Top Dom: Princess Aurora

Meet Resident English Mansion Dominas
The English Mansion always invites the world’s top dominas to come over, stay and play! We thought we should salute the very best of them and show you some of their finest moments. So here’s the fabulous Princess Aurora…

Top Dom: Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora is a beautiful, talented young prodom, fetish model, event organiser and kink producer. As a domme she has many unique sides: the super cute but strict academy girl; the frou-frou spoilt princess; or the stunning stylish domina who loves to wear classic lingerie, with fully-fashioned stockings or top-to-toe shiny latex. Whatever the persona she always puts men in their place, at her feet and submitting to her cruel whims.

Don’t be fooled by her sweet exterior, this heavenly faced, lithe and graceful young lady specialises in ‘mean girl humiliation’. And, she is one hell of a demanding bratty princess who will discover your secrets and laugh while using them against you! She’s adept at role-play and humiliating verbal all the while teasing you and breaking down your will with her stunning body.

Aurora particularly adores Xdressing scenes so if you serve her you might find yourself in panties or dressed in the frilliest of lacy dresses. Lastly, she’s also a serious nylon fetishist with a wardrobe of sheer pantyhose, fully-fashioned stockings and classic ’50s lingerie.

at the UK Fetish Awards

Princess Aurora: UK Fetish Awards Winner of The Best Dominatrix 2023 – Yay!

Mean Girls Party
Princess Aurora is a prodom based in Manchester, North UK and also runs the Mean Girls Party – a night of humiliation, CFNM & enforced sissy dressing at the hands of a group of beautiful young dommes. So if you’re prepared to leave your dignity at the door and want to disgrace yourself all for their amusement, you should check this event out.

Princess Aurora’s Mean Girls Party – How Low Can You Go?

Own Studio & Content Producer
As a talented and highly creative fetish content producer she has carved out a unique niche within the fetish world, which she showcases in her excellent clips stores and on Only Fans – so don’t miss out! She now has her own distinctive studio kitted out with bespoke fetish equipment, toys and outfits.

We highly recommend you check out all of Princess Aurora’s links  HERE

So here’s just a little taste of the divine Princess Aurora in action…

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About Mistress Sidonia

Supreme Ruler of The English Mansion. Leather clad 'n' booted bitch, highly sexed, cruel male slave owner and trainer.
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5 Responses to Top Dom: Princess Aurora

  1. Paul Stephens says:

    Respectfully, what a wonderful website you have Mistress Sidonia. A contrived blend of styish female beauty and rightful male submission. How I wish and imagine myself to be the most obedient male slave at your feet, naked, photographed, videoed, beaten, humiliated, exploited, made to come again and again, used only for the pleasure of women then tossed aside when my purpose to satisfy you is spent. Choose to do with me as you will, I ask only to please. Please tell me how? Do dreams come true?

  2. Paul Stephens says:

    Dear Mistress Sidonia, you have the most amazing website! I have known about the English Mansion for a long time and heard very good things, but today was the first time I had signed up. The previews looked amazing, so what did I have to lose? I am glad I did. So much to choose, look at and watch. It will take me months and months to get through it all. Every video is a huge turn-on and every lady is a stunning goddess. This is heaven! 🙂

  3. slavecc says:

    Mistress Sidonia this is a wonderful website , I’d like to say that your are very beautiful dominant woman , slaves can’t help but to fall to their knees when they’re in your presence , I am in a long term TPE marriage , I am in chastity and I am a cuckold of course, we’ll i have no safe words no rights and I love ,my owner/ wife and she has owned me for about 20 years , my owner has a lover A younger very handsome Afro American man who she openly dates well it’s more then just a date here and there , she stays over his apartment at least 3 days a week sometimes more and they are pretty much open about their affair , although a lot of people have seen them together nobody really confronted me about their relationship and they are very affectionate to each other in public, the first time she brought him to our apartment she unzipped his pants and took out is cock and play with it in front of me and got it hard and she measured it 9 1/2 inches and it’s very fat big and beautiful then she took my skinny little pink dicklet out of my mini cage and measured it almost four inches at full hard-on she just wanted to prove a point to me and Humiliate me in front of him and she accomplished both, this is a TPE marriage and faced with the facts well how could I object the tape measure doesn’t lie , so he does make love to my wife whenever he wants and this weekend they’re going on a little getaway and they are getting her a queen of spades tattoo on her butt , I’m very lucky they still let me eat her pussy but only after he fucked her and my wife insists that I ask him for permission each time and he has said no before and she’ll go along with it she won’t over rule him , he told me it’s way easier for him to fuck married white women then it is to get single ones , I don’t know how you feel about interracial cuckolding but my wife and her lover told me I’m not the only bbc cuckold around so what do you think about it thank you slave cc

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