Seeing Red – Raging Women Top Ten

Seeing Red – Raging Women Top Ten
Our musical Top Tens dedicated to all things kinky

Warning: This music chart may have offensive or triggering content.

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day March 8th with our special Raging Women Top Ten – no pink or soft focus flowers here!

This is an entirely female vocals chart with a strong showing of tracks all released in the last 6 years. It wasn’t a difficult chart to fill. There’s been an explosion from the vanguard of Millennial or Gen Z feminists, using music to exhibit their wrath and indignation at the disparity, ill-treatment & objectification of women. This chart steps outside our usual rules – that the tracks must be huge hits or from well-known artists. Although some were massive hits, the track from doyen pop queen Taylor Swift, an influential, inspirational, independent woman and one hell of a fighter, has had 1.4 billion views! However, a few of the songs here contain such direct or repressed female anger and violence, they would never make it into the mainstream. They are so worthy and such great tracks to boot, they need a place to shine.
There is incredible videos in this selection, well worth checking out. So don’t miss the Ball-Busting in ‘Boring’ and the POV spitting & castration reference in the mainstream track ‘Nightmare’.

Taking a look at the 45 year timeline of the tracks in this chart there’s an notable rise in anger and boldness in these female voices. In the ’70s we have Gloria passively “surviving”; in the ’90s a seething Alanis (though this track was quite shocking back then); and by the twenty-10s it’s full on outspoken rage & fury!

Seeing Red – Raging Women Top Ten
1    Whore In This Moment (2012) Play Video
2   Dead Men Don’t R*pe
2   Witch
Delilah Bon  (2022) & Delilah Bon ft. Alt Blk Era (2023) Play Video

Play Video

3  Behave Myself She Drew The Gun (2021) Play Video
4    Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift (2017) Play Video
5    I See Red Everybody Loves An Outlaw  (2018) Play Video
6   Boring
Lil Mariko ft. Full Tac (2021) Play Video
7   Nightmare
joint place with
7   Goddess
Halsey (2019)

Xana (2020)

Play Video

Play Video

8   Angry Too Lola Blanc (2019) Play Video
9   You Oughta Know
joint place with
9   Psycho
Alanis Morissette
Anne-Marie x Aitch (2022)
Play Video

Play Video

10   I Will Survive  Gloria Gaynor (1978) Play Video

Other contenders that didn’t quite make it into our Top Ten:

That Bitch by Bea Miller (2020)  Play Video
Joke’s On You  by Charlotte Lawrence (2020)   Play Video
You Don’t Own Me
by Saygrace ft. G-Eazy (2015)    Play Video
You Should See Me In a Crown by Billie Eilish (2021)  Play Video

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~ to be included the rules are: they must be big hits or tracks from internationally well-known performers.

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  1. Strong Sub says:

    Another contender: Halestorm, fronted by Lzzy Hale. A sampling of their songs:
    – I like it heavy
    – Redemption (I’m my own redemption)
    – Freak like me
    – I am the Fire
    – Psycho
    – You call me a Bitch (like it’s a bad thing)

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