We’re having a Cruel Yule 2018 & a Bootylicious New Year

It’s going to be a Cruel Yule & a Bootylicious New Year for all our slaves, subs & devotees with all the femdom & fetish action we have lined up. So here’s a little peek at what’s newly showing & coming very soon to the The English Mansion…

Winter Wonderland 2018-19 New Films

  • A_New_World_Order_blur
  • Auto_Milk_Tease_blur
  • Boyfriend_To_Bimbo_blur
  • Chastity_Release_Day_blur
  • Clinical_Experiments_Blur
  • Kept_As_Courtneys_Slave_blur
  • Girlfriends_Kinky_Aventure_blur
  • Owned_Cunt_blur
  • Kianas_Fuck_Pig_blur
  • Femdom_Crime_And_Punishment_blur
  • Ladys_Foot_Seduction_Pt2_blur
  • Pegged_And_Pounded_blur
  • Pet_Gir_blur
  • Outdoor_Ass_Pounding_blur
  • Slave_Sale_Humiliation_blur
  • Up_Close_In_Chastity_blur
  • Lycra_Bound_blur
  • Worship_And_Jerk_blur
  • Marriage_Secrets_blur

  • Red_Hot_Boot_Sex_blur
  • Stable_Boot_Boy_blur
  • My_Sexbots_Pt1_blur
  • Princesss_Picnic_Persuasion_Pt2_blur
  • Jerk_To_My_Feet_blur
  • My_Sexbots_Pt2_blur
  • Her_Chastity_Sex_Slaves_blur
  • Rubber_Bound_And_Filled_blur
  • Punishment_28_The_Rack_blur
  • Rubber_Clinic_Penetrations_blur
  • Pit_Pony_blur
  • Useless_Puny_Cunt_blur
  • The_Fuck_Factor_blur
  • Trophy_Wifes_Surprise_blur
  • Sarah_Jessicas_Bitch_Boy_blur
  • Tongue_Clean_Up_Slave_blur
  • Kianas_Sex_Pet_blur
  • Sendep_Dungeon_Drill_blur
  • Kinky_Sex_blur

So come and join us now, to make sure you don’t miss out on all the
Festive Fetish Fuckery showing during our Winter Wonderland of
Daily Double Film Updates
from Fri 30th Nov 18 to Mon 21th Jan 19,
that’s more than 50 days with over 12hrs of totally
New & Exclusive HD content for Mansion members
featuring over 30 real-life stunning dominatrixes, prodoms & dominant Women!

Including: Mistress Sidonia, Mistress T, Mistress Courtney, Goddess Serena, Miss Marilyn, Mistress Inka, Miss Vivienne l’Amor, Lady Nina Birch, Ms Zara du Rose, Mistress Evilyne, Governess Elizabeth, Dominatrix An Li, Miss Jasmine, Miss Suzie Best, Mistress Lola Ruin, Miss Foxx, Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Miss Eve Harper, Mistress Sarah Jessica, Miss Savannah Sly, Dominant Dolly & Miss Annalisa. See here for more info.

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Super Domme, Alpha Femme, Beta Boy… Know Your Place

from Her Chastity Sex Slaves with the stunning Miss Vivienne l’Amour

Super Domme, Alpha Femme, Beta Boy

Here at The Mansion many of our illustrious dommes also love to play and punish beautiful slavegirls. So we sometimes have both male and female slaves available for their pleasure. However, all our male slaves are firmly taught that All women are superior to them and that even slavegirls are considerably higher up the ladder than lowly males. And, that these slave-girls are also permitted to use or punish boys if they wish and that boys will submit and obey them without question. So male subs and slaves here at The Mansion must know their place…. bottom of the pile!

from Her Chastity Sex Slaves with the super sexy Miss Vivienne l’Amour

Hierarchy of Femdom

3 Ways Male Subs Are Bottom of the Pile:

1. Double The Pleasure
Many dommes are bisexual and so why should they not indulge being pleasured by a male and female slave at the same time – double the pleasure but twice the frustration for the poor sub boy.

from Sex Starved Slavegirl with gorgeous Mistress T & Suzie Best

2. Male & Female Sex Drones
Domme may turn male and female subs into mindless sexbots or drones through enchantment or mind control. Then they can verbally command and control them to either abuse or pleasure each other. The Domme, either alone, or with a group of dominant women friends will watch all the action and ensuing sex show. Here beta boys may find themselves not just being the sextoy of a submissive girl but also being painfully and humiliatingly tormented by her, as she is instructed by his mistress. More about Sexbots here

from My Sexbots with the beautiful Miss Zara du Rose

3. Lezcucking
Lesbian cuckolding is where two Mistresses or a Mistress and her slave-girl are sexually pleasuring each other – adding to the frisson is having a pitiful male there watching but not allowed any pleasure for himself. It’s a wonderful cruel prick teasing game and adds extra excitement to exhibitionist dominas. The male should be locked in chastity but the degree of what he can see can range from being blindfolded in a cage; under the bed just listening; to the women using him as a human mattress and fucking right over his face. The lezcucked slave’s humiliation, submission and frustration is sexually exciting for everyone else.

from Ruining Their Fun with stunning Mistress T, here the slaveboy literally is at the bottom of the pile!

My Sexbots Pt 1&2 is now showing inside The English Mansion & Her Chastity Sex Slaves starts this December 2018

* Super =from latin, above all, of a higher kind

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Meet Our Hell’s Xmas Belles 2018

  • Mistress Amrita ~ Maitresse Madeline ~ Mistress Sidonia
  • Goddess Maya ~ Mistress Kiana ~ Miss Ella Kross
  • Mistress Courtney ~ Princess Aurora ~ Dominatrix An Li
  • Miss Jasmine ~ Mistress Evilyne ~ Cybill Troy
  • Miss Vivienne ~ Miss Foxx ~ Miss Zara du Rose
  • Miss Suzie Best ~ Mistress Annalisa ~ Mistress Sarah Jessica
  • Mistress Lola Ruin ~ Goddess Serena ~ Governess Elizabeth
  • Mistress Vixen ~ Mistress T ~ Dominant Dolly
  • Lady Nina ~ Mistress Inka ~ Ms Savannah Sly
  • Mistress Nikki Whiplash ~ Miss Marilyn ~ Lady Sophia

Come and meet our Hell’s Xmas Belles
…if you dare!

It’s going to be a Cruel Yule for all our slaves & subs this Xmas with
over 30 real-life stunning dommes

Find out about these real-life dominatrixes & dominant women here
We have hours of Festive Fetish Fuckery inside our Winter Wonderland
of Daily Double Film Updates
from Fri 30th Nov till Mon 21st Jan 2018

that’s more than 50 days with over 12hrs of new films

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Winter Wonderland 2018 – Double Film Updates

Double Daily Film Updates

We’re putting the ‘X’ into Xmas in our Winter Wonderland of Festive Daily Double Film Updates. And it starts this week…

So from Friday 30th of Nov 2018 till Monday 21st of Jan 2019 we’ll be updating Two New & Exclusive Femdom & Fetish films Every Day!

Over 50 days, totaling over 12 hrs of New footage for our members including 9 New VR experiences
& featuring over 30 elite real-lfe Dominatrixes & Dominant Women.

This is a special pressie for our loyal members… even more real femdom!
Membership Has Its Benefits
So don’t miss out Join Here Now

And as a little tease, here’s a tiny peek at just some of the fabulous dominas & new films we’re showing…

Xmas 2018 Teaser Gallery

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Femdom VR – Domination 3D Virtual Reality Experiences

“I’m talking to you!”

VR 3D Virtual Reality Experiences

The English Mansion is giving its members a worldwide femdom exclusive –  access to the first ever classic femdom VR! So what is VR? Virtual Reality is an immersive video experience, it has similarities with the 3D films you have watched at the cinema but it’s more personal and engaging. You enter a three-dimensional setting which you can explore and interact with – you are no long a passive observer but part of the action. Our new & exclusive Femdom Virtual Reality Experience will place you literally in the room with magnificent dominant women. It’s a totally mind-blowing, immersive 3D femdom encounter.

You will be closer than ever before to your favourite domme, you can serve and worship them in person and find out what it’s really like to be at the feet of a beautiful, truly dominant woman.

Below sets the scene for just some of our amazing VR experiences, (all showing inside our Members Area) we now have 12 experiences available to our members and every week into next year, we will be updating a new VR Experience.

Femdom VR Virtual Reality
Be in the Room & Interact with these Dominant Women

Taken & Broken VR: Imagine you met a woman in a bar, she bought you a drink…. and the next thing you remember is waking up groggy, naked, locked in a small cage. She then explains how she plans to break you to her will and turn you into her slave.

Cruel Handjob VR: The beautiful Zara du Rose is straddling you, she gently whips your cock then alternates to sexually stroking it – over and over as she strips off showing you her stunning breasts, finally making you orgasm shooting a huge spurt of cum everywhere.

Caught By A Cougar VR: You are caught peeping by your cougar neighbour who then proceeds to sexually tease and torment you, this mature Lady educates you about sex,  stripping off, making you lick her, finally taking your cock in her hand and making you cum for her.

You Are My Cuckold VR: Stunning Miss Annaliza lays on the bed in her sexy undies and extreme heels explaining to you how later that evening she has arranged a big dicked stud to come round – you are going to watch and become her cuckold.

Chastity Release Day VR: You live in an FLR marriage. It’s chastity release day and your dom wife unlocks your device, takes it off and then slowly strokes your cock, using her hand to make you cum.

Cum Worship My Cock VR: Serve a gorgeous TS Mistress, Dominant Dolly, she teases you showing you her big hard cock and explains how you need to use your mouth to satisfy her.

What you need to watch VR:

A modern Smartphone + VR Headset or
A Standalone Virtual Reality Headset  – no phone required but these are expensive, they’d be the perfect Xmas present, we’ve been using an Oculus Go 32GB which is excellentFor more details see here

No Headset?
So if you don’t have a headset or a modern smartphone you can still watch the footage like a POV film and can even use your mouse to change the perspective of what you are looking at. However, this is not even 1% of the amazing experience of watching it through a VR headset.

& Coming Soon

with Ms Eve Harper

with Miss Foxx

with Miss Annalisa

with Tiffany Doll

with Mistress Sidonia

All these new VR Experinces will be showing inside our Members Area over the next month (all up by the 14th December).

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Domme Blonde: Mistress Courtney

Domme Blonde: Mistress Courtney

We were pleased earlier this year to welcome the petite and very beautiful, blonde domme Mistress Courtney to The English Mansion. Cultured and educated Courtney is a warm, approachable genteel lady, as well as a sadistic seductress – it’s an intoxicating mixture! She is always immaculately attired, elegant, stylish and smartly coiffed  – and possesses an extensive collection of rubber & fetish outfits. She adores what she does and says she is never happier than having men at her feet worshipping her.

Mistress Courtney is a prodom based in Manchester but makes frequent visits to London. She is a classic domme – strict and severe but one who also laughs and smiles and enjoys: Foot Worship, CBT, CP & Chastity play. She is happy to be approached by newbies and tailors each of her session to the individual and their limits. Visit her website Here or More Info Here

You can see her in action right now inside The English Mansion and this Xmas she’ll be appearing in Kept As Courtney’s Slave.

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