Celebrating Our 20th Year Anniversary

17 Million Visitors Can’t Be Wrong!

Celebrating Our 20th Year Anniversary

Yes, we’re celebrating a huge anniversary. The English Mansion is 20 years old! We opened the site back in March 2004.

The English Mansion is 20 Years Old
The English Mansion is now fully established as Europe’s leading femdom & fetish film site. World renowned for our femdom content: films, POVs, 3DVRs, blog posts, articles, photos, new mistress introductions, fetish news, socials, domina & kinky shopping links… We could go on because The Mansion is so much more than just a website. It’s a real Mansion secreted away in a hidden countryside location. A place where Mistress Sidonia and her fellow dominatrix friends get to use and abuse willing subs. Some Mistress’ refer to it as Femdom Disneyland 😉

The Stately Home of Femdom
So, 20 years later, we now have over 900 hours of high-quality professionally shot femdom & fetish footage. Thousands of original femdom films: fantasy stories & session style footage. And we still update new content everyday! We feature over 100 of the world’s most acclaimed & beautiful dominatrices, introducing many of them to a much larger audience; as hopefully The English Mansion’s stamp of approval comes with a certain kudos.

Mistress Sidonia Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion

Worldwide Renown & Reach
I always joke that I’m the most famous person that no one’s ever heard of. You put my name, ‘Mistress Sidonia’, into Google and get over 2 million responses. If you search ‘The English Mansion’, you get 450 million responses. Okay most of those are probably pirate tube sites stealing our traffic & content 😭, but it does show the worldwide reach and appeal of the English Mansion and its unique femdom content. And well, 17 million visitors can’t be wrong!

We set the standard for high-quality professionally shot HD and 3DVR (Virtual Reality) films, and are still going from strength to strength – not surprising with 20 years experience behind us. In some areas we’ve established what ‘femdom’ film content ‘is’ and helped bring it to a larger mainstream audience. Opening up the world of pervy sex to whole new class of would-be kinksters. Pioneering domestic FLR, FtoM strapon, femdom cuckolding, encouraged bi & kinky sex scenes, which back in the day were rarely filmed kinks but are now firmly fixed as part of the femdom film canon.

Bringing BDSM Out of the Closet
Our soft power mission has been to allow women and men to explore their sexualities in a positive safe way. So let’s cheer together! We’ve helped bring BDSM out of the closet. Trying to disspel all the negativity and ‘Hollywood criminality/horror’ attached to it. Actual scene players know how far from the truth it is. Kink is fun, healthy play for adults; kinksters are highly creative, intelligent and articulate; kinky people are able to explore their sexual desires & thus are less fucked up all round. Seriously, it’s all the Vanilla weirdos you’ve gotta watch out for! 😜

Femdom’s Soft Power
The overarching, salient message is the promotion of women’s rights. Femdom is an important strand in the battle, it empowers women not just in the bedroom. It’s more than a way for them to achieve the sexual pleasure they want from a man. It’s helps hack away at the hackneyed stereotypes about women. We’re on a mission of world domination! Empowering women using the soft power of kink! We’re overthrowing 2000 years of female oppression, of ingrained Christian sex negativity, and the continuing manipulated fear of ‘otherness’.

The English Mistress DVD & Video

A Potted History of The English Mansion
So way back before there were film sites on this newfangled thing called ‘the Internet’ (loading would have been too slow); I set up a website in the ’90s called MissMarchmont.com where I was known as Miss Eve Harper. It focused on classic corporal punishment, featuring articles, interviews, photos and a chat forum. It made money through selling CP equipment; amateur videos via a P.O.Box; and promoting our premium rate Chat Lines.  I was also approached by GwenMedia.com, run by Mistress Isabella Sinclaire & Robert Zak, American producers of the famous high-glam latex  Ivy Manor BDSM DVD series. They wanted to sell an art film I’d made of myself in my dungeon in 1998. A deal brokered by David Jackson of DDI (Domination Direct International Magazine) fame. A black-and-white dreamy piece, with a voice over, it was almost documentary like in its format, managing to capture the real interaction between a Mistress & her slaves. It was titled The English Mistress and they liked it so much, I produced 2 sequels.

By the start of the noughties Kink.com in the US was open for business, the OWK.cz in Europe & LadySonia.com in the UK. It was time for me to join the party, so decided to set up a classic femdom film site and after the success of the videos in America, I called it TheEnglishDungeon.com, which opened in March 2004. Soon after, I set up another site LustInLeather.com which focused on my love of leather, boots and gloves. Then another, TrannyTraining.com which focused on Xdressing but quickly decided to amalgamate all the content under one roof. So the website name was changed in September 2005 to TheEnglishMansion.com. This also allowed me to expand focus of the website to encompass other fetish and BDSM content like foot fetish & pony play. And, to play outside of the dungeon in the realm of domestic femdom, Miss Eve Harper, the evil harpy from Miss Marchmont was back. English Mansion members’ are quite familiar my strict domestic alter ego.

Thank You All
So, thank you all for 20 wonderful years of kink & servitude. It’s been an amazing ride, and I hope to continue captivating you with all our exploits inside The English Mansion for many years to come!
And, there’s bonus content for our loyal members & celebrations planned for later in the year.
Mistress Sidonia XXX don’t get excited those are kicks not kisses 😈

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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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  1. PS says:

    Congrats and thank you, Mistress Sidonia for the phenomenon that is The English Mansion.
    slut penny

  2. Bob says:

    Congratulations and Many Happy Returns

  3. Gussetking says:

    Congratulations Mistress Sidonia , any many more to cum 😉

  4. Ian thomas says:

    Hi. My name is ian can bdsm rooms be created at home with limited furniture. As my girlfriend and myself enjoy bdsm. Ian

  5. dongsoo yim says:

    congratulations Mistress Sidonia
    humble greeting goddess Sidonia

  6. patrik says:

    congratulations Mistress Sidonia
    Expecting more VR femdom shoots and new Maitresse Madeline clips as well

  7. Miss Candise Kane says:

    Congratulations Mistress Sidonia on your 20st anniversary
    I believe you have the most stunning Mistresses and most professional Dommes in the world…

  8. P*k*boy says:

    Congratulations. Keep up the good work! Your VR content is incredible! Loving the new shoes!

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