In Blood Red ~ Pt6 Beautiful Hellions

In Blood Red
Art Photo Portraits of Dominant Women

The artist Ariel B turns her photographs into individual artworks. Currently she has started on a new project producing portraits of prodoms and dominant women, she says dommes are the perfect subjects – creative, unique and exceptional individuals who deserve to be documented and memorialized through art.

When you look for synonyms for ‘feminine’ you find: soft, delicate, modest, gentle, dainty, weak, graceful. These are deep rooted beliefs but they are not innate just outdated social constructs. Female domination is an act of rebellion against the status quo, changing notions about both femininity and gender, empowering women not just sexually but socially and personally.

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Beautiful Hellions

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  1. Artist guy says:

    Greetings Ms Sidonia

    Would love to do a portrait if you and send it to you . How do I send .or contact my email please

    Thank you

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