The Advance of the Sexbots


Here I administered a magic potion ‘inducing MSVB voice activated mind control & also a potent aphrodisiac’ to a male and beautiful female slave, who had both been locked in chastity for over a week, turning them both into mindless sexbots there to obey my every word and entertain me with a hot sex show, now would I be kind or cruel and let either of them cum…?  (from ‘Instructing My Sexbots’ with Miss Zara du Rose)

The Advance of the Sexbots
This is a type of fantasy play where the submissive enjoys being completely absent from their desires, emotions, body & personality and totally at the will of another. Technically this is not ‘submission’ as they have no will or ego and so submit to nothing, they just act without question obeying every command; bots are mindless and their bodies just obedient vessels. The designation bot comes from the word “robot” as like their mechanical counterparts they are created to obey without question.

Types of Bot
– men who are turned into mindless servants for set periods
– human sex toys, male or female
Subbots – bots for bondage or spanking play
Fembots/Dolls/ Bimbos – male to female transformations,
they can also take the form of living dolls and über-femme bimbos.

Charms, Magic Potions, Mesmerism, Brain Washing & Mind Control

There are many imaginary ways to create a bot or drone – you can influence or mind wipe them through mesmerism; enchant them by administering magic potions or controlling charms; have their minds controlled by aliens or other powerful beings. Sexbots do experience their bodily sensations – pain and pleasure, they can even be given ‘special’ (pretend) aphrodisiacs. Like the Mansion’s infamous ‘Slut Serum’ a liquid which once drunk will render transformed fembots into total cum drinking cock-whores 🙂

magic-slut-serum--submission-charm(Above Left) Lady Nina shows the effect of our ‘Slut Serum’ on this straight hubbie, we videoed this cock sucking and later once the effects had worn off (he had no memory of his actions) we made him watch the film on a big screen while we took turns fucking his arse. (From ‘Eight Day’s Later’ with Lady Nina)

(Above Right) Every evening Eve’s husband returns home from work for his shoulder massage, actually once in position she enchants him slipping this magic charm over his head – now he is her slave and will cook for her, clean the house and service her sexually before waking each morning with no memory of the night before. Actually he’s impressed with how well his wife keeps the house! (From ‘His Enchantment’ coming soon)


Lady Nina Birch created Tiffany Doll turning her from a useless male to a beautiful bimbo ‘fembot’ – a living sex doll and now lends her out to all her friends 🙂 See here for more

Bots are not slaves there is a marked difference – slaves have to suppress their will, they must make decisions in trying please and serve, they may need breaking with pain and suffering to induce good behaviour. Slaves must be continually trained and corrected. While sexbots are akin to dolls they have no wishes, thoughts or feelings they are there to be dressed up and played with. A slave may be taught to kneel before you at the start of his service, while a bot will need to be instructed each time.

About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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3 Responses to The Advance of the Sexbots

  1. sweetxixxy xixxyv says:

    Dearest Mistress,
    thanks a lot for this wonderful blog. Reading thy Blog I may receive a nice guidance to be better in Mistress ´s way. At this time I am learning that I am more like a bot than a slave as well day by day, secong by second I come to Mistress in the web because I like to feel Mistress Power over me, it make me feel as the best, I adore to feel the Supremacy of Mistress in my life.
    I am courious of which kind of bot would Mistress make of me if someday I would have thy honour of be in the presence of Mistress knowing that Mistress knows what is The Best for me as a Superior Woman that Mistres is.

    Thanks Mistress, courtsey Mistress

  2. Leather Lady says:

    lovely article and an approach I will definitely adopt, especially given my delight in commanding men and women to fuck on my command, for my viewing pleasure. Combing the sexbots with prolonged chastity certainly appears to enhance their performance as fuck toys, I look forward to applying these techniques and manufacturing my own leather sexbots to function as mindless fuck drones to entertain me with on-demand sex shows!

  3. bootslavewilliam says:

    OK, Mistress Sidonia, I am REALLY going to limit myself this time and not drone (not a deliberate pun… promise!) on and on like I do so frequently, and imagine instead that you have commanded me, booted incredibly dominantly before me, to “be brief… or else”!

    Therefore, may I just state that I find your passion for controlling and harnessing the minds of slaves by whatever means for your use, as powerfully exemplified here once again, REALLY compelling, REALLY sexy, REALLY arousing.

    I am SO tempted to expand on how OVERWHELMING I find the prospect of being loaned to you to perform as a slave, a drone, a sexbot, a doll or whatever you desire… but I will be self-disciplined and stop right now!

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