The Corset Pt2 – Body Modification, Transformation & Restriction

Body Modification Royalty: Mr Pearl, Ethel Granger & Fakir Musafar

In Pt1 of this article I outlined how corsets have undergone a transformation and are rarely used to mould the body but have become a fashion statement, a new female armour empowering women. I realize purists will not regard these ‘fashion corsets’ as authentic as they are not faithful to their traditional purpose, so lets look at the darker side of the corset.

Body Modification & Fetishism
The corset has become an item revered and fetishised over by those who seek extreme body modification for themselves or others. Using them to reduce waists to tiny and even bizarre looking hour-glass figures. By wearing a tightly-laced corset for extended periods, know as ‘tight lacing’ both men and women can eventually reduce their natural waist size.

Ethel Granger in later life

The infamous Mr Pearl corsetiere to the stars has an 18-inch corseted waist and wears his corset 24/7 except to bath. His corsets are works of art and can take several months to construct. You have probably seen the stunning Dita von Teese in his creations and he has made corsets for designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and John Galliano.

He describes the feeling of being corseted as a “Permanent embrace”. And that,
“You feel quite vulnerable without it, like a beetle without its shell.”
The wonderful photo of him (top) – cane in hand is not a reference to BDSM but symbolic of the discipline needed for body modification.

Fakir Musafar father of the modern primitive movement and shaman used corsets to explore extreme body modification – along with piercing, scarification, tattooing and suspension. He achieved an 19-inch corseted waist. I’ve always been fascinated by Musafar he crosses over into BSDM and then transcends it – body modifications become modern rites of passage and a means to personal growth.

Lastly, I must mention Ethel Granger who achieved a 13 inch waist and Cathie Jung who currently has the ‘Smallest Waist On A Living Person’ at just 15 inches, see her official website here.


The wearing of a corset especially to please another is rooted in submission, it transforms and restricts but importantly relieves the wearer of control over their body passing this power to another.

Corsets for Bondage & Male to Female Transformations

Transformation – Male to Female
The corset’s transformative powers make it perfect for feminizing the male figure. Like donning extreme high-heels, wearing a corset gives the wearer not just the look but the sensation of extreme femininity. I love to truss guys up in a full boned corset, getting my knee pushed into their backs, pulling them in tight and watching the transformation.

Restriction & Bondage
The corset can also be used for extreme bondage play, some even come with locks, as there is an erotic quality to the tightness and restriction of wearing one. Buckles or rings on the corset can allow for rope or chain to be attached. I adore these beautiful bespoke locking bondage corsets from Contour Corsets (but who unfortunately are no longer trading.). I have also used neck corsets, single-arm corsets, corset leg binders or even cock corsets for extreme bondage scenes, the neck corset below is from hwdesignshop.

Bondage/Locking Corsets including an extreme neck corset

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Confessions of a Lady Boss ~ Femdom Comic Strip

For all to enjoy – our femdom comic strip Confessions of a Lady Boss with Mistress T as a very demanding domme boss.
Photos taken from the film Cunnilingus Duties with Mistress T

And you can watch stunning Mistress T in action in both Cunnilingus Duties & the newly upgraded Office Bitch Boy – now showing inside The English Mansion

And you can visit Mistress T’s personal website here – highly recommended

& More Info Here

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Femdom High Protocol Gala – Early Afternoon

We held a super special femdom event late last summer, seven gorgeous Mistresses including myself indulged ourselves in a day of real-life high-protocol domination with a lucky pack of favoured slaves, maids and butler.

In attendance were Miss Annalisa, Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Mistress Evilyne,
Goddess Anastaxia, Mistress Inka, Miss Jessica Woods & moi acting as Mistress of Ceremonies.

The slaves were first lined up so that all the Mistresses could take turns examining the meat, testing them out and each choosing the sub that they would like to use to both serve them and to torment for the day.

Once each Mistress was suitably attended to by one or two slaves it was time for the fun and games to begin. We started with ‘Lucky Dip’ each slave had to randomly pick a letter from a bowl which had a corresponding punishment. Some of these were mild, some humiliating, some possibly pleasurable but there were two ‘bête noire’ choices: a bad one –  a hard caning and an evil one: to be hooded and then passed round all the Dommes for extreme torment (including some fresh stinging nettles), not knowing who was doing what. So most of the little subbies were apprehensive as they one by one made their choices and then had to accept or act them out, all for the amusement of the ladies present.

The Mansion has extensive and lovely grounds, so once the games had finished, it was time for all the Dommes to take a browse round and why should they walk when they can ride? Thus, with so many Mistresses, a giant parade was formed as the ladies were pulled in riding traps with the spare slaves forming a worshipful procession behind them.

It was then race time, the fittest slave ponies were chosen, first Mistress Evilyne versus Goddess Anastaxia, followed by Mistress Inka versus Mistress Nikki. These races can get quite competitive with the slave ponies berated, shouted at and whipped hard to get them to perform.

Let The Races Begin…

More coming soon, to this blog, when we’ll let you see what happened later in the afternoon…

And you can watch all the genuine non-stop real femdom action as we used discreet cameras to document the day as it unfolded which is currently showing in our members’ area – High Protocol Gala Pt1 – Auction & Games &  High Protocol Gala Pt2 – Racing & Whipping.

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The Act by Julia Fullerton-Batten

This blog tries to regularly feature the best erotic art and I’ve been endeavouring to specifically promote more female artists. So it was doubly amazing to discover these gorgeous images produced by a woman and someone from the vanilla world who refreshingly has presented sex workers in such an honest and unprejudiced way.

One that, for once, does not perpetuate the false narrative that always swirls around the sex industry, seeking to titillate while self-righteously damming it with its misogynistic and sexist notion that all sex workers are victims in need of saving; not capable of the self-determination or personal freedom allowed to every other worker who sells their labour.

The Act
Few workers are as judged, stigmatised and heaped with the pre-conceived notions of others as sex workers. And in order to explore and understand what might lead a woman to become a sex worker through choice, fine art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten has produced a new book featuring women who choose to use their bodies as their livelihoods. Each sex worker is beautifully photographed in stylised performances of them in ‘the act’ with which their earn their living.

Julia explained, “I was curious as to what motivated women, some well-educated with university degrees, to forsake such normality and voluntarily enter the sex industry, thereby risking social stigma and the disapproval of their families.”

Her book features escorts, adult entertainment performers, lap and pole-dancers, a stripper, a webcam girl, sex ‘slaves’, a dominatrix, a burlesque dancer; aerial artistes and a ping-pong girl. Each sex worker is depicted on a constructed stage but one where we can see back stage or ‘behind the curtain’. This highlights the fact that these acts are highly skilled performances where the women are in control and in the starring role.

“… during my meetings with my models, both before and during the shoot, I sensed that they tend to live their entire working lives as if on a stage. They are women who are proud of their bodies and choose to use their bodies in order to make an income.”

She also expanded the scope of the project to include video interviews to try to understand the women’s reasons for entering the sex industry and enable them to tell their own stories. And despite their X-rated professions and the nude poses, Julia explains that she was careful to avoid the images turning into pornography,

“The subject matter involved is controversial. Nudity always causes tensions. The images were obviously going to be erotic,” she says. “Eroticism is a subtle, sensitive and individual thing. Each viewer has their own consideration of what is acceptable or not. I can’t influence that… There is nudity but that is the state of undress in which my models perform their act…”

Julia was also acutely aware of being in a position of power as the one wielding the camera and ultimately deciding how they women were portrayed. This process shifted her view on the industry.

“During the shoot, I was a voyeur with a camera observing the actresses performing their act for me I was observing behaviour that I had never seen before…I even began to understand to some degree the reasoning behind their career choice. They were all positive, happy and content, almost care-free at what they were doing. I respect them more now than I did before the shoot as persons, not necessarily because they are sex workers. They did change my view of things, I like to think it’s been in a positive direction. I wish them all well, without exception.”

We highly recommended The Act by Julia Fullerton-Batten. Generously sized, beautifully printed, hand-crafted, sumptuously bound in a soft material flesh-like to the touch, and embellished with a lace garter, the book is a dream for collectors of fine-art photography. A DVD containing videoed interviews and behind the scenes glimpses accompanies the book. All copies are signed and numbered by Julia Fullerton-Batten. It can be purchased here:

And the dominatrix featured in the book is an English Mansion featured domme, the stunning Morrigan Hel

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Muscle Worship: Mistress Kiana

Muscle Worship: Mistress Kiana

The English Mansion is pleased to welcome back Mistress Kiana, a gorgeous, ebony domina with a stunning athletic, super-fit but ultra feminine body. So prepare to kowtow before a true muscle goddess and be awed by her impressive cut body and know that once you’re pinned down or smothered by this powerful woman you’re going nowhere.

Mistress Kiana is a sensual domina with beautiful, mesmerising eyes –  she’ll tease, torment and manipulate you; all while cruelly laughing at your pathetic helplessness. And I should mention she adores and specialises in strapon play so prepare to have your backside plundered mercilessly as this lady is a strapon queen!

As well as appearing at The Mansion, Mistress Kiana is a London-based Prodom available for sessions and also has an excellent C4S store. More Info Here

You can see her in action right now inside The English Mansion including the recently updated Kiana’s Sex Pet.

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The Corset Pt1 – Female Armour

The corset is an article of clothing developed purely to accentuate femininity. Designed to be worn around the torso, it consists of two halves which are fixed at the front and then tightened by lacing at the back. This process reduces the waist accentuating both the breasts and bottom thus enhancing feminine curves by shaping the body. Later marketing purported medical benefits for both men and women claiming it improved posture but this was a thinly veiled dressing up of the corset’s image trying to move it from fashion to function.

Generally we used to think of corsets as undergarments worn by Edwardian & Victorian ladies to obtain tiny waists, though they have been around since the Romans. Unfortunately the wearing of them severely restricted the movement of the wearer and even induced fainting spells – thus the corset became a garment that acted to both subjugate and subdue women.


Over the last 25 years the corset has undergone a revival from its origins as secret underwear to today’s sexy outer-wear.  The turning point came in the very early 1990s when Madonna infamously donned one with conical breasts, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and wore it as a top. Another worthy mention is the Thierry Mugler Motorcycle corset made of metal – she’s gonna ride all over you baby! Now days you can find corsets in every colour and every material, they are no longer shape-wear or lingerie for the bedroom; and are rarely used to reduce waist size but to accentuate it.


Female Armour

So it seems ironic that an item that once subjugated women has become empowering to wear and often conveys power and even sexual aggression. Today’s corsets are more akin to body armour, accentuating extreme femininity and worn as weapons – conical breasts are called bullet bras. (Lady Gaga wore a machine gun bra for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, July 2010.) So now women are empowered by their extreme feminine curves. They can use their bodies, this ultra femininity and overt sexiness as a weapon to both frighten and manipulate men.

The prevailing image of the ‘dominatrix’ is of a whip-welding woman in a mean looking tight-leather corset and it’s certainly a standard in the outfit repertoire of dominant women. It’s sexy amour worn before the ensuing battle; it covers her up yet still titillates by exaggerating her curves, slaves can look but can’t see flesh and can’t touch.

Coming Soon: Pt 2 Corsets – Body Modification, Male to Female Transformations & Bondage

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