In Blood Red ~ Pt5 Latex Glamour

In Blood Red
Photographic Art Portraits of Dominatrixes

The artist Ariel B turns her photographs into individual artworks. Currently she is pursuing a project producing portraits of prodoms and dominant women.
Ariel explains, “Dommes are the perfect subjects – creative, unique and exceptional individuals who deserve to be documented and memorialized through art.”
And, with regard to her process,  “All the photographs below were just taken in my living room against a plain wall. I then digitally hand paint over them and use mostly handmade montages and textures to create the backgrounds and ambience.”

Latex Glamour
Latex is unique in its transformative ability to glamorize the female form and all its contours. Historically the word glamour refered to a magic spell cast by witches in order to create an illusion. A glamour is something that veils what lies beneath. Today a glamorous woman is said to be captivating, alluring even ‘enchanting’. The word is still imbued with its old meaning – glamour is fabricated beauty, it’s the veil we drape ourselves in. It’s the magical war paint that we as women use to empower ourselves. To enhance or even exaggerate our natural beauty, our femininity. It makes us feel powerful and sexy, confident in ourselves – aware of course of the bewitching effect it has over men.

Latex Glamour

Zebra Jump featuring Miss Zara DuRose

Latex Lazing featuring Mistress Nikki Whiplash

Kitsch Rubber featuring Princess Aurora

Hello Sailor featuring Mistress Lola Ruin

Dreamy Evilyne featuring Mistress Evilyne

Lush Flush featuring Mistress Nikki Whiplash

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