Spank You Very Much: Basic CP Tips Pt1

Mistress Courtney plays an interesting CP game called ‘Spin’

Spank You Very Much: Basic CP Tips Pt1

What is CP?

Corporal punishment literally means ‘physical punishment of the body’. Historically, CP was most commonly administered either institutionally as part of a judicial sentence or school discipline, or domestically to correct servants and children. We no longer see fit to physically punish the body and have dispensed with it as a means to correct the wayward. However, many people still find this intense physical act and the theatre surrounding it incredibly erotic and sexually arousing.

For some people, CP is just a fun, pleasurable, erotic sensation that can be enjoyed as part of sexual foreplay. For others it is bound up within punishment fantasies characterised by some kind of power play where one person has to submit to the will of the other. Those with masochistic leanings enjoy it purely for the intense painful sensations it can produce. And lastly there are those for whom CP is one element in a much larger submissive fantasy or scenario.

A Basic CP Technique

Always warm the area to be beaten first. Build up the intensity of the slaps and strokes, even during the warm up. Do not always hit the same spot. Alter where you let the slaps or strokes fall. With bottoms, aim to cover the whole of the buttocks. Be aware that with right-handed dominants there is a tendency for the right cheek to get all the punishment (and vice versa for the left handed). Pace your strokes; for a spanking, you need to develop a nice constant rhythm. When using heavier implements, such as the cane or a single tail whip, give the recipient a chance to recover between strikes. Any implement that you use for CP can cause serious damage to someone, so it is your responsibility to know how to use it safely. Only use equipment you have some familiarity with. Practice first using a pillow. Understand how it handles and perfect your aim. When using implements, be accurate. Use soft practice shots to begin with to check your aim.

Always be aware where the tip of an implement is landing. There is nothing worse for the submissive than bending over for a good thrashing with a dominant that lets the tip overshoot. This will cause the implement to wrap around the hips or sides of the body. This will leave heavy marks all around the Sub’s body, cause excruciating pain (of the wrong kind) and result in a very disappointed Sub. A good Dominant will measure the stroke before delivering it and ensure that the tip of the implement lands just over three-quarters of the way across the surface of the furthest bottom cheek. (See Fig.1)

Some men often forget that, although they can take anything a woman can give them, it is not always the case that the woman can take anything the man cares to dish out. The obvious reason behind this is that women do not have the same upper body strength to give out a beating and they are often smaller in stature to receive punishment. So men, try to be aware of your own physical strength as you can beat far harder than is reasonable or necessary.

Princess Aurora knows how to take these special ladies in hand

Always buy and use proper and appropriate CP equipment. Much of the equipment from regular sex shops is rubbish. Try to buy good quality equipment from specialists; they can give good advice and will have a much wider range of implements. Never use any piece of equipment half-heartedly, because that actually makes it more painful. Just use it properly and not excessively.

Control what you give out. If you want to give a harder stroke, then give it, but be in control – don’t let it be accidental. Practice tapping at the bottom and increasing the intensity, practice soft, medium and hard strokes. Don’t just thrash away without any thought to your technique and ability. Learn to use different pieces of equipment differently. There are parts of the body that should never be beaten, the head, the neck, the spine, the shins, any joints and the coccyx (the tail bone – found at the very base of the spine). The back can be a very erogenous place to beat but it is essential to avoid striking the spine directly and the kidneys – that is the area between the bottom of the ribcage and the pelvis. (See Fig.2)

You can beat the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet but be aware that both areas contain delicate bones which can easily be broken. You should, therefore, only use very light instruments for these areas and as both are full of nerve endings, even light instruments will have a very satisfactory effect.

Treat distinct parts of the body differently. The more fleshy an area the more punishment it can take. For example, the back is quite different from the buttocks. Different pieces of equipment are more suited to certain areas than others. It is also worth considering that people have different preferences, towards implements. This will affect their ability to receive punishment from them. Never thrash anyone excessively, beating is not a competition about force! As the dominant partner you need to determine what the Submissive can take. Judge from the colour of their bottom or flesh, from their reactions once you know them and most importantly from communicating with them. Ideally you can caress and rub the bottom or area being beaten during and after punishment.

Miss Woods, Miss Birch & Miss Harper are running a ‘Ladies Who Spank Men’ coffee morning

Remember pain is a relative concept and not a constant. It is something that can change from day to day. If the victim is tired, stressed or is a woman who is menstruating they will be far less able to handle the pain of a thrashing. So you can never be completely sure of what your play partner can take and must always monitor them closely.

Post Punishment

Once the punishment or scenario is over it can be nice for the Dom to offer to rub some kind of soothing cream into the Submissive’s sore bottom. I think the best creams are foot balms as they often contain cooling ingredients such as peppermint oil. You can even keep these lotions in the fridge so they are ice cold before you apply them. Dominants, remember you have the ability to give a pleasurable and erotic experience or you can put someone off CP for life.

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  1. Stephen Lang says:

    What a beautiful way to spend a coffee break by being spanked over Miss Ninas Miss Sidonia and Miss Woods lap oh i should be so lucky

  2. Barry Cross says:

    Mistress Sidonia
    My education did suffer from not being spanked from a young age, if only Princess Aurora had been my Headmistress. Am I too late to enrol for further education? But I don’t think the school uniform would suit me.
    I don’t agree with sparing the rod, especially not on a recalcitrant male like me, it should have been laid on thick and fast.

  3. Barry Cross says:

    Mistress Sidonia
    I certainly that errant males should be forced to attend, their female partners Coffee Mornings.
    However I must dully confess that I, would rather enjoy being a recidivist, totally unable to learn my lesson.
    So much so that I would always look, forward to being summoned to attend, with a blend of trepidation, dread, anticipation, and yes ultimately pleasure.
    I can say and attest this because as yet, I have not been fortunate enough, to be in this lucky mans position.
    The likely reality if I were, would that I would most certainly, scream the house down, before breaking down completely, and sobbing uncontrollably, and wetting myself like a child.

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