Lady Nina’s Special Feminisation Regime Pt6


Part 5  Money Making Schemes

I genuinely get turned on by enforced bi, humiliation & control, strap-on and feminisation and don’t mind how long it takes to ‘turn’ a man. I will manipulate, tease and coerce until I get my thrills!

By now your partner will be so broken and desperate for sexual relief he won’t even realise he is slowly being turned permanently into your performing pet cocksucker. Now how best to use him and make some extra cash, here are a few suggestions:

1.  Maid of all Work
When your friends come round he can wait on you all serving drinks, lighting cigarettes, holding ashtrays etc. Once trained up you can hire him for private swinging functions, then when he’s not serving drinks he can be servicing some cock.The advantage here that as a man he should know how to give the perfect blow-job 🙂

2.  Club Slut
Take him to a gay club introduce him to his new ‘friends’. Padlock him to the urinals with a sign round his neck offering blow-jobs and a whole host of other pleasures. This is all extra gravy, so if his day-time job bonus is crap this way you can still make some extra money.

3. ‘Lesbian’ Sex Slave
For you and your girlfriends and their friends…. You will all now get your pussy licked for as long as you want, just how you like it and with his maximum effort for a change. Make sure your friends write a full report on his abilities and give marks out of 10. Read it out to him when he is on his knees as extra humiliation, give punishments in areas you feel he let you down and rewards where you feel he fulfilled his duties. He won’t get paid for this service but all your friends will be in your debt 😉

sissy-whore-01-4.  Web Slut
When he gets home from work dress him in a suitable outfit from his slut attire wardrobe. Choose some sex toys he can then perform on webcam and earn you some extra shopping money.

5.  Transvestite/Xdresser Escort
Get some professional photos taken of him and get him his own website under a really slutty domain name. This way he can start to build on his clients and fan base. Pretty soon he could be making more money for you whoring, than his regular job.

By this time your partner is totally broken and at your mercy, grateful for any small glance of your cleavage or brief reprieve from chastity. This is where you really get to use your imagination and come up with some extreme degrading filth …

I will continue this in Pt7 – Coming Soon. Lady Nina  x
© Lady Nina Birch

We’ve been honoured at The English Mansion to be given exclusive access to Lady Nina Birch’s Special Feminisation Regime, which we will post here over the next few months. This is an extensive, light-hearted guide and an essential read for all Ladies & special girls who want to engage in the world of feminisation. Lady Nina Birch is the UK’s foremost feminatrix with many years of experience and extensive knowledge on crossdressing and full-feminisation.

You can find our more about Lady Nina Birch here on her personal website

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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  1. Teddy Tony says:

    I would gladly suck cock for you Mistress Sidonia

  2. Leather Lady says:

    I love watching ‘men’ suck cock and fuck each other. I like the way these feminisation methods result in the Mistress earning money from the slut’s transformation into a full-time fuck slave for the use of men and women, forever altering his life into one of permanent subservience to his Mistress’ filthy sexual perversions. I eagerly await further tips from the next installment! xxx

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