7 Ways To Turn A Man Into Your Slave

The stunning Miss Vivienne Hardy shows her boy whose’s on top in their relationship!

7 Ways To Turn a Man Into Your Slave
Some Basic BDSM Slave Training Tips

1. Give Him a New Name
this helps in the process of making him let go of his old self and become something you created. It also helps re-enforce his status as your property.

2. Keep Him in Chastity
you retain the key and establish the rules about when it is removed and when, if ever, he is allowed any self-pleasure.

3. Make Him Wear a Sign of Ownership
24/7 he should be made to wear a sign of his owned status. Collars are a standard item but are not practical for everyday wear; and until the relationship reaches a true maturity a tattoo or branding are also not appropriate (these should not be entered into lightly). However, a discreet piercing or secret item of jewelery, for ex. a ring or chain should be worn at all times. You could even paint his toe nails pink.

4. Set Out a Way for Him to Greet You
Assuming you are meeting in a private environment, he should be tutored in how to formally greet you (this is the first time he has seen you after a period of absence). This can be a position to get into – facing the wall hands-on-head, face lowered or to get down on his knees and kiss your shoes. If you meet out in public you may also need a special clandestine greeting like a discreet hand kiss.

I know for prodoms this will likely be to kiss their boots but it was always super horny for me with certain personal slaves, to have them come up to me pull down my undies and lick my arse whenever first in my presence. I liked how it set the tone for the meeting, reminding them of their place in my world.

5. Require Him to Carry Out Menial or Hard Labour Tasks
He must regularly complete a task, this should be housework, gardening or admin. This is of course useful and a service to you but it has a more important purpose; it reinforces his menial status, keeps him occupied and importantly keeps his body physically tired and thus less likely to edge towards any recalcitrance.

I have set long physical tasks or personal exercise programs (alongside reduced calorie diets) for willful slaves as I like to have their bodies fully exhausted before I start to break them psychologically 🙂 Plus if you are a proponent of female supremacy it’s the perfect way to address the current gender bias towards housework. Let’s get the boys scrubbing!

6. Demand Obedience 
If he transgresses from any of your rules he must be punished for these infractions. Punishments are usually corporal, like a beating but they should fit the slave to make sure they really are unpleasant, and thus a proper penalty. So a slave who enjoys a beating could have his time in chastity extended, for example.

7. Enforce a Submissive Demeanour
This demeanor and attitude should be enforced across every aspect of his relationship with you, for ex., where he may sit, how he should address you etc. I also believe that fucking him regularly with a strap on cock is a perfect way to indoctrinate him further into submission. For personal slaves this should encompass sexual submission to you where he is schooled in the art of sexually pleasuring you.

The gorgeous Mistress Courtney has this man where she wants him!

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Femdom Horoscopes – Dominas Part 2

How to Recognize a Mistress based on her Star Sign
or Let this Zodiac
Guide you into Meeting your Perfect Mistress

Part 2 Dommes:
Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces

This guide has been produced by none other than Mistress Stella Interstellar, who has contemplated the constellations and turned over the cards of fate, to reveal all the secrets of a fetish horoscope. So slaves let this guide help you to understand and/or recognise a Mistress based on her star sign and thus give you some secret insights into how to really please her.


The Libran Mistress: These women are not only very attractive but probably the most intelligent sign within the Zodiac with impressive, sharp and analytical minds. Her motto is “I WEIGH up your fate!” With a mind like hers she loves role-plays especially interrogations where she can verbally crush you and school scenes where her fairness allows her to play on your guilt. She could look like a strict schoolmarm, be wearing a designer suit with seemed stockings and high heels or any kind of smart uniform. She is also the mistress most likely to wear glasses. This Mistress will weigh up your misdemeanours carefully – then your fate – before exacting a very appropriate punishment.

Mansion Mistresses Libra: Mistress Anastaxia, Mistress Lola Ruin, Mistress Amrita, Madame Ingrid, Mistress Claudia, Mistress Rebekka & Miss Foxx

The Scorpio Mistress: Well this is an obviously powerful woman with an electric intensity about her person. She exudes her dark sexuality from her hypnotically penetrating gaze that will pierce right into you. Her motto is “I DESIRE your submission!” As one of the most sexual and dominant of the star signs her favourite activity is of course, to fuck her slaves with the huge strap-on that she loves to wear. Slaves may even end up on their knees sucking and worshipping this Mistress’s strap-on cock but they are also at the mercy of her metaphorical balls. She loves the feel of leather against her skin so will be found clad in classic black leather clothes. She also likes to have full access to her most sexual regions – maybe no panties under a tight leather mini skirt or fully exposed in a open leather body harness. As a lover of secrets and mystery she is also wears masks. Always be careful with this woman, as she’ll hypnotise you, tease, taunt and use you and just when you think she’s finished remember she has a very sharp sting in the tail.

Mansion Mistresses Scorpio: Mistress Sidonia, Mistress Veronica, Governess Ely, Domina Darla & Dominant Dolly


The Sagittarian Mistress: This is a classy, sophisticated and powerful woman with a stunning, often athletic and tall build. She has an infectious energy and a magnetic personality. Her motto is “I SEEK your devotion!” As a natural exhibitionist she loves parties or group sessions expecting her slaves to demonstrate their devotion and admiration in public. As an archer she also loves to shoot down her slaves which gives her an obsessive love of needles and piercing. Someone who always stands out in a crowd, she loves shiny materials and elaborate costumes. You can never escape this woman as she will hunt you down, she is not possessive though, so don’t expect long-term commitment. Once you have served your purpose you’ll be left in the dust of her galloping exit.

Mansion Mistresses Sagittarius: Mistress Katerina, Goddess Lexi, Miss Jessica Woods, Mistress Ella Kross & Miss Vivienne L’Amore

The Capricorn Mistress: Capricorns are strong, muscular women but this does not mean they are not feminine, it is just that under the lingerie and tight suit is a stunning body that can literally knock you over. Her motto is “I USE you for my pleasure!” As an earth sigh she enjoys her physical prowess and may enjoy trampling, boxing or wrestling her men. You may think you have a chance but before you realise what’s happened you’ll be on your back seeing stars. She will often dress to blend into the shadows wearing lots of black or a suit in straight situations. She may seem rather unimposing but don’t be mislead – she’s just standing back eyeing up her prey before she strikes. This sturdy, surefooted sign always get her man right where she wants him in the end.

Mansion Mistresses Capricorn: Mistress Dante-Posh, Hunteress, Mistress Vixen, Switch Leia, Lady Natalie Black, Princess Anuska & Domina January


The Aquarian Mistress: This woman may look like an eccentric wild woman or a famous glamorous film star, so she won’t go unnoticed with her distinctly individual, if somewhat strange, style. Her motto is a very definite “I KNOW your secret desires!” Her favourite scene activity is playing with sparks – yes electricity, as it’s so unpredictable just like her. She is open to anything she’s never tried and especially anything strange, bizarre or alternative. She loves to defy public opinion as she hates conformity so could easily go out dressed head to foot in a black PVC cat suit with a spiked collar possibly carrying an 8-foot bull whip. Her love of the alternative means she is likely to be tattooed or pierced (even if you can’t see them). She loves spiky collars, motorcycle leathers, in fact anything bizarre. She is the water bearer and when it pours it’s a torrent so don’t get in her way.

Mansion Mistresses Aquarius: Princess Aurora, Miss Marilyn, DSO, Mistress Ava Black, Miss Savannah Sly, Mistress Clawdia & Mistress Heelena

The Piscean Mistress: These women have deep penetrating beautiful eyes, look into them and you will be gazing into the deep emotional depths that are swelling below her surface. Her motto is “I BELIEVE you are mine!” This woman loves dressing to impress and especially fetish footwear. She can’t close the wardrobe door because of the 6 inch heels and thigh-high boots packed inside. Her favourite activities are of course having them or even her feet worshipped. She may also love to trample you or your delicate genitals beneath them. As for attire, other than her obsession with fetish footwear, she loves shiny or metallic, tight fitting clothes especially dresses and pencil skirts.

Mansion Mistresses Pisces: Cybill Troy, Lady Nina Birch, Mistress Ezada Sinn, Fetish Liza, Goddess Zena, Mistress Miranda, Mistress Jezabel & Mistress Eleise du Lacy

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Femdom Horoscopes – Dominas Part 1

How to Recognize a Mistress based on her Star Sign
or  Let this Zodiac
Guide you into Meeting your Perfect Mistress

Part 1 Dommes:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Virgo

This guide has been produced by none other than Mistress Stella Interstellar, who has contemplated the constellations and turned over the cards of fate, to reveal all the secrets of a fetish horoscope. So slaves let this guide help you to understand and/or recognise a Mistress based on her star sign and thus give you some secret insights into how to really please her.


The Aries Mistress: This smart, highly sexual woman will always make an instant impression. She’ll bowl you over like a butting ram with her enthusiasm and lust for just about anything. Her motto is “I AM first in your life!” This youthful, active Mistress loves vigorous Corporal Punishment so watch out if you get in her bad books as she may just charge into you. She often wears red – Red rubber, red leather and red PVC – after all she is a very fiery character. Aries symbol is the ram and a ram has two horns … and yes this lady is certainly horny.

Mansion Mistresses Aries:  AstroDomina, Mistress Evilyne & Mistress Anna Regent.

The Taurean Mistress: These Mistress always have the most beautiful faces and are often gorgeously curvy and full of ample charm. Taurean women are born dominant! Control runs through every vein of their bodies. Her motto is “I HAVE complete control of you!” As one of the earth signs she loves material pleasures and luxuries and will probably be found dressed in a very expensive brand new designer rubber outfit. As an earthly control freak she is of course the queen of bondage and suspension. She loves to have you completely trusted up and hanging helplessly. There are no negotiations with this Mistress – it’s her way or no way! She is as stubborn as a bull and those horns will throw you around helplessly if you even squeak the wrong way.

Mansion Mistresses Taurus: Mistress T, Lady Bellatrix, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Ursula, Lady Victoria Valente, Goddess Lillith, Mistress Xena, Mistress Kulit, Lady Lana & Mistress Arella. How interesting this is the most common sign for our dommes, we have ten Taureans – who our guide claims to be the most dominant sign.


The Gemini Mistress: These Mistresses are usually very pretty and graceful, often with tall and slender builds and very wicked smiles. They are always energetic and sociable rushing here there and everywhere. They love to flirt, entice and play with men using all their feminine charms to entrap them. Her motto is “I THINK I’ll toy with you!” Below her friendly exterior, this woman can be very cruel and sadistic, she particularly enjoys slow and deliberate cock and ball torment. Her favourite costumes are sexy lingerie, stockings, corsets and anything lacy. Born under the sign of the twins, her strange dual personality becomes apparent when in one moment she can be flirty, friendly and deceptively sweet and then in the next she becomes totally detached while she mercilessly torments you.

Mansion Mistresses Gemimi: Mistress Inka, Lady Sophia Black, Mistress Velvet, Mistress Kiana, Sub Suzie & Mistress Robera

The Cancerian Mistress: This Mistress often looks rather angelic, she can be very tactile and pervades a sensuous sexuality. Her motto is “I FEEL you are part of me!” She revels in water-sports, any kind of wet games and especially ‘Gummi’ full rubber scenes. Adoring the feel of tight rubber against her skin and the layer of wet perspiration beneath. She is the mistress most likely to be found clad from head to foot in layers of tight latex. She also loves gas masks & any kind of elaborate body armour. This sensuous, erotic woman is very possessive so beware because once she has set her sights on you, you won’t escape from her strong claws without getting very scratched.

Mansion Mistresses Cancerian: Miss Zara du Rose, Miss Vivienne Hardy, Mistress Valkyrie & Lydia Supremacy.


The Leo Mistress: Well she’s a glamour puss, a starlet who outshines all those around her. Her motto is “I WILL make you desire me!” Her favourite scene or activity is to be completely worshiped sitting up in her magnificent throne room looking down on her willing subjects or massaged all over whilst being given a long slow bubble bath. She dresses in full cat suits and anything in leopard skin and of course drips in fur. These all certainly signify her playfulness but never forget she is just toying with you and behind that purrr-fect kitten is a tigress with very sharp claws.

Mansion Mistresses Leo: Dominatrix An Li, Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, Domina Alexandra Snow, Mistress Pandora, Empress Victoria & Mistress Akella.

The Virgo Mistress: This Mistress is all woman and will entrance you with her feminine charm. They often have beautiful fine or long flowing hair. Her motto is “I ANALYSE your weaknesses!” She may look sweet but her favourite activities are medical procedures – clad in tight latex gloves in completely hygienic sterile conditions you could easily find her concentrating on lining up all her stitches perfectly across the top of your foreskin! With her critical exacting mind she can be very strict and keen to dish out punishments. This makes her perfect for School scenarios readily administering harsh discipline. Born under the sign of a virgin this woman rarely shows any flesh and can be found covered head to foot in rubber or as a perfectionist always impeccably and smartly dressed perhaps in a crisp virginally white nurses uniform.

Mansion Mistresses Virgo: Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Miss Annalisa, Mistress Roug’e & Dominatrix V

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Deviant Latex Art by Michelle Mildenhall

Deviant Latex Art

We just adore these provocative but super fun, latex artworks by UK artist Michelle Mildenhall. She delves into themes of sexuality, fetishism and subversion using her unique rubbery pop-art style. Frequently using iconic images of famous figures, who remain easily recognisable despite the highly-stylized quality of her work; and juxtaposing them into fetishistic settings, often with a large tongue in her cheek. (Hence Vlad as a glamorous ‘Queen’.)

It’s not apparent from these reproductions of her work, shown in this blog – but these artworks are meticulous constructed from sheet latex, they have a rubberised textured 3D quality, even the ‘canvas’ is actually latex.

Beautiful Bea Jay Prints  (These are so clever, there are actually no cocks, just negative space.)

Michelle is a rubber lover, “I love the smell, feel and look of latex. It excites me,” says Michelle. “Whenever I slip into it I feel sexy; it gives me a feeling of empowerment. Which I feel is something the characters in my work share — even the gagged and bound ones!”

It was while making a latex outfit for herself she hit on the idea of using latex as a medium for her art. “Visually it’s such a beautiful material it really deserves to be looked at and admired.”

Set of 4 B.D.S.M prints

Michelle’s works are available to purchase and are also available as limited prints; she also welcomes commissions, so if you would like your own look and style immortalised in latex portraiture visit her website for more details.
Visit her Website here
or her Facebook page here

Her work is currently on Exhibition this year at various UK galleries so checkout all the details on her website:
May 18th- 26th 2019
Joint show with Saffron Reichenbacker at Waterloo Sq Gdns, (East Sussex)
June 6th 2019 ~From 3pm till late
Ace Club Group show at The Union Club (Soho, London)
August 28th – Nov 28th 2019
Sub/Mission solo show at The St Leonard, Part of Costal Currents (St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex)
August 20th -31st 2019
Saatchi Gallery/Bob Osbourne  Presents, Cash is King (London)

See also my previous blog about Michelle Mildenhall

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Divine Bitch: Maitresse Madeline Marlowe

Divine Bitch: Maitresse Madeline Marlowe

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe is the former Ruler of Divine Bitches at Kink.com making her one of the USA’s premier dommes. Beautiful and all-woman with a sexy hourglass figure she exudes sensuality enticing you with her husky voice. She is a demanding cuckoldress, erotic domina & strapon queen but also an accomplished dominatrix skilled in the many arts of bondage and cruelty. She is available for sessions, contact her through her twitter and is based in Las Vegas (Pacific Coast), USA but travels worldwide.  More Info Here

You can see her in action right now inside The English Mansion including Topping Her Bitch Boy and there’s more of her to come later this year.

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More Femdom Funnies

Well it’s the holidays so how about a lighter look at femdom with these internet memes & funnies 🙂

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