SPH: His Teenie Weenie Peenie!

Two Women at a Window by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1665–1675)

SPH: Small Penis Humiliation

So what is SPH all about then? It’s a fetish where a man is subjected to offensive remarks and gestures about the inadequate size of his penis. This naturally leads to further ridicule about his obvious inability to please a woman sexually, implying his worthlessness as a man and inferiority to other more ‘well-endowed’ men.

His Teenie Weenie Peenie! Michelangelo’s masterpiece ‘David’ is supposed to be a symbol of strength and youthful male beauty*… and yet he did have a very small one 😉 2/10

Cock Mocking
This castigation of his manhood can also focus on its shape, girth, the way it  ‘dresses’ (hangs/bends), grooming, lack of tumescence (hardness) or propensity to PE (Premature Ejaculation aka Prejac). Pretty much anything can be pointed out as a flaw that makes his penis undesirable, unworthy and inadequate to satisfy a woman. SPH has no bearing on the actual size of the cock. Most of the guys who wanted a good cock mocking from me had perfectly normal sized cocks.

Dick Rating
Dick Rating is a way for men to consensually share pics of their dicks, most commonly this is for SPH, though it can be for cock worship or a genuine review.

Primal Humiliation
Verbal erotic humiliation can be exhilarating and a powerful tool for the woman or domina employing it. The penis is considered an important symbol of masculinity, with its size representing both virility and status for men. Plus it needs to ‘stand to attention’ and be sexually competent in order to procreate and continue a male line.
Attacking these primal notions of manliness through humiliating his manhood and his inability to fully sexually pleasure a woman, calls into question their whole existence as men.

It is also common as the basis for cuckolding as if a husband’s cock is too small to pleasure his wife, after much belittling of his member, she will inform him she intends to take a lover, an alpha male with a ‘proper’ cock. She may even put her well-hung young studs cock next to her husbands weenie in order to make a comparison –  to further humiliate and compound his uselessness to her.

These remarks are only for comic effect, usually SPH focuses on erotic verbal humiliation

*In the ancient world these depictions of ‘tiny flaccid penises’ were to signify a man’s rational intellect and mastery over his base passions, i.e. he was not subservient to his sexual desires (cock). Verses the giant dicked sordid satyrs with their exaggerated erections.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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11 Responses to SPH: His Teenie Weenie Peenie!

  1. kinkyhill says:


    I think SPH could have also been a source of origin of male submissiveness and Female Domination. Like you have mentioned most of the guys who are into SPH could have cock normal sized cock. It is more of the mental and emotional aspect to it and I reckon males with average cock would be more into SPH than with small cocks. The feeling of being humiliated and ridiculed by a woman terming them “Less than a man”, “inferior and worthless” and etching in their minds that they are “losers” and “not a Real Man” can be emotionally soothing for their failures or rejections in life.

    Interestingly SPH also opens up all kinds of roleplays and can be used with any role play like Nurse or Doctor, Trainee Recruits, group CFNM Humiliations, group male comparisons, Princess and the captured slave etc. They also use it on Office role plays to ridicule males. It also opens up concepts of sissification, male maids, feminization, cuckold etc.

    SPH is also good for Verbal Humiliation, the penis can be called by humiliating names based on the size, shape, look, use etc and they keep inventing new names for it like in the English Mansion over the years.

    SPH is a kinky concept where the man hood of a male is controlled and dominated by the tongue(words) of a woman decorated with her laugh, smirks and grins

    • Thank you kinkyhill, excellent insights, I did think about CFNM scenes as it does fit well and laughing also seems to be quite an important element 🙂

      • kinkyhill says:

        Thanks and Welcome MistressSidonia.

        yes CFNM, laughing,mocking with face expressions or fingers and comparison enhances the humiliation level

        What are your thoughts on SBH Small Balls Humiliation,does it have the same humiliation impact on the male. If I am correct there hasn’t been a English Mansion clip made solely on it but could be part of it

  2. dongsoo yim says:

    humble greeting mistress sidonia.

  3. kinkyhill says:


    What are your thoughts on SBH Small Balls Humiliation,does it have the same humiliation impact on the male. If I am correct there hasn’t been a English Mansion clip made solely on it but could be part of it

  4. bootslavewilliam says:

    It’s me again. I’m on a roll. So much to comment on!

    Neither Boot Goddess nor I are into SPH. Indeed, both of us agree that “my” cock is a little above average size (average being usually about six inches, I believe). However, that measurement is irrelevant. As both She and I have shared here, that cock is (and has been for years) under Her absolute control, from erections to cumming to penetration (or, more accurately, routine non-penetration) of Her beautiful, powerful and infinitely Supreme Pussy. I am effectively virtually permanently replaced and cuckolded by Her growing arsenal of superior dildoes and vibrators, and even occasionally with another woman. To all intents and purposes, Goddess has made Her cock TOTALLY REDUNDANT, a mere tool for Her to control Her slut… and, as any Dominant Woman knows, a tool that, paradoxically, gets mightier with every day that goes by. All of this is a source of unending excitement, satisfaction and joy for Her, as well as for me, Her sexual property, Her devoted toy.

    Anyway, the point of my going on about the above once again (with apologies!) is that SPH and what my Owner and I practise for real do produce an identical result all the same: a useless, inferior cock!

    Woman: 1, male: 0. Perfect!



  5. Mike says:

    Are you seeking 24/7 live in slaves?

  6. Gussetking says:

    Remember doing a Vid with Madame Rouge back in the good ol days , all 5 of us kneeling outside in the glorioious Sunshine and having our Penis Humiliation Cocks Measured.

  7. Gussetking says:

    Yes Mistress Sidonia , as well as the cock measuring, We also did some face sitting vid shoots. A lovely day and fond memories.

  8. Gussetking says:

    A great privilege to have been Measured ..
    Amazon Mistress Roug’e and Amazonian Mistress Saskia summise a great humiliating competition for their kneeling, awaiting slaves. They wait in line, outdoors in the english sunshine as the Mistresses approach rulers in hand. Measuring each of the 4 slave’s penises in turn, and also informing them of the forfeit of the slave with the smallest teeny weeny cock. Mistress Roug’e head to toe in shiney black vinyl, and 8 inched heels. A FANTASTIC PENIS HUMILIATION CLIP.

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