The F-Machine 2023 Update – A Few of My Favourite Things No.16

A Few of My Favourite Things

I’m going to pick out my favourite English Mansion toys and tell you all about them in a series of blogs called ‘These are a Few of My Favourite Things’.
So in no particular order:

No. 16  – The F- Machine 2023 Update

Back in 2013, I wrote a blog about how much I adored my F-machine. That was decade ago and the F-Machine has moved on. Here at The English Mansion we’ve upgraded to the new Pro4’s, so let’s get you up to speed…

The F-Machine
The F-Machine is a first-rate, quality made, fucking machine which can be used on both men and women. You can use it for a gentle stroking or a full-on relentless pounding.
It’s almost silent and straightforward to use. It has a control box with an on/off button and a soft-start speed controller dial. This is connected to the machine with a nice long cable, making it also useable for solo use.

It’s super simple to change the stroke thrust depth (from 1-6 inches) with the turn of a nut. Personally, I like how light it is, so I can easily move it around and position it. And, it’s versatile as you can easily position it to most angles adjusting it on its stable front and rear legs.

Compared with the profusion of fucking machines now available it’s not just light but relatively small. The legs can slip off and along with the main body it’s easily stored under a bed or in a cupboard. Smaller, lighter machines can have a propensity to move around, especially if there’s any resistance i.e. if you’re using huge toys (obviously nothing should ever be forced where it doesn’t want to go!) This can easily be mitigated by cable tying/roping it to furniture or you can put a weight behind the back legs. But, yes OK this machine may not be the best choice for gigantic toy, anal play.

Mansion F-Machine Gallery
See the F-Machine in action inside The English Mansion


Cock Rod Adjustability
One of the best features, I really like on the F-Machine, is that I can both easily adjust the length of the thrust cock rod and manually turn the mechanical arm to my preferred start position when it’s off. This means I can move it to its forward most position, insert it, fiddle around making sure all the angles are correct, then tighten the rod knowing that once I turn on the machine it can only move backwards. Most fucking machines can’t do this so the person or whole machine has to move into position. This can take away the powerful feeling of being ‘in control’ and doesn’t work if the user is in bondage or on fixed furniture. This advantage, however, means there are some accessible moving parts, so extra care must be taken not to get any fingers in the wrong place.

They also come in all matt black, perfect for dungeons everywhere

What’s New
The F-Machine also now comes not just in matt black but there’s a graffiti pink or limited edition neon blue ‘liquid oil’. It’s been upgraded from the Pro3 to the Pro4 the only difference seems to be slight stronger adjustments on the legs and slightly more power. Both are still available and are equally excellent machines.  A great new innovation that’s been added to all their fucking machines as standard is the quick release/connect Vac-U-Lock spigot. This allows toys to be easily changed on and off the thruster rod. Perfect for quick changing to different size toys and making cleaning & sterilising the dildo simple (as you can soak the toy fully without having to remove it from the spigot every time.)

More Ways To Enjoy
There are additional attachments that can be purchased including: a double dildo base for women (fuck two holes simultaneously); a flat base for dildos that aren’t Vac-U-Lock or we’ve used ours to add a male milking machine receiver (turning the machine into a basic male milking machine); and extra weighted legs. We’ve even used ours for cock sucking training  i.e. mechanical mouth fucking.

Here at The Mansion we highly recommend the F-Machine.

Check out the website
They also produce the Tremblr Male Milking Machine & Gigolo Fucking Machine

Watch this fun clip from F-Machine featuring the…
Kinky French Maid And The Helpful F-Machine

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