Live Fet Play Performance at Fangtasia

“I always get mean & horny at Circus Maximus Events at Celestial 😈” Circus Maximus Events: Fangtasia 2023, performance with Miss Vivienne L’Amour. Photo by Fetish Filming

Live Performance Fangtasia
The highlight of my year was performing at Circus Maximus’ Fangtasia, alongside the multi-talented, beautiful and super hot Mistress Vivienne l’Amour. Live on stage at the Vampire/Halloween themed fet-play night we enjoyed shocking the crowd. My strapon penis, that after a good sucking from Vivienne, scantily-clad, in white lingerie, climaxed, ejaculating about two litres of (stage) blood all over her! I then bound her to a chair, tore off her clothes and ravished her. She was half suspended for a good bloody fucking from my spouting knight stick; then I bestowed all my golden nectar onto her bewitching face. Finally being theatrically killed off, once I had finished with her.

Circus Maximus’ Fangtasia 2023, performance with Miss Vivienne.  Stills from video by Fetish Filming

It felt like a wonderful zenith to my kinky adventures. I’d tallied up that few decades earlier I’d also been performing live on stage at a fetish event – the infamous Club Whiplash. My pearl anniversary, how apt 😉 I’ve performed on stage in cabarets and impromptu performances hundreds of times over the years, being a bit of show off, all-round perve and lover of filth.

The Reflex: Club Whiplash 1993, performance with Adam Anarchy

Later that Night.. Heady Debauchery
I always take a slave or two when I’m out & about, they are such useful appendages at fetish events. And later at Fangtasia my pet was certainly put to work… see here Circus Maximus Fangtasia:A ‘Heady’ Night of Debauchery

My collared boy – slaves are such a useful appendages. Photo by Fetish Filming

Slaves: Useful Appendages 😈
Slaves make the perfect appendages for the domme around town! More useful than a handbag, can carry bags, buy drinks, provide support for those awkward high heel moments, generally skivvy & provide endless entertainment for you and your friends as the butt of cruel inventive humiliations.

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