A Good Spanking: Basic CP Tips & Musings Pt3

Strict Miss Jessica Woods

A Good Spanking: Basic CP Tips & Musings Pt3

OTK – Over The Knee

Spanking is traditionally the punishment administered to miscreants once they are firmly over the dominant’s knees. Many submissives love being bent over someone’s knee, having their pants or panties pulled down and spanked thoroughly. Unfortunately  this position can make them a bit dizzy after a while, as all the blood rushes to the head, distracting from the action. Therefore to be over someone’s knee lying on a bed or sofa in a flat position, is much more comfortable and enjoyable for longer spankings.

Light or Hard? & Where?

Women who wish to give men a sound spanking (especially ladies of a smaller statue) can find that their hands are getting more punishment than the miscreant’s bottom. One solution, other than to use a small implement, is for them to wear tight leather gloves, this both protects their hands and can add to the eroticism of the chastisement.

I personally like to spank the whole bottom area i.e. the whole cheeks, up high and right down on to the tops of my legs. If you are going to spank areas other than the bottom remember that the slaps should be gentler than those given to the fleshy buttocks. It is also worth mentioning that when spanking men their bottoms are often not only smaller but also a little straighter and less plump, so high up spanking is not always appropriate. It is best to stick to the fleshy bits. An ideal spanking should leave the bottom warm, glowing pink, stinging and slightly sore.

OTK with Mistress Amrita

Is CP a sexual act?

For many people CP can become an exciting and potent part of sexual foreplay. For others the spanking or CP will in itself provide all the sexual gratification required. After a spanking you often feel physically exhilarated, relieved and fulfilled along with a feeling of closeness for your partner. These feelings are very similar to those experienced after intercourse.

The warmth from a smacked bottom spreading to the neighbouring areas can be very arousing. Women’s vaginas can become moist and aroused following a beating due to the rush of blood into the pelvic region. A man’s penis can become erect when he is over a lap as it is often rubbing as he squirms around. Some men and women can actually climax from being spanked or beaten. In fact close contact, such as over the knee, can be very arousing for both participants because of all the movement.

During a ‘real’ punishment (for example within a genuine 24/7 style relationship), I am not sure that sex is appropriate even if the beating is arousing. Genuine chastisement must lead to contrition and remorse. If you were rewarded with sex afterwards the reprimand would become rather meaningless!

Cane wielding Mistress Courtney

Erotic Props

CP implements can be used in a number of scenes without actually being wielded. Just their presence is enough of a threat, a cane for example, hung on the wall or swished through the air can induce very good behaviour. A riding crop can be used to point, poke and encourage your Sub. Implements are important props, symbols of power, authority and control for both the Submissive and Dominant. A dominant can wear a belt, an implement that can never be escaped from – there around the waist ready at a moments notice to be ripped off to give a sound thrashing.

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