Breaking A Slave – 24/7 slavery

Breaking Free
I have always been fascinated with the process of breaking a slave – turning him into something new, a creature of my creation; making him leave his old self behind, forgetting it even exists. Most slaves/subs are given a ‘slave name’ within a short time they identify with that name, it represents a whole other unique side of them – this side was actually always there but until it was named  they couldn’t set it free. However, this is just the beginning real submission, truly letting go, giving up control and giving up your idea about what giving up control is – is a sublime experience, a heady delight not easily found. To start this process the slave must first be broken.

Breaking In
During my recent 24 hours a day/7 day scene (see here) for the first few days I focused on breaking the slave, starting with a comprehensive dehumanisation procedure. Most slaves think they know what is required of them but they do not. Plus most males have an innate arrogance that they are not even conscious of – this is why before you can make them your slave you must first break them. Strip them down, destroy what they were, take away every remnant of who they were in order to the begin the process of rebuilding them.

My slave was renamed, his clothes, keys, belongings were locked away. His hair was cut short, later shaved. I enjoyed cutting off his lovely long eyelashes (I did not shave his eyebrows because I find this makes slaves look weird). A metal collar was padlocked around his neck carrying a dog tag bearing my initials. He was branded in a special way that would not be permanent but would last a few months (this was censored in the film footage as we are unfortunately are not permitted to show this). He was anally plugged, put in chastity and kept in chains.

Over the week he was put on a calorie controlled diet, the first two days he was only given about 1200 calories each day. I wanted to weakening him. I’ve been fascinated by food denial how dependant it makes your charge when you feed them, it creates such a bond between you. Again during the first few days I also didn’t allow the slave to have quite enough sleep and I disturbed his sleep at one point waking him up in the middle of the night and dragging him around the garden in the rain. I also set the slave many physical tasks to further exhaust his body. My slave is most fastidious clean usually so I limited this and at one point deliberately kept him very dirty and then made a huge deal about it. I knew  psychologically this would be a nightmare for him. Interestingly, the only thing he had – was a small blanket which I could see was a huge comfort to him. At one point I tell him he is becoming too attached to it and take it away, again this was just another way to strip him down, making him totally dependant on me for affection or attention.

It should be noted I have never found pain a good way to break a slave, it gives them something to fight against and so does not weaken then. Pain is only a tool. It can be useful as a punishment or to test a slave’s submission or help them achieve a submissive state.

(I should add my slave was never at any point put at any risk as I have already explained he was continually monitored by a webcam which I was watching. I have many years of experience of these types of scenes as they should not be entered into without great thought and preparation from all parties.)

More coming soon…

So if you have ever wanted to find out what happens behind closed doors in a real life, real-time, real domination scene – take a look at Real Footage 247 Slavery now showing inside The English Mansion.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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3 Responses to Breaking A Slave – 24/7 slavery

  1. dongsoo yim says:

    thank you mistress sidonia.
    I do love too.

  2. bootslavewilliam says:

    “Breaking a slave…”

    Those words conjure up so many tremendously powerful and exciting thoughts and images in the FemDom context, all about the sheer might and authority of the Superior Woman, in sharp contrast to the weakness and vulnerability of the inferior and doomed male. Doomed to submit absolutely and relentlessly to his natural Ruler. Doomed to be broken down, crushed by the Female and re-shaped exactly as She sees fit. Doomed and yet freed, in a unique way, by his willing, acquiescent and trusting surrender. What a fantastic situation for both participants!

    Your passion for the whole concept of male slave breaking, and your knowledge of the methods to achieve it, shine through in your writing, Mistress Sidonia. They are to be savoured because they are so real. Your (clearly unarguably correct) belief in the need to rid a male of its own idea of what constitutes truly giving up control stands out in particular.

    Crushing into oblivion that male idea of loss of control and replacing it entirely with what matters solely, your will and wisdom, that strikes a deep chord within me because, genuine submissive though I am, I do realise and fully accept that I am still a male with some arrogance (as you say), some ego… and a cock that (completely controlled though it is by my Goddess) still affects my brain and its world of FemDom fantasy.

    Hence my using the term “exciting” at the start of this piece. In addition to those words “breaking a slave” triggering a powerful wave of submissiveness throughout my body, the fact is that the excitement also undeniably stirs the cock (I am only a male after all! :-)). De-humanisation, temporary branding, food denial, blanket removal, kept dirty (I too am normally very clean and fastidious), belongings confiscated, collar, chains, anal plug, chastity, sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, systematic weakening…. These all excite the cock and send the male brain into overdrive!

    Yet, succumbing and giving in to Female Power TOTALLY and GENUINELY, allowing oneself to be TOTALLY broken by, and offer NO resistance to, one’s Superior/Trainer, that involves so much more than just being guided by one’s slutty cock!… even if it that cock can admittedly play a very useful part in virtually forcing the male to actually seriously consider submitting to the process of being properly broken by a Woman. Proof (as if Dominant Women in particular needed any more) of what a fundamental tool the cock is, at its most basic, in ensnaring and controlling the male. Obsessed by it, controlled by it. What more marvellous and logical, beneficial a way than by the Female Sex?

    Oh, oh! I do hope I am not getting bogged down. I have already written more than I intended. What I am getting at is that I am certain that the process of a Woman breaking a male slave is driven partly, definitely initially at least (and probably throughout to some extent) by his cock and male fantasy mind, very useful factors for the Female to exploit and use to achieve Her agenda. However, the male MUST understand that (possibly large or most) parts of his being broken down and re-trained exactly as his Superior wishes will NOT involve excitement for his cock. Accepting that fact and still doing his very best to allow himself to be broken for the SOLE purpose of pleasing and serving his Trainer, THAT IS the TRUE test of his desire to be subjugated.

    Sorry, Mistress, for going on, as usual. Were I speaking in person, surely a big inflatable rubber cock gag head harness would be in order! Yes, I know, slutty thrill-seeking and even possibly “topping from the bottom”!

    Anyway, I can only finish by stating that, if the wonderful opportunity arose some time in the future, I would be INCAPABLE of resisting being loaned to you by my Goddess as a slave to undergo your breaking down programme. I would surely be guided (and helplessly ensnared like a lamb to the slaughter) by that controlled cock, I concede that, but I just would NOT be able to resist what would be expected and demanded of me, by Goddess and by you, Mistress. It really would be an incredible honour to serve you both in that way.

    Footnote: both Goddess and I agree fully with your thoughts on the subject of pain. Still, the thought of being restrained and tremblingly awaiting your punishment is another powerful one… there goes that cock again! 🙂

  3. bootslavewilliam says:

    So sorry, Mistress Sidonia, I meant to finish with “Respectfully and submissively, as usual.”

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