Birds Of Prey – Bad Girls Top Ten Music Chart

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Birds Of Prey –  Bad Girls Top Ten Music Chart
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This is, almost, an entirely female vocals chart (excepting the joint number 9’s,) with a strong showing of tracks all released in the last 12 years. A positive sign – the current post-feminism zeitgeist has permeated itself throughout mainstream pop. These badass women can and should do as they please, regardless of a patriarchal societies expectations. There’s quite a spattering of femdom sentiments; sexual or provocative visuals; and downright scary aggressive femininity.

Madge, the original bad girl had to be included, always unapologetic about her sexuality, she’s a legend and trailblazer. She’s still a game changer proving that an older woman can still be *hot* and strut her stuff – fab!

Empowering or Titilating?
If a women expresses herself sexually it’s always judged… mainly the gavel falls negatively. (Unless it’s for marriage or reproduction.) The trope argument that women are not empowering themselves but objectifying themselves for the titillation of the male gaze is trotted out. Those of us from the fetscene or the LGBTQ+ community understand we live in a stifling, repressive, sex-negative dominant culture. All people, women included, have the right to express their erotic capacity, curiosity and creativity and be in control of their own sexuality. I applaud this new era of women using music as a catalyst for social change, sexual freedom & self expression. More please…

Birds Of Prey – Bad Girls Top Ten
1   Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift (2017) Play Video
2   Boyfriend
joint with

2  Evil, Hate Filled Female
Dove Cameron (2022)

Delilah Bon (2024)

Play Video

Play Video

3   Boss Bitch
Doja Cat (2020) Play Video
4   American Horror Show
Snow Wife (2023) Play Video
5   Erotica
 joint with
5   Human Nature
Madonna (1992)
& (1995)
Play Video

Play Video

6  Bad Girls
 joint with
6  Bad Girls
Donna Summer (1979)

M.I.A. (2012)

Play Video

Play Video

7   B.I.T.C.H
Megan Thee Stallion (2020)  Play Video
8   Call Me Cruella
joint with
   First Class Bitch
Florence + The Machine (2021)
Confidence Man (2020)
Play Video

Play Video

9   Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing
joint with
9   Dirty Diana
joint with
9   Poison
Chris Isaak (1995)

Michael Jackson (1988)

Alice Cooper (1989)

Play Video

Play Video

Play Video

10   Short Dick Man
Fingers & Gillette & 20 Fingers (1994) Play Video

Other contenders that didn’t quite make it into our Top Ten:

Muse by OCAD (2013)  Play Video
Freak Like Me
by Sugababes (2002)  Play Video
WAP-Wet Ass Pussy
by Cardi B feat.Megan Thee Stallion (2020)  Play Video
  by Nelly Furtado (2006)  Play Video
Hi Bich / Whachu Know by Bhad Bhabie (2017)  Play Video
Killer Queen by Queen (1974)   Play Video
Bad Girl by Night Club (2016 )   Play Video
All The Good Girls Go To Hell by Billie Eilish (2019) Play Video

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  1. jordi says:

    Thanks to the Bad Girls Top Ten I have discovered Confidence Man (joint 8th), a fantastic dance act with a sexy and commanding frontwoman.
    Thank you, Mistress Sidonia. You are educational beyond BDSM!

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