The following information and FAQ will hopefully answer the majority of questions you may have regarding the operation of this website, however, if your query is not covered below, please contact our Technical Support team with as much detail as possible relating to the issue and we will do our utmost to answer you quickly and concisely.

1. Joining, Billing & Cancelling

  1. I can't join online with my credit card
  2. Can I join without using a credit card?
  3. I've lost my Username/Password or I want to review my subscription/membership
  4. I want to cancel my recurring membership
  5. I have contacted your Technical Support a number of times but am getting no reply to my emails?
  6. I have just joined the site and can't get into the members area?

2. Appearing in English Mansion Movies

  1. Enquires from Dominant Women, Female Switches/Submissives & Femdom/Fetish Couples
  2. Enquires from Submissive Males & Xdressers

3. Privacy Statement

  1. What name will appear on my credit card?
  2. Will you do anything with the information you hold on me?
  3. Will I receive emails from the English Mansion? Our Discretion Promise
  4. Privacy Policy

4. Technical Help

  1. The movies will not play on my computer?
  2. What is the best format for me to use to watch/keep the movies?
  3. How do I save my favourite movies?
  4. Can I join the movie parts together?
  5. Why does my film appear jerky or the picture is stuck?
  6. I can't get into the members area?
  7. I seem to be locked out of the members area?
  8. How do I download & view the photographs in a ZIP file?

5. Additional Information

  1. Password Sharing
  2. All contents Copyright © The English Mansion
  3. Material Theft
  4. Site Terms & Conditions of Use
  5. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirments Compliance Statement
  6. English Mansion Declaration
  7. This Site is Unsuitable for Children

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