Male Milking Machines

Male-Milking-machines-4-different-typesMistresses (clockwise) Mistress Nikki Whiplash, Switch Zara du Rose, Lady Nina Birch & Miss Kinky Dirty Bitch

This month we’re featuring Male Milking Machines at The English Mansion. We now have no less than four different types of machines all with unique features providing differing sensations: the Venus 2000; the SK-DSPM, Serious Kit Double Suction Pulsation Milker; the Robojac; and our F-machine (fucking machine) used in conjunction with a flesh light. And, you can see them all in action in movies showing this month inside The English Mansion 🙂

Even 5 years ago none of these specially designed machines were available, the internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities enabling artisans to produce these unique highly crafted specialist devices. Designed by enthusiasts, well they say ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’, each are very different and have other uses not just male milking. Both the Venus & the SK-DSPM have attachments that can be used for nipple suction and stimulation. While the SK-DSPM also has a number of electric SPTs (Suction Pulsation Tubes).

My F-machine (fucking machine) comes with a Rocky attachment, this allows a man to be both anally fucked and milked simultaneously (but it’s quite complicated to get it all working.) I have already blogged about why we love these machines and the Venus 2000 here.The SK-DPSM is a relatively new and a super elaborate piece of kit and so I’m dedicating a whole blog about it later this month.

Just some of the English Mansion Milking Movies Now Showing or starting this week






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Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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One Response to Male Milking Machines

  1. bootslavewilliam says:

    Hello again, Mistress Sidonia.

    The male milking machine! What a powerful weapon in the already overwhelming armoury of the Female Dominant… and such a logical one in view of the simple fact that sexual control of the male is fundamental to his/its absolute surrender and subservience!

    You hopefully recall a recent entry from me concerning how my Goddess Owner pretty well permanently and fully cuckolds/makes me redundant with mighty dildoes and sex toys. You kindly commented on it.

    As part of my total sexual enslavement, the Venus machine has been used on me several times by a couple of professional Mistresses we have sessioned with. In one instance, I was made to watch my humiliation and emasculation in front of a mirrored wall, bound, rubber-hooded and suspended like a piece of meat, that inferior and strictly controlled cock attached to that mighty pump, its grip literally milking me relentlessly like a helpless, dehumanised beast, with Goddess looking on, beautifully and irresistibly clad in latex and boots, supremely victorious and thrilled… not to mention immensely turned on! I LOVE to please Her!

    When life allows it in the future, it is Her intention to own such a marvellous machine and to routinely use it on me as part of Her endless sexual subjugation process of Her property.

    Once again, Mistress, what a true joy it would be to find myself in your presence, on loan to you, with Goddess at your side, and to undergo this process under your control. One day!

    Submissively and respectfully.

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