You Belong To Me – Mind Control Program

mind-control-eyesMind Control Program to turn you into Mistress Sidonia’s slave…

In my last blog, I explained how alongside the beautiful Mistress Ezada Sinn, I had to ‘break, reprogramme and repair’ a particularly difficult arrogant male specimen. Part of the process was to wipe his mind of all his former male traits and to embed submissiveness and obedience to all women into his faulty psyche.

This was achieved with my unique Mind Control Programme and I thought readers of this blog might like to see a little clip from the procedure… however please make sure you read and understand the disclaimer below 😉

English Mansion Disclaimer: Watch this clip at your peril as it may turn you into Mistress Sidonia’s slave…


About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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11 Responses to You Belong To Me – Mind Control Program

  1. Teddy Tony says:

    Mistress, I didn’t heed the warning and watched the clip. I now have the need to submit, how can I serve you?

  2. bootslavewilliam says:

    “… as it may turn you into Mistress Sidonia’s slave…” With or without being subjected to your Mind Control Programme, all I can do is continue to BEG to be allowed one day to demonstrate my submissiveness and craving to serve you, Mistress Sidonia! That said, I do admit how wonderfully easy and irresistible it would nonetheless be to offer oneself to be rendered utterly mindlessly helpless, humble and compliant by your “procedure”!

  3. Sidonias Slave says:

    Powerful words mistress can you please do another one involving latex thank you.

  4. Ahmet says:

    Bu video yayından kaldırılmış bu videoya internetten nasıl ulaşabiliriz?acaba.

  5. Ahmet says:

    Turkiyeden yazıyorum sana tapıyorum ilahicem varlık sebebim yasama nedenimsin.benim oksijen tupumsun.

  6. poltvs says:

    That’s an amazing masterpiece of artwork starring the worlds leading mistress – the only true goddess – Sidonia von Bork. It’s by far the best hypnotic video I’ve ever seen.

    If there’s a longer/complete version existing could you please publish it on this blog?

    + I’d suggest you take out the warning in the beginning, so that it could be viewed in an infinite loop over hours and hours to make it even more effective. Even if this it not necessary as we’re all ending up as slaves to her Majesty.

    • Glad to see my mind control programme is working so well, turning you into my total slave from afar…

      • sebastion says:

        I am a strong person looking for one who can break me and humiliate me it could be a real challenge for you as I’m very skilled and am hard to train

  7. slave chrissy says:

    Mistress Sidonia
    This film gave a strong impression on me
    If a man hear this every day, he will submit and Obey
    Was so strong impression that I now realize that I must Obey Women
    Women lead, slaves follow and Obey
    Enslavement is good for us men, and the Female Supremacy make us happy as well
    Saved the clip so I can look at it again and again Mistress Sidonia
    Think the clip will do me good, and make me to a better man
    Regards / slave chrissy

  8. Slave7906 says:

    Ten filmik nie działa Mistress Sidonia!! Ten filmik nie jest nic warty!!! Więcej tam dyskoteki niz hipnozy

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