The Cane – The Classic English Discipline Tool Pt 3

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A proper stroke of the cane is really best suited for the fleshy buttocks. It can be used on other parts of the body, the top of the thighs and hands are popular. For strokes on the body use a lightweight cane with a building tapping motion. The hands have many delicate bones so only very light strokes with the tip of the cane administered to the palm area are really suitable.

Where should you aim for?
When caning a bottom I would suggest that beginners aim to keep the tip of the cane in the middle of the furthest cheek. Once you are more confident keep the tip about an inche in from the outer edge of the bottom. (See Fig. 1) Beware of over-shooting the target. Often when caning you can measure the stroke but will then over shoot this mark when putting your power behind the stroke. The highest cut should be just below the cleft of the buttocks and the lowest just along the crease where the bottom meets the legs. (See Fig. 2)

One of the main mistakes that people make when using a cane is to deliver the strokes all on the same spot. There should be a succession of cane stripes up and down the entire buttocks. I love to see a caned bottom with six evenly placed lines across it each about an 1/2 an inch apart. (See Fig. 3) So try to cane the entire bottom and don’t just hope to hit anywhere. Practice high and low shots. Even experienced players can miss-hit sometimes but remember – if you are not that experienced start with medium or light strokes so that they will not cause too much damage if you do miss.

I think that where you stand in relation to the recipient while administrating the caning is one of the most important factors. Where you stand determines the angle the cane will hit the bottom. If you are too forward or behind the target the angle will be too great and result in one buttock receiving a heavy punishment and the other side none at all. (See Fig. 4) Use the lines you are leaving on the bottom as a guide to how well you are balancing the strokes. The perfect stroke lands flat, that is parallel to the buttocks just before it lands. Thereby transferring the stroke’s power equally onto each cheek.

Perfect positioning of body, arm, cane and placement on the buttocks by Domina Liza

Before the prevalence of the cane the most popular implement was of course the birch. However the cane fitted in well with the Victorian ideals of modesty as it could be easily used over the clothes with very little loss of intensity. So the cane is one of the few CP implements that can be particularly effective over clothes. Canings over tight skirts, jeans, shorts and thick panties are all popular. If you want to indulge in a heavy caning session but don’t want to be marked some practitioners recommend wearing layers of thick knickers or laying a folded wet towel over the buttocks. It will prevent marks, yet still allows much of the intensity of the punishment to come through. These are also useful for a dominant that wants to really thrash away at their partner.

Another way to dish out a punishment of a half-dozen strokes is that of the ‘Five-Barred Gate’, a ‘six-of-the-best’ with one very important, singular variation – the sixth cane stroke is delivered at a roughly 45° angle slicing diagonally across the previous five strokes. Its purpose is to ‘link’ the weals into what appears to be, as you may have guessed, a ‘gate.’ That last cane stroke is, as is traditional, the hardest, and cruelly “opens up” the previously inflicted welts.

Miss Eve Harper was known secretly by her employees as the Evil Harpy and if targets were not met she had a very special motivational program

Cane Care
Canes are made from natural reed with their own moisture content and so will stiffen and become brittle as they dry out over time. This will make them more prone to snap. The best place to keep your canes is in a nice humid bathroom to prevent them drying out. The worst place is near radiators and central heating, as this will considerably shorten their lifespan. If soiled, canes may be washed with soapy water (also alcohol or household bleach if blood is present). You can then wipe them with a wax based furniture polish that will help to preserve both the surface seal and their appearance.

This is the last part (Pt3) of my extensive guide to the cane as a discipliary tool, I hope it has been instructive 🙂

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