The Tremblr BT-R – A Few of My Favourite Things No.17

A Few of My Favourite Things

I’m going to pick out my favourite English Mansion toys and tell you all about them in a series of blogs called ‘These are a Few of My Favourite Things’.
So in no particular order:

No. 17  – The Tremblr BT-R

Cock Edging & Milking Machine
The Tremblr is a cock milking machine/hands-free masturbation device. It’s the perfect addition for any domme’s BDSM dungeon/playroom as a milker or edging device. This is a high quality bit of kinky kit that’s extremely straightforward to set up and use. Just plug in the power lead and the tube & receiver, then switch it on with the wireless remote. It’s all set for a gentle stroking or a full-on relentless pounding. Cocks don’t even need to be hard as this machine will just suck them in and take over.

It has a powerful, extremely quiet industrial-spec motor with a top speed of 3 strokes a second. The remote controls the: start/stop; speed; and suction power. It’s built into a durable, compact carry case and comes with 3 sizes of lightweight receivers (the tubes that fit onto the penis). You can easily interchange these for Venus 2000 receivers. (Remember all receivers must be well lubed before use.) Personally, I like how quick and easy it is to use, how discreetly it can be packed away and durable it is to move around. You could safely travel the world with this bit of kit! Or just quickly hide it under a bed in a vanilla emergency.

For a totally personalised experience and to maximise hands free usage, you can additionally purchase a Custom Receiver Kit. Then build your own millimetre perfect receiver shell and cut your chosen sleeve to the correct length. You can also control the amount of suction produced by making adjustments to the crank arm that drives the pump unit. (Simple instructions for this are in the manual.)

The New Tremblr BT-R – Bluetooth Connectivity
The new Tremblr BT-R (the original Tremblr was all black, the new BT-R machine has the piston in a light blue casing,) features Bluetooth connectivity with a simple to use, easily downloadable app. This includes Remote Play, allowing you to control a machine from anywhere in the world. Perfect for voyeur on-line encounters, from a PC or mobile device. You can even set it up to control more than one machine or offer the control to someone else.

Mansion Tremblr Gallery
See the Tremblr in action inside The English Mansion

The Tremblr is brought to you by the team that produce the F-Machine & Gigolo, check out their website here for their full range of  Male Milking & Fucking machines. See my blog about the F-Machine here.

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