.)

More coming soon…

So if you have ever wanted to find out what happens behind closed doors in a real life, real-time, real domination scene – take a look at Real Footage 247 Slavery now showing inside The English Mansion.

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Find The World’s Elite Dominas

English-Mansion-Elite-Domina-ListingsLooking for a Dominatrix? Visit our Worldwide Listings – a regularly updated, photo directory, simply organised by continent/country on one page. We only list the best – established & dedicated dominas, equipped in the field they specialise within. We focus on quality not quantity. We aim to make our listings simple and quick to use. And, our ‘Dom List’ has been up since 2004, so it’s well-established at 10 years old!


The Mansion has a global website ranking in the 100,000′s see here and we can confirm our Dom List page receives a HUGE amount of worldwide targeted femdom traffic. This is typical feedback & praise we receive for our list,
“Your domina listings page is the only one I use, no broken links and so quick and easy. You only list real dominas who are active. Most other lists are so complicated and full of wannabees or Mistresses who aren’t even available.”

So take a look at The English Mansion’s Elite Dominas Worldwide Listings Dom List here or to find this page just click on ‘Dom List‘ on the top navigation bar at


Dominas please contact us if you meet our criteria and want to be listed.

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