KouYou: Fetish Dollhouses & Manga Queens

I adore this – it perhaps could be titled: Temple of The Goddess, a shrine in which to worship female power & dominance.

KouYou: Fetish Dollhouses & Manga Queens

Here at The English Mansion we want to introduce KouYou, a brilliant fetish artist. We think you will appreciate his incredible art.
Follow KouYou’s Artworks here.

KouYou’s work is rooted in manga, the Japanese comic book style. His portraits feature of an array of powerful alluring women – queens, goddesses, and dominatrices. Juxtaposed against elaborately bound, beaten and dehumanised boys.

He also notably produces what I’m calling ‘fetish dollhouses’. Stacked blocks of rooms, like open dollhouses, full of multiple busy figures all engaged in elaborate BSDM scenes.  We become voyeurs, peeping behind the curtains of these dwellings. Each room tells a visual story. There are bedrooms, playrooms, dungeons, bathrooms all bursting with all manner of filthy kink play. You need to spend time looking inside them to take in all the intricate action, characters, outfits, BDSM kit & bondage scenarios.

Some quite accurately represent what does happen in the still rather unknown world of BDSM playrooms, while others move into the fantasy realm. I for one, would love some of these rooms to exist. The lower down, the more depraved and humiliating the action becomes. At the Mansion I threaten bad slaves with a visit to the compound, here, it seems they are sent to the basement!

KouYou’s work does also encompass other areas of erotic and fetish play. Here I have just chosen pieces here that focus mainly on femdom for this blog. I’ve uploaded large versions of his art, so you can full-screen them in the lightbox gallery to take a closer look at all the details.

KouYou Gallery

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  1. Gussetking says:

    I’d happily go to Church every Sunday if I had a place of Worship like this !
    Interesting new artist. My fav has always been Namio Harukawa.

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