7 Ways To Turn A Man Into Your Slave

The stunning Miss Vivienne Hardy shows her boy whose’s on top in their relationship!

7 Ways To Turn a Man Into Your Slave
Some Basic Femdom BDSM Slave Training Tips

1. Give Him a New Name
this helps in the process of making him let go of his old self and become something you created. It also helps re-enforce his new status as your property.

2. Keep Him in Chastity
you retain the key and establish the rules about its use and when, if ever, he is allowed any self-pleasure.

3. Make Him Wear a Sign of Ownership
24/7 he should be made to wear a sign of his owned status. Collars are a standard item but are not practical for everyday wear. While until the relationship reaches a true maturity a tattoo or branding are also not appropriate (these should NOT be entered into lightly). However, a discreet piercing or secret item of jewelery, for ex. a ring or chain should be worn at all times. You could even make him paint his toe nails pink.

4. Set Out a Way for Him to Greet You
Assuming you are meeting in a private environment, he should be tutored in how to formally greet you (this is the first time he has seen you after a period of absence). This can be a position to get into: kneeling down, hands-on-head, face lowered; or to get down on his knees and kiss your shoes. If you meet out in public you may also need a special clandestine greeting like a discreet hand kiss.

I know for prodoms this will likely be to kiss their boots but it was always super horny for me with certain personal slaves, to have them come up to me pull down my undies and lick my arse whenever first in my presence. I liked how it set the tone for the meeting, reminding them of their place in my world.

5. Require Him to Carry Out Menial or Hard Labour Tasks
He must regularly complete a supervised task, this should be housework, gardening or admin. This is of course useful and a service to you but it has a more important purpose; it reinforces his menial status, keeps him occupied and crucially keeps his body physically tired and thus less likely to edge towards any recalcitrance.

I have set long physical tasks (or exercise programs alongside reduced calorie diets) for willful slaves as I like to have their bodies fully exhausted before I start to break them psychologically 🙂 Plus if you are a proponent of female supremacy it’s the perfect way to address the current gender bias towards housework. Let’s get the boys scrubbing!

6. Demand Obedience 
If he transgresses from any of your rules he must be punished for these infractions. Punishments are usually corporal, like a physical beating but they should fit the slave to make sure they really are unpleasant, and thus a proper penalty. So a slave who enjoys CP could, for ex. have his time in chastity extended. (Continued disobedience should result in dismissal.)

7. Enforce a Submissive Demeanour
This demeanor and attitude should be enforced across every aspect of his relationship with you, for ex., where he may sit, how he should address you, used for your WS etc. I also believe that fucking him regularly with a strapon cock is a perfect way to indoctrinate him further into submission. For personal slaves this should encompass sexual submission to you where he must be schooled in the art of sexually pleasuring you.

The gorgeous Mistress Courtney has this man where she wants him!

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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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7 Responses to 7 Ways To Turn A Man Into Your Slave

  1. Jia Hao says:

    I’d like to become your 1st Asian slave

  2. Yes !! Great rules to dominate !!! Suggest a female name given to the slave/ sissy!! Reinforces dominance!!

  3. Irv O. Neil says:

    Comprehensive, Mistress Sidonia! An excellent post, and stimulating to contemplate…whether or not I could actually submit to such a thorough regime in reality. That has always been my conflict: my desire versus my resistance; a conflict frequently reflected in the femdom fiction I write.

    • The more we surrender to our fantasies, the stronger they can become – and the resistance dwindles. Dreams can become reality. Piece by piece. And what remains far from reality is real pleasure in the mind. Just being able to share your fantasies uninhibitedly with someone is a great happiness.

  4. Gussetking says:

    As an arse worshipping Slave in waiting seeking my West Country key holder I’d expect nothing less of these rules.

  5. JackieMonet says:

    Sooo Beautifully True.

    Very Devotionally, subbie sissy jackie

  6. Gussetking says:

    Please can i be one of your comercial milking herd to be invited to your discrete male milking parlour where our balls are relieved commercially for pleasure x

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