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The Sexual Revolution… it’s been a long time coming and we’re not there yet but there have been some fabulous and valiant trailblazers. So we’re celebrating the avant-garde artists, the enlightened pioneers and radical firebrands who all played their part and used music to change the world.

All the songs in this Top Ten represent significant moments of this revolution – when the underbelly took on the mainstream and won; and the status quo was challenged and changed forever! It’s a subversive and perverted revolution addressing: fetishism & bdsm; cross-dressing, gender bending/transgender notions; queer (lesbian, gay & bi) pride & politics; sex for pleasure; feminism & women not in a passive sexual role for male pleasure or purely procreation but enjoying their bodies and sexualities.

My number 1’s are joint tracks from Army of Lovers a Swedish ’90s “euro pop” band, whose work beautifully embodies all of these different sexual revolutions and in such a joyful and inclusive way. Their name is taken from the documentary ‘Army of Lovers, Revolt of the Perverts’ & ‘The Sacred Band of Thebes’ (a troop of soldiers made up from 150 pairs of male lovers who formed an elite force of the Theban army in the 4th century BC.) Their songs were the pervy anthems of my early fetish clubbing days.

The release in 1983 of Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood marks a key moment in the history of pop, with its direct sexual references and overtly gay ones at that; while its original video was set in a decadent gay fetish club with allusions to ‘erections, cum & watersports’. It was subsequently banned which inadvertently turned it into a massive hit and it went on to sell two million copies in the UK.

While George Michael, “Yes, I’ve been bad”, having been ludicrously arrested and outed for having sex with an undercover police officer in a public toilet just ‘owned it’ and then wryly threw it right back at the LA Police Dept. in his fabulous satirical track and video, Outside.

It’s hard to get it now because nothing here seems that outrageous but back in the day many of these videos/songs were banned outright or only allowed to be shown late at night. (Except Sex Dwarf which was declared to be pornographic, (it was actually a parody of ‘hetero’ porn and sexual hypocrisy) the police actually confiscated copies of it and it remains prohibited even today.) The mainstream have however, moved on from being outraged by Madonna to cheering on Conchita and that has to be something to celebrate.

1   Crucify
Sexual Revolution
Army of Lovers (1991 & 1994) Play Video
Play Video
2   Erotica
Human Nature
Madonna (1992 & 1994) Play Video
Play Video
3   Relax
Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1983) Play Video
4   Rise Like a Phoenix
Conchita Wurst (2014) Play Video
5   Outside
George Michael (1998) Play Video
6   I Touch Myself
Divinyls (1991) Play Video
7   Girls & Boys
Blur (1994) Play Video
8   Rebel Rebel
David Bowie (1974) Play Video
9    Sexual Revolution
Macy Gray (2001) Play Video
10  Walk On The Wild Side
in joint place with
10  Sex Dwarf
Lou Reed (1972)
Soft Cell (1981)
Play Video
Play Video

Contenders that didn’t quite make it into our Top Ten:

Free Your Mind by En Vogue (1992)  Play Video
Tainted Love
by Marilyn Manson (2001)  Play Video
by Pussy Riot (2016) Play Video
I Kissed A Girl
by Katie Perry (2008) Play Video
Nancy Boy
by Placebo (1996)  Play Video
Born this Way
by Lady Gaga (2011) Play Video
(1987) or Master & Servant (1984) Depeche Mode Play & Play
You Think You’re A Man
by Divine (1988) Play Video
I Want To Break Free – Queen (1984)  Play Video


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    It’s also worth listening to Molly by Carrie who were a pop punk band from the 90s for subversive lyrics.

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