The Sensational Miss Whiplash aka Lindi St.Clair

The Sensational Miss Whiplash aka Lindi St.Clair

Lindi St.Clair, aka Miss Whiplash is probably one of the most famous British dominatrices and madams of modern times. She ran for parliament, was involved in endless scandals & newspaper exposés, mysteriously disappeared and had an infamous and epic run in with the British taxman!

In a strange convergence or as N. Americans might say ‘happenstance’ in the late ’80s, I lived opposite Lindi St.Clair in Eardley Crescent in London. So I was fortunate to have met her once, she was a ‘big character’ even the porch area of the basement entrance to her flat attested to this with eccentric printed messages covering the walls and door.

“Vote Corrective! Vote Miss Whiplash!”
Unlike most sex workers who generally try to be discreet, it wasn’t a secret to anyone nearby that this was where she lived as she had taken the advertising space on a gigantic billboard on the corner of the road. (This road being a major arterial road into central London.) The board, with a huge photo of her cane in hand, was to promote her campaign to become a Member of Parliament on behalf of The Corrective Party, stating “Vote Corrective! Vote Miss Whiplash!”

Lindi started work on the streets but was always ‘clean’ and sober amassing enough money to buy a property to work from. She soon became an extremely successful sex worker, prodom and madam, at one point owning a yellow Rolls Royce and yacht, with allegedly, clientele including politicians, actors and aristocrats.

She was one of the first extremely open sex workers, who unashamedly flaunted her profession to the public at large. She championed the decriminalisations of activities related to prostitution and wanted to address sexual taboos. Attempting to become elected to the House of Commons in eleven by-elections as Miss Whiplash for The Corrective Party. Officially a fringe party of the ’90s that campaigned for civil liberties, animal rights and sexual freedom but actually a humourous vehicle to mock the duplicitous self-righteous political process, with an air of Carry on Westminster to it.

 A Cause Célèbre
Lindi in person was quite a character – affable, warm, always fun and upbeat but her outspoken manner and political antics turned her into a cause célèbre continually interviewed, denounced and exposed in the tabloid press. In 1991, partly due to Lindi’s notoriety as a now ‘infamous dominatrix’ that the frenzied red tops discovered another domme working under the name of ‘Miss Whiplash’. It emerged that this lady (Sara Dale) was renting the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Norman Lamont’s basement flat in Notting Hill; and in a later controversy, that he used taxpayers money when trying to ‘handle’ the fall out from the original expose.

It was all a little too much for the establishment and in what would always be a cinch they went after her for back taxes, claiming prostitution was a trade. Prostitution in the UK is not illegal but it is for anyone to live off the earnings of a sex worker (immoral earnings). Miss St.Clair rather creatively argued that she couldn’t pay the taxes because this would make the state and Inland Revenue “Her Majesty’s pimps” and would be illegal.

And, if she was going to pay tax she wanted to set up proper businesses but was then prevented by the Attorney General of registering her companies: Prostitutes Ltd, Hookers Ltd & Lindi St. Clair (Personal Services) Ltd.  Yes it made me chuckle but there was a method to her madness – she was trying to address the serious hypocrisy behind the issue, (she alleged over 250 MPs had been her clients) men paid for her services, she was expected to pay tax but could not set up a proper business. How could it be a trade if you cannot advertise, go into partnership, form a limited company, employ people, rent premises, sue for debts, get insurance, invest long-term etc., like other trades. Points all made by her in the ensuing epic court action bought by the Inland Revenue.

It’s Only a Game The Autobiography of Miss Whiplash by Lindi St. Clair & Pamela Winfield

I admired her taking on the establishment poking a big hole in their sanctimonious stance, they used her services, wanted her to pay tax but wouldn’t legitimise her! OK she was doing it with one finger in the air but always with good grace and a smile.

She of course lost and then spectacularly at the height of her celebrity went missing from Beachy Head (a sheer drop cliff by the sea) in 1993, the tabloids speculating that she had committed suicide or even been murdered. She turned up sunning herself on a cruise liner but her fame had turned to notoriety and the show was finally over.

She came back to face the music and was bankrupted, she retired and slipped away from the public eye, these days she lives a quiet life in the English countryside.

To Be or Not to Be – A Tax Paying Sex Worker

The reference (above) to Hamlet is quite intentional. Initially I’d considered writing this whole article making an analogy between the Prince of Denmark and Miss Whiplash. It’s strangely fitting. She ran around the corridors of the establishment acting totally bonkers while drawing attention to the hypocrisy and corruption within.  Inadvertently initiating the fall of one of the ‘Kingdom’s chief counsellors’. There is indeed something rotten in the state. Finally, after contemplating suicide and being sent away on a sea voyage she returns for her inevitable demise.

A Revolutionary
Lindi pioneered in the ’80s very subversive ideas. The Corrective Party’s Manifesto, at the time was seen by the status quo as controversial and shocking! However, today asking for: extensive equal gay rights; protection for the environment; banning blood sports; discrimination legislation; gender equality; funding research into sola, water & wind energy; etc., just all seems ahead of its time.  We salute you Lindi.

The Corrective Party’s 1989 Manifesto

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7 Responses to The Sensational Miss Whiplash aka Lindi St.Clair

  1. lynn says:

    I visted her in the early 70´s. Her hair was straighter then, but I remember the sign on the door “Abandon hope, all ye that enter here.”
    She whipped me bloody with a wire whip, but I was a little disappointed, her mind seemed elsewhere. I am not sure why.
    I was new to BDSM then, as you may guess over 40 years ago, but she was already nortorious. I learnt a lot then after the initial high pain, the pain seems to switch off, and you can take a lot more pain, but it takes longer to heal.
    I haven´t visited a Domme for a while, but I would like too.
    I´ll confess, I wasn´t a MP at that time.~giggles

  2. EnglishBob22 says:

    I stumbled across this blog post while perusing Sardax’s twitter, and it did bring back some memories.

    Lindi was a very high-profile lady. I recall that she first showed up in an ITV documentary about sex workers. The other ladies featured all had rather sad stories, she was the fun one. She subsequently appeared in other programmes, and as you say had her brush with the Inland Revenue.

    And, eventually, somewhat starstruck I visited her. (Late 80s/early 90s I think.) She actually had her phone number listed in the Telephone Directory. (Remember those?) Sadly I found the experience disappointing. She came across as – and I realise this makes me sound like a terrible snob – vulgar. The flat was dusty and the equipment arranged haphazardly. She seemed to be a pro in the sense that BDSM was to her purely a way of making money, not a genuine interest.

    I don’t want to be too mean about her, because she was friendly and allowed me address her as “My Ladyship” Since she’d purchased the Manor the title belonged to. And she made sure I had a fresh clean towel to wash up with . . . But really I felt her high-profile was more to do with her enjoying the limelight rather than any genuine reforming zeal. JIMHO of course.

    She did continue to work into the 2000s. I recall seeing a website of hers while she was living in Worcestershire which promised “Filth not seen outside of the Far East!”

    The last I heard of her was, according to Wikipedia, that in 2009 she had become a born again Christian. A near fatal car crash convinced her that God was looking out for her.

    It would be nice if he was.

    One thing though, the blog post mentions Norman Lamont being Miss Whiplash’s Landlord. I don’t think he was. Well, not Lindi’s anyway.

    He was landlord to one Sara Dale, a Tantric therapist & dominatrix whom the tabloids – in a breathe taking display of originality – dubbed ‘Miss Whiplash.’ She also enjoyed a raised profile for awhile and appeared on one or two documentaries talking about endorphins and such.

    And later when I saw Ms Dale advertising in ‘Eros’ (Another blast from the past.) – again somewhat star-struck – I paid her a visit. Comparing ladies is a bit invidious, I mean everyone’s tastes are different, but I only visited the original Miss Whiplash the once. Sarah Dale I visited many times.

    But thank you to Mistress Sidonia for bring back some interesting memories.

    • I remember this all myself and was aware that the lady (Sara Dale) who worked from Norman Lamont’s flat was not Miss Whiplash aka Lindi St Clair but thought (possibly assumned) there was another connection that SD had worked at/with LSC & at her parties etc. so LSC actually rented the flat but SD worked from there. It’s currently in Wikipeadia and various newspaper reports that it was LSC, however they aren’t to be trusted so I think we may all be wrong and you are right and it’s just a confusion over the name Miss Whiplash. I’ll have to go and check her autobiography 🙂 Thank you for addressing that and all your memories/insights. I think it’s true to say LSC was more of a ‘classic’ sex worker than Domme she certainly isn’t of the caliber of many of today’s excellent dominatrixes.

  3. Steven says:

    The Corrective Party actually had a bunch of rational, sane ideas. To me it all seems very reasonable.

    It’s a shame she has decided to divorce herself from this past. On a bit of a side note I never really understood why a near death experience sometimes makes people find Christianity. What if she completely misinterpreted it and it was actually the goddess Gaia who saved her life because she wanted her to pursue the corrective party?

    Face palm.

  4. Rohitkashyap says:

    I like being a slave to a mistress.

  5. Darthchubbster says:

    I had the honour of doing an online task for Miss St Clair after speaking to Her via Twitter. She ordered me to cover my balls in bright red lipstick and stick my head down the toilet. Would have loved to have seen Her in Her prime.

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