More Music To Whip Guys By – Erotic Chill Out Top Twenty

Welcome to another English Mansion Top Twenty
More Music To Whip Guys By – Erotic Chill Out
Our musical play lists dedicated to all things kinky

Welcome to another Top Twenty music chart of songs which exude sensuality and dark passions making them perfect for BDSM session play. Music is an essential backdrop to a scene it sets the mood and has an effect on our emotions. From high-energy dance for serious whipping to slow erotic ambient beats for more sensuous play; a scene moves through many phases and the right play-list compliments the action.

I’ve chosen these tracks for the vibe they have, not for the words necessarily and certainly not for the videos. So here are another 20 classic tracks for BDSM session play this time with a focus on chilled out beats. Unlike my last rather eclectic play-list which traversed all the decades back to the 70’s,  pretty much everything here is post 1990 (except the 1989 Cure track) with lots of recent finds and interestingly two instrumentals (joint No. 18s) making it quite a modern ambient mix. So here are a few more of my personal favourite tracks all that have great pervy memories for me 🙂

1   Swords
Leftfield feat. Nicole Willis 2000 Play Video
2   Enjoy The Silence

Depeche Mode 1990 Play Video
3   That’s the Way Love Goes
Janet Jackson 1993 Play Video
4   Exit Music (For a Film)
Radiohead 1997 Play Video
5   Lullaby
The Cure 1989 Play Video
6*   Glory Box
joint with
6   Here

6  Hell Is Around The

Portishead 1994

Alessia Cara 2015

Tricky 1995

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
7   I Walk the Line
Halsey 2015 Play Video
8   This Love
Craig Armstrong 1997 Play Video
9   Hourglass
Samuel Sim feat.Tracy Kashi 2017 Play Video
10   Nevermind
Leonard Cohen 2014 Play Video
11   What Else Is There?
Röyksopp 2005 Play Video
12   Seventeen
(Droyds Remix)

Ladytron 2002 Play Video
13   All is Full of Love
Björk 1997 Play Video
14   The Sun
The Naked and Famous 2010 Play Video
15   All We Do
joint place with
The End
Oh Wonder 2015

Nostalghia 2014

Play Video
Play Video
16   Past Mistakes
Persia White feat.Tricky 2009 Play Video
17    Where Is My Mind
Sunday Girl 2015
The Pixies 1988
Play Video
Play Video
18   Clubbed To Death
joint place with
18 One Too Many Mornings
Rob Dougan 1999

The Chemical Brothers 1995

Play Video
Play Video
19   Strange And Beautiful
Aqualung 2005 Play Video
20   I Want You
Madonna feat. Massive Attack 1995 Play Video

* a little homage to Isaac Hayes

And the very close contenders were:
Sly – Massive Attack  2009    Play Video
Halo (Goldfrapp Remix) – Depeche Mode 2004     Play Video
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Emily Browning  2011    Play Video
Underwater Love –
Smoke City 1997   Play Video
Slow Motion Picture – 
Solomon Grey 2016  Play Video

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3 Responses to More Music To Whip Guys By – Erotic Chill Out Top Twenty

  1. Miss Jade Jones says:

    Now that’s a pretty great playlist.

    Think I shall have to add it to my Spotify.

    Thank you for reminding me about some fantastic music I’d forgotten about.


  2. Skyrubb says:

    Nice list! We got common songs. ^^
    The music background of BDSM sessions could be a great amplifier of the atmosphere.
    Here are 5 tracks you may find interesting.

    1. Desire – Meg Myers
    2. Undo Your Mind – Eivor
    3. Tear You Apart – She Wants Revenge
    4. Counting – Heavens
    5. Rev 22-20 – Puscifer

    (Eat me, Drink me – Marilyn Manson) +this one is a bonus track 😛

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