Circus Maximus Fangtasia: A ‘Heady’ Night of Debauchery

Stunning Miss Suzanna Maxwell the headline act at Fangtasia

Fangtasia: A ‘Heady’ Night of Debauchery

A slave’s eye view from the lower orders while attending Mistress Vivienne l’Amour’s Fangtasia, a Circus Maximus Event.

I fell on my knees in front of Mistress Sidonia, greeting her in the requisite worship of her divine feet. The feast of senses that was Fangtasia, my second Circus Maximus party night, swirled unrelentingly around us, the sexual energy and anticipation palpable. The presence of my Owner demanded my complete attention, but I was more than aware of the tsunami of sensations washing over me. I had thought I would be prepared for it, on this my second visit, but I was quite struck by what I perceived as the difference in the nuances of this party, indicative perhaps of the singularity of each event.

Upon entering the club, I had been once again struck that this was an experience like no other – a meeting and playground of beautiful like-minded people who indulged in and shared their fantastic kinks and sexual peccadilloes. I had to pinch myself once again that I was here, in this nirvana of exotica, decadence and debauchery, this merry go around of abandon where anything might be possible.

The humid air positively crackled with the energy and vibe of the event, the shows earlier setting the scene and pace, enhancing appetites for what might come. For me there was a heightened sense of impending depravity and debauchery. The sense of abandon in dropping to my knees in front of Mistress Sidonia was all encompassing. I was at her mercy, a vessel for whatever filthy whim she might take her fancy. I could only hope to please her, and to prove worthy of being a slave slut.

Collared and led by Mistress Sidonia, I sensed what one of my fates might be, underlined by the presence of SB in her retinue. We made our way to the Library – a procession of pervery and filthy intent. Ordered on my knees, I knelt in front of SB. DD stood close by as well. I knew now I was going to be bitched as never before, a threshold was about to be crossed from which there would be no turning back. I had sucked cock before, but on my terms and at my own ease. Now I was in the hands of my Owner and her friends. I had ceded control in ways I never had previously and I knew that the design Mistress had for me would be transformative.

SB was slowly told to release his cock from the confines of his latex shorts. The magnificence of his sculpted body had towered above me, and my mouth was in prime position before his crotch. He unleashed his splendid cock. I could hear Dolly inquire of me whether it was my first black cock. I replied in the affirmative. I was aware of other Mistresses around me, without knowing who they were.

Mistress Sidonia ordered me to start licking the shaft. My tongue made contact, the initial tingling sensation of flesh upon flesh like an electric charge. My tongue traversed his shaft and I was overawed by his ramrod straight cock. Mistress ordered me to seek out and lick his balls, which I dutifully did. This was all prelude to the main event and this was now coming. Mistress ordered me to take his head in my mouth, – no teeth.

The musky smell of his cock overwhelmed me as I took him in my whore’s mouth. I started sucking, careful to take it at my own pace as much as possible initially. A mistress behind pushed my head further in, telling me to go deeper. Mistress Sidonia ordered me to make eye contact with her. My eyes transfixed on her, my mouth full of black cock. She mused on filling my other hole with cock, noting that it would require stretching. I nodded.

I felt I was getting quite comfortable with this, and I relished the opportunity to perform in front of other people. Many of Mistress Sidonia’s dominatrix friends came over to watch for enjoyment, or to humiliate, and jeer at me. It was a revelation. I was told to release his cock from my mouth. Mistress reached for and applied some gel to his glistening penis. I knew what was now coming. SB told her he had been observing the abstemious rigours of Locktober and quite a load could be expected. Mistress started stroking his cock over my face, masturbating him with precision and finesse.

The anticipation now for me was total – the climax imminent. His cum spurted onto my face as the release took place. I was aware of a streak of it over my glasses and elsewhere on my face. Mistress ordered me to clean his head and I took it between by lips and into my whore’s mouth. The salty tang of his cum enveloped my taste and senses. It was on my face and in my mouth. I felt it had sanctified me as a bitch, a whore and a slave. I could only hope my Owner was satisfied.

It was an epiphany – I knew now that I could cross any threshold in service to her. A feeling of euphoria was building in me – at this debasement. I savoured the moment, the depravity, the service to my Mistress.


Mistress Sidonia yanked the chain and propelled me forward, trailing in her wake, my docility enshrined by the neck collar and said chain. My mind was a riotous assembly of thoughts and sensations. I felt I could still taste the cum of SB’s facial and feel it dripping across my cheeks. Aside from the physical dimension, it was proving to be a seeding of the mind – and all orchestrated at the hands of Mistress Sidonia as she now pulled me with renewed purpose to another corner of the club.

The destination finally dawned on me as the direction became apparent to the downstairs toilet. And Mistress’ purpose manifested itself as that locale was confirmed. We entered and I gasped. The hostess of all this debauchery, Mistress Vivienne sat in the shower on a male slave, whilst playing with another female. The scene, of wanton filthy abandon, encapsulated the delicious debauchery of the night.

At Mistress’ direction I lay on the floor and readied myself for what I was sure was now to come. Mistress Vivienne’s male slave was instructed to come out and lie alongside me. It looked as if two urinals were now in play. And indeed, this proved to be the case. Mistress Sidonia stood over the other slave and hoisted her clothing. Her pee came as a trickle at first, and became more emphatic as it made its glorious way into the world and the mouth of the slave. It was a sublime moment and thing to watch, only to be supplanted moments later when it was my turn. The sensation of her warm nectar as it splashed onto me defies description. I swallowed what I could, but it was apparent that my technique was somewhat lacking. She stood over the other slave and demonstrated again how it should be done, emphasizing his series of quick swallows, ensuring he received as much of her nectar as he possibly could. I was envious and endeavoured to do better if she favoured me again with this privilege.

Another dom entered the bathroom MK and was about to retreat upon seeing the activities within when Mistress Vivienne told her to come in and use the facilities if she wished. She duly did. Her entrance served to open the floodgates in every sense, as a trail of other Mistresses who must have been gathered outside looked in and then entered. It was becoming clear that, insofar as there was any kind of script for this, it was quickly been torn up.

What followed was a bacchanalian pee-soaked fest as each Mistress took turns using the two of us as their toilets. I was instructed to close my eyes and open my mouth. My glasses were removed, a symbolic gesture of the cessation of complete control to these exquisite ladies. One of them EE placed, well, stamped her foot on my face the pushed my head sideways. Somewhat indifferent to foot play, the eroticism of this action took me by surprise.

And all the while the warm incessant pee kept spraying onto me, as each took their turn. The showering was complemented by verbal humiliation as they chided and laughed at my cock which by now was thoroughly doused. Their delight at this humiliation and impromptu cruelty was palpable and infectious.

I lay on the floor, totally at their control, unsure what might happen next. My Mistress seemed happy with my performance. It was only when it was over that I could absorb the import of it. I had been baptised in the most spectacular of fashion. I had been ejaculated and peed upon. And like a greedy putative vampire I knew I wanted some more, and more…….

by slave p
This is a partly fictional account of a Circus Maximus party based on some real & some imagined events.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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