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Genuine Members' Comments

The English Mansion - Superb, the best femdom site. There's some great dommes on there but I honestly only subscribe to see videos of you Mistress Sidonia/Eve Harper (my biggest Domme crush of all time). Please keep up the work for a long time to come as you just keep getting better.
James Twitter Jan 2024

Best Femdom Film Site In The World, no arguments, mic drop.
SD Email to TEM August 2023

I have never been able to find real femdom sex anywhere on the web, you can find porn and you can find hard BDSM play but never combined. Well, until I found the The English Mansion. It's the best and hornist femdom sex ever. And great value. Thank you & more please.
c Email to TEM March 2023

Dear Mistress Sidonia, you have the most amazing website! I have known about the English Mansion for a long time and heard very good things, but today was the first time I had signed up. The previews looked amazing, so what did I have to lose? I am glad I did. So much to choose, look at and watch. It will take me months and months to get through it all. Every video is a huge turn-on and every lady is a stunning goddess. This is heaven! 🙂
PS TEM Blog Comments October 2022

This is the best female domination site in the world! I am blown away by the films. So much quality content and, differing real-world dominatrices, again some of the best in the world are showcased right here. What more could any armchair sub, like myself want.
SK Email to TEM April 2022
I was compelled to write to you to tell you how much I've been blown away by your virtual reality, point-of-view clips. They are without doubt the best femdom virtual scene available. Interactive and inventive, they draw you in making you feel you are actually there. Especially those featuring Mistress Sidonia Bork and her domestic alter ego Miss Eve Harper. She is undoubtedly worthy of a porn Oscar! The attention to detail, the cleaver plots and they way she builds the coherent and sexy, seductive or humiliating role plays. Please can we have more, and more of them.
CC Email to TEM 5th November 2021

Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you again that you make the best femdom VR videos on earth. The new videos are so awesome...  the best are the videos with (the encouraged) bi femdom such as Jizz face & (etc.) is just awesome and unique in the VR porn world...Thank you for being there, you are the best. Nice weekend
M Email to TEM 5th February 2021

I’ve always admired the standard that you’ve set. Your content is like an international who’s who of talented ladies - who you’ve collaborated with to produce extremely high quality, perverted gold.
Becky Tgirl Twitter 9th Jan 2021
Congratulations for this magnificent clip Mistress Sidonia Von Bork!!! I love when you dominate a slave so extreme!  I like that you know the medical field, this makes you irresistible and makes you excel over all the Mistresses in the World.  But is not only for this, the reasons are many. For example, this clip is almost unreal..  All this with the slave locked and helpless, submissive to your domain. The compulsion towards the impotent man, who cannot react, makes you unique!!! I really hope you will continue to produce these videos for many more years. No mistress is so beautiful and dominant, no Mistress knows all the secrets of the male mind as you know them. You are “The Queen” and by now you know it, I love you for almost 15 years now.. A kiss at your feet my Mistress.
slave P Message to TEM 17th May 2020
... your site is just AWESOME! great value, great content, great Fem Dom... Thank You.
UL - Email to TEM, 26th August 2019

I just wanted to say thank you Mistress Sidonia for finally being the one to bring VR to the Femdom world! As a longtime fan, and repeat subscriber of the English mansion, I have been longing for someone in the Femdom world to embrace VR and fill a drastically underserved market...Please keep this up, and please increase the volume of VR content as well...I just want to say thank you.
Alex F - Email to TEM, 9th November 2018

Goddess I love this site! And that's why I been a member here for I think over 5 years now and it never lets me down, it has the best produced femdom action content around & I've checked ;) Thank you Mistress Sidonia, yours for ever
Antonio F - Email to TEM, 22nd April 2018
Mrs. Sidonia, With much respect and admiration I write this mail, hoping not to disturb you. More than a submissive, which I´m, I write to you as a fervent admirer of you, both Domina and also as a person. Now I'm 30 years old, however, about 10 years ago, I have been your admirer through the net. I have been a faithful visitor of your site, The English Mansion, just to see your videos and your photos. I have always admired how beautiful you are and how, through your eyes, you convey your strong character and your power. Just by looking your photos, I can understand you are a true Mistress, generating, in me, a feeling of immediate submission... thanking you for your attention and reaffirming my total admiration and submission to you, you say goodbye from the end of the world, with great affection, Always at your feet as a true fan and slave
Alvaro - Email to TEM, July 2017

Thank you for such an amazing femdom clip site, you really understand the psyche of a slave. I love how long and intricate your scenes are with the best outfits and the most amazing bdsm equipment - plus of course the immense and over whelming domme that is Mistress Sidonia. I devote myself to her through the site as she is a true domme and her pleasure is my pleasure. Her voice just cuts through me - so assured, so confident, so commanding - very few femdom clips manage to capture this as there are very few real dominant Mistresses who truly understand what a slave is and how he should be used. Your devoted slave forever
DR - Email to TEM, 13th May 2017

I have to say this is the best femdom site in the world, It is amazing and you Continuously keep bringing new ideas to the table with imaginative thinking! the movies are so varied (my favourite mistress on the site is you I may hasten to add). Anyway keep making the best movies Mistress Sidonia!
Andros - Email to TEM, 9th January 2016

THE BEST DOM SITE and ladies in stockings and high heels in the world!
stockingboy - Postal Letter 18th December 2015

Please may I just say how good this site is and how well run it is too, in life to many people in life are quick to moan and complain when they are not happy and not enough people compliment those who do a good job, this is me saying you are doing a great job and you all make me very happy! Mistress Sidonia should be knighted or whatever the female equivalant is for what she has achieved with this site, Dame Mistress Sidonia, it has a ring to it! Anyway I know you good people will have a mound of emails to trudge through but I felt your hard work, forward thinking and creativity deserve a well congratulated message! Please more of more Mistress Sidonia as a dominant wife, brilliant they are x x
AA - Email to TEM,27th February 2015

Best value for money, best content, so much content & the most stunning world dominas. What more could a Mistress Sidonia devotee want. I just wanted to say thank you.
slave M - Email to TEM, 13th November 2014

I would never joing any other domina site EVER! Best movies, best dominas, best quality, best action and so much of it. I love you English mansion and knee at your feet always.
Jamie K Email 23rd July 2014

As my subscription nears the end of it's month usage I just wanted to congratulate you all for a tremendous site. Over the years I have been a member of many sites including (up to this point) my favourite Lady Sonia and the lamented Mrs Harrington appearing within.  Well your site is head and shoulders above the rest. When I subscriibed I had little appreciation of the vast back catalogue and the different themes that you had introduced all on the subject of FEM DOM. I have been seduced.
MK Email 2nd Dec 2013

I just wanted to send you and Miss Birch and MSVB, a huge thank you for the new release: "Garden Maid". I LOVE IT ! ! ! The mood, the demeanor, the sounds of an outdoors over-the-knee hand spanking -  terrific stuff !! Thanks.  
Jim Colorado Email 23rd March 2013

Your store is one of the best and very interesting, you do have stunning wow-mistresses, clips are extremely well made, good ideas and fantastic technical quality !!!!!!! camera-positions, cut, picture and sound, absolutely first class and out of this world, customers should be thrilled to bits and pieces. I am film-expert. thanks a lot. best regards
peter in düsseldorf, germany - Email 24th June 2012

I've been a subscriber to your fantastic site a few times over the years. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what an awesome job you do. Your site is by far the best out of all available outlets for Femdom videos in my opinion. My wife is also a huge fan and we often
watch videos together. Sorry if this wasn't as eloquently stated as it is in my head. Thank you very much!
Nick R - Email 8th April 2012

This is the most amazing site EVER, your videos are incredible brilliant equipment and stories in each of them, so many of my fantasies come true. And so many updates and genuine dominas! This is the only site for me. Yours devoted for ever.
Bdee - Postal Membership Letter 19th January 2012

OMG your movies are amazing, the quality, the costumes, the fantasies, your equiment, the dominas - WOW. They are so sexy and so real, I know you are filming them but you can see they are not constantly cut but real scenes as they happen with genuine perves. I've just found your femdomfilms promo page every movie looks incredible I can't wait! And so much real bdsm sex - thank you thank you thank you
COCA - Postal Membership Letter 20th November 2011

Mistress Sidonia's website is the best Femdom site on the net. And, no I do not work for the site. She is just one of the sexiest women on earth, with an absolutely sublime wicked side.
kamach240 on Mistress Sidonia's Youtube Channel, Feb 2011

I'm new to this site & find it the best femdom site I've seen.The movies are excellent &cover a wide range of femdom topics. Keep up the good work. 
HalseyT3 - English Mansion Forum, September 2010
Having been a member of other mistresses sites i always return to the english mansion. It provides excellent videos, the mistresses and themes are always top class, looking forward to the future productions with the english mansion. Mistress SIDONIA YOU HAVE ONE OF THE MOST PROFESSIONAL SITES KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
your slavep - English Mansion Forum, October 2010

A Long Overdue Thank You, to You Ma'am! I have been a huge fan of your website, since it's inception, as i always enjoyed seeing your videos, and I truly believe you are a completely remarkable woman. Your blogs and journals reveal an intelligent and thoughtful Woman with a varied range of opinions and challenging thoughts. I have recently noticed Your photography page and please allow me to tell You how unbelievably talented I think You are. PLEASE keep up the wonderful work! ... I have to absolutely confess to absolutely loving your videos, as well as every gallery.  I think it goes with out saying that I simply think you are breathtaking, in every way... Mistress, you are such a unique Woman, with varied interests and enjoyments.  To add to that, the conception of your website is such a first class operation and has all the earmarks of a brilliant entrepreneur.   It is impossible not to see your work and your writing and not be impressed.   You are such an intelligent and magnificent person, and I really want you to know how much I appreciate all you have done, including your remarkable photography... I know that what you do with your website can probably, at times, be a difficult and tiresome struggle.... but, it is so appreciated by me, and I truly thank you for it.
Yours, Patrick "Wheels"Austin, TX - Email to TEM, December 2010

Can I also add that your website offers great value and is innovative as well as being of an extremely high standard. It is also refreshing to experience such good technical support.
Phil H - Postal Membership Letter 18th December 2010

Thanks for your amazing site, as a submissive guy, i have not found it very easy at all to find pornography that caters to my submissive desires/imagination but your site does. It is obvious to me both that you love what you are doing and that you work hard at it.  Itreally does show - so often it is the case that people think that all they need to do is wear a leather outfit and shout at people to be a dom... to 'act' like one, but in reality, you can't 'act' dominant, or for that matter, submissive -  it's something you just are. We all exist together to make this scene work, and you and your site are totally excellent!
Dominic- Email to TEM, 24th September 2009

I wholeheartedly endorse TheEnglishMansion as the best FemDom video site available and it centers around our Ruler, MsSVB...Her knowledge and imagination seem endless and Her understanding of the submissive male borders on magical...You truly reach into my soul...I have been an off and on member for years now and was previously registered as mfkpadrefan but for some reason i couldn't get back on so i simply registered under another user name which i think says it all! The technical aspects are excellent...i have easily downloaded hours of video and watch them offline for hours on end. Thankyou...i serve You every day!
luvMssvb - English Mansion Forum, 14th June 2009

In most sections of life and the internet, you get a choice - quality or quantity. Not here. At The English Mansion, they excel at both, providing far more than the membership fee warrants. I have been a member for several years now and cannot think of anywhere I would rather visit each day.
Mike/mip999123 - English Mansion Forum, 18th May, 2009

I'm new to this forum, even though I've had a subscription from time to time. I'd have to say in regards of content for the submission of a Male this site is one of the best. Also it's packaged very well. I'd like to add if I may "some of the best Mistresses, as far as Video goes" & "the best alround". As I've never had the good fortune in submitting to Mistress Sidonia & the other Mistresses"one can dream". What I find very useful is the "icons or the coloured dots" that tell you what will be in the update. Somedays, leather may be your kink...then humiliation & corporal punishment.
Mummyfied - English Mansion Forum, 15th May 2009

I have been a member of the Forum for more than a year and have found it to be informative, thought provoking and encouraging. The main TEM members site provides the most diverse, exciting and tantalising videos which I can highly recommend to any hesitating potential subscriber. You need to join to get the best and although the trailers give you a flavour of what is available, nothig compares with watching the full movie. So much to look at, so much choice and variety that I challenge anyone to criticise the content........we all want more but then slaves are naturally needy. Thank you Mistress Sidonia and all the other participating Mistresses and slave girls for giving us the most brilliant site for those who find it difficult to get out on the scene.
subjames - English Mansion Forum, 17th May 2009

Mistress Sidonia, i just joined this site Mistress and wanted to let you know how much i love it. Without a doubt this is THE greatest femdom site. You should be proud of the work you guys do on this site. People in hard times look for escapism and fantasy to help them through and whether you realize it or not you guys provide happiness to a lot of people. As a sub male i found this a site i can really relate to. You are also incredibly beautiful!
tiny123  - English Mansion Forum, 6th June 2009

Having been a member of several other Sites for this particular subject & being a Member for some time now, I have found The English Mansion one of the easiest to navigate, download, & very varied in content. Considering my very limited "Computer Expertise", your Tech Support is superb, in quick response & information. Their  helpfulness is greatly appreciated. Not knowing who is in charge, but Frank is to be commended. Your content covers more ranges of BDSM in a single Site than any others. The Dommes are all very beautiful & cruel & for the most part, are very well "un" Dressed. As far as I'm concerned - The English Mansion is the very BEST !!!!!!!!
Red Baron - English Mansion Forum, 5th May 2009

Having had memberships in several Sites with the "Fem Dominatrix" my observatons of them have been that they do not show in "Finesse" in their productions. It's simply bind a nude male slave & beat/whip him with apparent agony. I've even noticed that most of the times the Domme "Pulls" her efforts, ie, starts a hard swing then omits the full force of the implement. Then there are those that really go all out, too much so, with their crass verbal abuse. The Dominatrixes of English Mansion are so far superior & more beautiful. Wearing bloody good outfits & with so many different styles. Their costumes are simply superb & I've yet to see one that is not physically well proportioned. In My Jargon. "Not a Brick Out Of Place" !!!!!! Your Site is Superb & it certainly more than "Fills My Bill" as a submissive Masochist.I would really enjoy being one of your Slaves - & appearing in not one, but several of your Plots - Dream On Mac Beth" !!!!
Red Baron - English Mansion Forum, March 4th 2008

World's Best Site - I've been a member of this site for some months now. I've also joined other sites at the same time. I've simply joined the forum today just to say that not only is Mistress Sidonia the most beautiful Mistress of any site [boy do I wish I could join the filming of segments and put my cock at your disposal as no doubt due the majority of subscribers do] BUT it is also the best site for value...constantly expanding, loads of variety, reliable downloading (great that some of the older ones continue to be released in SHQ) new areas such as Leather and all for an incredible low price. All I can do is hope I win the lottery and hope to get a session!
Petrafyde - English Mansion Forum, April 8th 2007

The content of your site is positively stunning, due in part to your seemingly impossible amounts of generosity. You and your sites are utterly devastating! I must compliment you on the clean simplicity of navigation and layout. Simplicity is elegance - and such is completely lost among many, many web-designers. That notwithstanding, in form, style and substance, your site easily obliterates the content of even the closest competitor. If there are awards for such things, I truly believe that your site would come away with top honors. Thank you, Mistress Sidonia!
The Passenger - Max Fisch Message Board, November 2007

Dear Mistress Sidonia, This is my first post. I absolutely love your web site Mistress. I've been a member for 4-months now and I am hooked? Your videos are top notch. Some of the best I've seen for content and filming techniques. Keep up the great work!! I wish I didn't live across the pond in BOSTON, MA. (US).
vacuummaid& - English Mansion Forum Member, 3rd April 2007

GREAT SITE.........This is the ABSOLUTE best domination pay site on the web.....BAR NONE! And when you request or suggest something for the site....BINGO...they respond. MY GOD.......... a site that REALLY cares about the content AND about the members...............
HALLELUJAH! If you are tired of being ripped off on other pay sites...............this one is a GUARANTEED winner! TRY IT! I have NOT been compensated for this testimonial........ Just wanted to pass the word on.
Urinetrouble - Max Fisch Message Board Post, September 2007

I just had to write and tell you that this is by far the best femdom site I have ever seen. I am a 39 year old submissive male from New York State. I now never have to join another site again. Goddess Sidonia, (I call Her Goddess because mistress does not do Her justice) is the true definition of the Perfect Female. To serve Her must simply be heaven. I know you are probably very busy so I will say awesome job and keep up the great work.
Sincerely, slave jeff - Email to The English Mansion, 13th May 2007

i wanted to pay You more. Your performance in `Her Mouth Hole' touched me real deep. i longed to... after You removed it from Your Royal Hole. i felt compelled to pay more for this feeling and felt disappointed when i could not. i suspect i am losing my free will when i visit Your site. One good thing is that it is a kind of methadone in breaking an addiction to premium rate lines. Since joining Your site, i have never had need to call one. i get all my FemDom appetites satisfied through Your site. Thank You, Mistress for Your wonderful work and saving me a lot of money. i remain a duty-bound slave to Your Mistressful ways...
slave Jens - Email to The English Mansion, December 10th 2007

Dear Mistress Sidonia, just joined Your members site which is awesome and an incedible value. Your film "Interrogation" Is the best Fem Dom torment movie i've seen, bar none. "Three way electrics is another favorite. Wish i was the lucky slave in those films. Please keep up Your incredible work!!!
msjs_and_msds_shared_pet - Yahoo Group

I've been a member to many of them, some good, others horrible, but so far one of the absolute best websites I've been a member of has been The English Dungeon. Mistress Sidonia, consistent weekly updates as promised, never any shortage of varied content, awesome double Domme scenes, great outfits, excellent audio and video in all her clips. Interesting scenes, sometimes shocking, sometimes downright intimidating but always satisfying, interesting, and hot!.Well worth every penny.
canadiansubhubby - Max Fisch Message Board

Anyone who is a worshipper of confident and imperious Women MUST join Mistress Sidonia's site. We watch the Mistress with awe and submission - Mistress Sidonia is one of the GREAT dominant ladies of this world - just a pity i have never had the great good fortune to session with her. Great value, unrivalled video action. Worship the Goddess!!
slave toerag - Max Fisch

Mistress your videos are superb, realistic and provocative. I truly think you have the best videos on the web. The female controlled prison videos are really great and believable. I can hardly wait for the new ones.
Yahoo member – ghostdoctor72

I have belonged to this web site for about six weeks. The content is uncomparable. Many kisses to your feet Mistress Sidonia!! Let us know when you will be visiting the US.
slave maximus - Max Fisch

WOW! I'm rarely blown away by websites these days but this one is pure quality. Great selection of movies and a stunningly beautiful Mistress. Worth every penny in my humble opinion. Oh to be interrogated by Mistress Sidonia.
subserv - max fisch

May i say as a new member both here and in the English Dungeon that I have never ever seen such imaginative and well produced vidoes and pictures.
Yahoo member - Puppet UK 2002

As they say here in the U.S. "You are DA BOMB"! Amazing stuff. The lighting, scripts, camerawork, all of it is top shelf. I only wish I could meet a woman like you here in the U.S. to worship and…
Joe C - Email to TEM

I joined several months ago, dwomloaded quite a bit and then lost it all when the external hard drive I used mysteriously corrupted itself to death. As a testament to how good Your site is, I am going to join again and this time I will burn them to a DVD for safekeeping. Why would I join again? Because You are the kinkiest, sexiest Goddess to ever walk this earth.
oracle151 - Max Fisch Message Board

…In closing, i must say that i am delighted to be a member of The English Dungeon, and will never again contemplate membership to any other website, or think adoringly of any other Mistress. Great videos, and not to be completely crass, as i have mentioned my adoration previously, but i must say about the current group photo, that i would happily crawl through barbed wire and over broken glass to worship Mistress Sidonia's exquisite bottom...
Yahoo member - gtr71Jon

I have just signed up for a months subscription and downloaded a few movies. Fantastic quality and content. If you are a FemDom film connoisseur like me then I highly recommend signing up.
Sussexslave - UKM

Mistress, your work as a warden, jailer and interrogator are all absolutely excellent. I have not seen any work at your quality level anywhere else on the web. Your professionalism and attention to detail and the integrity of the characters you portray are of outstanding quality. Please keep them coming. The more brutal uniformed women you play the better. I'm committed to remaining a subscriber and only wish I had a way to get locked up by you.Thanks.
Yahoo member - Ghostdoctor72

The video footage is some of the most erotic I have ever seen. It is such a pleasure to see a genuine dominant mistress administer punishment, CBT and watersports is such a sensual, sexual way. the way you tenderly caress your slaves as you inflict the various torments is deeply arousing.
Yahoo member - slave boy al

i joined The English Dungeon a couple of days ago and wanted to thank You for putting it together - it shows Female Supremacy as it really is, not some glossy playboy style site, and all i can say is that i want more!
Yahoo member - slutty boy 77

What more can one say. These two sites are, to my mind, leading examples of how to portray BDSM on the internet.
Markasub – UKM

I am simply dumbfounded and in absolute awe of your websites and group and as for Yourself. You are just so incredibly Divine, a Goddess incarnate; a Mistress to whom my heart beat resounds in rapid palpitation.
Yahoo member - Roger070849

Highly Creative and intelligent. Soulfully done with emotion and beauty that is uniquely yours. All of the vignettes are excellent and I especially love the cloak and dagger leather uniform scenarios. Best wishes!
Yahoo member - eelpot2003

Can't wait for the next episodes of various films. Like being back at Saturday Morning Pictures - will the Lone Ranger save Tonto, will the well hung young man tied up to the bed be able to perform (lets hope not so he gets a really good seeing to!).
Yahoo member - johny192003

Can i also just say, that having just joined The English Dungeon, I am now in total awe. It puts my own homepage into such a poor light I can only hope that i come close to being as good as this one day.
Yahoo member – subray

After reading so many rave reviews I've joined Sidonia's site. May I say how truly excellent it is ... Sidonia's site is undoubtedly the best I have ever seen. Its layout, design, and useability are in my (very limited) experience unsurpassed. She deserves all our congratulations and thanks.
The Boy Richard - UKM

I rarely subscribe to pay sites but made an exception for this...a fantastic site. The movies are, it has to be said, possibly the sexiest things I have seen in my life.
Usedabused - UKM

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